Austin Villa Highway

Back On Earth
A man who had died and come back to life

Bark At The Moon
A werewolf that has come back to life to seek revenge on those who did him wrong.

If you don't believe in yourself, no one will believe in you.

Bloodbath In Paradise
A song about Charles Manson

Breaking All The Rules
I live my life the way I want to.

Centre Of Eternity
The Black Hole

Crazy Babies
About babies that are born addicted to crack cocaine.

Crazy Train
conflicting ideologies, religious wars

You all look up to me like I am a God, but I'm not. You are worshiping the
wrong person.

Demon Alcohol
The Alcohol is a demon that won't leave and it's slowly killing me!

The will to become what I am today is what got me to this point.

Devils Daughter

Diary Of A Madman
The title says it all!

Imagine the world being a perfect place to live. "I didn't have any intention of writing a ballad, but then this beautiful melody came to me followed by all of the lyrics. Everyone knows that I love the Beatles, especially John Lennon. I feel that this is my 'Imagine'."

Fire In The Sky
A man who has lived his life through with no answers to his questions

Flyin' High Again
Drugs keep me on top of my world.

Fool Like You
You see things only through your own eyes, and never listen to what anyone else says.

Gets Me Through
Ozzy wrote this one to thank the fans for helping him through his life.

Ghost Behind My Eyes
Ozzy wrote this in rehab, it's about Sharon visiting him in visions.

Goodbye To Romance
Ozzy wrote this song as a goodbye to Black Sabbath. "I was litterally starting from scratch after I was fired from Black Sabbath. This song gave me hope".

Even though being on the road nonstop wears me out, it's what's keeping me alive!

Don't worship me,I'm not a God.

I Don't Know
People think I am God, but I'm not.

I Don't Want To Change The World
The title says it all

I Just Want You
The title says it all, probably directed at Ozzy's wife.

A person who can't admit they are addicted to drugs.

Killer Of Giants
We will eventually blow ourselves up in a nuclear war.

Lightning Strikes
Party all night until you're wasted!

Little Dolls
Heroin, drugs

Mama,I'm Coming Home
Mama is actually Ozzys wife Sharon, It's Ozzys pet knick-name for her. "A lot of people think the song is about my Mum, but it's actually about Sharon".

Miracle Man
About the t.v. evangelist Jimmy Swaggart.

Mr. Crowley
About a man who practiced black magic.

Mr. Tinkertrain
A song about child molestation

My Jekyll Doesn't Hide
The monster that is inside of me is always on the outside

My Little Man
Written for Ozzys son Jack...kind of a last will and testament.

It's not to late to change the way you live your life.

Never Know Why
Why do you condemn our music when you have never heard the real meaning of it all?

No Bone Movies
Addiction to porno movies.

No Easy Way Out
A soldier of war who can't believe the nightmare he is living in.

No More Tears
A man who kidnapps strippers, has sex with them, and kills them.

Now You See It, Now You Don't
Sex (listen to the words, and read between the lines!)

Old L.A. Tonight
My future plans include you, don't worry!

Over The Mountain
The magic is inside all of us, use it to set yourself free.

Perry Mason
Written after the famous t.v. show

Revalation (Mother Earth)
A plea to God to show the chlidren how to live peacefully on Earth.

Road To Nowhere
Ozzys life story

Rock n Roll Rebel
"I remember getting the idea for the lyrics on a plane coming to America. I was reading a magazine and it had a story about the "Ministry of War". It provided me with the initial inspiration and then I wrote the lyrics from my own unique perspective."

Running Out Of Time
Ozzy is fighting to be sane but feels so insane, he wants to be validated and have someone tell him he's ok. He also worries about time left - what does he have to show for his life, can he keep this up and for how long?

According to Sharon Osbourne, it stands for Sharon Arden, Thelma Osbourne.

See You On The Other Side
We'll be together in death.

Secret Loser
Everything looks fine on the outside,but on the inside I'm at war with myself.

Shot In The Dark
A guy who has voices in his head telling him to murder the people who hate him,
yet he can't understand why he is doing it.

Shadows in the night

Slow Down
Stop trying to get everything done at once, and take your time!

So Tired
Waiting for the love of my life to come back.

Something That I've Never Had
Help Ozzy find a drug that he hasn't done!

Steal Away (The Night)
A one night stand?

Suicide Solution
Written for Bon Scott of AC/DC after he died in an alcohol related accident. "This song cause me lawsuits from parents and scorn from religious leaders. I'll never know why the message got so twisted. The lyrics are about drinking yourself to death. I was not condoning suicide."

Tattooed Dancer
Not about a woman, Ozzy's Tattooed Dancer is the drugs!

Thunder Underground
I'm a live wire and you can't control me.

Time After Time
Love was right in front of me again,but I let it slip away.

So much bad stuff is always happening,should I keep trying or just give up?

No matter what it takes, I will settle this score!

Thank God For The Bomb
The threat of destruction keeps the peace.

The Ultimate Sin
Knocking down whatever and whomever is in your way to get to the top.

Waiting For Darkness
Death is near.

You Can't Kill Rock n Roll
"I wrote this song about my father-in-law (Don Arden)."

You Know...
Written about Ozzy's first daughter Jessica.

You're No Different
I was walking the streets of New York City on the way to the recording studio when the melody line just popped in my head."

Zombie Stomp
Wanting to take a drink, but you can't, wanting those drugs, but you can't,
it drives you insane!