Black Sabbath

A National Acrobat (Guitar)
After Forever (Guitar)
Behind The Wall Of Sleep (Guitar)
Black Sabbath (Guitar)
Children Of The Grave (Guitar)
Dirty Women (Guitar)
Electric Funeral (Guitar)
Fairies Wear Boots (Guitar)
Hand Of Doom (Guitar)
Into The Void (Guitar)
Iron Man (Guitar)
Laguna Sunrise (Guitar)
Lord Of This World (Guitar)
National Acrobat (Guitar)
N.I.B. (Guitar)
Orchid (Guitar)
Paranoid (Guitar)
Paranoid (Drums)
Planet Caravan (Guitar)
Psycho Man (Guitar)
Rock N Roll Doctor (Drums)
Selling My Soul (Guitar)
Sleeping Village (Guitar)
Snowblind (Guitar)
Solitude (Guitar)
Supernaut (Guitar)
Sweet Leaf (Guitar)
Symptom Of The Universe (Guitar)
The Wizard (Guitar)
Under The Sun (Guitar)
War Pigs (Guitar)
War Pigs (Drums)
Ozzy Osbourne

Back On Earth (Guitar)
Back On Earth (Bass)
Bark At The Moon (Guitar)
Bark At The Moon (Bass)
Believer (Guitar)
Believer (Bass)
Crazy Train (Guitar)
Crazy Train (Bass)
Dee (Guitar)
Devils Daughter (Bass)
Diary Of A Madman (Guitar)
Diary Of A Madman (Bass)
Dreamer - Version 1 (Guitar)
Dreamer - Version 2 (Guitar)
Facing Hell (Guitar)
Fire In The Sky (Bass)
Flying High Again (Guitar)
Gets Me Through (Guitar)
Ghost Behind My Eyes (Bass)
Goodbye To Romance (Guitar)
I Don't Know (Guitar)
I Don't Know (Bass)
I Just Want You (Bass)
Killer Of Giants (Guitar)
Killer Of Giants (Bass)
Lightning Strikes (Guitar)
Little Dolls (Guitar)
Living With The Enemy (Guitar)
Mama, I'm Coming Home (Guitar)
Miracle Man (Guitar)
Miracle Man (Bass)
Mr. Crowley (Guitar)
Mr. Tinkertrain (Guitar)
My Jekyll Doesnt Hide (Guitar)
No More Tears (Guitar)
Now You See It (Now You Don't) (Guitar)
Old L.A. Tonight (Guitar)
Over The Mountain (Guitar)
Perry Mason (Guitar)
Perry Mason (Bass)
Revelation (Mother Earth) (Guitar)
Road To Nowhere (Guitar)
S.A.T.O. (Bass)
See You On The Other Side (Guitar)
Shot In The Dark (Bass)
Slow Down (Bass)
Spiders - Bass
Suicide Solution (Guitar)
Thunder Underground (Guitar)
Ultimate Sin (Guitar)
Ultimate Sin (Bass)
Waiting For Darkness (Bass)
You Can't Kill Rock N Roll (Bass)