After Forever
The bands personal statement towards god,a pro christian song.

Air Dance
An elderly woman looks back on her childhood.

All Moving Parts Stand Still
A politician gone mad

Am I Going Insane (Radio)
Ozzys feelings against society. What does radio mean? Radio rental means mental,Thus 'Am I Going Insane (radio)' means 'Am I Going Insane (mental)'.

Back Street Kids
Rock'n'Roll music as the only philosophy.

Behind The Wall Of Sleep

Black Sabbath
A man that is about to die and go to hell

A man has just lost his woman because his love has gone astray

Children Of The Grave
Being the generation which has to face the atomic bomb, tired of government control

Cornucopia comes from Latin ('cornu copiae') and means same as 'Fullhorn' (u with dots) in German. Cornucopia is a symbol of wealth and fertility. The name is more than sufficient since the song criticizes the so called modern prosperity.

Dirty Women
The never ending hunger for sex.

Electric Funeral
Atomic bombs destroy the earth, the apocalypse comes.

Evil Woman
A woman that does nothing but bad deeds.

Fairies Wear Boots
According to "How Black Was Our Sabbath", Ozzy and Geezer were high, and swore they saw fairies chasing some dwarves around some bushes in the park.

Hand Of Doom
A man who was in the vietnam war, drugs are his only way to make it through each day.

Hard Road
Life gets harder as time marches on.

Hole in the Sky
Life in prison

Into The Void
The environment which keeps getting destroyed by modern society and the quest to find a new planet.

Iron Man
A man time travels into the future and sees the apocalypse. When he returns he tries to warn the world but nobody listens, So he gets mad and has revenge on mankind. In the end it becomes clear that he is the reason for the apocalypse.

Johnny Blade
A boy raised on the streets into a life of crime.

Junior's Eyes
Ozzy says goodbye to his dad.

Killing Yourself To Live
Working your whole life away and never taking time to stop and enjoy what you have.

Looking For Today
One day you're on top of the world,the next you're not.

Sold his soul to the devil and trying to get it back.

A National Acrobat
There is such a thing a re-incarnation.

Never Say Die
Don't ever give up

The devil falls in love with a human and becomes a totally different person. The title has nothing to do with the content of the song,it was actually named after Bill Wards pointy (nibby) beard.

Over To You
I gave up everything I had.

The story of a loser who isn't able to fit in the real life.

Planet Caravan
Travel through the universe

Rock'n'Roll Doctor
A psychiatrist who heals the people with the help of Rock'n'Roll music.

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
An execution of a soul.

Sabbra Cadabra
A love song

She's Gone
She left him

Shock Wave
Evil forces take over your soul


A man just lost the love of his life and see's nothing good about his future

Spiral Architect
Even though the world has gone crazy,I still love my life

Mankinds great dream to one day reach the stars, or about getting high!

St. Vitus' Dance
A man thinks this woman coming on to him is after his money, but she really loves him.

Sweet Leaf
Taken from a pack of Irish Ciggeretts that said "It's the Sweet Leaf"

Symptom of the Universe
The world is doomed, if you don't come with me you will die to.

The Thrill of it All
There is nothing left to believe in so lets get high.

Tomorrow's Dream
A man leaving his old life behind and starting off new somewhere else.

Under the Sun / Every Day Comes and Goes
Don't tell me how to live my life, it's my choice.

A man and a woman who were once in love,the woman falls in love with another man and leaves him.

War Pigs
The politicians who send their innocent citizens into war.

Wheels Of Confusion
Life is what you make out of it

Who Are You
A false leader

Wicked World
Money that is spent on worthless things instead of going towards helping the human race.

The Wizard
Tony Iommi said that this song was an ode to Black Sabbath’s drug dealer at the time it was written.

The Writ
A song about past managment that Sabbath was under.

You Won't Change Me
Talk all you want,I'm never going to change my ways.