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Ozzfest 2001 Official Press Release (3/14/2001)

The beast is back! Plotting its warpath across North America
with a ferocious line-up of 21 of the hardest, heaviest, nastiest
bands on the planet Ozzfest 2001 promises to be the biggest, best
'fest yet. And the lost paradise this year is just plain damnable:
the original, unstoppable Black Sabbath - Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi,
'Geezer' Butler, Bill Ward; the self-proclaimed 'third and final
beast' Marilyn Manson; and the nefarious nine of Slipknot: are
they not misanthropes? Papa Roach, Linkin Park, and Crazytown usher
in the unholy with their beastly beats and hellacious hooks beginning
at 6pm on the Main Stage, hosted by the ever-deranged Rev. B.
Dangerous. In addition, to test your mettle there will be two side
stages with fifteen more bands and seven hours of non-stop music:
headliners Disturbed, Mudvayne, Taproot, and Cold will stay on top
the whole tour while Union Underground, Nonpoint, American
Head Charge, Black Label Society, Pure Rubbish, Hatebreed, Drowning
Pool, Systematic, and Beautiful Creatures rotate city-to-city. In
addition, splitting the dates in half will be Godhead and Otep,
and Boy Hits Car and one act to be determined. If that's not enough
to make horns pop out of your skull there is more: the Village of
the Damned concourse has been revamped into an apocalyptic village
with all-new vendors, attractions, world-class tattoo artists,
piercing booths, and video games to occupy your mind including the
world's first look into Ozzy's Black Skies, the Godfather's PS2
fantasy adventure game set for release this Fall. And to boot, this
year we're throwing you to the lion's den: a few hundred souls at
each date will have the opportunity to get closer than ever before
at the Purgatory Pit, a free-for-all general admission area in front
of the main stage. You'll be able to sweat, surf, slam, and raise
Cain all day and have the best seat in the house! Baptize yourself
at this Black Sabbath and you'll die happy. No pretenders, no
imitators, no bullshit! The inimitable Ozzfest doesn't f*ck around.

Click here for official dates and touring info!

Sabbath To Perfrom @ ESPN Award Show (3/14/2001)

The original members of Black Sabbath-Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, "Geezer"
Butler, Bill Ward-have been confirmed to play the first-ever ESPN Action
Sports & Music Awards, fueled by Mountain Dew, on April 7, 2001 (telecast
April 10 at 9pm EST on ESPN) at the Universal Ampitheatre in Los Angeles,
it was announced today by ESPN's Ron Semiao, vice president, programming
and managing director, global X.

According to Semiao, Ozzy Osbourne, frontman for Black Sabbath, originator
of the popular Ozzfest Tour and a rock 'n roll icon to a nation of action
sports enthusiasts, has been at the very top of the target list of bands
ESPN has been soliciting to play the show. "We are very honored and
grateful to have Ozzy and the original members of Black Sabbath perform at
this inaugural event" said Semiao. "It means a lot to the professional
action sports athletes to have a musical artist that they grew up with and
continue to listen to appear in a show that celebrates the symbiotic
relationship between action sports and music."

Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy's wife and manager, said "The Action Sports & Music
Awards show provides the perfect opportunity to marry Sabbath's timeless
majesty with those in the sporting world who have most been influenced by
them-the extreme athletes. We thought it would be great to have the band
get in front of the masses on a large scale before they go on tour with The
Ozzfest 2001. Over the years, the band has rejected many offers to appear
on mainstream television so this will be a special engagement for

Black Sabbath's unstoppable Reunion tour ended up as the top-grossing Rock
tour of 1999 and, by popular demand, the band is returning to headline The
Ozzfest this summer. In its sixth year, Ozzfest is the perennial
blockbuster package tour that gathers the best of Rock's titans and
emerging artists. It is expected to sell out all 30 of its tour stops in
advance, beginning June 8 in Chicago. In addition to Black Sabbath, The
Ozzfest 2001 will also feature Platinum-selling heavyweights Marilyn
Manson, Slipknot, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Disturbed, and Crazytown.

We Sold Our Souls For Rock 'n Roll Coming On DVD (3/2/2001)

Acclaimed director Penelope Spheeris's work on We Sold Our Souls For
Rock 'n Roll, the celluloid Ozzfest experience, is complete. The
finishing touches were put on the film just before the holidays in
time for the first-ever public screening at the Sundance Film
Festival. Hot off an ebullient, enthusiastic audience reaction to
the picture at the prestigious film industry confab the movie is
now in the process of being sold to a distributor. More news on
the ultimate release date of the film and soundtrack and DVD
info will be passed along as it comes in.

Ozzfest 2001 - Into The Pit! (3/2/2001)

We're throwing you into the lion's den this year: For the first time
in the six years of the Ozzfest 500 'Pit Passes' will be made available
for each show. The first several rows of seats in front of the main
stage will be removed especially for pit pass holders, enabling
unrestrained access and the closest possible views of the stage and
making the Pit a kind of Ozzfest 'Survivor'. Outslam, outsurf, outmosh?
Sounds good to me.

Ozzy working with Reeves Gabrels (3/2/2001)

Ozzy Osbourne has been working with various artists in the studio, writing
material for his upcoming new solo album which is planned to be released
this summer through Epic. The latest guest announced for whom he has been
collaborating with, is guitarist Reeves Gabrels of David Bowie fame. Reeves
also recently appeared on gODHEAD's Post Human/Priority "2000 Years Of
Human Error". Meanwhile, other artists whom Ozzy has enlisted to help write
material for the album include Black Label Society guitarist Zakk Wylde,
Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell and producer Danny Saber (Marilyn
Manson). The album will be tracked with producer Tim Palmer (Sepultura,
Stabbing Westward) in the near future. In other news, heavy rumors suggest
that the original Black Sabbath line-up is working on a new effort for
release later this year as well.

Ozzfest '01 Hits The U.K. First (3/2/2001)

Black Sabbath, Slipknot, Tool and papa Roach have all been confirmed
to play the first UK Ozzfest in three years.

Sponsored by Kerrang!, this all day event will take place at the
Milton Keynes Bowl on Saturday May 26, starting at 11am. Once finalized
the bill will consist of 14 bands, spread across two stages. The
recently reformed Black Sabbath will headlinethe Main Stage, appearing
in their original line up of Ozzy Osbourne, guitarist Tony Iommi,
bassist Geezer Butler and drummer Bill Ward.

Stuart Galbraith from the events organisers SFX tells Kerrang!: "The
bill we've got together already is phenomenal, but this is only the
startof it. If half of what we're talking about for the rest of the
bill comes off, this will be one of the best rock shows the UK has
seen in years"

The bills remainder will be announced over the next few weeks.
Galbraith notes, however, that Marilyn Manson will not be appearing,
despite his presence on the US Ozzfest in June.

"We looked at it and everybody wanted it to happen," he says, "but
for various reasons it didn't make sense, due to other commitments
elsewhere in the world."

The Bowl will also play host to The Village Of The Damned - the
Ozzfest's traditional array of tattoo parlours, body modification
tents and food stalls. "It'll be an expansion of what we've had
at the Ozzfest in the past" says Galbraith. Back Up, New Releases Coming Out (2/26/2001) is back up.... check out the news posted there:

Ozzy has put to bed the title track for his Playstation 2,
PC-compatible video game 'Black Skies', which is due for
release just in time for Christmas. The song is exclusive
to the iRock Interactive creature-based action/adventure
game set in an awesome fantasy world inspired by the
Ozzman himself.

The Ozzy reissue series is gearing up for phase one: three
discs (specific albums TBD) will arrive during the Ozzfest
with bonus tracks - long out-of-print b-sides, live tracks,
demos, and the like; tons of photos; extensive new liner
notes; and the first digital remasters from the original
master tapes. It took some time to locate some of these
crusty old tapes but alas they were dug up and sonically
massaged into glorious new digital transfers that give
Ozzy's canon a wider, fuller, more dynamic sound. Count
on to give you the exclusive scoop on new art and
liner notes, bonus tracks, release dates, and special offers
as the info becomes available.

After the Ozzfest Ozzy will resume work on his as yet-untitled
thirteenth solo album. He is eyeing an October release date.

Video Game Update On "Ozzy's Black Skies" (2/14/2001)

It's been an amazing first year of game development here at
iROCK and a blistering eight months of work on the OzZy project
now officially - "Ozzy's Black Skies".

The Ozzman himself has been doing some vocals, music, and working
the game name, while the development team has been busy spankin'
out code, artwork, and audio.

Visit the official site for more screen shots!

Crazy Town On Main Stage, Disturbed To Headline 2nd (2/14/2001)

As if proving a component of chaos theory, the stir of a
"Butterfly" has caused some major tour happenings for
rock-rappers Crazy Town.

With their debut album at #16 on the Billboard 200
thanks in part to the hit single "Butterfly" Crazy Town
are the latest additions to this year's Ozzfest lineup,
according to a spokesperson for the tour.

The Hollywood septet joins the previously announced roster
of Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Papa Roach
and Linkin Park on the main stage.

Fans can only hope this year's stint fares better than Crazy
Town's debut run on last year's edition of the Ozzy-founded
outing. In July, five shows into the tour, they were forced to
resign their second-stage post after frontman Shifty Shellshock
was arrested and jailed (see "Crazy Town Leaves Ozzfest After

Meanwhile, Disturbed, who were reported earlier as a
main-stage attraction, will now occupy the headlining slot on the
second stage. No additional acts could be confirmed at press

Before the sixth annual Ozzfest kicks off on June 8 in Chicago,
Crazy Town will embark on a co-headlining tour with rapper
Redman on April 7, according to the band's publicist. Fellow
genre-blurring Californians (hed) p.e. are scheduled to open
the show, and a complete itinerary is still being hammered out.

Crazy Town last took top billing in November, when fellow
Ozzfest 2000 alums Shuvel and Slaves on Dope served as openers.

Redman's next album, Malpractice, is scheduled for release on
April 17. (Hed) p.e. are touring in support of last year's Broke.

Ozzy Brings Back Sabbath As Ozzfest Headliners (2/3/2001)

It would appear that reports of Black Sabbath's retirement
have been greatly exaggerated.

The original Black Sabbath lineup singer Ozzy Osbourne,
bassist Geezer Butler, guitarist Tony Iommi and drummer Bill
Ward will headline this year's Ozzfest tour, despite having
played what were billed as farewell gigs more than a year ago.
It will be Sabbath's third time in the headlining slot since
they regrouped in 1997.

Their stint on the trek in 1999 plays a large part in the
recent Ozzfest tour documentary "We Sold Our Souls for
Rock 'n Roll," which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival
last month.

Marilyn Manson will also revisit the Ozzfest roster, making his
first trip with the tour since Ozzfest's initial national
excursion in 1997. During that tour, New Jersey's Meadowlands
Arena threatened not to put tickets on sale unless Manson was
removed from the bill. Faced with lawsuits by both Manson and
Osbourne, the venue eventually dropped its case.

Rounding out the main-stage lineup will be Slipknot, Papa
Roach, Disturbed and Linkin Park. Slipknot also played the tour
in 1999, while Disturbed are repeat offenders from last year's
bill. Bands occupying the second and third stages will be
announced later.

Ozzfest will kick off June 8 at Chicago's World Theater, with
approximately 30 other dates expected to follow, according to a
tour spokesperson. Tickets for the Chicago show will go on sale
in March.

The Windy City engagement is the first Black Sabbath gig since
a pair of December 1999 farewell concerts in the group's
hometown of Birmingham, England.

Sharon Speaks About Ozzy's New Studio Album (2/3/2001)

"He's been writing with Zakk Wylde, his guitar player from the
'90s," Sharon Osbourne told VH1 about Ozzy's new studio album.
"He's written with Danny Saber, the producer, and he's been
writing with [Alice in Chains guitarist] Jerry Cantrell. And Tim
Palmer's gonna produce the record."

Black Grape alum Saber comes to the project after remixing or
producing Marilyn Manson, David Bowie and the Rolling Stones,
while Palmer's credits include work with U2 (last year's All That
You Can't Leave Behind) Tin Machine (1989's Tin Machine) and
Robert Plant (1988's Now & Zen).

Ozzfest 2001 Official Mainstage Lineup (2/2/2001)

There's no need for hype, hoopla, and puffery. The Ozzfest 2001 will
showcase the heaviest line-up yet. The Main Stage bill is confirmed.

Marilyn Manson
Papa Roach
Linkin Park

Tour dates, venues, second stage line-up, ticket on-sale dates, and
other announcements to follow in the coming weeks.

Ozzfest Live Album Info (1/27/2001)

Ozzfest: Second Stage Live is scheduled for release March 27th through
Divine Recordings/Priority Records. The double-live CD features the
following track list:

1. Eye For an Eye - Soulfly
2. Voices - Disturbed
3. Pushing Me - Slaves on Dope
4. Suck - Kittie
5. The Big Fuck You - Primer 55
6. Ode to Clarissa - Queens of the Stone Age
7. Keep It Clean - Pitchshifter
8. Mirrors Reflection - Taproot
9. Pain - Soulfly
10. I Don't Know- Ozzy

All songs recorded at The Ozzfest 2000, Desert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix, Az.,
8/30/00 - Produced and Mixed by Thom Panunzio

Bonus Disc
1. Low - Coal Chamber
2. Broken Foundation - Earth Crisis
3. Organizized - Powerman 5000
4. Locust Star - Neurosis
5. Replica - Fear Factory
6. These Eyes - Biohazard
7. Attitude - Sepultura (final recording with Max Cavalera)
8. Angel of Death - Slayer
9. Perry Mason - Ozzy

All songs recorded at The Ozzfest '96, Blockbuster Pavilion, Devore, Calif.,
10/26/96 - Produced and Mixed by Thom Panunzio

The bonus disc also includes a couple of Sega Dreamcast games: a playable
demo version of Battle of the Sexes and the full Sega Swirl game. In
addition there will be links to the soon-to-be-relaunched and web sites.

Netcaster Nabs Ozzy (1/22/2001)

Netcaster has acquired exclusive rights to develop
online and offline programming related to rocker Ozzy Osbourne.

Live-action and animated programming will bow first on the Internet,
with an expansion planned to include TV and live stage tours.

"In addition to being an extremely successful musician and artist,
Ozzy is one of the best-known brands in the world," said Threshold
Entertainment chairman-CEO Larry Kasanoff.

The Osbourne content will be available at, alongside, and, all of which will be
created and managed by

"After looking at several companies to take over Ozzy's online
properties, Threshold's creative and business ingenuity and passion
for their craft were what we were taken by,'' said Sharon Osbourne,
Ozzy's wife and manager.

The company is developing a TV series based on Osbourne's real life,
that of a wild and crazy rock superstar who lives in Beverly Hills
with his family. The working title is Ozzy And Harriet...

Ozzfest 2001 Rumors (12/30/2000)

According to Metal Update, Ozzfest 2001 is beginning to take shape as
artists for all three stages of this year's tour are being thrown
around. The main stage, which will feature four acts, will begin in
the evening following a full day of bands on the second and third
stages. Streetwise is sponsoring the third stage and will be helping
to select the bands involved. The following are the currently
rumored/unconfirmed acts for the tour:


Osbourne Management Denies Ozzy's New Line-Up (12/16/2000)

Osbourne Management issued a statement today in response to KNAC.COM's story
regarding the line-up of Ozzy's new band. Our story confirmed the rumor that
long-time Ozzy guitarist Zack Wylde (currently playing with his own band
Black label Society) is, in fact, re-teaming up with the former Black
Sabbath frontman to work on his upcoming album and tour. Our story also
confirmed that, according to a reliable source, ex-Motley Crue drummer Tommy
Lee and Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler will also join the new line-up
for the recording sessions and subsequent tour.

The statement reads: An Internet rumor making rounds today regarding the
lineup for Ozzy Osbourne's band is "absolute rubbish," says Osbourne's
management. "'There is not a grain of truth [to the rumor]. It's all a big
lie." The report has Osbourne's band pegged as Zakk Wylde on guitar, Geezer
Butler on bass, and Tommy Lee on drums, and that this trio will begin
recording Osbourne's forthcoming solo album next month. Osbourne has been
talking to a variety of musicians, songwriters, and producers and has not
settled on a firm band lineup. "Whoever put this out is on crack," quipped
the Osbourne management spokesperson.

KNAC.COM Founder Rob Jones commented, "Having the utmost respect for Sharon
and Ozzy, I am saddened by the nature of this denial. While always one to
take the high road, all I will say is that it would appear that there are
some people very close to one of the camps involved here who have a
different view of this topic."

Live Album Due In March, Ozzy Not In Bubble Movie (12/10/2000)

The 1999 Ozzfest tour will live again in a concert album that will document
performances by founder Ozzy Osbourne and other acts, the metal godfather's
spokesperson said Wednesday (December 6).

The LP, which may also include some performances from the 2000 edition of
Ozzfest, is slated for release in March. The lineup for the release has not
yet been confirmed, but acts on the 1999 tour included Black Sabbath (with
Osbourne, of course) as well as Primus, Rob Zombie, Deftones, Slayer,
Godsmack and System of a Down.

A previously announced documentary film chronicling the 1999 outing, directed
by Penelope Spheeris ("Wayne's World," "The Decline of Western
Civilization"), is also scheduled to be released in some form next spring
(see "Ozzy [And Jack] Tap Pantera, Godsmack, More For Ozzfest").

Osbourne, meanwhile, will not be making a cameo in the upcoming comedy film
"The Bubble Boy" despite media reports connecting him with the project,
according to his spokesperson.

Reports of Kid Rock's appearance in that film are also false, according to
Touchstone Pictures, which is scheduled to release the movie in August 2001.

Kid Rock's reps at Atlantic Records had yet to return calls regarding his
involvement in "The Bubble Boy" as of press time.

Former Osbourne Drummer Diagnosed With Cancer (12/10/2000)

The following is a note from MOTLEY CRUE drummer, RANDY CASTILLO, who
has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

"Earlier this past June, before the Motley Maximum Rock tour was to
begin, I was playin` a gig with my other band, Azul, at the
CatClub when right in the middle of the show I started feelin`
faint and nauseous. I barely made it through the show and
afterward decided to take a cab home. On the way home I started
getting a pain in my stomach that felt like I was being stabbed
with an ice pick. I told the driver to take me to Cedars because
luckily it was right on the way home. By the time we pulled up to the
emergency entrance I could barely walk. I passed out right at the door
and the next thing I knew I was in a wheel chair being pushed down a
hallway. I asked what was goin on and the nurse told me to get ready
'cause I was headed for surgery. She said, "we have to put a tube up
your penis and in your nose and up your butt!" So I said please put me
under before you do that plllleeeease. She said "ok". I woke up the
next afternoon with tubes and catheters and a morphine blanket on my
brain. My surgeon came in and said, "we almost lost you kid, another
10 minutes and that shit would have gotten in your blood stream and
you'd have been a goner"! I had someone watching over me that night.
What happened was I had a duodenal ulcer which ate a hole through the
lining of my stomach and once it opened up all that acid in the tummy
just pours into your lower intestines and wreaks havoc. My doctor said
my ulcer was caused by a bacteria that is contagious called "h-pylori".
I thought it was my love of drink and good times that at least
contributed, but no, it was a bug that apparently many people have
and don't even realize that they do! I was one of them! Well that put
an end to my summer tour with the Crue 'cause it was only two weeks
before the tour was to begin. Bummer... so I sit out the summer
recuperating and feeling sorry for myself. Thought that was bad? Well
get a load of this. Around the beginning of last August I was shaving
when I noticed a small painless lump under my right jaw line. I wrote
it off figuring it was the beginning of a cyst or something. Wrong, a
month later it was the size of a ping pong ball! I finally stopped
my denial and went and had it checked out. It was "the big C" alright,
Squamous Cell Carcinoma to be exact and it was mean and aggressive.
There is nothing like the wave of emotion that hits you when you get
told, "You have cancer". Nothing can prepare you for the doom you feel
inside upon hearing those words. I went outside, walking around in
a daze and asking why me, then took a deep breath, came back inside
and said "well what do we do now?" I am probably ramblin` too
much for you all but there is good reason which I'll explain later.
On October 13th, yup, Friday and a full moon to boot, I had surgery
to remove the tumor which by this time was the size of a lime. So much
for joining the Crue in Japan and Australia. Bigger bummer 'cause I
love Australia and Japan. So that brings me to now. I am currently
getting radiation every day, five days a week and Chemo-Therapy once
every three weeks for six months, cancer is a bitch. I ain't bald yet
but they say some people don't lose hair, who knows, anyway I don't
care, it grows back. So lately I've been gettin my creative ya-ya`s
through my art. I have a bit of time on my hands lately so I've been
painting my ass off. You can check it out at,
click on "art". The reason I rambled is because I just want anybody
out there to know that if you ever have the slightest inkling of a
symptom, whether it be a lump or a sore anywhere on your body or
anything that looks or feels suspicious, go get it checked out fast
because with cancer time is of the essence. You could save yourself
and all who care about you a shitload of grief by catching it early.
Anyway I'm gonna be fine, I gotta do a mean dance with the devil but
I'm gonna beat this thing and return more badass than ever! I promise."

Ozzfest Film To Screen At Sundance Film Festival (12/6/2000)

"We Sold Our Souls for Rock 'n' Roll," a Penelope Spheeris
documentary about a heavy metal concert tour fronted by Ozzy
Osbourne will be screened at the Sundance Film Festival in
in Park City, Utah Jan. 18-28.

Ozzy loses round 1 in court (11/30/2000)

Ozzy Osbourne has lost round one in his battle against iN DEMAND
and DirecTV over their pay-per-view airing of an Ozzfest concert,
as a judge has denied a temporary restraining order that would
have halted the airing of the program in question.

Osbourne filed a $20 million lawsuit in U.S. District Court in
Los Angeles last week (allstar, Nov. 21) over the Ozzfest
pay-per-piew, which premiered on iN DEMAND on Nov. 10. Osbourne,
joined by Pantera, Godsmack, Static-X, Methods of Mayhem, Soulfly,
Kittie, Disturbed, and Slaves on Dope in the suit, alleges that
the taping of the concert was intended to be broadcast on the
Internet only, per its contract with

"We have steadfastly maintained that Osbourne Management's claims
against MCY are without merit and that MCY has clear, unambiguous
contractual rights to both the Webcast and TV pay-per-view of
Ozzfest 2000," said Mitchell Lampert, General Counsel for MCY,
in a statement released on Tuesday (Nov. 28). "The court's denial
of the TRO is the first step towards what we firmly believe will
be a victory for MCY and a vindication of MCY's code of conduct
with artists and business partners alike."

A spokesperson for Osbourne Management had no comment on the
judge's ruling at press time.

MCY Responds To Osbourne Management Claims (11/27/2000)

New York, New York, November 22, 2000 --, Inc. MCYC today
responded to a series of statements and claims made by Osbourne
Management against the Company with regard to the broadcast rights
of OZZfest 2000.

Mitchell Lampert, MCY's General Counsel, said, MCY and its counsel
firmly believe that the claims made against MCY are completely
without merit. Additionally, statements attributed to MCY's senior
management by Osbourne Management have been fabricated and are
completely false.

MCY was founded on the fundamental principle that artists' rights
are of paramount importance and must always be protected. Statements
that Osbourne Management has made alleging 'wanton disregard' for
artists' rights, the financial condition of our business and the
quality of the OZZfest 2000 production are false and were made with
reckless disregard.

These statements are libelous, slanderous and actionable, and we are
evaluating the legal remedies available to us.

MCY stands squarely behind its contractual rights and will take
whatever steps are necessary to protect its reputation and its
executives. We firmly believe that these meritless claims will
be dismissed.

Nancy Bushkin, MCY's spokesperson, continued, MCY wants to clarify
important points that Osbourne Management et al. have misrepresented:

1. MCY has clear, unambiguous contractual rights to both the webcast
and TV pay-per-view for OZZfest 2000.

2. Osbourne Management was compensated for both the webcast and TV
pay-per-view rights and will share in proceeds generated by the

3. The producer of the broadcast was selected by Osbourne Management.

4. All footage used in the broadcast was reviewed, approved and
authorized by Osbourne Management.

Ozzfest Acts Sue Over Pay-Per-View (11/21/2000)

Ozzy Osbourne, Godsmack, Pantera and six other acts from
this summer's Ozzfest tour joined forces last week to sue
a company they say put together an unauthorized, "sadly
substandard" Ozzfest pay-per-view special.

The artists, who also include Static-X, Methods of Mayhem,
Kittie, Disturbed, Slaves on Dope and Soulfly, allege that
the online music company assembled the television
special from inferior-quality footage that was licensed
only for use in a webcast.

"Osbourne viewed the program ... and found the quality of
the production to be woefully inadequate," attorneys
representing the artists and Osbourne's management company
wrote in a complaint filed Friday.

The lawsuit, filed in a California federal court, accuses of infringing the bands' copyrights and trademarks,
as well as damaging their reputations.

In a statement, said that the company is unaware of
the lawsuit, but added that it had "clear and unambiguous"
rights to air the pay-per-view special, which debuted
November 10.

In the lawsuit, Osbourne, his management company and the
other artists demand more than $20 million in damages from, as well as from the cable companies that aired the

Ozzy Osbourne's 15-year-old son, Jack, is also a plaintiff
in the lawsuit. He accuses of using his likeness
without permission in the special.

Osbourne and other Ozzfest artists previously called on
fans to boycott the special, which includes live performances
of songs such as Osbourne's "Suicide Solution" and "Crazy
Train," Godsmack's "Keep Away" and Kittie's "Spit."

In the past, has webcast performances by artists such
as the Backstreet Boys, Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson.

Solo Album Release Date, Tour With G N' R? (11/19/2000)

Ozzy Osbourne has set a March 13, 2001 release date for his
upcoming new album out on Epic Records. Ozzy is said to be
putting together plans for a Summer 2001 tour with Guns N' Roses.

Ozzy On Vh-1 (11/11/2000)

Before They Were Rock Stars, Episode #025 - Metal Show
Wednesday - November 15, 2000
Time: 7:30 pm - 08:00 pm ET

Featured Artists
Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne, Poison, Quiet
Riot, Skid Row

From the cradle to the grave, the series turns back the
not-always-so-flattering hands of time to reveal the stars
before they started to shine.

Update On New Studio Album (11/11/2000)

The working title for Ozzy's new album is "Back To The Edge".
Two song titles I know of are "The Junkie" and "Dreamer".
The album should be out by Summer of 2001.

New Ozzy Doll - Blizzard Of Ozz (11/10/2000)

Just 4 fun in association with Art Asylum have a new
Ozzy doll on the market...a 1980's era dressed Ozzy
which plays "Crazy Train" when you press the stomach.

Last year, this same company put out a Bark At The
Moon doll that played "Bark At The Moon" when you
pressed the stomach. This doll is the same size as
that one.

Osbourne Urges Fans To Boycott PPV Special (11/10/2000)

Ozzy Osbourne is urging fans to boycott a planned iN DEMAND
Pay-Per-View airing of one of his concerts, set for
Friday (Nov. 10) night.

In a statement released by the tour's publicity firm on Friday
(Nov. 10), Osbourne, Godsmack, Pantera, Static-X, Kittie, Methods
of Mayhem, Soulfly, Disturbed, and Slaves on Dope have all
united against the special, which allegedly wasn't approved and was
originally intended to be a Webcast only.

"All bands are pleading with their fans not to order this inferior
product, which will only result in profits for DirecTV and iN
DEMAND," said the statement. "There is no agreement for the
bands to receive any compensation for their performances."

The show, priced at $20, has not been seen or heard by any of
the bands on the tour, who are calling the broadcast
"illegitimate" and "unauthorized." The original deal, according to
the artists and promoter SFX Entertainment, was for a two-time
only, free Webcast and never intended for a television airing.

According to Joe Boyle, vice president of corporate
communications at iN DEMAND, the pay-per-view service has a
deal with the distributor of the event, MCY Worldwide, and will
go ahead with the broadcast as planned. Any disputes as to the
legality of its airing should be taken up between Osbourne and
MCY, Boyle adds.

Zakk Wylde To Work With Ozzy Again (10/28/2000)

Guitar hero Zakk Wylde has once again hooked up with his former
boss, Ozzy Osbourne, to write songs together. The tunes will
be for Osbourne's next album, due some time in 2001.

Wylde has helped compose tunes on several of Ozzy's solo outings,
including his most recent studio effort, 1995's Ozzmosis.

Meanwhile, Wylde aims to show off his non-Ozzy-related songwriting
skills and renowned guitar prowess via a live concert home video
focusing on his own group, Black Label Society. The band will roll
the camera during a performance at the Troubadour in Los Angeles
on October 28.

Black Label Society's latest album, Stronger Than Death, arrived
in stores in April.

Little Nicky Likes Heavy Metal (10/28/2000)

OZZY OSBOURNE has a cameo appearance (as himself) in the upcoming
ADAM SANDLER comedy Little Nicky, but he won't be on the soundtrack.
The album is, however, heavy on metal. Included in the CD, out
October 31, are tracks by INCUBUS, DEFTONES, DISTURBED, POWERMAN 5000,
FILTER, CYPRESS HILL and a new song from P.O.D. called "School of Hard
Knocks." The movie, starring Sandler as the son of Satan (HARVEY
KEITEL), hits theaters November 10.

New Live Album Due Out In January (10/11/2000)

Divine Recordings is slated to release "Ozzfest Live II"
on 1/16/2000 on compact disc.

I have no further information as of right now.

Ozzy Pay Per View In November! (10/3/2000)

Expect anything when the hard-rocking Ozzy Osbourne brings his show
into your living room. Be sure to batten down the furniture.

Friday, November 10, 2000

10:00pm & 12:00am (ET)

11/10/00 12:00am & 2:00am (ET)
11/13/00 1:00am & 3:00am (ET)
11/14/00 10:00pm & 12:00am (ET)


Ozzy On "Moulin Rouge" Soundtrack (9/27/2000)

The upcoming Baz Luhrmann movie "Moulin Rouge" will be
a musical extravaganza with a soundtrack that is set
to include such oddities as Ozzy Osbourne singing "The
Sound Of Music" and Fatboy Slim offering up a rendition
of "The Can-Can," according to sources close to the

The soundtrack will also feature Beck performing David
Bowie's "Diamond Dogs" with help from hip-hop superproducer
Timbaland, according to official Beck sources. As we
previously reported, the two went into the studio together
earlier this month. In addition to cutting the "Moulin
Rouge" track, Beck also recorded vocals for a tune
that will appear on the next Timbaland album.

The "Moulin Rouge" soundtrack is due out December
5, and the movie is scheduled for release Christmas Day.

Ozzy Wants Off Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Ballot...Again (9/26/2000)

Ozzy Osbourne is asking that Black Sabbath's name be taken off the
list of nominees on the 2001 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ballot for
the second year in a row. "Why don't they let the fans vote?" asked
Osbourne in a statement released on Monday (Sept. 25). "As it stands
now, what's the point? It's a joke. It's about gladhanding and
grandstanding and I don't want any part of it." This year's
announcement marks the fourth year in a row Black Sabbath has been
nominated for admittance into the Hall of Fame.

New Iommi & Osbourne Song (9/22/2000)

The long awaited Iommi & Osbourne song "Who's Fooling Who" is
now available for download in mp3 format in my 'Sound Vault'
in the rarities section.

This song will be featured on Tony Iommi's new solo album
simply entitled "Iommi". It's due out on October 17th.

Ozzy Featured On New Mtv Show (9/22/2000)

Don't miss the MTV Cribs series debut on October 5th at
10 p.m. Wonder how to get past the heavily guarded gates
of the biggest celebs? We can't tell you our secrets, but
we can certainly take you along for the tours. Find out
where the jet-setters hang with friends and family, store
those high-priced toys, and just kick back and relax.

Possible Deftones & Osbourne Collaboration (9/13/2000)

Deftones singer Chino Moreno is penning a devilish song
-- working title "Back to School" -- for the soundtrack
to Adam Sandler's next movie, Little Nicky.

"It's hopefully going to be the first single from the
movie," says Moreno. "I'm trying to get somebody else to
collaborate on it with me, but I can't say the name yet
because I don't know if it's gonna happen."

A good bet would be Ozzy Osbourne, although Moreno's not
saying. Osbourne reportedly stars as himself in the
horror/comedy, which casts Sandler as the youngest son
of Satan. (Dad's played by Harvey Keitel, grandpa by Rodney
Dangerfield). "I haven't seen the trailers or anything
yet," says Moreno. "But I know Adam Sandler has all these
things to do to prove that he's evil. I guess he's not
someone the devil would be proud of having for a son,
because he's goofy or whatever."

The movie is set for a Nov. 3 release by New Line. A
spokesperson for Maverick Records declined to name the
other musical contributors to the soundtrack, but they
will obviously include hardcore acts.

Ozzy Special On MuchMusic (USA) (9/13/2000)

About MuchMusic Presents The Dysfunctional Family Picnic
MuchMusic was in New Jersey for K'Rock's DFP 4.0 concert.
Live performances and interviews with: Ozzy Osbourne, Limp
Bizkit, Sevendust, Creed, Deftones, Godsmack and Stone
Temple Pilots.

The show airs Saturday 09/16/00 @ 9:00 pm ET and Sunday
09/17/00 @ 12:00 am ET.


VH1 Hard Rock Special (9/13/2000)

be a part of an upcoming five-and-a-half-hour VH1 special
called 100 Greatest Artists Of Hard Rock, which will premiere
the week of November 13th and run untill November 17. It is
a 5 part series of one-hour shows, each of which counts off
20 of the artists on the list, culminating in the #1 hard rock

California Elementary School Celebrates Ozzy Day (9/4/2000)

Being the, er, patriotic type, we can remember being
really ticked off when the folks who ran our
school district dissed two of our greatest leaders
by snatching away their memorial day in favor of
an all-encompassing -- particularly to fans of
Millard Fillmore -- "Presidents' Day." Well, in an
effort to make up for such past misdeeds, the folks
in charge at Plumas Elementary School just outside
Sacramento, Calif., gave students a day off last week
in honor of another great man: Ozzy Osbourne. While we
initially thought the honor might be a "thank you" for
Ozzy's help in controlling the area's bat population,
it turns out that classes were canceled because Ozzfest
was coming to town, thus making the streets unsuitable
for elementary schoolers. Principal Dione Beilby cited
an overwhelming amount of additional traffic as her
reason for offering the emergency day, but neglected
to mention that she didn't want to see the school's
chess team turn up the next day in matching tattoos.

David Sprauge - Rolling Stone

Coming To a Soundtrack Near You! (9/1/2000)

OZZY OSBOURNE will be among the artists featured on the soundtrack
to the forthcoming (December) movie Moulin Rouge, starring NICOLE
KIDMAN and EWAN McGREGOR, though it's far from a rocking collection
- he'll be in the company of PLACIDO DOMINGO and JOSE FELICIANO.
Ozzy will also likely turn up on the soundtrack of Little Nicky,
starring ADAM SANDLER, as he makes a cameo appearance in the
November comedy about the Devil's son who doesn't want to go
into the family business.

Ozzy Goes Broadway? (9/1/2000)

Well, not really....but you can check out what it might
sound like if he did! Go into my 'Sound Vault', and click
on the 'Misc' section. There are 3 mp3's you have to
check out!

Ozzy Osbourne / Black Sabbath Trading Cards (9/1/2000)

Remember those trading cards that were supposed to come out in
Winter of '98 by Cornerstone? Well, who knows what happened
with that company, but now a company by the name of Comic
Images is planning to release them within the next year. I have
a promo card posted in the news section of my website.

BLACK SABBATH - The Singles Revisited! (9/1/2000)

Hot on the heels of the Best Of Black Sabbath two-CD/four-LP
set, Castle is issuing a boxset complete with six CD singles,
featuring original picture sleeves, all digitally remastered.
Due out on September 18th, the box contains the following:
Disc One - 'Wicked World' and 'Iron Man'; Disc Two - 'Paranoid'
and 'The Wizard'; Disc Three - 'Tomorrow's Dream' and 'Laguna
Sunrise'; 'Disc Four - 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath' and 'Changes';
Disc Five - 'Gypsy' and 'She's Gone' and Disc Six - 'Never
Say Die' and 'She's Gone'.

New Ozzy Song, Download It Now! (8/17/2000)

"For Heavens Sake" with Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and the
Wu-Tang Clan is now available for download in Mp3 format
in my 'Sound Vault' section under rarities.

The new song is due out on September 5, 2000 on a tribute
to Hip-Hop music entitled "Loud Rocks".

Other cuts will feature System Of A Down, Static-X,
Sugar Ray, Everlast, and Sevendust.

Ozzy To Appear on 'IOMMI' (8/17/2000)

Ozzy has given his blessing to the final mix of 'Who's
Fooling Who', the last song completed for the long-awaited
Tony Iommi solo album. The song is an almost-Sabbath
reunion: Bill Ward plays drums! Hallelujah!

You can watch the trailer for this album by
clicking here.

Al Gore Speaks About Ozzy (8/17/2000)

After he chose Jewish Senator Joseph Lieberman to be his
running mate, Al Gore was asked if he would respect the
Sabbath. The vice-president quickly replied "only if Ozzy
is singing."

South American Ozzfest Dates (8/17/2000)

All South American Ozzfest dates have been cancelled. Ozzy
wants to continue work on his new solo album.

STP's Robert DeLeo Rockin' Out With Ozzy (8/4/2000)

There isn't much that Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert
DeLeo can't handle these days.

He and the rest of his bandmates have worked through singer
Scott Weiland's drug problems, while STP's
latest album, No. 4, has been resurrected. But when Ozzy Osbourne
eschewed the DeLeo-written ballads for which his management
had asked, DeLeo freaked.

"I got in a room and Ozzy said, [copping his best imitation of
the aging rocker] 'Hey man, I got enough ballads, man. I
don't need anymore ballads, man. I need some rockers, man.
What do you got man?' I said, 'Shit, I don't have anything
man. I was told you needed ballads.' [Osbourne replied] 'No
man, I got enough ballads, man. I need rockers,'" DeLeo

"I was sitting there sweating, with nothing to show him and I
had him looking over my shoulder going, 'What do you got?'"
he adds.

For the next 48 hours, DeLeo holed himself up in a studio and
wrote three songs, on which he played all the instruments.
He said he expects to finish the songs with Osbourne after
the OzzFest tour wraps up. Stone Temple Pilots -- who,
according to DeLeo, are considering a spot on this year's
Family Values Tour -- recently kicked off a tour with the Red
Hot Chili Peppers and Fishbone (allstar, Aug. 3).

VH-1 Sabbath Pop Up Video (8/4/2000)

Sabbath's "Paranoid" video is in the works for a future Pop-Up-Video
segment. It is currently scheduled to premier on Tuesday August 29
at 8pm Eastern. It's will be part of a Classic Rock-themed show,
sharing air time w/the Who, Hendrix, Cream, Steppenwolf and the
Grateful Dead.

Ozzfest Line Up Change (8/4/2000)

Boston heavies Reveille will stay on throughout the duration of
the tour. Pumpjack, who were to replace Reveille this week,
will now play four shows--Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, and San
Bernardino, Calif. Now in the middle of a five day mid-tour
break, The Ozzfest resumes full-steam ahead Friday in Chicago.

Ozzfest 2000, PNC Arts Center, NJ - My Review (7/25/2000)

Click here for my full review on the Ozzfest
concert I attended yesterday at the PNC Arts Center, in Holmdel, NJ.
It's a great story with lots of pictures!

iROCK Interactive Announces Ozzy Video Game (7/25/2000)

iROCK Interactive announces its formation and first title with music
industry icon Ozzy Osbourne.

Beverly Hills, California - Cary, North Carolina - iROCK Interactive
officially announced today the creation of the company and its first
gaming product. iROCK's first game is in collaboration with music
industry icon, Ozzy Osbourne. Ozzy's first title features a next
generation graphics engine, groundbreaking artwork, and a riveting
storyline. iROCK's extremely talented development group will be
assembling all components for Ozzy's first title.

"This is really an exciting time," said Gary F. Bird, President and
CEO of iROCK. "The game industry is clearly moving towards console
systems and other innovative delivery methods to reach consumers.
As the music industry continues pushing into the online arena,
similar parallels can be drawn. iROCK is very focused on working
with these trends."

In partnership with each recording artist iROCK plans to span the
entire platform delivery spectrum, including the high-speed online
arena. iROCK currently has multiple game titles in production for
the PC and Sony's PlayStation 2. Additionally, iROCK is developing
premier platforms and technologies for digital rights management
and Internet direct distribution.

"As with all iROCK Interactive products, the focus is on taking
different elements of the artist's career and music, and incorporating
them into a complementary fictional setting where enthralling
gameplay is truly king. Ozzy of course, provides an incredibly
rich and diverse foundation from which to work," said Robert Stevenson,
Vice President of Production at iROCK.

In addition to awesome gameplay and a host of technology features,
Ozzy's first title will offer an intense Ozzy Osbourne soundtrack
complete with dynamic music, and is slated to hit retail shelves in

iROCK Interactive is a digital content creator combining music with
games. iROCK Interactive has offices located in Beverly Hills,
California and Cary, North Carolina. For more information email or visit

New Toy! Oz In The Box (7/25/2000)

Forget that crappy, old Jack-in-the-box! You want a box that
really rocks, then brace yourself for the new Rock “N” The Box
collectibles from cutting edge toy manufacturer Aztech Toys!

Originally conceived by Digger, the head inmate at Art Asylum,
these rockin' boxes really kick ass! Pick one up, press the
button on the front and BAM! Ozzy leaps up to bite your head off!

And instead of that wussy “Pop Goes The Weasel”, you'll be
blasted by 21 seconds of head-banging, hard-rockin' music, custom
mixed for the box! Suck on that, Jack!

Each box measures 3 1/2 cubic inches with four panels of 3-D
relief artwork on all sides! And when the rocker within pops
out, the full figure (with box) stands 7 inches tall!

This will be out in October, check out
for more info.

All Access: Ozzfest (7/15/2000)

Like the tour's namesake, this hard rockin' festival
(going strong since '96), shows no signs of slowing
down. This time around, Ozzy is joined by Pantera,
Godsmack, Static-X, Incubus, Soulfly, Kittie and
many more. We'll have concert footage you won't
see anywhere else and lots of pictures from the
tour. We'll also be webcasting an exclusive
full-length live set from P.O.D.

All Access: Ozzfest - Premieres 7/18 at 4:30 p.m. (ET)

Ozzfest Date Cancelled! (7/14/2000)

The September 3 Ozzfest date scheduled for the Verizon
Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine, Calif. has been taken
off the tour itinerary. The Irvine show was originally
put on sale to take pressure off the San Bernardino
date. For those who attended last year the Blockbuster
Pavilion had 47,000 fans pass through the gates and both
venue and tour management felt it would be prudent to
not push the limits of crowd control. Hence, we were
going to limit the Blockbuster show attendence and do
Irvine as a second date. That said, we have since come
up with a security plan to handle the expected crowd,
and furthermore, public feedback is such that everyone
wants to be at the Blockbuster show. Ticket refunds
for the Irvine show can be obtained at the point of purchase.

Don't buy "BAT'S HEAD" Tribute Album (7/14/2000)

IT!', OZZY SAYS! An Ozzy tribute album under the name
'Bat's Head Soup' is being sold and marketed as Ozzy
approved and with the Madman's blessing. Quite the
contrary, Ozzy feels this album is an embarassment and
an insult. "Don't buy it! I don't know half the fucking
musicians on it!" The album is also being marketed as
featuring members of Black Sabbath (e.g. Eric Singer,
drummer 1985-1986).

BILL WARD Lays Ozzy Tracks To Rest! (7/14/2000)

According to his website, BLACK SABBATH's Bill Ward is
currently putting the finishing touches on his Beyond
Ashton CD. Ward hopes to have the album out by mid-August.
He also shed some light on the reissue of his 1990 solo
album, Ward One: Along The Way. It's been reported that
the two songs OZZY OSBOURNE sings, 'Bombers (Can Open
Bomb Bays)' and 'Jack's World', would be left off the
reissue at Ozzy's request. In a note to his Web master
Joe Siegler, Ward said, "I decided to not use the Ozzy
tracks for my own personal reasons after asking over a
period of several years to use them. I finally resolved
myself with Oz, and as far as I'm concerned, the moments
of friendship and love are now capsulized by me not using
the tracks. The Ozzy tracks won't be on Along The Way out
of my respect to Ozzy, myself and the spirit in which these
songs were made. I regret very much not being able to use
the tracks, even though at the very end permission to use
the tracks was given - but by that time I'd already made
my decision and peace with Oz regarding the tracks." However,
the door was left open for Ozzy to "use them at some point".
Ward plans to write new songs with new musicians to replace
the original tunes on the reissue.

Diary Of The Wizard (7/13/2000)

As he promised during rehearsals Ozzy has delved deep into his
catalogue and spiced his show with seldom or never-before-played
classics. In Charlotte, N.C. the band unexpectedly broke into
the sweeping epic 'Diary of a Madman' (heretofore never played
live), an archetypical Ozzy song if there ever was one. With
the stalagmite brimstone, Hell-Goth staging behind him and
harmonica in hand, Ozzy also dusted the cobwebs off 'The Wizard'
from Black Sabbath's debut album, leaving all in attendance
flabbergasted at their good fortune. ('The Wizard' is the only
song on which Ozz plays harmonica.) The set list for Charlotte
also included 'Believer', 'I Don't Know', 'Suicide Solution',
'No More Tears', 'Bark at the Moon', 'Crazy Train', 'Mr. Crowley',
and several others.

Crazy Town Off Of Ozzfest (7/13/2000)

Crazy Town has left the tour. Having missed the last two shows
with their singer in jail the band's manager has removed the
band from the tour. No further information is known.

New Ozzy Figure (7/7/2000)

This new Bark At The Moon figure is being released
in September. It's kind of like that one that was released
last year with the big head and little body.

Ozzfest Radio Special To Be Aired (7/7/2000)

Tune in to 90 minutes of music and interviews with Ozzy &
Sharon Osbourne, Pantera, Static-X, Godsmack, Kittie,
Disturbed, Apartment 26, Slaves on Dope, Incubus, P.O.D.,
and Methods of Mayhem.

I got this info off of They give no air date or
time so I have no clue when this will be broadcasted. They also
give stations in your area that will be running it. If
someone out there could tape this for me I'd appreciate it.
It's not running anywhere near me.

Ozzfest In Atlanta, A Short, But To The Point Review (7/5/2000)

By Brent Huss

Film : 9:30
ON @ 9:35

1. I Don't Know
2. Beleiver
3. War Pigs
4. Flying High Again
5. Revelation(Mother Earth)
6. No More Tears
7. I Don't Want to Change the World
8. Suicide Solution
9. Bark at the Moon
10. N.I.B.
11. Mr. Crowley
12. Paranoid


13. Mama I'm Coming Home
14. Crazy Train

OFF @ 11:00

Notes : My 31st Ozzy show. Ann and I walked unchecked through security 10
minutes before Ozzy came on, and sat on the 5th row. Nobody ever came to
the seats. Stage setting was his most elaborate, but don't be suprised
if by the end of the tour Ozzy is bald as the heat from the flashpots
and related "Hell" setting was unbeleivably hot.
Same old songs he always plays. NO Bloodbath..., NO Over the Mountain, and
NO The Wizard as was specifically mentioned in Rolling Stone. He did not
seem to look at the teleprompter as much as he has the last two tours.

He called Sharon out to the stage at the beginning of the encore, thanked
her for 18 great years and wished her a happy anniversary. He sang the
entirety of Mama while hugging and kissing her. I had never seen Sharon on
stage before, she looked really good. She looks to have lost a good bit of
weight since her appearance on Howard Stern (vs Insane Clown Posse).
They both had tans.


Check out each day to get your daily dose of Ozzfest On
The Road. Our trusty road webmaster will show you the thrills and spills
happening backstage, in the mosh pit and Never Never Land. Listen to
messages from bands and fans as they tell you what's up at each show.

Coming up -- chat with Godsmack live July 6th at 4pm ET/ 1pm PT!
All summer long, chat with the hellraising bands of Ozzfest. Get answers to
all your burning questions. Cozy up to your favorites, and get ready to
enter the fray because we've got a lot in store for you.

This Thursday, July 6th, watch Ozzy getting ready for Ozzfest. We'll be
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twelve tracks, most from Ozzfest alumni, these acts have taken on the
historical canon of the unstoppable Black Sabbath, and recast their
timeless songs into cutting-edge 21st century renditions. System of a Down,
Primus with Ozzy, Slayer, Static-X, Machine Head, Pantera, Soulfly, (hed)pe,
Monster Magnet, Godsmack, Megadeth, and yes, Mr. Busta Rhymes have captured
on tape the foreboding, intoxicating heavy rock Sabbath birthed in the
back-alleys of Birmingham and introduced to the world thirty years ago.
Remember: The Sabbath Tribute CD available here has been autographed by
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Ozzfest Celebrates Life On Top At Tour Launch (7/3/2000)

Three years ago, Ozzfest's entry into the
then-overpopulated festival tour landscape was met
with snickers and forecasts of failure.

But, as Phil Anselmo barked during Pantera's
co-headlining set at Ozzfest 2000's kick-off on
Sunday, "Yesterday don't mean sh**."

With Lollapalooza, Lilith Fair, and H.O.R.D.E. in
drydock, Ozzy Osbourne and his metal-minded
cohorts seemed to be heartily enjoying the last laugh
when the now reigning summer festival champ
unveiled this year's edition in West Palm Beach,

"Metal never dies," Static-X frontman Wayne Static
told MTV News of the tour's staying power.
"Sometimes it's not on the radio and sometimes it's
not at the forefront, but heavy rock or metal or
whatever the hell you want to call it has always been
around and will always be around. Metal fans are the
most hardcore, loyal fans. There's always going to be
an audience for this kind of event."

Bolstering that point, a sell out
crowd of some 19,000 braved
searing sun, stifling humidity and
a brief but very heavy downpour
at West Palm's Mars Music
Amphitheater for the first date of
the annual metal trek, which this
year offers Ozzy, Pantera,
Godsmack, Incubus, Static-X,
P.O.D., Soulfly, and 12 others.
What those fans found were a
collection of heavy music's finest celebrating their
success on the main stage, and a new breed of
up-and-comers optimistic about turning their second
stage spots into career-making gigs.

"This is a great opportunity for us to play in front of a
sold-out big packed house with a lot of great new
bands," Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul said of why
his band decided to book its first U.S. dates in
support of its recently released "Reinventing The
Steel" as part of Ozzfest 2000. "Obviously we've got
a new album out, and it would be an easy choice for
us to go headline, but having been part of Ozzfest in
the past, we know how much fun it is, and there was
no way we were going to pass this up.

"It's the easiest tour in the world, and the funnest
tour in the world," added Paul, whose band has
logged countless gigs with Ozzy. "We call it the golf
tour because every day off I get to play golf or I get to
go fishing."

Of course, Pantera was all
business during its opening night
set, coming across like men on a
mission in serving up the
bare-knuckled, straight-up metal
found on "Reinventing The Steel" to
a U.S. audience for the first time.

"God damn it feels good to be
playing Florida right now," frontman
Phil Anselmo declared as the sheer
force of new tracks like "Hellbound,"
"Goddamn Electric," and "Revolution Is My Name"
seemed to beat the rain away.

Such was the sentiment for much of the day on the
main stage as the Ozzfest 2000 crop settled in for a
two-month party. "I'm so happy to be here playing to
you lovely Floridians instead of sitting in some f***ing
jail somewhere," Tommy Lee declared during
Methods Of Mayhem's set.

Of course, no one seemed to get a bigger charge out
of Ozzfest 2000's coming out party than Ozzy
himself, who lurched, hopped, and swayed his way
through an hour and a half of material, smiling like a
Cheshire cat the entire time. Ozzy slammed together
plenty of Black Sabbath nuggets ("N.I.B.," "War
Pigs, "Paranoid"), solo hits ("Crazy Train," "Suicide
Solution," "Flying High Again"), and the latest in
water gun technology for a set that was part heavy
metal karaoke, part water park attraction.

"It's always to cool to see Ozzy,"
Soulfly frontman Max Cavalera
noted. "I don't know what it is, but
the man is the bomb."

While Ozzy and other big metal
names consistently bring fans to
the gate, Ozzfest has become just
as well known as a launching pad
for new talent. The tour has helped
bands like System Of A Down,
Static-X, and Slipknot find gold and platinum sales
success, a fact not lost on the fresh faces playing
this year's second stage.

"It's gained a reputation of having awesome bands on
the main stage, and the second stage where you can
see up and coming acts so I think that there's a nice
balance," Kittie singer Morgan Lander said. "There's
been some bands that have broken straight out of
Ozzfest, like Slipknot for instance. They came right
out of the gate and now look where they are. It's
definitely kind of a breaking point. If you do Ozzfest,
you're destined to do at least somewhat well in the

The band seemed to follow through
on that with its first day
performance, using its prime 5 p.m.
slot to whip the thousands of fans
congregated at the second stage
into a churning pit, and no doubt
converting some new fans as well.

"I think that Ozzfest, as much as it
is a big concert, it's a showcase for
up-and-coming bands," said Wayne
Static, who credits Ozzfest with helping his band
break through to the masses. "I think people come to
see Pantera and they accidentally wind up seeing
Deadlights or Slaves On Dope or whatever because
the side stage is out there with all the booths and the
food and you can't help but accidentally see some
bands. Metal fans like anything as long as it's hard
and it rocks and it crunches, so if you're good and
you're there, you're down, man."

"You still have to deliver," Slaves On Dope frontman
Jason Rockman said. "As great of a slot as it is and
as much of a push as we're getting, being the first
band on Ozzy's label, it doesn't mean that we're
going to have an easy ride of it because with these
kids, if you suck, you suck. It doesn't matter who the
hell backs you."

TapRoot, who have made the trek
from Ann Arbor, Michigan to
Ozzfest's second stage, are also
well aware that opportunity and
execution are two different things.
"It's a huge opportunity for us, and
we know that, so every day you go
out whether you're sick and tired
and want to go to bed or you want
to throw up or what have you,
you've got to dominate out there,"

TapRoot guitarist Mike DeWolf said. "You've got to
fight for it and take all these kids way with you
feeling what you feel. That's the opportunity that's
there for us, we just have to take it."

The band held true to that ethic on day one, fighting
mid-afternoon high temperatures that almost wilted a
couple of band members to deliver a set that saw
several in the crowd already singing along and
hundreds of others grinding along for the ride.

So as the summer rolls on, Kittie, TapRoot, Slaves
On Dope, and the rest of the second stage back will
rub elbows with Ozzy, Pantera, and other members
of metal royalty and will continue to look for their big
break in the least likely of places... a tour that many
said wouldn't make it past 1997.

(MTV News is also working on a half-hour Ozzfest
special that will air on Tuesday, July 18 at 4:30 p.m.,
and we are looking for your input. Tell us what you
want to see in our online "Total Request Ozzfest"
poll.) -- Robert Mancini

Ozzy Speaks About Sabbath's Future (7/3/2000)

OZZY OSBOURNE gave his opinion on BLACK SABBATH in the
post-Ozzy years recently to "There were just
too many singers going in and out of the band. It was
like a fucking choir. How can you take that seriously?"
Ozzy also took time out to hint that he might yet work
with Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward on a new
Sabbath album. "If we could capture the vibe of the early
days, then it would be worth trying. The problem we had
when we recorded those two new studio tracks for the
`Reunion' (live) album (namely, `Pyschoman' and `Selling
My Soul') was that technology got in the way".

Ozzfest in CA Being Filmed! (7/3/2000)

The OzzFest stop in San Bernardino, California will be
filmed by for a Webcast later in the fall. The
site will also offer downloads of performances by all
22 participating bands. One of those bands, PANTERA,
has announced plans to headline a South American tour
in September and an U.S. run in November-December.

Ozzy Asks Deleo For Song Writing Help (7/3/2000)

Both Aerosmith and OZZY OSBOURNE have asked
STONE TEMPLE PILOTS bassist Robert DeLeo to help
them write songs.

New Ozzy Album Update (7/3/2000)

The working title for Ozzy's new album is "Back To The Edge".
6 songs have been written. One of them is named "The Junkie" and
another one is named "Dreamer".

Phil Soussan Jumps Aboard The Sue Ozzy Train (6/26/2000)

According to Jam! Music, former OZZY OSBOURNE bassist Phil Soussan
is suing for back royalties for his work on The Ultimate Sin album.
He has joined a $20 million lawsuit brought against Osbourne in
January by other Ultimate Sin contributors bassist Bob Daisley and
drummer Lee Kerslake. Soussan penned the hit single 'Shot in the Dark'

Sharon Osbourne Pulls The Plug On Bizkit (6/26/2000)

Howard Stern announced this morning on his radio show that it was
Sharon Osbourne who pulled the plug on Limp Bizkit's set at the
Disfunctional Family Picnic concert last Friday in Holmdel, NJ.
Frontman Fred Durst was giving everyone trouble about going on
later in the day instead of his allotted time slot. This in turn
pissed off Ozzy (especially his wife Sharon), Stone Temple Pilots,
and Creed, and all threatened to walk off if Fred got his way.
After 90 minutes of fighting, all was worked out but Sharon
wanted revenge. Onstage, while Fred Durst was in between songs,
talking to the crowd, Sharon Osbourne cut the power off! Go Sharon!
She's a real pisser.

Ozzy in Rolling Stone Mag (6/24/2000)

Check out the article on Ozzy in the new issue of Rolling
Stone. There is an article in there entitle "Ozzy. The
Prince of Darkness Would Like a Litte Peace."
There is also a cool interview on the rolling stone
website..... Click Here!

Ozzy @ PNC Arts 6/23/00 - My Review (6/24/2000)

I saw Ozzy play last night at K-rocks DFP show at The PNC Arts
Center in New Jersey. Ozzy sounded pretty good. His voice was
a little cracky, but overall he put on a great show. I was
disapointed with the setlist. Same stuff he's been singing for
the past 5 years:

I Don't Know
War Pigs
Flying High Again
Mr. Crowley
No More Tears
I Don't Want To Change the World
Crazy Train

Need to get some old fav's in there Ozz! Ozzy's new opening movie
is completley hillarious. (Read more below!) Ozzy did alot of leap
frogs and jumping jacks. He looked in top form. He must have been
pissed at some dude in the front row because he slammed this guy
with 2 buckets of water. Pretty funny....the guy was soaked. Another
highlight was some moron getting up on stage and falling on his ass
in Ozzy's puddles. Ozzy ended the show with a ton of fireworks on
the stage. Alot brighter and louder than those used on the
Sabbath tour. Very cool. And speaking of Sabbath, the shirts that
were printed up for DFP say "with special guests...Black Sabbath" so
I am assuming they were supposed to play but decided not to after
last weeks fiasco in LA.

If anyone video taped, or audio taped this concert off of 92.3's
broadcast I am interested in a copy. Please contact me!

Ozzy's New Opening Movie (6/24/2000)

Ozzy's new opening movie is hillarious. I don't want to ruin it for
all of you guys so I won't give full details, but expect to see
Ozzy in scenes from Gladiator, American Pie (hey dad!), Austin
Powers, Sixth Sense (I see dead people, all the time!), Who wants to
be a millionaire?, Budweisers whasssssssssup? commercial (hilarious!),
and music videos with N'Sync and Britney Spears. Ozzy really out-did
himself this time. I was dying!

Durst, Davis, Ozzy Lend Faces & Voices To "Strait Up" (6/22/2000)

Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst, Korn's Jonathan Davis,
Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath, and a host of hard
rock's finest will gather in Los Angeles next week
for a photo shoot capturing the many artists
lending their talents to "Strait Up," an upcoming
tribute album to late Snot frontman Lynn Strait.

Press representatives for the project say that
Durst, Davis, and McGrath will join System Of A
Down's Serj Tankian, Soulfly's Max Cavalera,
Coal Chamber's Dez Fafara, Incubus' Brandon
Boyd, (hed) pe's M.C.U.D., and RKL's Jason
Sears at a Los Angeles photography studio next
week for a session designed to capture all the
artists on "Strait Up." Sevendust singer Lajon
Witherspoon will appear on the album but will not
be able to make the shoot, and organizers are
still trying to confirm whether or not Slipknot's
Corey Taylor (another "Strait Up" contributor) will
be able to make the event.

Ozzy Osbourne and former Ugly Kid Joe frontman
Whitfield Crane also turn in cameo appearances
on "Strait Up" but will not be part of the photo
shoot, as the session will capture artists who
provided both vocals and lyrics to the album.

As we previously reported, the tribute features a
rotating cast of frontmen lending their vocals and
lyrics to music that was written for the
sophomore album that Snot never got the chance
to record.

After releasing a major label debut on Geffen
Records in 1997 and touring with the 1998 edition
of Ozzfest, Strait was killed in a six-car accident
while driving from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles
December 12, 1998. Strait's former bandmates
John "Tumor" Fahnestock and Mikey Doling, who
had already written music for a second Snot
album, decided to recruit Strait's friends and
colleagues to help finish the project as a tribute
to the late singer.

The project was ambitious (and emotional for all
involved), but Fahnestock and Doling managed to
pull it off. "So far, everything has fallen into place
exactly the way we hoped it would," Fahnestock
told MTV News earlier this year while working in
the studio on "Strait Up."

The album will hit stores on November 7, and
next week's photo session is expected to
produce shots for the album art and publicity

When the album arrives in November, here's what
you'll find (the sequence of the tracks has yet to
be determined):

Ozzy Osbourne - interlude
Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath featuring
Whitfield Crane - "Reaching Out"
Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst - "Forever"
Korn's Jonathan Davis - "Take It Back"
Soulfly's Max Cavalera - "Catch A Spirit"
System Of A Down's Serj Tankian - "Starlit Eyes"
Sevendust's Lajon Witherspoon - "Angel's Son"
Coal Chamber's Dez Fafara - "Funeral Flights"
(hed) pe's M.C.U.D. - "I Know Where You're At"
RKL's Jason Sears - "Until Next Time"
Incubus' Brandon Boyd - "Divided"
Slipknot's Corey Taylor - "Requiem"

Sabbath Stage Snafu at L.A. Weenie Roast 'Devastating' (6/20/2000)

This past Saturday, a surprise one-off performance by Black Sabbath
at the 'Weenie Roast', an annual summer radio festival produced by
KROQ-FM in Los Angeles, was marred by technical difficulties.
Ozzy first played three songs with his band ('I Don't Know',
'Bark at the Moon', and 'Crazy Train') before the lights went
down and he stood center-stage to introduce his legendary bandmates.
As the air-raid siren was blaring, the rotating stage turned and
Iommi, Butler, and Ward appeared. It was during the stage rotation
that the backline, or cabinets of speakers on stage, wiring was
mangled. The stage dysfunction forced a blunderingly long delay,
the elimination of 'War Pigs' from the set, and caused tremendous
grief on part of the band. They felt humiliated and are still
devastated at the fact that such a snafu occured. But, being a
festival and not a Black Sabbath production, the situation was
out of their control. Held at a Edison Field in Anaheim, Calif.
50,000 fans turned out for performances by a range of rock acts
over the course of ten hours.

Ozzy Will Play Old Favorites At Ozzfest 2000 (6/20/2000)

On the recent rockline interview, Ozzy said he plans to play
Over The Mountain, Bloodbath In Paradise (his son Jack's favorite),
and the Wizard.

Ozzy & Sabbath To Play KROQ Weenie Roast (6/16/2000)

That's right! If you're one of the lucky ticket holders for this
Years KROQ Weenie Roast in Anaheim, CA you're in for a
special surprise! Ozzy and his new band AND Ozzy w/Black
Sabbath are now both scheduled play surprise sets (Sat.

Could this be a warm up for Ozzfest? Could Ozzy be planning a
surprise Black Sabbath show at this years Ozzfest? Just Imagine!

Ozzy Will Pay Tribute To Thin Lizzy (6/5/2000)

Watch for a forthcoming tribute to THIN LIZZY called "Killers
On The Loose Again" featuring 13 tracks covered by

New Ozzy Collectable Due Out In September (6/5/2000)

This cool lunchbox will be released in September.

Ozzy Records Voice Overs For New Movie, Rehearses Old Classics For Ozzfest, Films New Intro, Interview on June 12th (5/30/2000)

Ozzy has been ensconced in a San Fernando Valley rehearsal
studio with his band for the last two weeks, ironing out
the rough edges and getting the groove down. Ozzy has
promised to play some songs which haven't been heard in
years, if ever. A recent Rolling Stone blurb about Ozzfest
mentioned Ozzy entertaining the idea of playing the
Sabbath classic 'The Wizard', which is the only song
'where I play the fucking harmonica.'

Also on his plate in the coming month: photo shoots for
seven magazine covers, one session with renowned
photographer Nitin Vadukul. Next week, Ozzy will record
voice-overs for the upcoming animated theatrical release
'Moulin Rouge', also starring the voices of Nicole Kidman
and Ewan MacGregor. Can't wait to see how this turns out!
Ozzy will also record a new edition of his infamous intro
films the week of June 4. The only place to see this is
at The Ozzfest!! The popular radio interview program
'Rockline' welcomes Ozzy to their studios June 12. He'll
take your calls and spin the latest from this year's
Ozzfest cavalcade of stars. Check your local rock
stations to find out programming hours.

Ozzy & Iommi Team Up For Hip Hop Tribute Album (5/20/2000)

System Of A Down, Static-X, Sugar Ray,
Everlast, Sevendust, and Black Sabbath
cornerstones Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi
are among the hard rock heavyweights saluting
hip-hop on an upcoming tribute album.

Static-X will be hooking up with Dead Prez in a
Los Angeles studio next week to record a cover
of the Dead Prez track "Hip-Hop" for the
genre-bending salute to rap label Loud Records.

Other cuts for the album will find Ozzy and Iommi
teaming with the Wu-Tang Clan on "For Heavens
Sake," Sevendust joining Xzibit for "What You
See Is What You Get," Everlast cutting a track
with Mobb Deep, Sugar Ray recording with Tha
Alkaholiks, and System Of A Down meeting
Wu-Tang maestro Rza to cover "Shame on a

The ambitious project is tentatively due to hit
stores this fall.

Ozzy Will Perform At K-Rocks DFP (5/19/2000)

With a headlining slot on Ozzfest lying in wait this
summer, heavy metal forefather Ozzy Osbourne
will warm up with a couple of one-off performances,
including a stop by the KROCK Dysfunctional
Family Picnic in New York.

Ozzy will turn up outside of New York
(deep in the heart of New Jersey, to be
specific) on June 23 as the special guest at
the annual Dysfunctional Family
Picnic staged by New York rock
radio staple KROCK. There, Ozzy
will join a bill that already includes
Limp Bizkit, Stone Temple Pilots,
Godsmack, Creed, the Deftones, and Sevendust
and he will offer up a full set.

Tickets for the show (slated for Holmdel, New
Jersey's PNC Bank Arts Center) are $35 and $45,
and go on sale on Friday.

Ozzy To Perform With Primus In L.A. (5/14/2000)

OZZY OSBOURNE Greets The New Millenium In SABBATH Style!
The first OZZY OSBOURNE performance of the new millenium
will take place next Saturday, May 20 at the Roxy on the
Sunset Strip as part of LA2K, a weekend-long radio
convention in Hollywood. This industry-only show is
NOT open to public, unfortunately. Ozzy will join PRIMUS
at the Divine Recordings showcase to render 'N.I.B.', the
first single from Nativity In Black II: A Tribute To BLACK
SABBATH (out June 6). The monster bill also features SLAYER
and HED(pe), who will include their respective Sabbath
covers in their set. L.A.-based SLAVES ON DOPE, the first
signing to Ozzy's Divine label, and GODHEAD open the night.
Upcoming releases on Divine Recordings include the long-awaited
Tony Iommi solo album, Slaves on Dope's debut, and the
soundtrack to the Penelope Spheeris-directed Ozzfest documentary.

Ozzy's New Drummer (5/10/2000)

OZZY's new drummer is Brian Tichy (foremerly of Pride & Glory).
He will be replacing Roy Mayorga who joined the band just
over a month ago.

Ozzfest Cancelled In Raleigh, N.C. (5/10/2000)

Due to circumstances beyond the control of The Ozzfest
management the show scheduled for Raleigh, N.C. July 6
has been cancelled. Read the announcement below from
management of Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek for details.
The show has been moved to the Amsouth Pavilion in
Nashville, Tenn. July 6. Tickets go on sale 5/27 at 10 a.m.

Raleigh, NC-The OzzFest 2000 date originally scheduled to
play ALLTEL Pavilion in Raleigh, Thursday July 6th has
been canceled. The reason is attributed to necessary repairs
to the pavilion roof from damage sustained in two separate
storms last Fall. According to terms of the original
construction warranty, repairs are made at the sole
scheduling discretion of the contractor. In this case, the
repair work has been scheduled for July 5 and July 6 and
directly conflicts with the previously planned OzzFest date.

The Saturday July 8, 2000 date at Charlotte's Blockbuster
Pavilion will go on as scheduled and good seats are still
available. Fans holding tickets to the Raleigh show are
encouraged to exchange them for seats to the Charlotte's

All exchanges and refunds will be handled at the original
point of purchase. For further information, please call
ALLTEL Pavilion at Walnut Creek at 919-831-6400 or
Ticketmaster at 919-834-4000.

N.I.B. II Info (5/7/2000)

Here it is, to be Released on June 6:


1. Godsmack- Sweet Leaf
2. Machine Head- Hole in the Sky
3. Static X- Behind the Wall of Sleep
4. Megadeth- Never Say Die
5. System of a Down- Snowblind
6. Pantera- Electric Funeral
7. Primus w/ Ozzy- N.I.B.
8. Slayer- Hand of Doom
9. Soulfly- Under the Sun
10. Hed(pe)- Sabbra Cadabra
11. Monster Magnet- Into the Void
12. Busta Rhymes- Iron Man (This Means War)

OZZY OSBOURNE's House Up For Sale (5/7/2000)

Have a spare $4.2 million? If so, you can buy OZZY OSBOURNE's
six bedroom, nine bath Beverly Hills mansion. The 8100 square
foot Mediterranean-style home is gated but not secluded enough
for Ozzy, who's moving to more secluded digs.

Ozzy Aims To Top Ozzmosis With Diverse LP (4/26/2000)

Ozzy Osbourne's last release, 1995's Ozzmosis, was
"a lazy record," the heavy-metal godfather admits, so he's aiming
to top it with a diverse new album that will combine epic
songwriting with his signature hard rock and power ballads.

The as-yet-untitled album still is in its early stages, Osbourne
said, but he hopes to give fans a taste of some new songs during
his headlining performances on this year's Ozzfest tour, which
begins July 2 in Palm Beach, Fla.

"I've got a bunch of ideas, and I've got a couple of semi-finished
songs done & about four or five," Osbourne said last month,
relaxing on a couch in his Manhattan hotel suite. "We've been
writing tons of riffs."

Osbourne and his band are expected to begin recording the album
shortly after Ozzfest ends in early September, said Eddie
Williamson, a spokesperson for the singer's management company.
The album likely will be released this winter, he said.

Osbourne said he and his touring band guitarist Joe
Holmes, bassist Robert Trujillo and new drummer Roy Mayorga
had just finished a demo for a new song earmarked for the album,
an uptempo rocker called "The Junkie."

The 51-year-old rocker, with hair almost supernaturally full and
dark and face remarkably unlined, was genial and earnest as he
discussed his plans for the album. Despite his dark image and
his much-discussed penchant for chomping on live animals,
Osbourne was hardly a foreboding presence. He wore black leather
but eschewed his usual John Lennon style sunglasses.

"I hope to rock," he said. "I always like to do an album with
a rocker, a ballad, an epic track & a good start-to-finish album.
I like to have variety. I like it to be a journey."

Osbourne puffed on a cigarette as he expressed dissatisfaction
with Ozzmosis, which included the single "See You on the Other
Side." "It was a pretty good album, but it lacked a little bit
of emotion & it seemed to be a lazy record," he said.

Williamson said he was impressed with the demos he'd heard of
Osbourne's new material. "It sounds great. It really is full
of energy. Ozzy hasn't recorded a record in five years, so it
sounds really fresh. He has great melodies bouncing around in
his head just waiting to get out."

Brian Hiatt - SN

Exclusive Interview With Ozzy & Son Jack (4/19/2000)

OZZY and Jack talk of OZZFEST and the 'going's on' that surround this
festival beast OZZY has wrought!

From family life on the road to the possibility that this summer's outing
may be the last for the Oz-man as the festival headliner. Check it out!
Real video clips to accompany this in- depth interview with the Madman and
his son!

Update On Ozzy's New Album (4/19/2000)

Ozzy's new album is tentatively entitled "INFERNO". In a recent
interview with Zakk Wylde, he said "Ozzy asked me to write his
next disc which I can promise you will make Ozzmosis look like
a BackStreet Boys cd."

Ozzfest Staging Plot (4/19/2000)

Today, Ozzy had a meeting with his set designer for this
year's staging, which he has promised to be the most
elaborate and enormous of his career. Judging from the
preliminary sketches, the only thing to say is: fucking
incredible! Drawings of both the main and second
stages will appear very soon here at Hell
on Earth is here!

Ozzy Intro Film 2000 In Production (4/19/2000)

It's been a couple of years, but he who laughs last
laughs best, as the adage goes. The infamous Ozzy
intro films, which precede his appearance on-stage at
every Ozzy show, are last! Hysterical seizures,
pants-pissing and stomach cramping are not the
responsibility of the Ozzfest, dear fan! Ozzy's been in
production for the last two days on a Hollywood sound
stage shooting the third installment of the take-the-piss
spoof films. Previews will be leaked to in a
few weeks. Wear your Depends.

Ozzy In Another Movie? (4/8/2000)

Carr's ex-girlfriend Carrie Stevens stars in the upcoming Twists &
Turns, and she's joined the cast of Metal God, the flick that's
still to be retitled. Stevens will play the wife of
ZAKK WYLDE's character, and Rachel Hunter will play the wife of
BLAS ELIAS' character. OZZY OSBOURNE has also supposedly been added
to the cast.

Ozzfest Tickets - On Sale Dates (4/8/2000)

7/29/2000 BOSTON, MA TWEETER CENTER 4/22 @ 10AM
7/30/2000 BOSTON, MA TWEETER CENTER 4/22 @ 10AM
8/6/2000 MILWAUKEE, WI (East Troy, WI) ALPINE VALLEY 4/15 @ NOON
8/8/2000 CINCINNATTI, OH RIVERBEND 4/29 @ 10
8/10/2000 INDIANAPOLIS, IN DEER CREEK 4/15 @ 10
8/14/2000 ST. LOUIS RIVERPORT 4/8 @ NOON
8/18/2000 DALLAS, TX STARPLEX 4/8 @ 10AM
8/24/2000 SEATTLE, WA (George, WA) THE GORGE 4/29 @ 9AM

Reveille added to Ozzfest (4/8/2000)

Elektra recording artist Reveille have been added to the second stage
for the first half of the tour, sharing the spot with Pumpjack who will
now pick up starting in Chicago (August 4).

Ozzfest Movie Trailer (4/8/2000)

WATCH THE OZZFEST MOVIE TRAILER! The Ozzfest is coming to a silver
screen near you! The long-awaited, Penelope Spheeris-directed full
length feature is in the final editing stages and is scheduled
for an Autumn release (along with a concurrent soundtrack album
on Divine Recordings). Click the link below for a three-minute
trailer of the goods; a riveting showcase of freaks, laughs, and
total insanity.

Highlights From Recent Ozzy Online Chat (4/8/2000)

Q: Will the Ozzfest movie be coming to video for those
who can't see it when it comes around?

O: Yes, actually it will come out on dvd first with extra
footage, also, a soundtrack in the Fall. It's just being
edited now and that part is almost complete

Q: I heard that this is the last ozzfest you'll be
performing at, and you and Sharon are just going to
focus on working on the tour and on Divine Recordings.
Say it's juat a Rumor?

O: Not the last, i'm not just going to focus on the label.

Q: Ozzy, will you have a new opening video for the Ozzfest
2000? I love those.

O: Oh yeah, I will be filming it next month. Send in your

Q: I had heard that were 2 more demo songs from Ozzmosis,
that are named Tears For You, and Where Rain Falls. Are
these 2 songs ever going to be released?

O: Not true

Official Ozzfest 2000 Line Up (3/26/2000)

Ozzy Osbourne (Headliner)
Methods Of Mayhem
Queens Of the Stone Age

Second Stage

Ministry (Headliner)
Primer 55
Crazy Town
The Deadlights
Slaves On Dope

Click here for dates!

Divine/Priority get set for first releases (3/26/2000)

Among the first releases expected in May for Sharon Osbourne's
Divine/Priority label is Nativity in Black 2, a Black Sabbath
tribute record featuring Pantera, Megadeth, System of a Down,
Static X featuring a version of NIB featuring Ozzy Osbourne with
Primus. Other confirmed releases include the soundtrack for the
OZZfest movie and Tony Iommi's solo release.

Up & Coming Ozzy Appearances (3/26/2000)

Ozzy will be on MTV's TRL live on or about March 28!

Ozzy will be on The Howard Stern Radio Show the week of March 28th.

Ozzy Examined For Parkinson's Disease (3/26/2000)

Unconfirmed reports from England say Ozzy Osbourne is being examined
for Parkinson's Disease. Parkinson's disease is a progressive disorder
of the central nervous system. Whether the truth of this story comes
to light or is proven untrue, Ozzfest will go on either way.

Official Ozzfest News! (3/15/2000)

Staff Writer Brian Hiatt from Sonicnews reports:

Heavy-rock bands Pantera, Static-X and Godsmack and industrial
pioneers Ministry are scheduled to be among the main acts on
this year's Ozzfest tour, according to Pantera drummer Vinnie
Paul and representatives of other bands.

The tour, also slated to include spiritual hard-rockers P.O.D.
and Ozzfest founder Ozzy Osbourne, will begin on July 1.

It's the funnest tour in rock 'n' roll," the drummer said on
Tuesday (March 14). "You get to hang out with all the bands,
you get to make a lot of friends, you get to meet a lot of
the new bands that are out there."

Ministry have wanted to play Ozzfest for years,
according to Kristen Mulderig, the band's
co-manager, who called Ozzfest "the greatest
summer tour ever." She said it will give the band,
which released Dark Side of the Spoon in 1999, the
opportunity to reach new fans.

Static-X, whose recent singles include "Push It"
are excited about touring with Ozzfest for the second
time, according to band spokesperson Monica Seide.
"They did Ozzfest on the second stage last year
now they'll be on the first stage," she said.

An Ozzfest spokesperson, who asked not to be
named, declined to comment on the lineup. "It isn't
100 percent confirmed. We will be announcing the lineup soon," the
spokesperson said.

Godsmack, who also played last year's Ozzfest, had a breakthrough
hit last year with "Whatever" (RealAudio excerpt).

Ozzfest '99 featured what were billed as some of the last performances
by Osbourne's pioneering metal band, Black Sabbath. The outing also
included rock trio Primus, industrial act Rob Zombie, hard-rockers the
Deftones, and heavy-metal bands Slayer and System of a Down.

Paul said the tour helped create solidarity among hard-rock and metal
bands and their fans. "You feel like you're part of the big hard-rock
scene," he said. "It's a really good thing for the fans it's a cool
event. I can't think of anything else that's quite like it at this point."

For Pantera, the Ozzfest outing will precede a headlining U.S. tour,
which will begin in September, Paul said. The band is getting radio
play for the track "Revolution Is My Name," from its album Reinventing
the Steel, due March 21.

Ozzfest began in 1996 as what Osbourne called an experiment. "The
concept came from being fed up with doing an album, touring, doing an
album, touring," he said in 1998. "A lot of these young bands don't
have outlets to play. So I said, 'F--- it, I'll do my own thing.' "

What's Up With Ozzy? (3/14/2000)

In a recent interview with Ozzy, he claimed that he is trying
to stop smoking, which is making him go mad. About the new studio
album, Ozzy states that they have been trying a couple of new things
in studio, but nothing of that compared to their old material and
so they dropped everything. At the moment, Ozzy is preparing the
next Ozzfest and besides that, he is taking acting lessons in
order to take a role in the next "Addams Family" film. He does
not exclude that Black Sabbath will reunite again in one
or two years.

New Mexico High School Teacher Speaks Out About Ozzy Controversy (3/14/2000)

Recently, KNAC.COM reported on New Mexico's Belen High
School's school board refusing to accept Ozzy's
"Goodbye To Love" as the class song (see the original
article). Now, school teacher Jeff Kerby weighs in
with an update. Read on!

"Tomorrow night the Belen School board will be
deciding whether or not to accept a gift of 210
autographed C.D.'s signed by none other than Ozzy
Osbourne himself. These discs are to be distributed to
the Belen senior class as a graduation gift from the
singer. Controversy is nothing new to this Class of
2000, which previously had their decision to name
Ozzy's "Goodbye to Romance" as their class song
challenged by board member Bob White in January.
Ultimately, despite the furor, the board eventually
voted to allow the song to appear on the senior
graduation announcements.

Now, the fight is set to begin anew as the proposal
from Ozzy's representatives is considered. Regardless
of the apparent lack of enthusiasm on behalf of the
school district to accept this offer, senior sponsor
Melodie Good said that "the students and parents I've
talked to are thrilled that Ozzy wants to send a C.D.,
if there is an effort by the board of education to
block this, there will be many unhappy people in this

Regardless, there is a very real possibility that the
board will decide to decline the offer. If a negative
decision is rendered, co-senior class sponsor, Ken
Zamora, believes that there may be other avenues to
consider for the distribution of the discs. "If worse
comes to worse, maybe we could just have the records
delivered to the students through other means that
aren't dependant on the school system."

The question of censorship and the development of
these students just as they are in the process of
becoming adults are underlying themes that need to be
considered by the district when addressing this issue.
As teacher Pam Cordova said, 'The senior class at
Belen High School exercised their right to vote. The
majority spoke. That should be enough.' Wednesday
night we'll find out if it is."

Coal Chamber Fires Sharon Osbourne From Managment (3/5/2000)

The Rock Radio Network in London also reported recently that
prior to COAL CHAMBER's Detroit stop on the Road Rage tour, Sharon
Osbourne was fired as the groups manager, this according to both the
band and crew. When asked exactly why Osbourne would no longer be
retained in her former capacity sources remarked - "There is a long
laundry list of things." Frontman Dez added that "Life is full of

Ozzy Speaks To Zakk Wylde About Future Album (3/5/2000)

ZAKK WYLDE is getting ready to release his second Black Label Society
album in April. Entitled Stronger Than Death, the album contains the
following tracks: 'All For You', 'Phony Smiles, Fake Hellos', '13 Years
Of Grief', 'Rust', 'Superterrorizer', 'Counterfeit God', 'Ain't Life
Grand', 'Just Killing Time', 'Stronger Than Death' and 'Love Reign

The Japanese version will feature the bonus track 'Bullet Inside Your
Head'. The album will be released in Japan at the end of March and in
the US in April. 'Counterfeit Gods' will be the first single to radio
in the United States. Black Label Society tentative touring plans
include North America in June and July, heading to Europe in August.

Ozzy and Zakk have spoken casually about Zakk being involved
with the next Ozzy solo album. "I just talked to Ozzy a couple of days
ago. We just yakked about maybe doing another
record. But you know, I'm doing a movie right now, and I've got Black
Label going, but yeah, if it's possible. You know, I love the guy. If time
can make it happen, without a doubt. I'm writing
all the time anyway. He's been writing, but he just wondered if I had
any tunes lying around, riffs, shit like that. So yeah, we might write a
record. I said 'cool, as soon as I get done with this movie, and before
I tour, maybe we can do it.'"

Ozzfest 2000 shaping up! (3/5/2000)

So far, Ozzfest 2000 is shaping up to look like this:

-Main Stage-

Ozzy Osbourne
Static X
Powerman 5000
Methods of Mayhem
Coal Chamber

-Second Stage-

Primer 55

I don't know how true these dates are, but so far this
is what I could come up with:

Sun July 2, West Palm Beach FL (First day)
Sat September 2, Los Angeles CA Blockbuster Pavillion
Sun September 3, Los Angeles CA Blockbuster Pavillion (Last day)

(Please, Please do not e-mail me about tour dates! This is all
I have heard so far! - Mitch)

Osbourne Slapped With Second Lawsuit (3/1/2000)

By Don Waller

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - On the heels of the Smashing Pumpkins
suing former manager Sharon Osbourne for allegedly
terminating their agreement without notice and allegedly
misappropriating a $150,000 advance, two former members of her
husband/client Ozzy Osbourne's band have joined the legal fray.

Bassist Bob Daisley and drummer Lee Kerslake filed a
$20 million suit against Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, Sony Music
Entertainment, Epic Records and Blizzard Music (the Osbournes'
music publishing company). They claim they haven't been
properly credited for their songwriting contributions and
they haven't been paid for the use of these songs on subsequent
compilation albums or in commercials.

``The lawsuit is preposterous,'' attorney Orin Snyder of Parcher,
Hayes & Snyder, who represents the defendants, told Daily
Variety. ``It concerns events that occurred nearly two decades
ago and has absolutely no basis in reality.

``Although we are confident that the lawsuit will be dismissed,
it's a shame that successful recording artists must be subjected
to this kind of nuisance.''

As for the Pumpkins' suit, which seeks a return of the advance
while alleging breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and
fraud, Sharon Osbourne told Daily Variety: ``It is unfortunate
that (Smashing Pumpkins frontman) Mr. (Billy) Corgan has
turned a routine accounting matter into a lawsuit designed to
attack my honesty and credibility. Obviously this is just a sad
attempt to keep me in his life a little longer because he misses
me so much.''

Osbourne and the Pumpkins parted ways earlier this year after a
three-month relationship. Osbourne claimed Corgan was
making her sick.


Ozzy Working On New Tunes (11/21/99)

According to, OZZY OSBOURNE is currently
holed up in an L.A. rehearsal studio. Joining Ozzy are guitarist Joe
Holmes, bassist Robert Trujillo and drummer Mike Bordin. The band have
been in pre-production for the last few weeks rehearsing and
brainstorming new ideas for riffs, arrangements, and tones. Ozzy has
met with several producers and is working and re-working lyrics and
vocal lines. In addition, he has been keeping fit and gearing up for
the forthcoming BLACK SABBATH European tour, which will mark the
last-ever performances by the band. The final dates in Birmingham on
December 21/22, will wrap up the two-year Black Sabbath reunion, which
played to over a million fans worldwide and has been the top-grossing
U.S. rock tour this year. In related news, editors are in high gear
piecing together the as-yet-untitled Ozzfest movie, due out next year.
The project is shaping up to be a genre-defining, groundbreaking
documentary, capturing priceless musical performances and the full
breadth of the Ozzfest experience. And it will be the first movie to be
presented in the incredible high-definition format. A special Ozzfest
film tour is being planned for early next year so keep your heads up
for dates and venues.

Ozzy & Primus Do "NIB" (11/15/99)

The second Nativity In Black Tribute is being together
and is now set to feature PANTERA ('Electric Funeral'), OZZY OSBOURNE
with PRIMUS (N.I.B.), MEGADETH ('Never Say Die'), MACHINE HEAD with
GOLDIE ('Hole In The Sky'), MONSTER MAGNET ('Into The Void'), GODSMACK
('Sweat Leaf') and STATIC X ('Behind The Wall Of Sleep').

Ozzy In Adam Sandlers New Movie (11/10/99)

Ozzy will be in Adam Sandlers up coming movie entitled "Little Nicky".
The plot is about the son of the devil who is about to inherit the
family business. Ozzy will portrait himself. The movie is set to
open March 31, 2000.

More Details On Tony Iommi's Solo Album (11/9/99)

Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi (as if you didn't know what band he's from!!!)
will be releasing his as-yet-untitled solo album via Sharon Osbourne's Divine
label. Guesting on the album will be none other than Ozzy Osbourne. Among the
songs recorded so far with producer Bob Marlette are "Goodbye Lament," "Laughing
Man In The Devil's Mask" (featuring Henry Rollins), "Flame Up," "Who's Fooling
Who?," "Time Is Mine" (featuring Phil Anselmo), "Firewall" (featuring Billy
Corgan), and "Something Wicked" (featuring Cold's Scooter Ward). Other guest
musicians slated to appear on the album include Type O Negative's Peter Steele
(on a track tentatively titled "Just Say No"), Deftones' Chino Moreno,
Rob Halford, and The Cult's Ian Astbury.

Osbourne Bites Into The Toy Biz (1/31/99)

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne will team with "Spawn" creator Todd
McFarlane to unveil an action figure of the heavy metal
icon. Osbourne and McFarlane will join forces at the
American International Toy Fair in New York to give a
first look at Ozzy's action figure. A news conference
is slated for Feb. 8. The Osbourne figurine -- a crazy
eyed, cloaked image of the vocalist -- is expected to
hit the market during the summer.

Ozzy's Wife/Manager To Start Own Label (1/30/99)

Sharon Osbourne Management -- owned by
the wife of Ozzy Osbourne -- has entered
into a pact with concert-industry giant SFX
Entertainment. The latter has purchased 50%
of Osbourne's firm and agreed to co-fund a
label that she will helm. Additionally, SFX
has secured the rights to present the Ozzfest
for the next five years; the company's Pace
Concerts has presented the fest for the past
two years. SFX is also promoting the Black
Sabbath reunion tour, which features Ozzy
who, wouldn't you know it, is managed by
Sharon Osbourne Management.

Sabbath Shows Postponed!!! (1/28/99)

1/28/99 The Spectrum, Philadelphia - re-scheduled for 2/18
1/29/99 Civic Arena, Pittsburgh - re-scheduled for 2/19
2/1/99 Buffalo, Ny - postponed until further notice!
2/21/99 Denver, Colorado - re-scheduled for 2/21!
2/22/99 Salt Lake City, Utah - postponed until further notice!

Ozzy has developed nodes on his throat and is unable to sing.

Ozzfest '99 Rumors (1/28/99)

The following bands are being rumored to play at Ozzfest 99:

Guns and roses

Update On McFarlane Dolls (1/12/99)

"Sabbath Bloody Multimarketed Sabbath" - Black Sabbath is joining the ranks of
Kiss in finding new ways to shock its already nerve-damaged fans. It's not
just a matter of Ozzy and company heaving their bulbous masses onstage for
what could be called the "Iron Supplement Man" reunion tour (they come to
the San Jose Arena on Jan. 8). No, we're talking about something even more
sinister-official action figures, perfect for filing next to your genuine
bottle of Elvis sweat.

The line of toys, designed by comic book artist Todd McFarlane (creator of
Spawn and its own line of action figures), is just one of many new cash
avenues planned by Sony Signatures, a San Francisco-based merchandising
group headed by Joe Bongiovi (brother of hair-metal icon-cum-actor Jon Bon
Jovi). Answering questions via cell phone 10 minutes before his 11 a.m. tee
time, Bongiovi said the merchandising is perfect for a band like Black
Sabbath. "McFarlane is the key because he makes toys that are dark and
sinister," he said. "Ozzy nostalgia is big right now and fans are looking
for unique collectibles."

The idea of using toys to pull heartstrings-as well as cash-from fans is not
new to Sony Signatures. The group has developed toys for Kiss, Hank Williams
Jr., and LeAnn Rimes, and recently landed a deal with Madonna for a line of
dolls. Bongiovi says the deal with Ozzy will include skateboards, drum kits,
and signed lithographs, but notes that the dolls are the main thrust for the
future image of Ozzy. "I pitched the idea to Ozzy about doing a
retrospective line of dolls of Black Sabbath, with all of his different
looks, and he loved it." In true collectible style, the figures won't be
available all at once, but rather doled out one by one throughout the tour.
Bongiovi says the first doll will hit shelves in February, but it won't be a
part of the retrospective series. "We're going to use the toy to showcase
what Ozzy will do in the future," says Bongiovi. "It will be a new character
that he'll assume as part of an animated series, comic book, and possibly a
concept album." Riff Raff was unable to procure any samples of the Ozzy
doll, nor pry any descriptions of the cartoon from the tight-lipped
Bongiovi, but we're already envisioning what the pilot episode will look
like. Imagine Ozzy, finished with his woman because she couldn't help him
with his mind, heads off to fight the evil War Pigs until he gets trapped in
the Great Magnetic Field and turns to steel; newly empowered, he begins his
five-afternoons-a-week crusade to rescue Ronnie James Dio's career.
We can't wait.

Ozzy On New Rick Wakeman Album (1/11/99)

The new album by Rick Wakeman entitled "Return To The Centre
Of The Earth" has been pushed up to February 24th for release in
Japan, March 15th in the U.K., and April for the rest of the
world. The album features a song entitled "Buried Alive" with
Ozzy Osbourne on vocals. The song was recorded Nov 16th, 1998
in A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA with Engineer Mike Baumgartner.

Black Sabbath rattles the rafters at BOB, AZ, New Years Eve (1/1/99)

Bank One Ballpark's had its first pitch, its first home
run and now its first concert.

Metal legends Black Sabbath and a horde of
hard rockers rattled the rafters at BOB on
Thursday. The group launched its first tour in 25
years featuring original members Ozzy Osbourne, Tony
Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward.

Osbourne and company rose from the stage, swathed in red-tinted
fog. A very tatooed, pierced and anxious crowd howled as they
kicked off the set with "After Forever".

Osbourne's unearthly voice kicked the crowd into overdrive. He
stalked the stage, urging the audience to get loud.

And it did.

The crowd roared along with Sabbath classics such as "Iron
Man", "Sweet Leaf" and "Electric Funeral". Fans in their early 20s
shouted out lyrics along with long-time Sabbath maniacs.

The band showed why they deserve a loyal following.
Iommi's guitar work was tight, precise, confident. Butler
attacked his bass, pouring all his energy into rattling BOB,
while Ward's drumming cemented the group.

And then there was Ozzy.

Nobody else sounds like him, and few can match his showmanship.
He hurled buckets of water onto fans crowding the stage, strutted
around the stage and even mooned the audience to get the crowd
hopping (Some fans could've done without the last one!).

Still, he's almost old enough to get a senior discount at Luby's.
And it showed every time he had to prance across the stage; full
speed ahead isn't what it used to be for the Ozz-man.

Unlike many bassists who fade into the background, Butler was
surprisingly energetic -- he pumped the crowd with cheerleader-like
enthusiasm. Iommi was more subdued, wrenching riffs from his
guitar with machine-like precision.

Sabbath finally closed the two-hour set with "Paranoid" and a skyful
of fireworks. The crowd kept roaring long after the band left the

Sabbath was solid and professional, but BOB's accoustics dulled the
polish. Sound bounced off the metal and concrete like a Ping-Pong
ball. When the massive roof rumbled open during the encore, the
sound improved noticeably.

Sabbath and the opening acts (Soulfly, Slayer, Megadeth and
Pantera) would've sounded far better with the roof open.

Local band Megadeth got a strong reception from the crowd.
Surprisingly, the group played before Pantera. But there was a strong
Pantera following lined up on the field. Bonfires, mosh pits and
general mayhem were on the menu for the opening acts.

BOB's tinny accoustics definitely took its toll on Pantera and Slayer.
Megadeth's more melodic sounds and slower tempos were less

Still, BOB survived its first concert. And if it can handle Black
Sabbath, it can handle anybody.

By Justin Schmid, The Arizona Republic, Jan. 1, 1999


War Pigs
Fairies Wear Boots
Sweet Leaf
After Forever
Electric Funeral
Into The Void
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Dirty Women
Black Sabbath
Iron Man
Embryo/Children Of The Grave

Ozzy & Busta Rhymes Team Up! (12/15/98)

This should be interesting: The always eccentric Busta
Rhymes has tapped Ozzy Osbourne, among others, to make
a guest appearance on his new album E.L.E.
on a song called "This Means War!"

Other notable guests on the album include
Janet Jackson, Jay-Z, and Mystikal. E.L.E., which stands
for Extinction Level Event, is in stores now!

Next album's artwork complete / Ozzy Action Figures / Comic Books (11/8/98)

The December 98 issue of Wizard has reported that Todd McFarlane
has completed the album art for Ozzy's next studio album.
McFarlane has also been working on a comic book series and
action figures for the madman. McFarlane will be the focus of a
January one-shot magazine featuring a comic story by writer Paul
Jenkins (Inhumans) and artist Dean Ormston (Predator: Captive).
The mag will incluse Ozzy articles and photos, but Jenkins
maintained the comic is the main attraction. "You dont need to
create a character for Ozzy," Jenkins said. "He already is one.
We set him us as a raving nutter, a complete loon who loves pushing
other people's buttons. He's a madman who enjoys getting other
people riled up." Smith said if sales are strong enough on the
one-shot, and ongoing Ozzy mag - with comic content - will result.

New Sabbath book by Mick Wall (10/30/98)

There is a new Black Sabbath book due out 1/99 written by Mick Wall
entitled "Paranoid: Black Days with Sabbath and Other Horror Stories".
The book was shown on the "Behind the Music" VH-1 Ozzy special. Orders
are being taken at The Internet Bookshop...
The Internet Bookshop

Ozzy Movie In The Works (7/2/98)

Ozzy announced today on The Howard Stern show that there is a movie
being made about his life. Ozzy also said he will not play himself
in the film.