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New Best of Ozzy Album To Be Released In February (1/14/2003)

OZZY OSBOURNE will be releasing a best of double cd set
on February 11th. The complete track listing
for "The Essential Ozzy Osbourne" is as follows:

01. Crazy Train
02. Mr. Crowley
03. I Don't Know (Live)
04. Suicide Solution
05. Goodbye To Romance
06. Over The Mountain
07. Flying High Again
08. Diary Of A Madman
09. Paranoid (Live)
10. Bark At The Moon
11. You're No Different
12. Rock 'n' Roll Rebel
13. Crazy Babies
14. Miracle Man
15. Fire In The Sky
16. Breakin' All The Rules

01. Mama, I'm Coming Home
02. Desire
03. No More Tears
04. Time After Time
05. Road To Nowhere
06. I Don't Want To Change The World (Live)
07. Perry Mason
08. I Just Want You
09. Thunder Underground
10. See You On The Other Side
11. Gets Me Through
12. Dreamer
13. No Easy Way Out

Click here to pre-order it!

Osbournes At The VMA's, Boone/Ozzy Duet? (1/14/2003)

MTV's outrageous Osbournes singled out ex-sweethearts Britney
Spears and Justin Timberlake for some laughs during the
opening moments of the show.

"I'm going to have to take him, Britney. He's all mine," Sharon
Osbourne said as her son Jack walked into the audience to plop
on Spears' lap while her daughter Kelly sat on Timberlake's lap.

Spears and Timberlake, who were sitting apart, played along
and laughed. The pair ended their high-profile romance last year.

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his family, stars of the MTV reality
series "The Osbournes," were hosts of the awards show, broadcast
on ABC from Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium. They kept network
censors busy with their plentiful use of four-letter words.

Later in the show, Timberlake presented an award with Sharon
Osbourne and her dog, and at Osbourne's encouragement,
Timberlake bent down and kissed the pooch.

The awards show reunited singer Pat Boone with his former
Beverly Hills neighbors, the Osbournes.

"I think the Osbournes have said I'm the best neighbor they
ever had, maybe because I'm the only one that never called
the police," said Boone, a presenter. "We're friends and we
get along great."

Boone said he approached Ozzy Osbourne at the show and asked
if they could duet on one of Osbourne's songs that Boone says
is his favorite.

"He and Sharon both enthusiastically said yes, so there may
be an Osbourne-Boone duet in the offing, I hope," Boone said.
"I can't tell you what song because I'm afraid somebody will
beat me to it."

Ozzy Guest's On Zakks New Album (1/13/2003)

The first single from The Blessed Hellride (which hits the
shelves in April), is entitled "Stillborn," and features
Ozzy Osbourne on guest vocals. The song is extremely radio
friendly, much more than anything that BLS has done in the
past. Ozzy actually said "if this is not a hit record, you
should just pack up and quit!". Ozzy also listened to the
entire album and told Zakk "you are going to rule the world!"
Rob Zombie is expected to direct the video for the song.

Ozzy and Sharon Contact Police Over Party Thief (1/8/2003)

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne claim an uninvited guest illegally
took a diamond necklace from their New Year's Eve party.

They say the woman gatecrashed the casino-themed event at
the Beverly Hills Hotel, where she won the necklace in a

The couple have contacted police in Los Angeles over the
incident, which they say has "left a very bad taste in
their mouths."

According to, the ICM talent agency employee is
alleged to have won a raffle that she should not have been
eligible to enter.

The Osbournes say they asked her to return the Asprey
designed diamond necklace, which is valued at $42,000 in
the police report, the following day but she refused.

A statement by ICM says it "categorically denies the false
and reckless charges made by Sharon Osbourne", adding the
agent in question was "a close friend" of the family.

ICM claims she won the raffle for the necklace in a fair
manner, "without any inappropriate conduct".

Osbournes Renew Vows On New Year's Eve (1/2/2003)

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne renewed their wedding vows during
a New Year's Eve party at the Beverly Hills Hotel that
included hundreds of guests.

The couple got married on July 4, 1982, but delayed their
20th anniversary celebration because of Sharon's battle
with colon cancer. They announced their plans in November.

Sharon wore a cream-colored wedding gown and diamond tiara
as she was escorted down the aisle by her father, Entertainment
Tonight said. The couple's youngest daughter Kelly served
as flower girl.

Music was provided by the 1970s group "Village People."

Guests included singer Justin Timberlake (news) and Chris
Rock (news), Entertainment Tonight reported.

Sharon Addresses Great Britain (12/26/2002)

Sharon Osbourne, like that other matriarch, Queen Elizabeth,
addressed Great Britain on Christmas Day. Osbourne's words
are being called a hit, reports the BBC. The queen seems to
have done all right, too.

Queen Elizabeth, 76, as might have been expected, held to
tradition and talked up what happened this year, including
the high points (her Golden Jubilee) and the low (the deaths
of the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret). She thanked her
loyal public for supporting her through the difficult times.

Osbourne was, uh, less traditional.

Speaking of her family, Osbourne, 50, said it had been a
"rollercoaster year" since their MTV show, "The Osbournes,"
made them all a household name.

She also spoke about being diagnosed with cancer and how it
had been a "bittersweet" year for her family, though the ordeal
did provide her with the meat of her Christmas message.

"It's the one time that is so important that family are
together and just give each other a big kiss," she said.

Still, being an Osbourne, Sharon got in a zinger aimed at
Queen Elizabeth, notes the BBC.

Speaking of the monarch, Sharon observed: "She was very warm
and amazingly down-to-earth, and I just told her that she had
great tits, 'cause she does."

Ozzy Working On New Album? (12/26/2002)


Ozzy Osbourne is planning to work on a new solo album next
year, a release through Epic in late 2003 is likely. Band
guitarist Zakk Wylde recently laid down material set for
inclusion on the effort.

Ozzy To Record Duet With Kylie Minogue (12/20/2002)

Aussie songbird Kylie Minogue is to team up with an unlikely partner for
a new duet. The former Neighbours actress is to sing Especially For You
with maverick rocker Ozzy Osbourne after having agreed to appear on the
family's reality show The Osbournes early next year.

The fresh-faced pop star originally recorded the song with her
Neighbours co-star Jason Donovan back in 1989. Its new outing came
as a result of a suggestion from Ozzy's daughter, Kelly, who became
friendly with Kylie when they toured America last month.

MTV's fly-on-the-wall look at the family's shenanigans has proved an
enormous hit in the US, where even President Bush has admitted to
being a fan. Almost eight million of his fellow Americans tune in
every week to catch a glimpse of the veteran musician's home life.

Ozzy To Shoot Pepsi Commercial (12/17/2002)

OZZY OSBOURNE is expected to follow in BRITNEY SPEARS' footsteps
and star in a multi-million dollar ad for cola makers PEPSI, to
be aired during this season's SUPERBOWL.

The veteran rocker and his dysfunctional family will film the ad
for the soft drink company's new lemon-flavoured drink Pepsi Twist
at their Beverly Hills mansion in Los Angeles later this week,
according to reports in the US.

The timing of the filming has led ad industry insiders to predict
the ad or ads will be shown during the Superbowl broadcast in

For American advertisers, the Superbowl is the most important
even of the year. It is the most watched TV show in the US and
TV companies charge advertisers around $2 million for a 30-second

Ad makers pull out all the stops for their Superbowl commercials,
as the ads during breaks in play regularly attract more viewers
than the game itself. Pepsi is among the biggest spenders on
Superbowl ads, and for the past two years has poured at least
$10 million into a series of commercials featuring Spears in a
variety of revealing costumes.

The Osbournes' choice as this year's Pepsi stars is seen as a
seal of their place in Hollywood's pantheon of A-list stars.
The second series of their fly-on-the-wall show, which began
in the US three weeks ago, has been watched by more than six
million viewers each week, shattering MTV rating records set
by the first series.

Kelly Stokes Osbourne Vs. Corgan Feud (12/17/2002)

Kelly Osbourne stoked hostilities between the Osbourne family
and former Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan at the New
York City area radio show, Claus Fest, in Uniondale, New York
on Thursday night (December 12).

Corgan and Sharon Osbourne had a tiff several years ago, after
she quit as the Pumpkins manager. The feud came alive again at
the Almost Acoustic Christmas in Los Angeles on December 7. At
that show, Kelly's boyfriend, Bert McCracken of the Used,
allegedly tried to trip Corgan, who performed with his new
band Zwan. Corgan allegedly struck back by kicking McCracken
in the stomach, according to sources at the Los Angeles radio

Osbourne took verbal revenge in New York, telling the crowd
from the stage that Corgan performed oral favors on the program
director of the New York radio station to secure a spot on the

Sharon Osbourne's relationship with Corgan went sour when she
dropped the Pumpkins as a client. The band filed suit against
her in early 2000. At the time of the split, Sharon said in a
statement: "It was with great pride and enthusiasm that I took
on management of the Pumpkins back in October [1999], but
unfortunately I must resign due to medical reasons...Billy
Corgan was making me sick!!!"

As far as the music at the 'Claus Fest, Audioslave made its
triumphant return to New York after its recent live set for
The Late Show With David Letterman (news - Y! TV). The
festival also featured the New York debut of Corgan's Zwan,
Queens Of The Stone Age, Boxcar Racer, Coldplay, Stone Sour,
Kelly Osbourne, the Vines, and others.

Audioslave, fronted by Chris Cornell (news) sporting blue
jeans and a black wifebeater-style shirt, ripped out six
songs: "Light My Way," "Set It Off," "Gasoline," "Stone,"
"Cochise," and "Shadow Of The Sun."

Some in the crowd were disappointed with the radio-station
sponsored show due to the fact that Ozzy Osbourne was on the
show's bill, but only came out to introduce daughter Kelly,
saying they were led to believe Ozzy was performing. There
were a noticeable round of boos that greeted Ozzy's daughter,
who left after three songs.

Osbournes To Renew Vows (12/4/2002)

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne plan to make New Year's
Eve a quiet night with about 600 of their closest friends.

The couple is renewing their wedding vows in Beverly Hills, Calif.,
in honor of their 20th anniversary. They got married July 4, 1982,
but delayed the celebration because of Sharon's battle with colon

"We'll write our own vows and have our marriage blessed again,"
the 50-year-old Osbourne family matriarch says in the Dec. 9 issue
of People magazine. "It will be one New Year's we'll never forget."

Sharon has brought MTV's cameras along for chemotherapy sessions
during the second season of "The Osbournes," which began this week.
Her cancer is no longer detectable in blood tests, and the
chemotherapy, which had been scheduled until April, will end in

"It's getting easier not to allow dark thoughts to enter my mind,"
heavy-metal-singer Ozzy tells the magazine.

Sharon To Go Head To Head With Queen Of England (12/4/2002)

Sharon Osbourne usually has the field wide open when it comes to
getting an audience, but this year at Christmas she faces some
stiff competition. Make that rigid competition: The Queen of

The MTV matriarch plans to go head-to-head with the monarch
matriarch by delivering the alternative Christmas message to
Britons on the telly, England's Channel 4 announced Wednesday.

Channel 4 said Osbourne's message -- which, like the Queen's
will be broadcast at 3 p.m. on Christmas Day -- will be targeted
to viewers "who crave more challenging TV fare with their festive
pud." ("Pud" is short for "pudding," which is what the English
call dessert. They call elevators "lifts" and have a strange way
of pronouncing aluminum.)

Osbourne, 50, follows in the footsteps of such cult figures as
the late Quentin Crisp, Doreen and Neville Lawrence and Ali G.

Channel 4 provided no preview as to the theme of Sharon's message,
which will be recorded later this month, but the station did say
that Osbourne, 50, and the Queen, 76, both share a love of dogs
and a reputation for hard work.

A Channel 4 spokeswoman added: "Sharon Osbourne connects with
our viewers in a way that the Queen can't. She is a real person
who leads an extraordinary life."

He's Grandfather Ozzy Now (12/4/2002)

Here's one Osbourne family member you won't be seeing on MTV
anytime soon: Ozzy's new granddaughter.

The heavy-metal patriarch became a grandpappy earlier this year,
when his adult daughter from his first marriage gave birth to a
baby girl, his publicist, Lisa Vega, confirmed Tuesday.

Isabelle Hobbs was born three months ago to Jessica Starshine,
the 29-year-old daughter of Ozzy and first wife Thelma.

According to London's Sunday Mirror newspaper, Jessica lives
with her husband, Ben, in London. Unlike her fuchsia-haired,
pop-singing half-sister Kelly, Jessica has a much more sedate
day job--as a surveyor.

Jessica tells the Mirror that apart from infrequent Thanksgiving
trips to the States, she hardly sees her dad and his other
camera-happy family.

"He's quite good at getting as much publicity for himself as he
can, he doesn't need me to help him," Jessica tells the paper.

She is one of two children Ozzy had with his first missus. His
27-year-old son, Louis, is a house/techno deejay based in London.
Before their split, Ozzy also became the guardian of Thelma's son
from her first marriage.

Ozzy and Thelma ended their decade-long union in 1981, when he
was heavily into drugs and booze (his addictions got him tossed
out of Black Sabbath three years earlier). As recounted in the
Mirror, Ozzy was so out of control during their marriage that he
grabbed a shotgun and offed Thelma's 17 cats because they wouldn't
let him sleep.

A year after the divorce, Ozzy married Sharon, who got him cleaned
up and resurrected his career, masterminding Ozzfest and the
family's lucrative deal with MTV and assorted merchandisers.
Together, they have three children--Aimee (who has chosen to
remain MIA from The Osbournes), Kelly and Jack. They've also
"adopted" family friend Robert Marcato, whose mother recently
died of colon cancer, the same disease Sharon is battling.

As for The Osbournes, the Emmy-winning reality sitcom's second
season premiere drew 6.64 million viewers on November 26, making
it the most-watched show on cable for the night. The totals were
less than the 7.25 million who watched the first season finale
back in May and the show's best night (7.77 million for the April
23 episode), but they're up a whopping 84 percent from the first
season premiere episode in March.

Aside from his granddaughter, Ozzy has another reason to
celebrate: He marked his 54th birthday Tuesday.

People Magazine (12/4/2002)

Osbournes are on the cover again! As the heavy-metal family
returns for another season on MTV, PEOPLE goes behind the scenes
to see what's changed in their lives (everything) since becoming
huge stars. On newstands now!

"Scenes Were Faked" say Jack & Kelly (11/30/2002)

Osbourne kids say scenes were faked. Jack and Kelly tell Good
Morning America that two ''Osbournes'' sequences were staged
last year.

The first "reality sitcom" may not have always been real.
The Osbournes first season included sequences staged by MTV,
Jack and Kelly Osbourne claimed Tuesday on Good Morning America.
They cited two specific moments that they said MTV had orchestrated
the appearance of a dog therapist, and a dramatic family meeting
that ended with Jack storming out. "The most fake thing about that
show was the family meeting, because that was an MTV idea," Kelly
said, according to the New York Post. "I put that in my contract
[for the new season] - I would not do anything like that f---ing
dog therapist."

But both MTV and a spokesperson for Ozzy and Sharon denied that
scenes had been staged. "Nothing is ever scripted or planned on
the Osbournes," an MTV spokesperson told ABC. And an Osbourne
family spokesperson told the Post: "Ozzy and Sharon would not
have done it unless it were all real." Sounds like it's time for
another family meeting.

Ozzy & Sharon To Renew Marriage Vows (11/30/2002)

Ozzy and Sharon will renew their marriage vows on New Years Eve.

Ozzy To Record Cover Album? (11/30/2002)

From there are plans for Ozzy Osbourne
to record an album of cover versions. No word on what the songs
covered will be, but recording could start as early as next month!

Osbournes Return For Second Season (11/27/2002)

"The Osbournes" becomes a reality show in the bleakest sense
this season, as Ozzy and the kids cope with matriarch Sharon
Osbourne's colon cancer.

Yet as the second batch of episodes begins Tuesday in the
United States, MTV also is trying to maintain the wackiness
that made the series the network's biggest hit.

The heavy-metal rocker, his wife and two of their three
children are very different people than they were when they
opened their home to us a year ago and opened the floodgates
to a slew of copycats.

They still spew plenty of profanities for the censors to bleep
out. And Ozzy still shuffles around the house rambling
incoherently about that tricky remote control.

But the Osbournes are no longer just a cuddly dysfunctional
family: They're a multimedia empire, with everything from books
to bobblehead dolls.

The change is obvious in the first episode.

Ozzy and Sharon fly to Washington for the annual White House
Correspondents' dinner, where they're the guests of Fox News
Channel's Greta van Susteren. (Ozzy even gets a shout-out from
President George W. Bush.)

Back home, 17-year-old son Jack turns the hose on fans who
lurk on the Osbournes' front lawn, longing for a peek at the
now-famous family and their ever-growing menagerie of dogs
and cats.

And daughter Kelly, 18, rehearses for the MTV Movie Awards,
where she'll perform her cover of Madonna's "Papa Don't
Preach," the first single off her new album, which also comes
out Tuesday. "Things are kind of like so good right now," Sharon says as
the episode ends, adding prophetically: "Everything is really
great for us, that I think something's going to come and like,
you know, knock us on the chin."

That something comes at the start of episode two: Sharon's
diagnosis of colon cancer.

The 50-year-old is characteristically practical in discussing
the disease, and even invites MTV's cameras along for her first
chemotherapy treatment. But the show's tone and the rest of
the family change irrevocably.

Ozzy alternates between boozing heavily and practicing yoga
backstage during the Ozzfest tour, which Sharon invented. After
a series of phone calls, he eventually collapses emotionally.

"I'm worried about him," Sharon says. "I don't know how he's
going to last."

Ozzy admits, "My heart was breaking every night on stage."

But then the action goes back to Jack, surfing in Malibu with
guys from the rock band Incubus and fracturing his elbow when
he tries to show off by leaping from a pier.

The juxtaposition may seem awkward, but the show's producers
have little choice but to document everything that happens in
these people's lives if they're going to create authentic
reality television.

"The heart and soul will continue to be this extraordinary
family set in ordinary situations," said Lois Curren, MTV
executive vice president of series and movie development,
who helped plan "The Osbournes" from the beginning.

"It's all about their incredible love and respect for each
other and protection for each other, and also the fact that
they deal with situations so bravely and yet so magnificently
absurdly," Curren said. "It's still a comedy."

Twenty episodes are planned for the second season, which is
still being shot. Ten will air now, with the other 10 scheduled
for 2003.

Despite the Osbournes' ubiquity, the world won't grow tired
of them, says University of Florida professor James B. Twitchell,
whose books on modern pop phenomena include "Carnival Culture."
He admits he's as "addicted as anyone."

"This is not normal shame TV," he said. "Most of the modern
reality TV is watching people do things that are shameful. This
isn't. This is not a dysfunctional family. ... This is a family
that has had to make its own way."

Twitchell compared "The Osbournes" to "An American Family," the
1973 PBS series that chronicled the daily activities of the Loud

"People kept saying, 'Well, we're going to get enough of this.'
Some people like myself never got enough.

"There's a lot more to go because there's a lot more in this
family," he said of the Osbournes. "We're getting an incredible
dose of them but they're as interesting in the 15th episode as
they are in the first."

Upcoming TV Appearances (11/23/2002)

Saturday 11/23 - Mad TV (Kelly - maybe Ozzy?) 11:00 PM Fox
Monday 11/25 - Good Morning America (7:00-9:00 AM) ABC
Monday 11/25 - TRL (Kelly - maybe Ozzy?) (3:30-4:30) MTV
Monday 11/25 - Intimate Portrait (7:00-8:00 PM) Lifetime
Tuesday 11/26 - The Osbournes, Season 2, Episode 1 (10:30-11:00 PM) MTV
Thursday 11/28 - Jay Leno Repeat (Wednesday Night! 2:00-3:00 AM) NBC
Saturday 11/30 - People In The News (11:00 AM) CNN

Ozzy To Appear At K-Rock "Clause-Fest" (11/14/2002)

K-Rock's Claus-Fest 2002
Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York
Thursday, December 12

Starring: OZZY & KELLY OSBOURNE, Audioslave, Coldplay, The Vines,
Queens of the Stone Age, Zwan with Billy Corgan, Box Car Racer,
Jimmy Fallon and band, Stone Sour, New Found Glory, and Taproot.

Sharon Osbourne Gets Talk Show Deal (11/9/2002)

They can call it "Shaaaaarrron!" Sharon Osbourne, whose name
her husband rocker Ozzy Osbourne loves to shout on their hit
MTV reality series "The Osbournes," has made a deal to host
a talk show.

Osbourne and Telepictures Prods. -- which also is developing
a talker with Ellen DeGeneres (news) for next year -- have
pacted to mount a single-issue show with an eye toward a
debut in syndication during the fall of 2003.

While Osbourne's popularity has soared since the MTV series
debuted in March, the move is somewhat surprising, considering
the fact that she told Barbara Walters this week that if the
family were to do it over again, they "wouldn't have done
the (MTV) show."

Osbourne is battling colon cancer and expects to be in
chemotherapy through March. It's a treatment she last month
told Daily Variety makes her "tired" and is "draining."

While the rigors of a daily talk show are demanding, they
don't necessarily require cameras in the home, in the way the
reality series does. Osbourne told Walters that shooting the
MTV series has meant her privacy becoming compromised as she
dealt with the effects of chemo, which include nausea and

Syndicators are generally always on the hunt for potential
talk hosts who relate to the increasingly difficult-to-capture
daytime audience. With the success of "Dr. Phil" this season,
the syndication business has become particularly enthusiastic
about the potential of talk in daytime.

Sharon Osbourne to Call It Quits? (11/9/2002)

If she had to do it over again, Sharon Osbourne says she
wouldn't have invited MTV's cameras into her home.

The cancer-stricken matriarch of television's favorite
dysfunctional family told ABC's Barbara Walters that
she's calling it quits after an upcoming, 10-episode season
is through.

"This is definitely the last year," Osbourne said in an
interview that will be broadcast on "20/20" Wednesday.
"We can't do it anymore."

MTV's second season of "The Osbournes" begins Nov. 26. The
first set of episodes drew record ratings for the network
this spring and made aging heavy-metal star Ozzy Osbourne
and his family household names.

Sharon Osbourne, who is fighting colon cancer, said the
show has "changed us all so much." Her teenage children now
have lawyers and business managers, she said.

"Because it's a moment in time, when we were innocent to
it all, we went in feet first and you can't recreate
that," she said. "Yes, now, this series, people will see
what the first series has done to our lives and it will
take people to the next stage. But after that, it's over."

There was no immediate comment from MTV, which was airing
a special, "Catching Up with the Osbournes," on Monday.

The family hasn't exactly shunned the spotlight. ABC said
Monday that Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly and Jack Osbourne will be
hosts of the American Music Awards on Jan. 13. Daughter
Kelly has recorded her own CD that's due out soon.

Sharon said Ozzy has begun drinking again in response to
her cancer.

"We agreed to do the show and so the cameras are here all
the time," she said. "So it's a little bit invasive right
now and we have no privacy. You know when you're sick, you
want to be on your own? I can't throw up on my own and
Ozzy can't get drunk on his own."

Two of the Osbourne children, Kelly and Jack, participate
in the series. An older daughter, Aimee, did not. She told
Walters that she worries about what will happen to her
father if anything should happen to Sharon.

"I don't think he even wants to know what life will be
like without her," Aimee Osbourne said. "And I don't
think he would last more than a year without her."

At the conclusion of the show, Sharon took back her words
about "calling it quits" and said that there will be 2 more
seasons of "The Osbournes".

Star-Studded Hearing Conservation Film Completed (11/9/2002)

"Listen Smart" Set For School Distribution - The Hearing Aid
Music Foundation has announced the completion of a 15-minute
educational film entitled "Listen Smart - Safely Handling The
Power of Sound". The film was designed to create awareness
about noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), and to encourage safer
practices in consuming high decibel sound. The film, along with
a teacher's aid booklet, is being distributed by Human Relations
Media, to school districts throughout the U.S. and Canada, and
other English-speaking countries around the world. The film
features numerous recording artists, music and sound professionals,
as well as prominent audiologists and medical experts in
hearing loss.

Artists involved in conveying their experience and advice on
hearing conservation include Moby, Ozzy Osbourne, Brad Delson
from Linkin Park, Wyclef Jean, Lars Ulrich of Metallica, Cyndi
Lauper, Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard and HBO's "Oz," Darren Hayes
from Savage Garden, Deborah Harry of Blondie, producer Matthew
Wilder, Tracy Bonham and entertainment impresario Russell Simmons.

The film offers an introduction to information about hearing and
the increased trend in noise-induced hearing loss. It provides
advice on hearing protection and methods of safely consuming music.
The diverse group of recording artists provides their own experience,
advice, and views on the power of sound in their professional lives.

For further information, please contact:

Dan Beck
President and Cofounder
Hearing Aid Music Foundation
265 Morris Avenue
Rockville Centre, NY 11570

516-764-0778 fax
For the official release, check out:

The Osbournes, Season 1, Coming On DVD (11/9/2002)

A box set of The Osbournes, season 1 originally planned for
a holiday release, will finally hit stores on March 4th, 2003.
It will be distributed byBuena Vista Home Entertainment. Expect
four bonus episodes and a drinking game!

Ozzy Osbourne Breaks Down Over Sharon's Cancer (11/9/2002)

Ozzy Osbourne has broken down in tears during an interview on
US TV after being questioned about wife Sharon's colon cancer.

The rock star became tearful when chat show host Barbara Walters
asked what Sharon meant to him.

Viewers will see her fight against cancer as part of the new
series of The Osbournes.

"She's the greatest love I've ever had in my life. She's my pillar
of strength and hope," Ozzy said.

He added: "I'm absolutely horrified. It's the worst thing that
could ever happen."

Daughter Kelly added that she feared for the family if her
mother died.

She said: "It would fall apart. We couldn't go on without her.
Out of everyone in my whole life, if I ever lost my mother, I
think I'd kill myself. I couldn't live without her."

Sharon Osbourne: 'I Love My MTV' (11/9/2002)

Sharon Osbourne, mother of the famous Osbourne family, has denied
reports they are to quit their MTV reality show, 'The Osbournes'.

During an interview on US show '20/20', Sharon admitted that she
had found the MTV cameras intrusive as she battled with colon
cancer. She said: "We agreed to do the show and so the cameras
are here all the time. So it's a little bit invasive right now,
and we have no privacy. You know when you're sick, you want to be
on your own? I can't throw up on my own, and Ozzy can't get drunk
on his own."

But Sharon has since spoken out to reassure fans that 'The
Osbournes' will be around for a long time to come. "I have
every intention of fulfilling our commitment to MTV for a
full 20 episodes. I love my MTV."

The show's second season premieres on MTV USA on November 26.
It will hit UK screens in January 2003.

The Osbournes - Season 2 Premier (10/30/2002)

The Osbournes - Season 2 is set to premier November 26th on MTV.

Ozzy Osbourne Feature Film in the Works? (10/30/2002)

The Hollywood Reporter says Ozzy Osbourne is close to signing
a deal with a major studio for a biopic about his wild life
and times, according to his wife, Sharon Osbourne.

Asked whether she could see her successful MTV series "The
Osbournes" make the leap to the big screen, Ms. Osbourne said,
"I wouldn't want to do a comedy film because we're working on
Ozzy's life-story film right now," she said. "We haven't signed
the deal, but we're really close to closing the deal."

Osbourne would not reveal which studio she is negotiating with,
but did disclose one of the film's scriptwriters is herself.
"I'm doing a lot of it," she said.

"Osbournes" fans hoping the self-proclaimed Prince of Darkness
will star as himself will be disappointed. "He wouldn't be in
it himself," she said, but named the person atop her wish list
of thespians who might portray her husband: Johnny Depp.

The new 10-episode season of the MTV series has been scheduled
to premiere on November 26. In advance of the season premiere,
MTV will air a 30-minute special on Nov. 4 at 10 p.m. that
will allow viewers to catch up with the Osbourne family. Among
the highlights will be footage of Ozzy's encounter with Queen
Elizabeth of England and clips of daughter Kelly's burgeoning
music career.

Las Vegas Show Review 10/25/02 (10/28/2002)

Line up:
Ozzy, Zakk, Robert Trujillo, Mike Bordin, John Sinclair

Set list:

I Don't Know
Mr. Crowely
War Pigs
Gets Me Through
No More Tears
Crazy Train
Iron Man
I Dont Want To Change the World
Flying High Again
Goodbye To Romance
Suicide Solution (solo)
Bark at the Moon
Mama I'm Coming Home

Some highlights:

1. Sharon and the kids were at the show. Ozzy said it was Sharons
first show since the surgery.

2. Ozzy pulled slots for about 15 minutes while they filmed him.

3. Ozzy almost broke out in tears while singing Goodbye To Romance.

4. Ozzy did alot of joking and clowning around with the crowd

5. Ozzy signed a guys program during one of Zaks solo's.

6. Ozzy's voice was drowned out by Zakks loud guitar.

Thank you Scott Taylor!

Iommi Holding Out Hope For New Sabbath Album (10/28/2002)

Although Rhino is nearing the release of the first instalment in a
multi-year Black Sabbath reissue program, the band's next studio album-
the first to feature its classic line-up of Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Tony
Iommi (guitar), Bill Ward (drums), and Geezer Butler (bass) since 1978's
"Never Say Die!"-looks certain to remain on the back burner for quite a

Iommi tells the band has come up with about six songs, none
of which have been formally recorded. "The tracks were good; actually, I
thought, very good," he said. "But we didn't get as far as actually
recording them; we demoed them." None of the songs have formal titles yet.

The project, which was to (and may still) be helmed by Rick Rubin, was
delayed so that Osbourne could finish and tour in support of his most
recent Epic solo effort, last year's "Down to Earth." Then came the launch
and ensuing massive popularity of "The Osbournes," followed by this past
summer's Ozzfest, headlined by Osbourne. "Things just get pushed back,"
says Iommi.

On the future of the project, the guitarist says with a laugh, "You never
know with this band. You can never say 'yes' or 'no.' It could turn up in
another 20 years somewhere [laughs]. We're just sort of gonna see what
happens. But we have got some really good tracks there. Rick liked them."

Early last year, prior to the premiere of "The Osbournes," Osbourne told
Billboard that he's very much interested in following through on what he
and his bandmates started. "It's worth a shot," he said. Regardless, he
beamed, "I'm really happy that I'm on friendly terms with Tony."

On Oct. 22, Rhino issues the two-disc "Symptom of the Universe: The
Original Black Sabbath (1970-1978)," a long-overdue survey of Sabbath's
best material. The set is the first deluxe Sabbath best-of to be released
in the U.S., and features remastered versions of such influential metal
anthems as "War Pigs" and "Paranoid."

Over the next two years, the revered catalogue label will issue a Sabbath
boxed set, followed by "upgrades" of each classic album, according to VP of
A&R David McLees. The recent "Past Lives" concert collection was issued by
Sanctuary and is not affiliated with the Rhino releases.

In the meantime, Iommi is working on ideas for his next solo album, on
which Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo will contribute lead vocals. Anselmo
and Iommi are to formally begin work on the project in January in England.
Iommi says he and Anselmo plan to tour to support the set.

Ozzy Song In Soon To Be Released Video Game (10/10/2002)

"Grand Theft Auto - Vice City" for Playstation 2 will have over 9 hours
of licensed music on 7 different types of radio stations. Ozzy has been
confirmed to have 1 song on the rock station. The song will be Bark At The
Moon. More info on,, and

Special Ozzy Concert (10/10/2002)

Ozzy will be doing a special concert on 10/25/2002 for 1600 people at
Rain In The Desert @ The Palms Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Casino chips will be issued to honor the legendary Rock Icon. $5, $25, and
$100 chips will be released to the gaming tables and from the casino cage on
Oct 25 at 10:00AM.

For further information on the chips contact Gene Trimble at

Ozzy On Peoples "Most Powerful" List (10/10/2002)

NEW YORK (AP) - Relax, moguls. Ozzy Osbourne is not about to
take over your jobs.

Osbourne, dapper in a pinstriped suit, stares from the cover
of Entertainment Weekly's annual list of the 100 most powerful
people in entertainment, which he and his wife, Sharon, made
for the first time. But others wield more clout. For the first
time in 13 years, the magazine split its annual list in two,
with separate lists for stars and power brokers. Actor Tom Hanks
topped one; the HBO executive team of Jeff Bewkes and Chris
Albrecht led the other. Of Hanks, the magazine said, "you trust
this man completely." The two-time Oscar winner's dark role in
"Road to Perdition" won critical kudos and was his seventh
straight movie to gross more than $100 million.

Hanks also took the advice of his wife, actress Rita Wilson, and
produced "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," the year's surprise movie
hit. Bewkes, who was recently promoted to a bigger job at HBO
parent AOL Time Warner, and Albrecht were credited for
establishing critical and popular successes like "The Sopranos"
and "Sex and the City".

"Bewkes and Albrecht have transformed a network of programming
into a nexus of generation-defining pop culture, and their rivals
are paying a lot more than $11.95 a month for it," the magazine

Rounding out the moguls' top five are John Calley & Amy Pascal,
heads of the allied Sony and Columbia film studios; CBS president
Leslie Moonves; Kaz Hirai, head of Sony's U.S. video game unit;
and Barry Meyer & Alan Horn, heads of the Warner Brothers film

Following Hanks on the star list are filmmaker Steven Spielberg
and actors Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts.

Reality TV's Osbournes were ranked No. 37.

Lost Song With Ozzy On Harmonica (10/10/2002)

Just got my copy of "Ozzy Osbourne - Rock Detector" written by
Garry Sharpe-Young. ( Very cool book written
about all of the musicians who ever worked with Ozzy. Some really
cool shit in here that I've never even heard of. It's nothing like
your normal Ozzy book with drunken rages, overdosing, crapping on
elevators, etc... this book gets down to the true nitty gritty
about the music and the people that made it. Anyway, in the back
of the book they have this huge discography...and when I say huge,
I mean huge. This sucker starts on page 199 and ends on 352. Not
only do they list every single "single" that was ever released
with the correct label numbers, they list every friggin album and
compilation work done by every artist who ever worked with Ozzy.
It's insane. So, long stort short, check this out... listed under

Quartz - "Stoking The Fires of Hell" / "Circles", MCA 642 (1980)

Recorded in 1977 when Tony Iommi was producing the debut album for
Birmingham Heavy Metal Band Quartz. Not only did Iommi produce the
track "Circles" but Queen guitarist Brian May contributed guitar
parts and Ozzy played harmonica. Inexplicably the song was left
off of the album, possibly for contractual reasons, only surfacing
as the B-side to the 1980 single "Stoking The Fires of Hell".
Quartz guitarist Geoff Nichols would later join Black Sabbath as
a bassist then as long term keyboard player.

Ok... so here's my question... who's got a copy of this???????

Has anyone ever heard of this?

Daisley/Kerslake File Appeal (9/20/2002)

Lawyers for former Ozzy Osbourne band members Bob Daisley and
Lee Kerslake have filed an appeal in Los Angeles of a judge's
Aug. 16 ruling that threw their royalties case against the
rocker out of court. Daisley and Kerslake are suing for $20
million in back royalties, and first launched the suit back
in March of 2000. In her August ruling, U.S. District Court
Judge Christina A. Snyder ruled the two musicians failed to
prove their case in addition to the fact that the statute of
limitations had run out.

Osbourne Family To Appear On Emmy's (9/20/2002)

Don't miss this Sunday's NBC broadcast of the Emmy Awards at
8pm EDT/PDT. The Osbournes will be making a special
appearance on the program (hint: don't miss the opening) as
well as presenting an award. Last Saturday Sharon and Kelly
were on hand for the Creative Arts Emmys, the non-broadcast
portion of the awards given out for technical achievements and
the like, to accept the award for Best Reality Series.

The Osbournes' Win Emmy for Best Reality Show (9/15/2002)

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - "The Osbournes," the hit expletive
filled MTV show about rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his family,
won an Emmy on Saturday night for best "reality series."

The series was named the year's outstanding nonfiction
reality program at the Creative Arts Emmys, which are mainly
awards for technical achievements given out eight days in
advance of the main Emmy awards, which are handed out on
Sept. 22.

Osbourne's wife Sharon, one of the show's producers as well
as one of its stars, accepted the award on behalf of her
husband, saying, "Ozzy I love you."

Sharon Osbourne, who is recovering from colon cancer, was
accompanied to the show by her teen-age daughter Kelly. Ozzy
Osbourne was not in attendance.

NBC's presentation of the opening ceremonies for the Winter
Olympics in Salt Lake City won six awards for technical work,
the most of any program during the evening. It was followed
by HBO's "Six Feet Under," which took five awards.

Although the main acting awards are not given out until
Sept. 22, a handful of minor awards were presented at the
Creative Arts Emmys, which is sponsored by the Academy of
Television Arts and Sciences.

Sabbath Back On Rock Hall Ballot (9/11/2002)

The Clash, the Police, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Chic, ABBA, and
Elvis Costello & the Attractions are among the 15 artists that
appear on the ballot for induction into the Rock And Roll Hall
Of Fame in 2003.

Other acts on the ballot are southern rock legends Lynyrd
Skynyrd, the MC5, electronic pioneers Kraftwerk, and punk
instigators the Sex Pistols; as well as the Patti Smith Group,
the Righteous Brothers, Steve Winwood, and the Dells.

Skynyrd, AC/DC, the Dells, and the Sex Pistols have appeared on
ballots one or more times before. In order to qualify, an act
must have made its recording debut at least 25 years before the
2003 induction year, meaning 1978 or earlier. Next year will mark
the 18th annual Rock Hall Of Fame Induction.

One disgruntled nominee may be Sabbath's Ozzy Osbourne. The metal
band appears on the ballot for a sixth time, despite a letter
from Osbourne two years ago requesting the band not be included.

The 2003 class is expected to be named in December, followed by a
spring ceremony with the usual guest-star filled performances next
year in New York City.

Sharon Rushed To Hospital (9/2/2002)

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne's wife and manager Sharon was rushed to
hospital on Friday after suffering from the side effects of
chemotherapy. Osbourne, who is now a star in her own right
after the success of reality TV series The Osbournes, which
follows the exploits of her wacky family, has been fighting
colon cancer since July. And when the former Black Sabbath
frontman came home from his Ozzfest tour and saw how thin
his wife was, he called an ambulance. A spokesperson for the
family confirms that Sharon was treated for dehydration, a
common side effect associated with the draining treatment.
The rep added Sharon was progressing well and her condition
was not serious. However, the episode will have rocked Ozzy,
who has admitted he is finding it difficult to cope with his
wife's condition.

Sharon Rushed To Hospital For Severe Dehydration (9/2/2002)

The fight against cancer may not be going so well for Sharon
Osbourne. Ozzy's wife/manager was rushed to Cedars-Sinai
Medical Center in Los Angeles Aug. 23. A source told US
weekly that Sharon, 49, who has been undergoing chemotherapy
for colon cancer, "lost about 20 pounds in two weeks and is
white as a sheet." When Ozzy saw Sharon that day, he called
an ambulance. At the hospital, Sharon was given an intravenous
drip because she was suffering from "severe dehydration.
Unfortunately, they've had to do this more than once," says
the source. Sharon returned to the hospital Monday.

Osbourne Lawsuit Dismissed, But Not Over Yet (8/28/2002)

A lawsuit against Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne may have
been dismissed, but the former bandmembers who filed the
case say it will go on.

Bob Daisley, bassist and songwriter on the first two Osbourne
solo albums (1980's Blizzard Of Ozz and 1981's Diary Of A
Madman), released this statement concerning the court's
decision: "Obviously, this is a disappointing ruling, but it's
not over yet. This case has merit--Lee and I have been
struggling for two decades just to receive the correct
royalties and credit that's due us--and we are confident that
we will prevail in the end."

For some 20 years Daisley and drummer Lee Kerslake have been
involved in litigation with the Osbournes regarding royalties
and proper credits on the albums. The court recently dismissed
a suit first filed in 1998 after earlier this year setting a
trial date for February 2003.

Regarding the upcoming trial and what will happen now, Daisley
told Australia's Undercover website (, "I
don't know what's going to happen now. I guess we'll have to
wait and see what is going to happen over the next six months
with our comeback on this situation."

Ozzy Issues Legal Threat; Demands FOX News Pull
Interview Set To Air (8/22/2002)

MTV starrocker John Michael Osbourne [p/k/a Ozzy Osbourne]
has issued a dramatic legal threat trying to block an interview
set for air on FOX NEWS tonight and tomorrow, the DRUDGE REPORT
has learned, claiming the network conducted the interview with
Osbourne under "false" pretenses!

Osbourne's Fifth Avenue lawyers have fired off a legal warning
to FOX -- claiming the network will be held to "substantial
liability and damages" if the interview airs.

Osbourne claims he agreed to sit with FOX host Greta Van
Susteren based on the "representation that the interview was to
be used, together with interviews by FOX of other public figures,
solely in connection with a television show commemorating the 25th
anniversary of Elvis Presley's death."

Osbourne says he "never granted FOX permission to use the
interview in any other manner and certainly did not authorize
FOX to use it in segments or shows profiling him or his family,
as an 'Exclusive.'"

The rocker's lawyers warned: "This interview was conducted under
false pretenses, in violation of our clients' legal rights and
contrary to established journalistic standards, and is being
falsely advertised."

A network source told DRUDGE late Thursday: "This claim is
without merit. We plan on running the interview in its entirety
tomorrow night on FOX NEWS CHANNEL's On The Record with Greta
Van Susteren."

In the interview Ozzy Osbourne talks little of Elvis, network
sources say, rather he tells Greta how he's cried, prayed and
feared for the future since his wife, Sharon, was diagnosed with
colon cancer.

"I'm falling apart more than she is, and people say to me, 'Ozzy,
you've got to be strong for Sharon.' And I'm not Superman, you know,"
Ozzy tells GRETA.

Industry sources suggest Ozzy took the dramatic legal move to
block the interview after realizing the Osbournes are committed to
an upcoming exclusive promised to ABC's Barbara Walters.

Ozzy is now asking for "injunctive relief" against FOX -- or warns
he will demand "compensatory and punitive damages."

Ozzy Weeps (8/22/2002)

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne tells Fox News Channel's Greta Van Susteren
that he has been crying constantly since he found out about wife
Sharon's colon cancer. In his first interview since the announcement
of her illness, he says that he feared something bad would happen
to offset the raging success of their MTV reality show The Osbournes.

Ozzy who abandoned his headliner position on Ozzfest for several
dates, to be by Sharon's side, talks about how he was so worried
about Sharon and crying continuously that he drove her crazy and
she finally told him to go back out on tour. The Black Sabbath
frontman says his heart isn't in his performances though, stating
that his "spirit's dead.'' Sharon Osbourne is underwent her third
chemotherapy treatment last week.

Osbourne Lawsuit Dismissed (8/22/2002)

The lawsuit against Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne brought by Bob
Daisley and Lee Kerslake has been dismissed by the federal court
in Los Angeles. In a ruling issued on August 16, 2002, the court
rejected the plaintiffs' claims for record royalties and additional
credits on the classic Ozzy albums Blizzard of Oz and Diary of A
Madman. The ruling ends the lawsuit first filed in 1998.

Ozzy and Sharon stated: "This decision recognizes what we have been
saying all along: Bob and Lee's lawsuit was vicious and frivolous.
It is truly sad that they felt the need to try to strip Ozzy of his
credibility as a songwriter and performer. We pity them because the
only real success they ever had was when they were session players
for Ozzy 22 years ago. Our family feels vindicated that this
nightmare has finally come to an end. We are thankful to our legal
team and the United States Justice system for ruling fairly on this

The Osbourne's lawyer, Orin Snyder of the firm Parcher Hayes &
Snyder, stated: "The court's ruling vindicates Ozzy and Sharon 100
percent. It confirms that this 4-year-old case is completely

Don Arden Shopping Tell-All Book (8/21/2002)

Don Arden, the music mogul father of Sharon Osbourne, is hoping
to cash in on the success of the Osbournes' MTV show, reports
the San Francisco Chronicle.

While his daughter wages a fight against colon cancer, he's
shopping a tell-all book about her and himself. Us weekly
says that Arden's memoir, Mr. Big, describes him giving his
daughter management of Ozzy Osbourne as a wedding present.

When he and Sharon fought -- over money, of course -- he says
she tried to run him over in her car.

``Estranged for 20 years, they patched things up after
September 11,'' the magazine reports.

Ozzy TV Interview (8/21/2002)

Ozzy will be doing his first interview since Sharon's illness
this Thursday at 9:00pm on "The Pulse," which airs on FOX.
The interview will conclude on Friday at 10:00pm on FOX
News Channel's "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren."

Daisley/Kerslake Case Thrown Out Of Court (8/19/2002)

I spoke with Ozzy's camp today. I was informed that the
Daisley/Kerslake Case was thrown out of court today.

Bassist Daisley and drummer Kerslake, who recorded 1980's
Blizzard Of Ozz and 1981's Diary Of A Madman, were suing
the Osbournes for 20 years regarding royalties and proper
credits on the two albums.

Update On Ultimate Sin, Other Re-issues (8/19/2002)

Also found this out while speaking with Ozzy's camp today...
there will be no other albums re-issued. The Ulitmate Sin,
Speak of the Devil, Just Say Ozzy and Live & Loud have been
deleted from Ozzy's catalogue.

Tommy Lee Added To Ozzfest Bill (8/19/2002)

Beginning in Denver Tommy Lee joins Ozzfest for the remainder
of the tour.

'The Osbournes' to Take in Boy Whose Mother Died (8/14/2002)

A new addition to British rocker Ozzy Osbourne's family may
give America even more to love about "The Osbournes," the
hit reality TV show detailing the chaotic lives of Ozzy, his
wife and two teen-age children.

Sharon Osbourne, the heavy metal rocker's wife, plans to take
in a boy who recently lost his mother to colon cancer, her
publicist confirmed on Wednesday.

Sharon, 49, herself underwent surgery for colon cancer last
month and recently began chemotherapy treatment.

The New York Post reported earlier that the Osbournes would
take Robert Marcato, a close friend of the couple's daughters,
under their wing and into their show after his mother died
last week. Once Marcato settles into the family, he will
become part of the show as "Baby Osbourne" even though he is
18, the newspaper reported.

Drowning Pool Frontman Found Dead (8/14/2002)

Manassas, Virginia --- Drowning Pool singer Dave Williams was
found dead on the band's tour bus August 14th, 2002. The quartet
from Dallas, Texas has been performing as one of the main stage
attractions on Ozzfest. The cause of death has yet to be
determined. Williams was thirty years-old.

Sharon Moves To Malibu (8/14/2002)

London's Sun newspaper reports that Sharon, 50, has moved
into a pricey Malibu beach house to recuperate from her
treatment, because she was worried that fans flocking to
their Beverly Hills mansion might pose a nuisance.

Jack Osbourne on 'Dawson's Creek' (8/14/2002)

Jack Osbourne, the son of rocker Ozzy Osbourne and one of
the stars of MTV's hit "The Osbournes," will film a cameo
Friday for the more clean cut "Dawson's Creek."

The 16-year-old will be at Duke University to film the
spot. Duke is the site of the fictional Worthington
College, where actress Katie Holmes' character,
Joey, attends school.

The show is based in Wilmington, but this will be the
second year that it will film four or five times at Duke.

MTV and the entertainment news show "Access Hollywood"
plan to send crews to cover Osbourne's cameo. He'll appear
in the two-hour Oct. 2 premiere of the WB series' sixth

Osbournes Facing Second Suit (8/7/2002)

The upcoming second season of MTV's hit reality series "The
Osbournes" might well be set in the courtroom.

A second lawsuit in as many weeks has been filed against America's
newest favorite dysfunctional TV family in regards to their hit
show. MTV and the cable network's owner, Viacom, also are named
in the breach-of-contract suit filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior
Court by entertainment network (formerly

The complaint claims that the Osbournes' deal with MTV violates an
intellectual property rights agreement between Threshold and Sharon
and Ozzy Osbourne's company Monowise in December 2000. It asks that
Threshold, headed by Larry Kasanoff, be declared the owner of MTV's
series "and all derivatives therefrom" and asks for unspecified

Los Angeles-based producer Gary Binkow filed a lawsuit against the
Osbournes late last month, claiming that they stole his idea for
their MTV series.

According to the new suit, the 2000 agreement between Threshold and
the Osbournes, signed for a term of three years and 90 days, gives
Threshold, among other things, exclusive rights to Ozzy Osbourne's
"name, likeness, image, identity, persona, trademarks and right of
publicity" for "live-action and animated programs ... or other
offline works, as well as the right to make sequels, remakes,
spinoffs and derivative works of any such works."

The complaint also quotes parts of the agreement stating that "all
creative and business decisions for such projects shall be subject
to the mutual agreement" of both sides with the revenue from them
being "equally divided" between them.

Threshold claims that the idea for a show "focusing on the
attractive aspects of Osbourne family life and placing cameras in
the Osbourne house" was pitched to the Osbournes as early as
January 2000. Threshold alleges that after signing the December
2000 deal, "Threshold described to Monowise and Sharon Osbourne
the live-action family-based TV show that later became the MTV hit."

The lawsuit claims that MTV and parent Viacom were aware of the
Osbournes' agreement with Threshold but signed the deal with the
rocker and his wife anyway.

MTV declined comment on the suit late Tuesday.

Kelly Osbourne Says Album Will Be 'Punky' (8/7/2002)

Kelly Osbourne is completing work on her first album with producer
Ric Wake.

"I don't really know because I don't like talking about myself,
[but] I know that's amazing and I sound wonderful," she said. "It's
just me, myself and Ric Wake writing everything. It's very punky."

Osbourne explained that the album, due this fall, will feature all
original material except for her cover of Madonna's 1986 hit "Papa
Don't Preach."

The fledgling teen actress and singer also said that her mother
Sharon Osbourne is doing well following her first chemotherapy
treatments for cancer. "She's done a complete 360," she said.
"She's almost perfect."

Osbourne also added that father Ozzy Osbourne's return to OzzFest
is the right thing for him to do. "He just figured he'd be better
off going out and working than staying home and worrying about
her," she said.

Osbourne's Receive Teen Choice Award (8/7/2002)

MTV's documentary series about rocker Ozzy Osbourne's family
received a Teen Choice Award for best TV reality show.

Miner Credits Ozzy for Saving Him (8/7/2002)

PITTSBURGH (AP) - A miner from Somerset County, Pa., is crediting
Ozzy Osbourne with saving him from harm.

Roger Shaffer was supposed to be with the nine miners who hit an
abandoned mine shaft and spent more than three days in a flooded
coal mine 240 feet underground. Instead, Shaffer took the day off
to go to Ozzfest in Pittsburgh.

Ozzfest wasn't even supposed to stop in Pittsburgh that day, but
it had been rescheduled because of Sharon Osbourne's cancer

Shaffer says he didn't find out what happened to his crew mates
until after the show. He went to the site of the accident but
couldn't get in, so he sat glued to his TV until they were brought
out safely.

Shaffer says he has to thank Ozzy and his family because "if the
events if their life weren't going on, my events would have been
a lot different."

Former Ozzy Bassist Discusses His Lawsuit (8/7/2002)

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are scheduled to go to trial early next
year in their long-running dispute with former bandmembers Bob
Daisley and Lee Kerslake. Bassist Daisley and drummer Kerslake,
who recorded 1980's Blizzard Of Ozz and 1981's Diary Of A Madman,
have been suing the Osbournes for 20 years regarding royalties
and proper credits on the two albums, and the case has been
ordered to trial in Los Angeles on February 18, 2003.

The trial will only deal with the issue of performance royalties
the dispute over publishing royalties has been sent to arbitration,
while the claims of being improperly credited on the albums have
been dismissed, although that decision is up for review.

Daisley explained to LAUNCH how things got to this point. "Lee
Kerslake and myself were fired after recording the Diary Of A
Madman album. During 1980 and the beginning of 1981, contracts
were drawn up and went backwards and forwards from our lawyers to
their lawyers. We were told to keep working, that it would be
eventually all sorted out. The contracts were actually physical,
but not actually signed. And then when we got fired, we brought
up the situation of royalties, and they just said, 'Oh, well.
End of story--you're out of the band. Off you go.'"

The Osbournes removed the playing of Daisley and Kerslake from
the recent reissues of Blizzard Of Ozz and Diary Of A Madman,
replacing the original recordings with tracks from Ozzy's current
bassist and drummer.

New Album - Ozzfest Live Details (8/7/2002)

Ozzy Osbsourne, System of a Down and Rob Zombie are among the
Ozzfest acts who will appear on Ozzfest Live 2002, due
September 3rd. Main-stagers and second-stagers alike join
forces on the album, which features Osbourne's take on his
former band Black Sabbath's "War Pigs," as well as System's
"Needles" and Zombie's "More Human Than Human." Other artists
include P.O.D. ("Outkast"), Adema ("Freaking Out") and Andrew
W.K. singing along with none other than Kelly Osbourne on
"She Is Beautiful."

The fifth installment of the Ozzfest series, the enhanced disc
will feature exclusive backstage footage, live performances
and interviews.

Ozzfest 2002 track listing:

"War Pigs," Ozzy Osbourne
"Needles," System of a Down
"More Human Than Human," Rob Zombie
"Outkast," P.O.D.
"Creeping Death," Drowning Pool
"Freaking Out," Adema
"Berzerkers," Black Label Society
"Ghosts Along the Mississippi," Down
"A Call for Blood," Hatebreed
"New Millenium Cyanide Christ," Meshuggah
"Halo," Soil (with Zakk Wylde)
"Payback," Flaw
"All Lies," 3rd Strike
"Glass Door Pulse," Ultra
"Liar," Ill Nino
"She Is Beautiful," Andrew W.K. with Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne Gets 'Freaky' (8/1/2002)

If you can't get enough of The Osbournes, you're in luck:
Kelly Osbourne, the foul-mouthed, pink-haired, cherubic daughter of Ozzy
Osbourne has landed a movie gig. Kelly Osbourne--who can be seen in
theaters now in a cameo in Austin Powers In Goldmember--will play the best
friend of the main character in the new Disney movie Freaky Friday, reports

The film is a remake of the 1976 movie, in which a 14-year-old Jodie Foster
played a girl who finds that she and her mother have swapped bodies.
Osbourne will also contribute a song to the soundtrack, the trade reports.

Freaky Friday was remade once before as a 1995 made-for-TV film starring
Shelley Long and Gaby Hoffman.

Ozzy Returning To Ozzfest Sooner Than Expected (8/1/2002)

He resumes headlining slot August 7 in Clarkston, Michigan.

The Prince of Darkness will retake his rightful place on the Ozzfest throne
sooner than expected.

Last week when Ozzy Osbourne first announced his departure from the trek
to be with wife/manager Sharon during her first chemotherapy session
in her battle with cancer, he said he planned to rejoin the tour August 22
in Denver. He will now return and resume his headlining slot August 7 in
Clarkston, Michigan, according to an Osbournes spokesperson.

The new restart date means Osbourne will only miss two dates of the
tour: August 3 in Columbus, Ohio, and August 4 in Cleveland.

Sharon went public with her cancer diagnosis early last month.

Ozzy's sea legs apparently aren't as stable as they used to be. Although
he once snorted a line of ants and bit the heads off doves and a bat,
watching his wife undergo the often grueling treatment was so
overwhelming that he almost passed out and had to be taken to a
recovery room, the family's spokesperson said. It was after that incident
Sharon thought it best that he return to the road.

Sabbath, Zeppelin Top Greatest Metal Albums List (7/31/2002)

This is one "greatest albums" list The Beatles did not make.
In the world of heavy metal, the genre that allows fans to
blow off steam to deafening, bone-crunching music, honors for
the greatest album of all time have gone to Guns N' Roses.

The short-lived U.S. rock band's 1987 debut release, "Appetite
For Destruction," took pole position in Spin magazine's top 40
list, ahead of works by pioneering bands such as Led Zeppelin
and Black Sabbath.

Led Zeppelin's untitled 1971 release, commonly known as "Led
Zeppelin IV" or "Zoso" was second, followed by Black Sabbath's
"Paranoid" (1971), Metallica's "Master of Puppets" (1986) and
AC/DC's "Back in Black" (1980), Spin's editors decreed in the
magazine's upcoming September issue.

"Appetite for Destruction," which includes such hits as "Welcome
to the Jungle" and "Sweet Child O' Mine," has sold more than 15
million copies in the United States. Spin said it "sounds like
Hollywood at 2 a.m., only genuine and dangerous and absolutely

The Led Zeppelin album was "the defining endeavor for the band
and the genre it accidentally created," Spin said. The U.K.
quartet's "Led Zeppelin II" (1969) took the No. 7 spot.

Fellow Brits Black Sabbath also appeared twice, with 1972's
"Vol. 4" at No. 14. Additionally, frontman Ozzy Osbourne's
1980 solo album "Blizzard Of Ozz," recorded after he was fired
from the band, came in at No. 26.

Sharon's PET Scan (7/31/2002)

Ozzy announced at his Sunday night's show in Atlanta that
Sharon's PET scan that was done on Friday had come back
negative and showed no more tumours.

Sharon In Good Spirits (7/31/2002)

Sharon Osbourne seems to be doing well following her first
session of chemotherapy Monday, with husband Ozzy by her side.

She's in "very good spirits, she's very upbeat," the Osbournes'
spokesperson told USA Today.

Sharon's three-month chemo prescription is treating the cancer
that was initially thought to be confined to her colon, but
following an operation, was found to have spread. She was first
diagnosed with the disease earlier this month.

After postponing the first two dates of Ozzfest when the
diagnosis became public, Ozzy persevered on the annual trek
without his wife and manager, who masterminds the annual hard
rock tour. He withdrew from the trek two-and-a-half weeks later,
after Sunday's show in Atlanta to accompany his wife during what
can sometimes be a taxing treatment. He's expected to return to
the road August 22 in Denver. Main-stage act System of a Down
have assumed Ozzy's headlining set time in his absence.

In other Osbourne family news, the first season of "The Osbournes"
is being released on DVD this fall, according to a Buena Vista
Home Video spokesperson. For those interested in hearing the
foul-mouthed family speak in vocabulary too vulgar for TV,
censored and uncensored versions will be available. The DVD's
release will coincide with the second season of the reality series,
which is expected to document Sharon's cancer ordeal. Buena Vista
Home Video is also contracted to issue the second season on DVD.

"The Osbournes" DVD won't be the only way fans can take the
charming clan home. Next month store shelves will be stocked
with Osbourne family tchotchkes (see "Soon You Can Throw Darts
At The Osbournes, Make Them Quack"), including key chains,
bendables, snowglobes and "The Osbournes Phone Pal," a telephone
peripheral that commands, "Pick up the phone!" with each ring.

Musically, if Ozzy's latest release, Live at Budokan, is a little
too recent for some old-school Oz-heads, Ozzy, when more than a
quarter-century younger, can be heard backed by Black Sabbath on
Past Lives, the band's first live album released domestically
with the original lineup, which also includes bassist Geezer Butler,
guitarist Tony Iommi and drummer Bill Ward. (Sabbath's Stateside
live debut came courtesy of 1982's Live Evil, on which the band
was fronted by Ozzy's replacement Ronnie James Dio.)

The first of two discs comprising Past Lives was initially issued
in the U.K. as Live at Last in 1980, but the sound quality not to
mention uninspired artwork and liner notes that misspelled
Osbourne's first name as "Ossie" was rejected by the band and,
subsequently, many of its fans.

Remastered and with new cover art and liner notes, Past Lives, set
for release August 20, features such Sabbath favorites as "Sweet
Leaf," "War Pigs" and "Paranoid," along with gems like a 19-minute,
improvised version of "Wicked World."

'Osbournes' Getting DVD Treatment (7/31/2002)

You won't have to wait long for The Osbournes to come to DVD.
Unlike other producers of other shows, which take years to
release series DVDs, MTV is striking while the iron is hot
and planning a late-fall release for seasons one and two of
The Osbournes. Miramax will release the discs, which promise
to be packed with never-before-seen footage of Ozzy Osbourne
and his kooky clan.

"As soon as I discussed this project with Harvey," said family
matriarch Sharon Osbourne of Miramax co-chair Harvey Weinstein,
"I knew that Miramax was the right home for The Osbournes. With
the marketing plans for the DVD and video, it just had to be
bleeping Miramax."

Ozzy To Take 3 Week Break From Ozzfest (7/26/2002)

Ozzfest To Continue With System of a Down as Main Stage

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Ozzy Osbourne will take a three week break
from his headlining duties on Ozzfest 2002 to be by his wife's
side while she undergoes her first course of chemotherapy
treatments. System Of A Down will move into the headlining slot
on the main stage as Ozzfest continues to tear its way across
America this summer. Ozzy will jump off the tour following the
July 28th date in Atlanta and will resume performing in Denver
on August 22nd.

"This has been one of the hardest decisions I've had to make
and I'm hoping that my fans will understand," Ozzy said yesterday.
"Ozzfest must continue with or without me since it's Sharon's baby.
I want to thank all the bands on Ozzfest and my crew for all their
love and support, especially System Of A Down."

"I'm putting on a brave face here, guys, but I'm burning up
inside. I have to go home," he added.

"The Ozzfest is my baby, and no one is going to take my baby away
from me," Ozzy said. "Keep Ozzfest going. We're going to get over
this hurdle.

We've gotten over worse before. Stick it out with me. I need you
now more than ever."

Ozzy thanked the bands and crew that will carry on without him
during his leave of absence, and thanked fans for understanding
his decision. "I'm sure my fans will understand. Anyone in this
position would do the same thing," he said. "I relish seeing you
people. You're my life, you're my air, you're my breath, you're
everything to me."

On the dates that Ozzy is not performing, Sharon has arranged for
all fans attending Ozzfest 2002 to receive a free special treat
from the food concessions at each show.

System of a Down will headline the following Ozzfest 2002 dates:

8/3 Columbus, OH Polaris Amph.
8/4 Cleveland, OH Blossom Music Center
8/7 Clarkston, MI DTE Energy Center
8/8 Clarkston, MI DTE Energy Center
8/10 Chicago, IL Tweeter Center
8/11 East Troy, WI Alpine Valley
8/13 Indianapolis, IN Verizon Amph.
8/15 Bristow, VA Nissan Pavilion
8/17 Somerset, WI Float-Rite Park
8/19 St. Louis, MO Riverport Amph.
8/20 Kansas City, MO Sandstone Amph.

Ozzy Hit with Two Lawsuits (7/26/2002)

Ozzy Osbourne's legal fees are mounting up.

The "Prince of F---ing Darkness" and his wife, Sharon, are being
sued by a Hollywood producer who claims the heavy-metal family
stole his idea for their hit MTV series, The Osbournes.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Gary Binkow is accusing Ozzy
and Sharon of fraud and breach of contract, after he purportedly
met several times with the couple and with execs from Miramax
Television in 1999 and 2000 in the hopes of creating "a real-life
docu-sitcom" based on the family.

Binkow says he even registered a treatment for the proposed series
with the Writers Guild of America in January 2000. His proposal
says the series would "showcase the trials and tribulations of
real-life rock star Ozzy Osbourne" and added that "the audience
shouldn't really know if the show is scripted or not."

"In developing the show, [the Osbournes] misappropriated [Binkow's]
idea and concept without his knowledge and consent and without
compensating" him, according to the lawsuit, filed Thursday in
Los Angeles Superior Court.

Binkow is executive producer for Neverland, a film starring Johnny
Depp and Kate Winslet currently shooting in London. His lawsuit
seeks unspecified damages.

A spokeswoman for the Osbournes dismissed Binkow's claims, but had
no further comment.

Their legal troubles, however, don't stop there. Ozzy also is being
sued by two musicians after Osbourne removed their work from his
first two solo albums in order to avoid paying them royalties.

Bass player Bob Daisley and drummer Lee Kerslake, who performed on
Blizzard of Oz and Diary of a Madman in the early '80s, say Ozzy
has rereleased the albums--with their original parts replaced by
newly recorded bass and drum tracks.

"They sound awful," Daisley told London's Daily Express. "They are
nothing like the originals. It is an insult to us but more
importantly to the fans."

The whole legal battle goes back to 1998, when Daisley and Kerslake
filed lawsuits claiming Osbourne, his wife and manager Sharon and
Sony Music and Epic Records cheated them out of royalties for their
work on the albums. In a statement, Sharon Osbourne made it clear
why Ozzy decided to rerecord the tracks.

"Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake have harassed Ozzy and our family for
several years," she said. "Because of their abusive and unjust
behavior, Ozzy wanted to remove them from these recordings. We
turned a negative into a positive by adding a fresh sound to the
original albums."

Daisley and Kerslake's case has been set for trial early next year.

My Ozzfest Review - PNC Arts Center, NJ 7/20/02 (7/26/2002)

Click here to read it!

Ozzy Will Shave Head For Sharon (7/26/2002)

OZZY OSBOURNE has come up with the perfect gesture to support
his wife Sharon's battle with cancer - he's vowed to shave
off his hair for charity. The former BLACK SABBATH frontman
was devastated this month to discover Sharon has been diagnosed
with cancer of the colon - and that the chemotherapy she now
faces is likely to result in her losing her hair. But Ozzy is
determined that Sharon will not face the prospect of hair loss
alone - he has promised to lose his trademark long locks as
well, to raise money for cancer research. According to
British tabloid the Daily Star, the MTV star told his wife,
"We're in this together. If you go bald, I'll go bald - I'll
be by your side every step of the way."

Osbourne Interview on Fox News (7/26/2002)

Sunday night, July 28th, 11:00 pm Fox News - Fox Magazine

They are one of the most talked about families in America. The
Osbourne family gives new meaning to the term "family values."
Their reality show quickly became one of the MTV biggest hits!

Fox's Greta Van Susteren sat down with Sharon and Ozzy not too
long ago. Fox Magazine is going to play it for you... it's an
interview you don't want to miss.

Update on "Past Lives" (7/26/2002)

BLACK SABBATH 'PAST LIVES' will be available in 2 formats for
a limited time:

1. LIMITED EDITION DIGIPAK (only 5000 units in Canada!)
- Tony Iommi guitar pick!
- Fold-out poster!
- Never before seen photos!
- Bonus liner notes!

2. Regular 2 CD jewelcase
- Cheaper, but with none of the extras!

Tracks 1-9 are the already released Live at Last album
(but cleaned up). Tracks 10-18 are taken from various Sabbath
tours from 1970 through 1978.

Track Listing

1. Tomorrow's Dream
2. Sweet Leaf
3. Killing Yourself
4. Cornucopia
5. Snowblind
6. Children of the Grave
7. War Pigs
8. Wicked World
9. Paranoid

Disc 2:
10. Hand of Doom
11. Hole in the Sky
12. Symptom of the Universe
13. Megalomania
14. Iron Man
15. Black Sabbath
16. NIB
17. Behind the Wall
18. Fairies Wear Boots

(Courtesy of Joe Seiglers

Trump Condo Slams Door On Osbournes (7/21/2002)

The Prince of Darkness and his kooky kin have been thwarted
in their efforts to buy a $7 million, 48th-floor spread with
360- degree views in the Trump Palace condominium at 200 E. 69th
St., owned by Donald Trump. "Their application listed three dogs,"
said a Trump Palace insider. "The building no longer allows new
dogs on the premises.

Kelly Sings With Andrew W.K. (7/21/2002)

The sweaty, soiled singer and the Princess of Darkness, who
admittedly just happens to like "smelly guys" (so she says),
joined together on stage today in Holmdel, N.J. to sing a
rendition of "She Is Beautiful" for the forthcoming Ozzfest
2002 live album. Two days of mobile recording at the Mansfield,
Mass. shows were successfully completed earlier in the week by
engineer Thom Panunzio and the Record Plant Mobile Team. The
album is due next month on Columbia Records. We hear Drowning Pool
covered "Creeping friggin' Death" by Metallica and that DOWN had
a stage monitor catch fire during their recording.

Jack Osbourne Injures His Arm (7/21/2002)

Jack Osbourne, the son of heavy-metal legend Ozzy Osbourne and a
star of MTV's hit reality show "The Osbournes," jumped off the
Malibu Pier with several friends and suffered an arm injury,
authorities said.

The 16-year-old, who's a talent scout for a recording company,
was on the pier with a film crew Wednesday afternoon when several
teenagers jumped off, said Norton Wisdom, a Los Angeles County

"I looked up and there were a bunch of kids doing cannonballs off
the Malibu Pier, which is illegal," said Wisdom, who patrols
Surfrider Beach.

Lifeguards stabilized Osbourne's arm, took his blood pressure and
treated him for mild shock, Wisdom said. A film crew on the pier
was operating without a permit and left the area, he said.

Osbourne was taken to Malibu St. John's Urgent Care center for
treatment, Wisdom said.

Black Sabbath Story Vol 1 & 2 DVD (7/21/2002)

Sanctuary are reissuing the BLACK SABBATH DVDs, The Black Sabbath
Story Vol 1 and Vol 2. Both DVDs feature 16:9 letterbox (reformatted
for DVD), Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, animated menus, album gallery,
bonus band history. They are due out in late August/early September.

Ozzy's Current Setlist (7/21/2002)

You've all been asking for it... here it is!

I Don't Know
That I Never had
Mr. Crowley
Gets Me Through
Suicide Solution
Zakk Wylde guitar solo
No More Tears
Iron Man
I Don't Want To Change The World
Road to Nowhere
Crazy Train

Mama, I'm coming home
Bark at the moon.

Live In 75 - New Title, Due Out In August (7/21/2002)

The "Live in 75" double
live Black Sabbath album
has a new name. It will
be officially titled

It will have some pics you've never seen before, some from 1969,
some from later, will include a Black Sabbath guitar pick, and some
other goodies. It's got cool digipak packaging, as well as a second
type of packaging (similar to what they did with Reunion, where
there were two different types of packages you could get). and both show release dates of August 20th.

(Thanks Joe!)

Sharon Osbourne Jokes About Her Cancer Surgery (7/21/2002)

In her first interview since being diagnosed with colon cancer,
Sharon Osbourne deals with her illness with typical raunchy humor
and an upbeat attitude.

''Why'd they have to find it in my bum of all places?'' the star
of MTV's The Osbournes jokes in the new issue of People.

But her illness may be more serious than initial reports indicated.
On July 3, surgeons removed a foot of her colon. On July 8 she was
told that two nearby lymph nodes removed during surgery tested
positive for cancerous cells, indicating the cancer has spread
beyond her colon, People reports.

Osbourne says her prognosis is ''very, very good.'' She will start
a three-month course of chemotherapy July 29 and will allow MTV to
film it for the next season of The Osbournes.

Sharon, 49, says her diagnosis has been particularly hard on her
three children and husband, heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne.

''I've done a lot of praying, believe it or not,'' says the
singer. ''She's my whole world -- she's the best lover I've ever
had, the best friend I've ever had. She has been my pillar of
strength for many years.''

It was Ozzy, an admitted hypochondriac, who in June persuaded his
wife to get her first checkup in three years, People says. During
the exam, blood tests showed she was anemic. Suspecting internal
bleeding, the doctor ordered a colonoscopy, during which two polyps
were removed for biopsy. They were found to be cancerous.

When Ozzy learned the news, ''he was hysterical, just terrified,''
Sharon says. ''The doctor had to come over and sedate him.'' She
has since persuaded her reluctant husband to proceed with Ozzfest.

Sharon Osbourne Says Cancer Has Spread (7/21/2002)

Sharon Osbourne's cancer has spread beyond her colon and the
wife of the anarchic British rock star Ozzy Osbourne will start a
three-month course of chemotherapy at the end of July, she told
People magazine in an interview released on Thursday.

Osbourne, 49, who has become a TV star with most of the rest of
the family thanks to the hit MTV reality series "The Osbournes,"
said her prognosis was "very, very good" but that Ozzy Osbourne
was "hysterical" when first told the news.

Sharon Osbourne, credited with reviving her husband's career
after he was fired from heavy metal band Black Sabbath in 1979,
underwent colon cancer surgery on July 3 and her publicist said
at the time she was expected to make a full recovery.

But Osbourne told People that one of two nearby lymph nodes removed
during the procedure had since tested positive for cancerous cells,
indicating the cancer had spread beyond her colon.

"It was not the best news," she told People. "You think nothing
will ever happen to you. You're invincible. Then after you get
over the shock and panic you realize how lucky you are to be alive.

"That's where I am right now. I simply have to take care of this
thing," she said.

Osbourne said she would start three months of chemotherapy on July
29, and that she planned to allow MTV to film the treatment when
shooting resumes for the second season of "The Osbournes" -- the
show that follows the chaotic daily exploits of the foul-mouthed

"People will see me having chemo. It'll be interesting," she
said. "We need to get a different vibe going. I think I'll bring
some music, introduce myself, maybe we can sing some songs and
cheer the place up."

Osbourne said Ozzy, her husband of 20 years, "was hysterical,
just terrified," when she told him the news, adding, "The doctor
had to come over and sedate him."

Ozzy told People the couple planned to renew their marriage vows
on Sharon's 50th birthday on October 9. "I've always had a plan
that I'd get sick before she did, that I'd die before she did.
But my plan didn't work out....Life has a way of kicking you in
the nuts," he said.

Their 16-year-old son Jack was also in the news on Thursday. He
hurt his arm after a fall while climbing an empty building on
Malibu's derelict pier to prepare to dive into the ocean. A
lifeguard who treated him at the scene said Jack suffered only
minor injuries.

Osbournes Up For Emmy (7/21/2002)

Make some room on the mantel...."The Osbournes" has received
an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Non-Fiction Program
(Reality) by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Also
up for best reality show are PBS' "American High," TLC's
"Trauma: Life in the ER" and HBO's "Project Greenlight" and
"Taxicab Confessions." The fifty-fourth annual Emmy Awards will
be held on September 22nd, at the Shrine Auditorium in Los
Angeles, CA. Mentioned In New Book (7/17/2002)

Ozzy Knows Best,
An Unauthorized Biography
by Chris Nickson.


Page 245:
Great Ozzy fan sites are few and far between. The best by far is
Ozzyhead (, which is as up-to-date and thorough
as anyone could want. Past that you get into the not-so-current
and the brief. So stick with the good stuff.

Ozzy On MTV (7/17/2002)

Catch OZZY OSBOURNE Live at Budakon on MTV's All Access Week

7/20 3:00 PM

7/18 12:30 PM
7/20 4:30 PM
7/21 7:00 PM

MTV2 Rock Show - Ozzfest Edition Hosted by JACK OSBOURNE
7/15-7/19 6:00 PM
7/20 3:30 PM
7/21 6:00 PM

'Mrs. Ozzy' recovering (7/17/2002)

Sharon Osbourne is out of the hospital after undergoing surgery
for colon cancer.

The wife of heavy-metal icon Ozzy Osbourne and co-star of the
MTV hit show The Osbournes is ''in good spirits and doing well,''
family spokeswoman Lisa Vega said Tuesday in a statement.

The surgery took place last week at an undisclosed Los Angeles
area hospital. The disease was in its early stages, Vega said,
and doctors expect a full recovery.

Colon cancer often develops over a long period of time,
according to health experts, starting out as a seemingly harmless
polyp or warty growth in the colon or rectum. Those polyps can
turn into an aggressive cancer, one that can spread to other
parts of the body.

The key is early detection. The American Cancer Society
recommends that men and women 50 and older get regular screening
tests for this disease, including a rectal exam and a colonoscopy.

The very earliest form of colon cancer, a polyp that has turned
cancerous but hasn't spread yet, can be removed either during a
colonoscopy or in a surgical operation. Colon cancer removed at
the earliest stage offers a cure rate of about 90%.

Sharon Osbourne, 49, got this disease at a relatively young age.
Most cases of colon cancer strike after age 50.

To prevent getting colon cancer, the American Cancer Society
recommends that women exercise, lose excess body weight and eat
at least five fruits and vegetables per day.

Sharon Osbourne has battled drug and alcohol abuse, but she has
been sober for years. In earlier days she was considerably
overweight, but had adjustable lap-bandweight-loss surgery, which
helped her lose 90 pounds.

Considered the mastermind of the family, she is credited with
revitalizing Ozzy's career, as well as negotiating the MTV deal,
along with a two-book deal, a soundtrack album and other related

A second season of The Osbournes is slated to begin airing in the
fall. The highest-rated program in MTV's history chronicles the
unorthodox home life of Ozzy, Sharon and two of their three
children -- 17-year-old daughter Kelly and 16-year-old son Jack.
MTV will not comment on how Sharon's surgery will affect shooting
of the new season.

Ozzy Up For Teen Choice Award (7/14/2002)

Ozzy has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award for best

Ozzfest '02 Live Album (7/14/2002)

"Ozzfest 2002: The Live Album" will be released on August 27
and feature live performances by acts performing on the current

MTV Ozzfest Uncensored Special (7/14/2002)

Showtimes are:

Mon 07/15 12:30 PM
Tue 07/16 6:30 PM
Wed 07/17 9:30 PM
Sat 07/20 2:30 PM
Sat 07/20 10:00 PM
Sun 07/21 6:30 PM

Ozzfest Dates Cancelled, New Dates For PA and VA (7/12/2002)

The July 24 Raleigh, NC date has been cancelled. The
previously postponed Post-Gazette Pavilion Pittsburgh, Pa show will
take place on this date.

The August 15 Cincinnati, OH date has been cancelled.
The previously postponed Nissan Pavilion Bristow, Va show
will take place on this date.

New Family Member On "The Osbournes" Season 2 (7/12/2002)

According to "Extra", season 2 of "The Osbournes" will have a
new family member on the show. Don Arden, (Sharon Osbournes
father) will be moving in.

This blew my mind when I saw it broadcast... I was under
the impression that Sharon and Ozzy still hated this mans
guts! According to the "Extra" clip, Don and Sharon are on
speaking terms.

Uncut 'Osbournes' headed to Canada (7/12/2002)

The air is about to turn blue in the rec rooms of
Canadian TV viewers as English-language broadcaster CTV
brings "The Osbournes" -- uncut -- onto the conventional
TV schedule, Variety reports.

Unlike MTV in the United States and MTV Canada, CTV
programmers have decided not to censor the colorful turns
of phrase favored by legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his
family in the wildly successful reality-TV series.

"Some viewers will be surprised by how the Osbournes talk to
each other," said Susanne Boyce, president of programming,
"but coarse language is part of their world. It's used as
they really use it. The heart of 'The Osbournes' is that
they're not plastic. Their fights, their love for each other
and their language is real."

"The Osbournes" will air at 10 p.m. Tuesdays starting in
September, an hour beyond the "watershed hour," to shield
younger ears. CTV will also air "strongly worded advisories"
throughout each episode and in all of its advertising, just
as it has done with "The Sopranos."

CTV, a unit of Bell Globemedia, announced in June that it
had sublicensed seasons one and two of "The Osbournes" from
MTV Canada.

My Site Mentioned In Entertainment Weekly Magazine (7/10/2002)

Entertainment Weekly, Issue #662, 7/12/02, page 86

Most Authentic Ozzy Site

Forget the MTV-sanitized father-in-recovery that Ozzy has
become, and reunite with that going-off-the-rails madman who
thrashed alongside Randy Rhoads and Zakk Wylde, and cowrote
songs with Motorhead's Lemmy. The place to do it:,
a tribute site dutifully run by '69 Camaro driver Mitch
VanBeekum. The suicide solutions here include an Ozzy soundboard,
a full page of Ozzy tattoo photosm and clips of Ozzy singing
"She Drives Me Crazy" and "Shake Your Head (Let's Go To Bed)." A-

Check out for the full story: click here

Osbourne In 'Good Spirits' After Surgery (7/10/2002)

Sharon Osbourne, who stars with her family in the MTV reality
series "The Osbournes," was in "good spirits and doing well"
after undergoing surgery for colon cancer last week, her
publicist said Tuesday.

"Sharon Osbourne wishes to thank everyone for their support
and kind thoughts over the past week," family spokeswoman
Lisa Vega said in a statement. "Doctors expect Sharon to make
a full recovery."

Osbourne underwent surgery last Wednesday for what Vega
described as "the very early stages" of colon cancer. At the
time of the operation, Vega would not identify the form of
cancer Osbourne had, other than to describe it as treatable.

Rolling Stone (7/8/2002)

Ozzy's got the cover of
Rollingstone - on news
stands now!

Has "The Osbournes" Overstayed It's Welcome? (7/8/2002)

Taken from Entertainment Weekly, Issue #662:

Has ''The Osbournes'' overstayed its welcome? They're everywhere,
from Buckingham Palace to toy stores, but is MTV's first family in
a 'Bourne identity crisis?

Can you remember, way back to six months ago, when you didn't know
anything about Ozzy Osbourne except something about bats and a band
called Black Sabbath? Now, thanks to MTV's all-time highest-rated
show, Ozzy and wife Sharon are buddies with George W., have been
described as ''loving'' by former veep Dan Quayle, and even
appeared before Queen Elizabeth for her Golden Jubilee.

That's not even the half of it. Between talk-show visits, magazine
stories (in fact, see a review of Osbourne websites on page 86),
and the seventh Ozzfest kicking off July 6, the foul-mouthed family
has officially invaded America. And did we mention the woofer
shaking onslaught of more than 100 items of Osbourne kitsch, with
the clan set to rake in $10-15 million on current merchandising deals?

But buyers beware: The Osbourne backlash has begun. Bill Cosby and
David Bowie both dissed the show in June, Cosby referring to the
family as ''a sad case'' and Bowie sniffing that Ozzy has ''become
this junk culture thing.'' And in an admittedly unscientific poll
of 100 random people in New York City, just over half said the
Osbournes are overexposed, with Kelly cited as the biggest offender
most likely due to her ubiquitous cover of Madonna's ''Papa Don't
Preach'' from ''The Osbourne Family Album'' (which debuted at No.
13 on the Billboard charts).

Ever the savvy businesswoman, Sharon declines to comment on her
strategy. But to execs at MTV, ''The Osbournes'' is the latest
example of a fickle MO perfected by such short-lived sensations as
''Beavis and Butt-head,'' ''Singled Out,'' and ''Jackass.''
''I've just come to accept that as a part of the dynamic of MTV,''
says entertainment prez Brian Graden, who greenlighted ''The
Osbournes'' last year and reran the show up to five times per week.
''It's going to burn as fast as it's going to burn. Will we ever
see first-season numbers again? I don't know. We can't stretch it

These days, the shelf life of any pop-culture phenom appears to
be shorter than Ozzy's attention span. Consider the life cycle of
insta-hit ''Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,'' once thought to be
the final answer to ABC's ratings woes. The Regis Philbin-hosted
game show's popularity peaked fast, with episodes running up to
four times a week. But ratings plummeted just as quickly, until
ABC pulled the plug on the series in May. ''Millionaire'' exec
producer Michael Davies says networks are smart to cash in right
away: ''Many people have said ABC ruined ['Millionaire' by]
overexposing it. But would the show really have lasted 17 years
on the network doing those kinds of numbers? Reality shows have
replaced the specials business. You can watch it in huge numbers
and talk about it with friends and then not see it again for a

Does it pay for Ozzy and Co. to pace themselves until the
now-in-production second season airs this fall? Probably not,
because reality copycats are already rearing their heads: R&B
singer Brandy Norwood recounts her recent pregnancy on MTV,
while Anna Nicole Smith's show debuts in August on E! ''If you
don't get your programs in while you're hot, the inevitability
is you will be copied so much, so quickly, that your programs
will lose value anyway,'' says Davies. ''We were definitely
hurt by the fact that everybody tried to make a game show
derivative of ['Millionaire'].''

Competition isn't the only risk. The clan's initial charm
could be drained by massive exposure, not to mention such
curious spin-offs as Osbourne beer mugs (isn't Ozzy a recovering
alcoholic?), backpacks (though offspring Jack, 16, and Kelly, 17,
don't even go to school), and ''I'm the f---ing Prince of
Darkness'' cane-shaped talking pooper-scoopers (where to begin?).
''One of the things the audience responded to was how normal the
domestic situation was despite the extraordinary life they lead,''
says Graden. ''The question is: What normalcy has been infringed
upon by the show?''

Speaking of normalcy, what's the cost of sudden celebrity to the
family, particularly the two teens? ''The Osbourne children are
at serious risk and [the show] borders on abuse,'' warns Paul
Petersen, former star of ''The Donna Reed Show'' and founder of
A Minor Consideration, a nonprofit group for roughly 600 former
child actors that includes Melissa Gilbert and Mackenzie Phillips.
''Look two years ahead. If they're tossed on life's scrap heap
before the age of 20, what do you think comes next? They've got
another 70 years of living to do.''

But another veteran of MTV's flash flood of celebrity is less
worried. Jack and Kelly ''are used to this,'' says Tom Green,
noting that the children of a rock star face less adjustment to
fame than others. Still, Green does have some typically deadpan
advice: ''I was going to say, 'Tell Jack not to marry a movie
star.' But that would be cynical now, wouldn't it?''

Ozzy Osbourne's Wife Undergoes Cancer Treatment (7/2/2002)

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Sharon Osbourne, the wife and manager of rock
star-turned-reality TV hero Ozzy Osbourne, has been diagnosed with a
treatable form of cancer and will undergo surgery on Wednesday, the couple's
publicist said.

A statement issued on Tuesday said she was expected to make a full recovery.
The type of cancer was not specified, and a spokeswoman was not immediately

"She has the loving support of her husband and three children who are by her
side at this time," the statement said.

Along with her family, the matronly Osbourne has become a pop culture
sensation in recent months thanks to the smash MTV reality series "The
Osbournes," massive media coverage, and an avalanche of merchandising deals.

The show follows the daily exploits of the foul-mouthed but loving clan:
befuddled Ozzy, plain-spoken Sharon, and two of their children, rambunctious
teenagers Jack and Kelly. Eldest child Aimee did not participate in the
show's first season.

Sharon Osbourne, the estranged daughter of veteran English showbiz promoter
Don Arden, is credited with reviving her husband's career after he was fired
from heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath in 1979. They were married in Maui
in 1982. The union has been a seemingly happy one apart from a 1989 brawl
where a drunken Ozzy tried to strangle Sharon and subsequently spent three
months in rehab.

In addition to managing her husband, the so-called "Prince of Darkness,"
Sharon Osbourne oversees the hugely successful annual Ozzfest rock festival.
The first two stops of this year's incarnation, July 6th in Bristow, VA. and
July 7th in Pittsburgh, PA. have been postponed.

Osbourne, who once matched her husband's drink-and-drugs excess, underwent a
gastric bypass operation and lost 90 pounds. She reportedly had weighed as
much as 224 pounds.

Osbourne Can Thank 'Papa' For Fall Album (6/29/2002)

Kelly Osbourne has made up her mind: She's keeping
her recording career.

The 17-year-old daughter of hard-rock heavyweight Ozzy Osbourne,
and his co-star in the smash MTV series The Osbournes,
can now add a hit single to her resume. Kelly's revved-up rendition
of the 1986 Madonna classic Papa Don't Preach is currently
at No. 28 in national top 40 radio airplay, and climbing.

According to Michael Steele, music director at KIIS-FM in Los
Angeles, Osbourne's Papa - the leadoff single for The Osbourne
Family Album, which entered Billboard at No. 13 this week -
"couldn't be any bigger. It's been the No. 1 or No. 2 most requested
song on the station for a month solid."

Now comes word that the second-generation rocker plans to begin
recording her own album in July. Epic Records hopes to release
the CD this fall, in time for The Osbournes' second season.

Osbourne is co-writing material with a team of tunesmiths led
by Epic executive and Papa producer Ric Wake, who has
previously worked with such successful songbirds as Celine Dion,
Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez.

Predictably, Osbourne promises her oeuvre will be "nothing like"
the output of those divas. Before her single was released, the
flame-haired teen had told MTV News, with typical Osbourne candor,
"I'm kind of crapping myself because I don't think I'm a very good
singer." Even now, she concedes, "I consider myself lucky, because I
know there are people who can do it better than I can. I never wrote
a song in my life until a couple of weeks ago."

But Wake expects that Osbourne's punk-influenced perspective will
provide a welcome contrast "to all that pop stuff going on right
now. I think it's going to be real edgy, with a lot of attitude.
Kelly hasn't had much experience, but she knows what she's doing.
She's a chip off the old block."

Adds Steele, "Kelly's the kind of girl who could be your best
friend in high school. I don't think a lot of people have friends
like Britney Spears. That's why girls are gravitating toward Kelly.
They relate to her."

Of course, Osbourne's timing and pedigree give her an edge over
other girls next door. Melinda Newsome, assistant program director
of WIOQ-FM in Philadelphia, has doubts about the young star's
long-term prospects. "I personally love her hit, but it's a novelty
record. Its popularity has a lot to do with the (show's) hype."

Airplay Monitor editor Sean Ross agrees that the single "got a ton
of out-of-the-box airplay because of who and what it is."

Osbourne, in keeping with the family values she helps promote on
MTV, does not play down her connections.

"Of course my father gives me advice," she says sweetly. "I wouldn't
be doing this if it wasn't for him."

"Live At The Budokan" In Stores Now! (6/29/2002)

Ozzy's latest live release, "Live At Budokan", is in stores now,
on CD, DVD and VHS! Featuring live versions of new favorites
like "Gets Me Through" and "Junkie" as well as classic
takes on "Mr. Crowley", "Believer", and "Crazy Train" the album
is a showcase for the invigorating live experience that is an
Ozzy Osbourne concert. In addition to the 66 minutes of Ozzy
rockin' the land of the rising sun the CD Extra features bonus video
footage of the Osbourne family touring the sites of Japan. As
you may expect, this is not your ordinary walk through the lotus

Get The Osbournes Mugs On Yer Mugs (6/29/2002)

Soon you'll be able to pack your lunch in your Osbournes lunchbox,
drink from your Ozzy coffee mug and sleep under your Osbournes
blankets. The Osbournes are about to be merchandised.

American's favourite television family since The Addams Family
has signed a merchandising deal with Signatures Networks to get
their mugs on your mugs (and for that matter, anywhere else).

Signatures Networks say they already have 50 licensees on board.
Ozzy is about to be everywhere. There will be Osbourne family
pencils, notebooks, lunchboxes, and sporting the latest in
Osbourne family t-shirts, sneakers and hats. And when it's
bedtime, we'll put away our bobble-head Osbourne family dolls
and fall asleep on Osbourne family sheet sets.

The individual members of the family have signed the agreement
but don't expect anything "cute". Sharon Osbourne warns "We are
not the f*cking Partridge Family, we're not the f*cking Bradys,
we're the Osbournes and we're gonna do some crazy sh*t".

Book Claims Ozzy Was a Wild Child (6/20/2002)

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne, whose reality show The Osbournes
recently became the biggest hit series in MTV's 21-year
history, had a pretty wild childhood, according to excerpts
released Monday from the new book Ozzy Unauthorized.

Author Sue Crawford reveals in her book that a young Ozzy
tried to commit suicide, joined in gang fights and drank hard.

"The 14-year-old made a noose out of his mother's clothesline,
put it over his head, fixed the other end securely to a high
gate and jumped from a chair," said an excerpt published in
the UK newspaper The Sun.

"My mother was an amateur singer, my father was an amateur
drunk," Osbourne was quoted as saying. He also witnessed his
father beating his mother and became violent himself.

"In breaks at the age of only 7, he would organize 'hanging
squads' where he and his mates would find rope, grab an
unsuspecting victim, then 'hang' them in the toilets
before letting them go, frightened but unharmed, " Crawford
goes on to say.

Osbourne was also a hard drinker who, by the age of 17,
spent six weeks in jail for breaking into a shop. During
his prison stint, he reportedly smashed another inmate over
the head with a metal chamber pot to deflect unwanted advances.

The book also reveals that Osbourne left school at an early
age to work several jobs, one as a slaughterman, killing
250 cattle a day and gutting sheep. "It fostered his weird
reputation for a fascination with animals and death," it said.

Osbourne, now 53, recently sang at Queen Elizabeth's Golden
Jubilee concert, also known as the Party in the Palace, which
attracted well over a million people to Buckingham Palace on June 3.

Ozzy Unauthorized will be published in July 2002 by Michael
O'Mara Books.

Ozzy's Family The Princess Of Marketing (6/11/2002)

NEW YORK -- Ozzy Osbourne was MTV's biggest hit this year.
Now, he and his family are set to be one of the hot new acts
at the licensing industry's annual show that begins here

Dell Furano, CEO of Signatures Network, shows off an Ozzy Osbourne coin bank,
an item from the Osbourne collection of products at right, at the Licensing 2002
International show at New York's Javits Convention Center, Tuesday, June 11, 2002.

The profane Prince of Darkness, who charmed more than 5
million viewers with each episode of The Osbournes, a look
at his family's household antics, is expected to generate
sales of more than $200 million in licensed goods this year.
A typical deal would give the family 10% or more of that

"It's one of those things you can't put your finger on,"
says Charles Riotto, head of the International Licensing
Merchandisers Association, which sponsors the trade show
for the $177 billion global industry. "Sometimes there's
an unidentifiable quality that strikes a fancy with

The group overseeing the Osbourne family licensing is
looking to strike a fancy with such items as a talking
teddy bear, voice-activated bobble-head dolls, watches
and T-shirts (profane for some venues, sanitized versions
for mass retailers). There are even dog leashes, collars
and outfits based on the family dog, Lola.

"It's a phenomenon," says Dell Furano, chief executive
of Signatures Network, which has represented Osbourne
licensing since the 1980s. "We've got to hit while it's
hot and get product out quickly."

Though he'll capitalize on the current popularity, Furano
says he's looking to put staying power behind the license
by reducing the number of items next year after introducing
400 of them in 2002.

Throw Darts At The Osbournes, Make Them Quack (6/10/2002)

Osbournes bedsheets, underwear, bobblehead dolls, magnets,
more on the way.

With the success of "The Osbournes," Ozzy and his clan seem
omnipresent. It feels like you can't go anywhere without
being exposed to something related to the offbeat family.

As it is for Ozzy himself, your only refuge from the onslaught
is the confines of your bathroom. However, soon even that
sanctuary will be ripe for some Osbourne accoutrements.

The family has signed a licensing agreement with San Francisco
based Signatures Network, which will usher everything from
Osbourne backpacks and beach towels to cookie jars and cell
phone covers into the marketplace in the coming months,
according to company CEO Dell Furano.

T-shirts, caps and posters bearing "The Osbournes" name are
already in stores, and the second salvo of gear, including
backpacks, notebooks and bobblehead dolls, is expected to
be released in the next 30-45 days.

Among the other Osbournes products to be rolled out soon are
men's underwear (both boxers and briefs), hosiery, wallets,
stickers, dart boards, refrigerator magnets, Halloween masks,
comic books, greeting cards, pillows and bedsheets. Perhaps
the strangest item of the bunch is a set of Osbourne family
collectible ducks, four web-footed birds that bear a striking
resemblance to Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly and Jack.

The T-shirts as well as some of the other products carry
sayings Ozzy and his family made famous during the show's
first season, such as, "I'm not cleaning up the dog sh--,
I'm a f---ing rock star!" and the tender "Shut the f--- up
and go to bed." A shirt stamped with a picture of Ozzy and
Sharon each flipping the bird is captioned, "The parents you
wish you had." Censored versions of the sayings are being
printed for retail outlets that request them, like Target
and Wal-Mart.

It's not only the human stars of the show that are being made
into must-have collectibles for Ozzy fans. Lola, the family
bulldog, posed for more than 400 pictures in 24 different
costumes at a photo shoot Monday, and the resulting images
will be used for a calendar. Among the personas the lovably
lumpy canine flashes are a devil, surfer, golfer, bride and
Uncle Sam. A line of dog leashes will coincide with the
release of the calendar.

Each one of Signatures' ideas must be given the go-ahead by
the Osbournes. An Osbourne toilet seat cover, for example,
is still awaiting a green light by Sharon.

"We wanted to take irreverence to a new low," Furano said
of the commode cover.

The CEO expects "The Osbournes" merchandise to generate
approximately $200 million at retail by the end of the year,
he said. Of that total, the Osbournes will pocket
approximately $10-15 million, which nearly equates to a
common licensing rate of 10-15 percent of wholesale revenue.

Signatures Network, which also introduced last year's Kiss
Kasket, has maintained a licensing agreement with Ozzy Osbourne
since his 1980 solo debut, Blizzard of Ozz.

Kelly Osbourne To Record An Album (6/10/2002)

Kelly Osbourne, the daughter of Ozzy, is to follow in her
fathers footsteps and record an album.

Kelly confirmed to MTV backstage at the MTV Movie Awards
that she will spend all of July and August in New York
working on her debut album with producer Rick Wake.

Judging by Rick's previous projects, don't expect Kelly's
record to sound another like her dads. Rick has worked in
the past with Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion.

Fans who want to hear what Kelly sound like will get their
preview on The Osbournes Family Album, due in store in a
week. Ozzy chose a cover of Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach"
for Kelly to perform for the record.

Osbournes To Make In-Store Appearance (6/8/2002)

Ozzy, Sharon, Jack & Kelly will make a special one time in-store
appearance at New Yorks Virgin Megastore, 1540 Broadway, NY, NY on
Tuesday, June 11th at 7:00pm.

2nd Batch Of Reissues To Be Released (6/8/2002)

The second and latest batch of reissues will be released June 25.
And they are...

"Bark at the Moon" featuring the bonus track "One Up the B-Side",
"No Rest For the Wicked" featuring the bonus track "Miracle
Man" (live), "Ozzmosis" featuring the bonus track "Aimee", and
"The Ozzman Cometh" - Ozzy's Greatest Hits CD - (no bonus track).

All albums are remastered from the original master tapes and
feature rare photos and newly-penned liner notes from Kerrang!
editor Phil Alexander.

Ozzy, Elton John, McCartney Salute Queen Of England (6/5/2002)

Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Bennett, Paul McCartney,
a handful of Hell's Angels, a gospel choir
of 5,000 and a throng of close to 1 million
onlookers turned out to help England's
Queen Elizabeth celebrate 50 years on the
throne over the weekend at London's
Buckingham Palace.

Eric Clapton, Ricky Martin, S Club 7, Spice Girl Emma Bunton, Joe
Cocker, Phil Collins, the Corrs, Aretha Franklin, Sir Elton John,
Tom Jones, Annie Lennox, Mis-Teeq, Brian Wilson, Rod Stewart, Cliff
Richard and Will Young also turned out for the event, which played
to a global television audience of millions more over the course
of the weekend-long celebration, according to Reuters.

The Queen's Golden Jubilee weekend kicked off Saturday and came to
a climax with Monday's pop concert. The young-at-heart 76-year-old
Queen started the star-studded evening by leading the nation in a
rousing rendition of the mop-top favorite "All You Need Is Love."

Queen guitarist Brian May then took to the roof of Buckingham
Palace in front of 12,000 ticket holders (and a million more
outside the palace gates) for a solo performance of the national
anthem "God Save the Queen."

After light ceremonies, classical music performances, fireworks,
some hardcore church-going and a closing concert, the festivities
wrapped up Tuesday. The lights went down on Buckingham as the
Hell's Angels joined a gospel choir of 5,000 in a carnival
procession. After the parade, the tired Queen waved to the
masses from a Buckingham Palace balcony, closing the Jubilee

Stateside fans can catch a broadcast of the Party at the Palace
on Sunday, June 9 at 9 p.m (ET) on VH1.

Zakk Wylde Suffers From Exhaustion, Dates Cancelled (6/5/2002)

The remaining dates of the European leg of Ozzfest 2002 have been
cancelled to allow guitarist Zakk Wylde to return home early to
recuperate from mental and physical exhaustion. Ozzfest 2002 has
been a particularly grueling tour for Wylde as he does double duty
opening the show with his band Black Label Society and then
closing the show as Ozzy's guitarist. Wylde has worked non-stop
for over a year recording and touring with Ozzy and recording his
own record 1919 Eternal with his band Black Label Society.

The cancelled Ozzfest 2002 European dates are as follows:

June 4 Lisbon / Restolo Stadium
June 7 Milan / Filaforum
June 8 Zurich / Hallenstadion
June 11 Stockholm / Globen
June 13 Helsinki / Hartwell Arena
June 15 St. Petersburgh/ New Arena
June 16 Moscow / Tushino Field

The U.S. leg of Ozzfest 2002 kicks off on July 6 in Washington, D.C.

Queen's Golden Jubilee (6/5/2002)

Yesterday at Buckingham Palace Ozzy, with secret guest Black
Sabbath bandmate Tony Iommi, played "Paranoid" in front of an
audience of 12,000, as part of the Queen's Golden Jubilee, not to
mention millions more watching the telly. Ever-geared up for what
Ozzy called "the highlight of my career" the Madman promised to
behave himself, saying "I don't want to spend the rest of my life
in the Tower [of London]. I mustn't drop my trousers, no bad
language, or perhaps a trap door will open." Princes William and
Harry reportedly got their headbang on as father Charles looked on,
perplexed by their nodding approval.

Great Britan Goes Mega For Ozz-Mania (6/5/2002)

Last week over 48,000 turned out in the damp, cold grounds of
Donington Race Park in the Midlands town of Derby to take in 13
hours of headbanging delight and a little hail and freezing rain
here and there during Ozzfest 2002 U.K. (To which one goth-metal
band's singer gleefully announced "It appears the rain cloud we
rented for today's show is working.") Ozzy, who played nearly the
entire set in a black stocking cap, announced backstage after the
gig to no one in particular, numerous times, emphatically, and
with a plethora of enjoyable explitives, that it was the coldest
show he had ever played. He also issued an apology for what he
called "a clusterfuck" of a gig (read it here). The next day
"The Osbournes" premiered in the U.K. and placed third in the
ratings, behind shows on the ubiqitous BBC; it was a media
bonanza and a coup for the Osbournes that a new show would chart
so high in its first episode. But so it goes for the most-hyped
show in Britain in ages. Billboards cover London streets with a
"surgeon general's warning: this show is highly addictive", and
it is impossible to stop by the newsstand and not see a maniacal
Ozzy or demure Sharon peering at you from one or twelve different
publications. Here is a Los Angeles Times report on the Isle's
reaction to the First Family of Rock. And finally, today Ozzy
plays for Queen Elizabeth for her Golden Jubilee. Sharon will
M.C. the event for VH-1. Tomorrow, Ozzy goes into intense G-Force
specialty training for a Space Shuttle launch planned for
September from the final Ozzfest! (Just kidding.)

Where There's Smoke There's Fire! (6/5/2002)

Call it a twist of fate or a quirk of synchronicity; we think
it's fu#%in' weird, though! Right after Ozzy finished rehearsing
"Paranoid" for the Queen's Golden Jubilee yesterday a fire broke
out at Buckingham Palace, the official residence of Queen
Elizabeth II. Details are still sketchy but, as the old adage
goes, where there's smoke there's fire. (Ozz swore off the tobacco
14 months ago, though, so don't blame his butt.) Today, Ozzy is
set to perform on the grounds again.

Execs Await Osbournes Retail Value (6/5/2002)

NEW YORK (AP) - There's no doubt that rocker Ozzy Osbourne and
his family have swiftly become cultural icons because of MTV's
most popular series ever, "The Osbournes."

Now, the marketers behind the irreverent family's show are
hoping that a slew of merchandise tied to the reality series
will be just as big. Last month, basic products like
T-shirts and mugs hit retailers' shelves, but a wider breadth
of items, ranging from backpacks to trading cards and watches,
will be hitting stores, from Kmart to Toys R Us, in the next 30
to 60 days.

"We touched upon an extraordinary slightly different view of
family values," said Del Furano, chief executive of Signatures
Network, the San Francisco-based entertainment licensing company,
which signed an exclusive agreement to develop the merchandise
for "The Osbournes," which made its debut March 5.

So far, the company has signed up 55 licensees. Furano expects
a total of 70 licensees this year, and projects that retail
sales tied to the show will total $200 million this year.

"There's interest for condoms, slot machines and video games,"
he said.

Family chains like Target and Kmart Corp. as well as toy
retailers will be carrying the "edited versions of the family's
irreverent attitude," Furano said. That includes T-shirts with
slogans like "The Osbournes: The Parents You Wish You Had."

Signatures Network has represented the rocker and The Ozzfest
Music Festival in licensing and merchandising for 20 years.
That merchandise is expected to generate a total of $15 million
in sales this year $5 million at concerts and another $10 million
at stores, said Furano.

The reality sitcom, which depicts the addled rock star, his wife
Sharon, daughter Kelly and son Jack alternating swearing and
offering their love for one another, drew nearly 8 million viewers
at its peak in April. Late last month, MTV announced a second

It is believed that the Osbourne family will receive $5 million
for the upcoming season.

Celebrities, like the Osbournes, usually receive about 15 percent
to 20 percent of wholesale volume of the merchandise. Wholesale
volume is typically half of retail sales. That means they could
reap between $15 million and $20 million.

Papa Don't Preach, But He Will F---in' Introduce (5/30/2002)

Kelly Osbourne will sing "Papa Don't Preach" at the 2002 MTV
Movie Awards following an introduction by her for now only
slightly more famous father, Ozzy.

The spike-haired teen and swearing starlet will make her
debut live performance by belting out her version of Madonna's
'80s pop classic at L.A.'s Shrine Auditorium as part of the
televised celebration of cinema. Osbourne matriarch Sharon
first suggested that Kelly try her hand at the 1986 tune, and
with some production help from her brother Jack, Kelly
recorded a rough demo version of "Papa Don't Preach" backed
by members of Incubus. She later gave the tune another go,
setting the second, more polished (and Incubus-free) version
for inclusion on the forthcoming The Osbournes Family Album

Kelly will hit the Movie Awards stage after completing her
duties as pre-show co-host, a job she will share with Ja Rule.
Kelly's fellow musical performers at the 2002 MTV Movie Awards
will be the White Stripes and Eminem.

Ben Affleck, Vin Diesel, Eve and Natalie Portman are just a
handful of the Hollywood denizens confirmed to present at the
awards, while Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar will host.

Though several movies have been nominated in a variety of
categories, "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the
Ring" is perched for a potential sweep with six nominations of
its own (see "'Lord Of The Rings,' 'Fast And The Furious' Top
MTV Movie Award Nominees". The winners will be determined
by MTV, MTV2 and viewers, who were able to cast their
votes online and via telephone.

The 2002 MTV Movie Awards premieres June 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
For a feature interview with the Osbournes, check out "The
Osbournes: Dysfunctional Family Values".

Osbourne Sued For Trademark Infringement (5/30/2002)

Ozzy Osbourne was on the receiving end of a trademark infringement
lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of
New York on Tuesday (May 28), accusing the rocker of stealing an
idea for a T-shirt.

T-Shirt Hell, Inc., is claiming its T-shirt design reading "Fuck
My Family I'm Moving in with the Osbournes" has been ripped off by
the Osbournes on a T-shirt that reads, *&@# My Family! I'm Moving
in with The Osbourne Family."

According to the suit, Epic Records and Sony Music Entertainment
placed an order for $500 worth of T-Shirt Hell's Osbourne T-shirt
design in mid-March and turned around and licensed the
aboveforementioned similar T-shirt design through Signatures
Network, Monolith Ltd. Corp., Hot Topics, Inc., and Lexitrends,
Inc., in May.

The suit reads, in part, "After May 15, 2002, and continuously
since about May 1, 2002, defendants have been manufacturing,
distributing, and merchandising and otherwise marketing the above
mentioned trademark of T-Shirt Hell, Inc., and has thereby been
engaging in unfair competition and created a likeness, confusion,
false impression, and false and misleading representation against
plaintiff to plaintiff's irreparable damage."

T-Shirt Hell is suing Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Epic Records, Sony
Music Entertainment, Signature Network, Monolith, Hot Topics, and
Lexitrends for trademark infringement for an amount to be
determined in court.

In related Osbourne news, MTV announced on Wednesday (May 29)
that it has come to an agreement with Ozzy and family to air 20
new episodes of The Osbournes beginning in the fall.

Financial details of the deal were not disclosed, but rumors have
been swirling in the industry for weeks that the payout for the
Osbourne family could hit $20 million - a hefty raise from the
$200,000 the family earned for the first season.

Osbournes Back For Second Season On MTV (5/30/2002)

Ozzy Osbourne and his family, who swiftly became
cultural icons in MTV's most popular series ever, will open
their home life to the cameras once again.

MTV announced a second season for "The Osbournes" on
Wednesday in a lucrative deal that threatens to turn the
network into "OzTV."

The reality sitcom that depicted the addled rock star, his
wife Sharon, daughter Kelly and son Jack alternating swearing
at and showing their love for one another drew nearly 8
million viewers in the United States at its peak last month
unprecedented numbers for the cable network.

"It's proven to be a seminal show for MTV," network president
Van Toffler said. "Part of the charm is that it was so
unexpected, and I believe the reason it works is the
juxtaposition of the freakiest, weirdest human on the planet
in the most traditional of situations."

The first season consisted of only 10 episodes, repeated
relentlessly. Wednesday's deal is for 20 episodes that will
begin filming next month and air in the fall.

MTV wouldn't comment on the financial terms. It is
believed the Osbourne family will receive 5 million
dollars for the upcoming season, with the potential
to make much more if the ratings stay high, if the
show is sold internationally and if there's wide
interest in ancillary products like T-shirts.

"I hope the Osbournes get incredibly wealthy on this
show and it works well for both of us," Toffler said.

Representatives for the Osbournes did not
immediately return a call for comment. Sharon
Osbourne was quoted in MTV's news release as
calling the experience "absolutely (expletive) amazing."

The deal has been long rumored, with Sharon and
Kelly saying weeks ago that the family had agreed to
continue the show. But MTV insisted the complex
contract wasn't finalized until this week.

MTV cameras may go on the road with the
"Ozzfest" concert tour this summer and do some
filming at the family's home in England. But despite
security concerns -- the family's California neighborhood
was inundated by boisterous sightseers -- Toffler said
the series would be set primarily in that home.

One big difference in the second season will be the
family's newfound celebrity. Toffler said it won't be
ignored, but MTV doesn't want to spend too much time on it.

"You don't want to take away that organic magic that happens
when the dog pees on the rug and Ozzy freaks out and calls
Sharon," he said.

The family has moved swiftly to capitalize on the show's
success. It has signed a deal with Simon & Schuster to
publish two books. Sharon Osbourne has also agreed to be
host of a special on Queen Elizabeth's jubilee on MTV's
sister network, VH1.

MTV has also had discussions with other celebrities, such
as rapper P. Diddy, about similar series, but no agreements
have been reached.

Although MTV said Wednesday it will air a series of Osbourne
specials this summer, including coverage of Ozzfest and "a
very special dinner" with the family, Toffler promised to
guard against overexposure. The repeated reruns of the first
set of episodes will slow down this summer, he said.

The danger is that a series that rapidly became a sensation
can just as rapidly fall out of favor.

"I basically told (Sharon) to hibernate," Toffler said.

Ozzy Osbourne To Appear In Next Austin Powers Movie (5/28/2002)

OZZY OSBOURNE pulled the second of two weekend OZZFEST shows
last night (May 26) due to illness.

The one-time Prince Of Darkness and current MTV darling cancelled
a performance at Punchestown Racecourse near Dublin, blaming a
throat infection. He had played the previous night headlining
Ozzfest's show at metal's spiritual home of Castle Donington.
Other names on the Ozzfest bill who played both nights included
Tool, System Of A Down, Slayer and Lostprophets.

Meanwhile, 'The Osbournes', the fly-on-the-wall reality TV show,
finally debuted on MTV in Britain last night after contractual
wrangles delayed its' appearance for a week.

Ozzy Osbourne To Appear In Next Austin Powers Movie (5/28/2002)

Ozzy Osbourne movie star? Well, it is hardly an Oscar winning
performance but we will soon see the Prince of Darkness of the
big screen.

Mike Myers has invited Ozzy to make a cameo appearance in the
upcoming "Austin Powers : Goldmember" due in cinemas late July.

Myers personally popped around to Ozzy's LA home to invite the
family into his next movie and they have accepted. Ozzy left
the next day for London to begin rehearsals for the Queen's
Jubilee concert.

Live At The Budokan (5/27/2002)

Live At The Budokan, to be
released on June 25th

01 . I Don't Know
02 . That I Never Had
03 . Believer
04 . Junkie
05 . Mr. Crowley
06 . Gets Me Through
07 . Suicide Solution
08 . No More Tears
09 . I Don't Want To Change The World
10 . Road To Nowhere
11 . Crazy Train
12 . Mama I'm Coming Home
13 . Bark At The Moon
14 . Paranoid

CD/DVD/VHS In Stores June 25. The new Ozzy live album recorded
Feb. 15 in Tokyo with Zakk Wylde, Robert Trujillo, and Michael Bordin,
"Live at the Budokan" features 13 songs including the hits "Mr.
Crowley", "Bark at the Moon", and "Paranoid" as well as "Down To Earth"
newbies "Junkie" and "Gets Me Through", among others. The DVD will
include the entire concert from start to finish plus a half-hour extra
of the Osbournes touring the sites of Japan. Typically Ozzy and
typically Osbournes, this DVD is a must-have for all fans of Rock's
First Family!

Osbournes To Share Their 'Family Album' (5/15/2002)

The media onslaught of Ozzy Osbourne's clan will roll on next month
with the release of "The Osbournes Family Album," due June 11 via
Epic. Although details are expected to be announced later today (May
15) in New York, has learned that the set, a soundtrack
of sorts to the hit MTV reality series "The Osbournes," is led by
daughter Kelly Osbourne's cover of Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach."

As previously reported, she was backed on the cut by Incubus
guitarist Mike Einziger and drummer Jose Pasillas II. The
family is further represented on "Family Album" by the Ozzy
Osbourne tracks "Dreamer," "Mama, I'm Coming Home," and
the immortal "Crazy Train," which is also covered here by
one-time Osbourne family neighbor Pat Boone.

"Family Album" also includes System Of A Down's cover of
Black Sabbath's "Snowblind," as well as the Kinks' "You
Really Got Me," John Lennon's "Imagine," and the Cars'
"Drive," among others.

As previously reported, the Osbourne family has signed a book
deal with Simon & Schuster to publish a paperback and a
hardcover memoir. The motley troupe has reportedly agreed to
participate in two additional seasons of "The Osbournes," but
as yet there has been no official confirmation announced.

Here is the tracklist for "The Osbournes Family Album":

"Crazy Train," Pat Boone
"Dreamer," Ozzy Osbourne
"Papa Don't Preach," Kelly Osbourne
"You Really Got Me," the Kinks
"Snowblind," System Of A Down
"Imagine," John Lennon
"Drive," the Cars
"Good Souls," Starsailor
"Mirror Image," Dillusion
"Mama, I'm Coming Home" Ozzy Osbourne
"Crazy Train," Ozzy Osbourne
"Family System," Chevelle

Ozzy Osbourne Joins The Queens House Party (5/15/2002)

One week he is giving lip to George W. at the White House, the
next we hear he is about to mix with Royalty. Ozzy Osbourne is
to perform at Buckingham Palace.

Ozzy has been added to the line-up celebrating the Queen's jubilee
year and will perform on the Palace grounds.

Ozzy joins the lineup including Atomic Kitten, Shirley Bassey,
Tony Bennett, Blue, Emma Bunton, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, The
Corrs, Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Tom Jones, Annie Lennox, Paul
McCartney, Mis-Teeq, Queen, Cliff Richard, S Club 7, Brian Wilson,
Rod Stewart and Will Young.

To celebrate her Golden Jubilee, the Queen is inviting the country
to two massive concerts in the Buckingham Palace Gardens on 1 and
3 June. An all-time first, these will be among the most exciting
music events ever mounted in the country.

PRISM Award; Unf***ingauthorized Book Coming (5/15/2002)

Ozzy Osbourne was honored with a PRISM Award on Thursday (May 9)
in Los Angeles for showing an accurate depiction of drug, alcohol,
or tobacco addiction in his song "Junkie," from 2001's Down to

The sixth annual awards, also presented in the fields of film,
television, interactive media, and comic books, are given out by
the Entertainment Industries Council.

Meanwhile, on the heels of Osbournes $3 million book deal with
Simon & Schuster's Pocket Books (allstar, May 9), Bantam Books
has announced its release of The Osbournes Unf***ingauthorized
on July 23.

The completely unauthorized book will come out on Bantam's young
adult imprint of Random House Children's Books as a 48-page trade
paperback penned by Reed Tucker for just $8.95. The book promises
to be the unofficial guide to "everything Osbourne," including a
humorous analysis of the first 10 episodes of MTV's The Osbournes,
30 photos, and a glossary of "What's Ozzy saying," rules for
parenting, and more.

Osbournes Get $3 Million Book Deal (5/9/2002)

Dyslexic rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his colorful clan, the stars
of MTV's hit reality series "The Osbournes," are now making
waves in the publishing world.

In a deal worth more than $3 million, the ratings-smashing
first family of metal has sold world rights to two books to
Pocket Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

The deal, signed on the floor of last weekend's publishing trade
convention, Book Expo America, is for a trade paperback tie-in to
their MTV show and a hardcover family memoir. The tie-in will be
published in November, and the memoir, to be narrated by each
member of the Osbourne family, including the heretofore-unseen
fifth Osbourne, Aimee, will appear the following spring.

The book deal comes on the heels of the Osbournes' reported $20
million deal with MTV for two more seasons of their show.

"The Osbournes are a popular phenomenon of the first magnitude"
said Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group president Carolyn
Reidy, who negotiated the deal with Trident Media Group and
Endeavor. "Their appeal is multi-generational and covers the
entire political and cultural spectrum. We're bleeping delighted
to publish them at Simon & Schuster."

Simon & Schuster and MTV are both units of Viacom Inc.

MTV Looking For Ozzy Wannabes! (5/5/2002)

MTV's Becoming Presents: Wannabes
Tryouts / Auditions

Saturday, May 18th 10AM

Send an email to MTV's casting Rep. to
find out what to bring with you when you come this weekend, and
what days we'll need you to come back to NYC to get done over as
the artist, and every other answer you wanna know. Make sure to
write - MORE INFO PLEASE - in the subject line of this new email
you send.

Bush Trades Jokes With Journalists (5/5/2002)

President Bush gave Washington reporters a look at "what life is
really like inside the Bush White House" on Saturday, showing off
his collection of "actual, never-seen-before photos."

One of the good things about life in the mansion is that his wife,
Laura, is always on hand to help him out, he said displaying a
photograph of the first lady standing with her hands on each side
of his face.

"Here she is helping me pronounce Azerbaijani," said Bush, who is
known to sometimes stumble over long words.

Bush and top members of his administration mingled and shared
laughs with reporters and other Washington insiders at the annual
White House Correspondents dinner.

Comedian Drew Carey was on hand to provide the entertainment during
the more than three-hour event, doing standup comedy for the
president and more than 1,800 guests, including top White House
adviser Karl Rove and rock star Ozzy Osbourne.

Bush noted that Carey is the host of a television show that "is
totally improvised."

"Drew?" the president said. "Got any interest in the Middle East?"

Osbourne and his wife, Sharon, were the guests of Fox News' Greta
Van Susteren. The couple and two of their three kids are stars of
the MTV hit reality show, "The Osbournes," which chronicles the
family's wacky, profane home life.

"The thing about Ozzy is, he's made a lot of big hit recordings
"Party With the Animals," "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath," "Face in Hell,"
(Facing Hell) "Black Skies" and "Bloodbath in Paradise,'" said the

"Ozzy. Your mom loves your stuff."

The correspondents' dinner, now in its 88th year, has become an
occasion for self-deprecating humor from presidents. Last year Bush
presented a slide show of his family accompanied by a joke-riddled
speech about the 2000 election recount.

The year before Bill Clinton put together a farewell video, in which
the former president pretended to be at loose ends in the final
lame-duck months of his presidency.

Honored guests included the winners of the association's annual
journalism awards. Most of the winning entries were about the
terrorist attacks last year in Washington, New York and Pennsylvania.

The winners included Associated Press Writer Ron Fournier, presented
with the Merriman Smith Memorial Award in the print category for his
deadline reporting on Sept. 11 under calls to evacuate the White House
for fear of an attack on the executive mansion. Peter Maer of CBS News,
also at the White House during the attacks, won in the broadcast

The Edgar A. Poe Award went to four Newsweek journalists Evan Thomas,
Mark Hosenball, Martha Brant and Roy Gutman for their reporting on

The White House Correspondents Association was formed in 1914 as
a liaison between the press and the president. Every president since
Calvin Coolidge has attended the dinner.

Bush Takes The Piss Out Of Ozzy (5/5/2002)

OZZY OSBOURNE was the star guest of President Bush at a White
House dinner yesterday (Saturday, May 4).

Legendary rocker Osbourne, currently starring in MTV documentary
'The Osbournes', even provided some humorous material for
President Bush's speech for the Correspondent's Association
dinner. The speech is traditionally the one occasion where the
US president fills his address with gags, usually at the expense
of fellow politicians.

During a slide show presented to the audience of journalists and
celebrities by the president, one of the slides appeared to show
vice president Dick Cheney urinating on his Oval office door. The
joke was, in fact, aimed at Osbourne. In 1982, the rock star
received a lifetime ban from the state of Texas after he was
arrested for urinating on the Alamo memorial.

At this point in the speech, Osbourne stood up and waved and was
greeted with cheers from the audience. President Bush responded
by adding: "Okay, Ozzy - might have been a mistake."

OH F%*@#!!! Jay Runs Out Of Bleeps For Ozzy (5/5/2002)

THE foul-mouthed Osbournes were at it again Thursday night
as a forbidden expletive starting with "f" eluded
NBC censors and made it onto the air on "The Tonight Show."

The Osbourne clan Ozzy, his wife/manager Sharon and their
children have become famous for their salty vocabulary, which
results in frequent bleeping and vigilant editing on the part
of the producers of the family's hit series on MTV, "The

On Thursday's "Tonight Show," the bleeps were just as
numerous (as many as 14 bleeps, according to some
counts) as Ozzy and Sharon conducted an uninhibited chat
with host Jay Leno about topics ranging from their marriage
to the future of their series, which winds up its first season
on Tuesday.

(When asked by Leno if they've agreed to a second
season, both Ozzy and Sharon answered with simultaneous
and enthusiastic yesses.)

But the NBC watchdogs missed the very first expletive
uttered by Ozzy. It came shortly after Ozzy and Sharon
took their seats next to Leno.

"Good to see you again, you guys!" Leno said.
"I feel like we live here!" answered Sharon, referring to
their last visit just a few weeks ago on March 29.

"We should [acquire] a condo next to the studio," said
Ozzy in an English accent that is so heavy it can sometimes
be difficult to understand.

"Did you say condom or condo?" Sharon asked.

Replied an annoyed Ozzy, "No, no, no, I didn't f- - - - n'
say 'condom'!"

A mortified and apologetic NBC spokeswoman said the
unbleeped expletive was "a mistake" and that the word was
bleeped in time for the show's West Coast feed later in the

Ozzy Osbourne's Dog 'Pipi' Found (5/3/2002)

The dog that has been missing from Ozzy Osbourne's house for more than a
month has been returned.

Kelly Ripa broke the news today when she got a huge bouquet of roses from
Osbourne and his wife, Sharon, during "Live With Regis and Kelly." Ripa
had been asking viewers for help in finding Pipi the Pomeranian, who has
been featured on the smash hit MTV reality series that follows the
family's life, "The Osbournes."

The card that came with the flowers read, "Because of you we got our Pipi
back. A million thanks. Love, the Osbournes."

The Osbournes and "Live With Regis and Kelly" combined to offer a $1,000
reward for Pipi's return, but Regis Philbin said the person who returned
the dog refused to take any money.

"Osbournes" Score $20 Million? (5/3/2002)

Mama, they're coming home: It appears Ozzy Osbourne's family will indeed
be back on MTV for a second (and perhaps even third) season.

While the cable network insists no deal has been finalized, both Ozzy's
wife Sharon and daughter Kelly blabbed to the media Thursday that
America's favorite family has agreed to another season of the reality
smash, The Osbournes.

In turn, it could make them one of the richest. Daily Variety reports that
MTV may pay $20 million for two more seasons of hijinks from Ozzy,
Sharon, Kelly, Jack and their housepet menagerie. If the number is
correct, it would be largest chunk of change ever handed to the stars of a
cable series--and a hefty increase from the $200,000 they received for
the first 10 episodes.

It's offer they apparently couldn't refuse. When asked by Jay Leno
on Thursday's Tonight Show whether they were on for another
season, Sharon replied, "Yes," throwing up her hands.

"We're very happy about it," she told Variety. "A lot of thought went into
this and we're happy that we're going to do another one, and that it's
going to be with MTV. They've become a part of our family as we've
become a part of theirs."

Daughter Kelly, meanwhile, was clearly not excited to discuss the
financial matters. She told E! Online Wednesday that a second season is
definitely happening, but she dismissed rumors of a $20 million payday
as only she can.

"We're signing the contracts this week," she said, before adding, "Do you
know what really bugs me is if people invent things, like they make up
things. Courtney Love went on the radio saying we're getting 20 million
dollars for the next season.

"Whether that's true or not, is one thing, would she even know?
Because she's a nosey f----ing bitch with nothing better to do than talk
about other people," she added. "It's like, okay, I don't want to get
kidnapped, okay. We're not making that much money, no way."

Kelly says the next season will likely be shot at the heavy metal god's
mansion in England, while Sharon said that elder daughter Aimee (who
refused to take part in the first season) may make some appearances
during the next installments.

The Osbournes, which airs its final new episode Tuesday at 10:30 p.m.,
has already been a massive success for MTV, drawing up to 8 million
viewers and becoming the most-watched series on cable--let alone in MTV
history. The entire Osbourne clan also help wrap up a weeklong run on
Howard Stern, tonight on E! at 11 p.m.

From magazine covers to talk-show appearances, the family has been
unavoidable these days. Sony Music is currently prepping a soundtrack
to the show that will feature Kelly singing a cover of Madonna's "Papa
Don't Preach." And Variety reports that Ozzy's Bel Air mansion (maybe
even Ozzy himself?) will make a cameo in Mike Myer's latest Austin
Powers flick, due in theaters July 26.

Meantime, the Osbournes received some more good news as their missing
dog Pipi was safely returned. The family sent a bouquet of roses to Kelly
Ripa this week, after Live with Regis and Kelly matched their $500 reward
for the missing black Pomeranian and Ripa constantly showed off
a picture of the dog during their show.

The card with the flowers read: "Because of you we got our Pipi back. A
million thanks. Love, the Osbournes."

As it turns out, the person who returned Pipi refused to take the reward

Osbournes, Powers Get Shagadelic (5/3/2002)

Friday's the final day of shooting (and reshooting) on "Austin Powers
in Goldmember," and Mike Myers tells me this scene "is an extravaganza."

Yet he's not even in the scene, which is being filmed secretly (not
anymore) at the home of -- the Ozzy Osbournes. Mike and "Goldmember"
director Jay Roach are "huge fans" of MTV's reality show built around
the dysfunctional lives of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, his wife and two of
their children.

Meanwhile, Myers is busy editing the New Line picture, which will be
released July 26. And, yes, Myers says the Osbourne segment is one of
"many surprises" in the picture. Can you be sure the Osbournes will
have some surprises for Mike?

Former G N R Members Reunite At Randy Castillo Benefit (5/3/2002)

Hollywood rock 'n' rollers got a special treat Tuesday night (April 29)
during the Randy Castillo benefit show at the Key Club when the '90s-era
Guns N' Roses lineup, sans Axl Rose, reunited onstage with guest vocalists
including Buckcherry singer Josh Todd, Aerosmith (news - web sites)'s
Steven Tyler, and Cypress Hill's Sen Dog.

The band--consisting of ex-Guns guitarist Slash and Gilby Clarke, bassist
Duff McKagen, and drummer Matt Sorum, plus Buckcherry guitarist Keith
Nelson--played a short but blistering set that included Guns classics
and some choice cover tunes under the name Buck N' Roses (and/or Cherry
Roses depending on who you asked).

The set opened with GN'R's "It's So Easy," followed by the Sex Pistols
anthem "God Save The Queen," Rose Tattoo's "Nice Boys Don't Play
Rock 'N' Roll" (a GN'R live staple), and Buckcherry's hit "Lit Up."

Sen Dog, who also fronts a metal band called SX-10 on the side, joined
in for a roaring version of Guns' smash "Paradise City," rapping the
second verse and bouncing around the stage with glee.

For the final number, the band introduced Tyler, who lead them through
a spirited rendition of Aerosmith's "Mama Kin," another Guns live staple.
Tyler hugged the former Gunners as they left the stage with smiles.

This was probably as close to a full-scale Guns N' Roses reunion as
can be expected, though the former bandmates have shared stages together
in recent times in various configurations.

Duff's band Loaded jammed with Slash on "It's So Easy" a couple months
back at its Los Angeles House of Blues show, and Gilby Clarke's weekly
jams at the Cat Club have attracted the likes of Slash, Duff, and even
reclusive frontman Axl Rose (though not at the same time). Duff also
played bass on former Guns guitarist Izzy Stradlin's last three solo
albums and has rounded up Slash to join in for the next one.

Also on the bill at the Castillo benefit was Nicklebag, featuring
Rolling Stones backing vocalist Bernard Fowler and fill-in guitarist
Ritchie Kotzen, guitar legend Ronnie Montrose, comedians Andy Dick
and Charles Fleisher, and several all-star jam bands. Slap featured
Toto guitarist Steve Lukather, former Ozzy bassist Phil Sousann, and
drum legends Kenny Aronoff and Simon Phillips, while the night ended
with an all star drum-off that featured just about every skinsman
in town.

The concert was a benefit show and served as a celebration of the
life of drummer Castillo, who passed away from cancer on March 26.
Castillo was a rock veteran who played with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne
and Motley Crue and was well liked and respected in the hard rock
community. The benefit was to raise money for his family in Albuquerque,
New Mexico and the efforts continue at

Those who'd like to contribute to the funeral expenses can contact
the following address: Christine Castillo, P.O. Box 4434, Albuquerque,
NM 87196. Contributions can be deposited at any Wells Fargo Bank under
the Randy Castillo Memorial Fund.

Sharon In People Magazine (5/3/2002)

That's right, Ozzy's better half is now a member of A-list Hollywood
as Sharon Osbourne was voted one of People magazine's 50 Most
Beautiful People. From all your fans, Sharon, dahling, you look

Kelly Ready For 'Papa Don't Preach' Video (5/3/2002)

Parfait-haired damsel shooting clip in L.A. this week.

Kelly Osbourne is right. She is not like the other kids. They don't
make music videos.

Ozzy's daughter and reality TV's most famous 17-year-old bar-hopper
is filming a clip for her cover of Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach" in
Los Angeles this week.

Kelly recorded a demo of the song last month with Incubus guitarist
Mike Einziger and drummer Jose Pasillas. Executives for "The Osbournes"
were impressed enough to request a studio version for inclusion on an
upcoming soundtrack to the popular MTV show.

The rainbow-haired teen re-recorded the song in New York recently
without the members of Incubus or the producer of the demo, brother
Jack Osbourne.

"I don't like working with my brother," Kelly said. "I have to live
with him, so I don't want to work with him."

Jack, who has been a part of the family business "the perennial Ozzfest"
for several years, had kinder words for his sister: "She was better than
I expected, actually."

A spokesperson for the Osbourne family did not know who was part of the
new recording, nor did Kelly when she talked to MTV News a few days before
going to New York. Kelly did explain how the cover came about.

"Originally they asked my sister [Aimee, who is not a part of "The
Osbournes"] to do it and she's like, 'No, let Kelly do it,' Kelly said.
"So, I was nervous as hell. I've never sung in front of anyone really in
my life, except, like, when you're in the car with your friends or
something. And I never had a singing lesson. I still haven't had a
singing lesson."

Kelly's first singing experience was made easy by ! the company she kept.
"I was so nervous, but Mikey from Incubus made it so comfortable for me
and if he wasn't there, I don't think I could have done it," she said.
"So really, I owe it to him and Jose, 'cause they just created such a
comfortable vibe for me to be able to do it."

"Papa Don't Preach" will be released this summer on the soundtrack
album for "The Osbournes." While a spokesperson said there is no final
track list, Kelly said the album may include a song by British rockers
Starsailor. "Just songs that mean something to us and my family," she

As for Jack, he said he is taking a step back from launching a record
label and producing. "I'm a scout for Epic [Records], so I didn't feel
I knew as much as I could to successfully run a label," he said.

TV show captures Osbournes' Feud With Neighbours (5/02/2002)

Ozzy Osbourne, the former goth rock musician,
and Liona Boyd, Canada's internationally famous classical guitarist,
live across the street from each other in Beverly Hills.

But they're not having a neighbourhood feud, says Boyd. Osbourne,
who once bit the head off a bat during an onstage performance, is
now the star of MTV's The Osbournes, the latest experiment in U.S.
reality television.

Just like on Survivor, cameras follow the former lead singer for
Black Sabbath and his family 24/7 as they go about their sometimes
mundane, but often off-the-wall daily lives.

So apparently it's all real when viewers see Ozzy - of all people
advising his kids not to do drugs or Ozzy and wife Sharon feuding
with their next-door neighbours because the neighbours - of all
people - are playing music too loud.

But Boyd and her husband Jack are NOT those noisy neighbours. Boyd
lives across the street from the Osbournes' ritzy Beverly Hills
mansion, and she insists she has a good relationship with Ozzy
and his offbeat brood.

"No, I don't mind, I'm quite happy to have them across the
street," Boyd insists. "So far." Boyd says the real noisy neighbour
is a Hard Rock Cafe entrepreneur who has wild, all-night parties.

She explains that her husband Jack did complain once about the
Osbournes' young son, Jack, playing his drums loudly in the garage,
but that since then there have been no problems whatsoever.

In one episode of the wildly successful MTV series, Ozzy and Sharon
begin tossing objects into the next yard to protest loud music from
an unseen neighbour. Sharon launches a cured ham. Not to be outdone,
Ozzy - despite his wife's protests - heaves a sizable piece of
firewood over the hedge. Window glass breaks. The police arrive.
Tempers are eventually cooled down.

"It was just very surreal from the first day, the whole shtick," says
Greg Johnston, the show's executive producer who insists everything
on the hit show is real and unscripted.

Since its debut March 3 on MTV south of the border, the experimental
sitcom has definitely caught the zeitgeist winds, garnering ample
coverage in newspaper articles, magazines and on TV tabloid and talk
shows. It's even been spoofed on Saturday Night Live.

The Osbournes makes its belated Canadian debut Tuesday night on MTV
Canada, the new digital specialty channel.

Despite skepticism that some of the hit show's outrageous sequences
are real, Johnston swears nothing is re-enacted.

"I don't think they'll ever get an Oscar, they're not necessarily
good actors or actresses," Johnson said Monday from Los Angeles. "I
don't think you could even attempt to do a re-shoot with any of them,
with any good results."

At 52, Ozzy comes across as a shell-shocked veteran of the heavy
metal era, when he fronted his high-decibel band. He is now hard of
hearing but insists he is heroin and alcohol free, although it
appears in many scenes that he is at the least over-medicated.

With a noticeable hand tremor, he is shown unable to cope with
technology like TV remotes and cellphones and at times appears barely
aware of where he is and where he's going.

The humour originates with the bizarre premise that Ozzy Osbourne,
the Prince of Darkness no less, is actually a loving husband and
father, trying to deal with rebellious kids and untrained house pets.

Boyd, meanwhile, says not only is there no feud, and not only does
she not play her guitar loudly at four in the morning, but she and
her husband were invited over to the rocker's house for tea recently.

The social event, though, had to be rescheduled.

"We knocked on the door - with the devil's head on it - and the
housekeeper said 'Oh no, Ozzy's upset because Sharon's late.'"

She learned later that Ozzy was in his gym exercising, cursing
apparently because Sharon wasn't home. Later Sharon sent them a lovely
basket of fruit, cheese and champagne, with a note of apology.

Boyd says she, in turn, sent over one of her earlier albums, entitled
Passport to Serenity.

"I figured Sharon might need a little dose of Serenity."

Boyd is in Toronto this week on the last leg of a Canadian tour
promoting her newest CD, Latin Journey.

Bring Back Ozzy's Pup for $1K (4/28/2002)

THE Pipi Osbourne saga has taken yet another turn.

Yesterday, "Live with Regis & Kelly" executive producer Michael
Gelman threw another $500 into the kitty for information on the
Osbourne dog's return - upping the total reward money to $1,000.
Gelman said the money will be donated in the name of "Live" - which
has featured on-air pictures of Pipi several times this week.

"We're better than a milk carton, and we're on a campaign [to
find Pipi]," Gelman told The Post. "We here at 'Live' feel a real
kinship with the Osbournes because we really consider ourselves the
first reality show - you've watched drama unfold here for years.
"And you've heard about the strange coincidences between our
show and 'The Osbournes'," Gelman said. "We have a Kelly [Ripa]
and one of their daughters is named Kelly. They have a dog Lola,
and Kelly Ripa's daughter is named Lola. And one of Regis' nicknames
for Kelly [Ripa] is Pipi."

Multi-millionaire rocker Ozzy Osbourne is offering $500 for
information on the whereabouts of the family's black Pomeranian
dog - who was living in Osbournes' posh Beverly Hills estate. Pipi,
featured in MTV's hit show, "The Osbournes," has been missing for
about two months now and belongs to Aimee Osbourne, the eldest
Osbourne daughter who's seldom seen on the show (she's avoiding the
limelight). Sharon Osbourne (Ozzy's wife) and their daughter, Kelly,
broke the news of Pipi's disappearance earlier this week during
an appearance on "Live with Regis & Kelly." Although Sharon said
she'd give "anything" to get Pipi back, the family was offering
only $500 for Pipi's return.

Ozzy Signs Mic For Charity Auction (4/28/2002)

Christina Aguilera, Nelly Furtado also among artists donating
autographs to help promote Better Hearing and Speech Month.

Imagine your friends' reaction when at your next Sunday night
no-holds-barred karaoke jam you not only perform a rockin'
rendition of Ozzy's "Crazy Train," but you kick it out gripping
a mic autographed by the self-proclaimed prince of darkness
himself. Now that's the stuff of which local legends are made.

An array of artists including Osbourne, 'NSYNC, Christina
Aguilera, the Dave Matthews Band and Moby have signed on to
contribute their John Hancocks to the "Shure Bid for Hearing,"
a charity auction beginning April 29 on eBay which will feature
microphones autographed by various musicians. Nelly Furtado,
AC/DC, Hank Williams Jr. and the Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde
are also among the 20-plus musicians set to offer their

The auction is being held to help promote Better Hearing
and Speech Month, and to raise money for the nonprofit hearing
conservation organization House Ear Institute (HEI).

"Osbournes" Merchandise In The Works (4/28/2002)

Pick up your dog's dung with your very own Ozzy pooper scooper!
Pit Jack & Kelly against each other with Osbournes action
figures! And of course let everyone know you'd rather be living
with the Osbournes with a custom t-shirt. The Osbournes merch
is coming. Click here to sign up for the Osbournes mailing
list and get the first updates on all the fun stuff that's
coming down the pike very, very soon:

Ozzy Recording Bonus Tracks For Live Album (4/21/2002)

Ozzy has been tracking several songs for the last couple
weeks in a Hollywood studio, three of which will make the
final cut as bonus tracks to Ozzy's eagerly anticipated "Live
at Budokan" CD, coming this summer on Epic.

Dvd Info - Ozzy Osbourne/Live At The Budokhan Dolby Digital
5.1 Surround Sound / PCM Stereo, biography, discography, photo
gallery, behind-the-scenes.

'The Osbournes' Biggest MTV Series (4/21/2002)

"The Osbournes," the reality sitcom about rocker Ozzy
Osbourne and his colorful family life, is officially the biggest
hit series in MTV's 21-year history.

Just under 6.3 million people watched last Tuesday's episode, up
from 6 million the week before as the series continues to grow.
No MTV series - even cultural touchstones like "Beavis & Butt-Head"
and "Real World" - has reached such heights. MTV has been trying to
take advantage of the hit, playing series episodes 15 times a week.
"The Osbournes" has pushed aside professional wrestling as cable
television's biggest show, according to Nielsen Media Research.
MTV has prepared three more original episodes before its season ends.
But it may try to use footage to create up to three additional ones.
Every additional viewer just improves Osbourne's negotiating position.
MTV is talking to the family about filming another season's worth of
shows, but the Osbournes are reportedly concerned about tourists at
their California home and may film part of a new season in their
second home in England.

Ozzy To Team Up With Cradle Of Filth? (4/21/2002)

Ozzy looks set to team up with UK black metallers Cradle of Filth on a
new version of his classic track Mr Crowley. Cradle have recently
recorded a version of the track and are hoping that the double O will
add his vocal talents to the final mix says Dani Filth. Our version
sounds like Type O Negative meets Iron Maiden, theres loads of plans
buzzing around including getting Ozzy in to sing on the track. But I
shouldnt talk about it too much coz these things have a habit of going
tits up when you mention them. You never know Ozzy might think our
version is shit.

Ozzy Mouthing Off (4/17/2002)

Ozzy is featured in several chapters of a new book called MOUTHING OFF - A
Book of Rock & Roll Quotes. With funny and truthful observations from
hundreds of rock, punk, and metal figures, this book was written with the
music fan in mind.

Here's an excerpt:
"I can honestly say, all the bad things that ever happened to me were
directly attributed to drugs and alcohol. I mean, I would never urinate at
the Alamo at nine o'clock in the morning dressed in a woman's evening dress
sober." - Ozzy Osbourne

Compiled by Rolling Stone/Billboard contributor John D. Luerssen and
published by Brooklyn-based record label/publishing house The Telegraph
Company, MOUTHING OFF hits book and record stores in June. Those who can't
wait can purchased early online at major book e-tailers.

An Osbourne Runs Away From Home! (4/17/2002)

One of the Osbournes is lost, and
the family is willing to pay to
get its missing member back.

Ozzy, Jack, Kelly, Sharon and even
the sibling they don't show on TV are
all present and accounted for it's
Pippi who's gone astray.

The family's little black Pomeranian, shown among the supporting cast
of "The Osbournes," has been AWOL from the clan's Beverly Hills home
for several weeks, according to Kelly.

"It's been lost for like two months now," she said. "I hope she comes back.
You don't want to give up hope, but you never know."

A $500 reward is being offered for any information leading to the canine's
retrieval. The multimillion-dollar Osbournes might want to think about
inflating the figure a little. Considering the celebrity status the entire
family has been anointed with thanks to its popular reality program, the dog
could probably fetch a higher price on eBay.

Ozzy's Family Weighs Second Season (4/17/2002)

Ozzy Osbourne and his family are going to want some heavy metal if they're
going to agree to shoot a sequel to their hit MTV series.

And no, we're not talking about more Tool songs. TV's new favorite family is
asking for some serious coin to commit to a second season of The Osbournes
while Ozzy's kids might think no money in the world is enough to put
up with those [bleeping] cameras for another five months.

Still, it might happen. The veteran rock god, along with wife Sharon,
17-year-old daughter Kelly and 16-year-old son Jack (18-year-old daughter
Aimee refused to take part in the show), have signed on with the Endeavor
talent agency to look into a deal with MTV for a possible second season,
Daily Variety reports.

No one is commenting on negotiations, but the trade paper reports that the
Osbournes' asking price is in the high seven figures--and significantly
higher than the low seven-figure paycheck they received for the wildly
successful first season. (They'll reportedly pocket about $20,000 per each
of the 13 episodes.)

Initially, it seemed the Osbournes had unanimously ruled out another
installment of the series. During an appearance on The Tonight Show, Jay
Leno asked the family if they were up for a second season. All four
simultaneously responded, "No!"

They may now be having a change of heart, especially considering the show's
ever-growing popularity. The family is currently on the covers of both
Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone, and the Tuesday night series was the
third most-watched show on cable last week (with more than 5 million

But not everyone is excited about another installment. The New York Post
reports that Jack and Kelly still don't want to commit to another season and
have their lives taped for another five months.

Even without the cameras, the family has been forced to give up much of its
privacy. Sharon Osbourne has complained to Beverly Hills police about
tourists constantly stopping by the family's crucifix-laden mansion. And
according to the Post, the Osbournes have hinted that they'll only commit to
a second season if they're allowed to shoot the show at their secluded,
100-year-old farmhouse in England.

The new location would also give Ozzy's housepets a fresh chance to ruin
some more expensive rugs.

Ozzy's Kids Going Batty (4/16/2002)

SOME members of Ozzy Osbourne's family may be standing in the
way of MTV's desire for a second season of its red-hot,
reality-based sitcom, "The Osbournes."

Negotiations for a second season have been underway virtually
since the series premiered March 5 to huge ratings and rave
reviews. But there are indications that some of the Osbourne
clan - particularly teen sibs Kelly and Jack - are not eager
to share their home with MTV camera crews for another five months.

MTV, though, is desperate to begin work on a second-season of
the megahit series, even though the current season is only
half over. Episode 7 of 13 airs tonight at 10:30.

But the show's runaway success has turned life upside down for
the Osbourne family, as tourists crowd the normally quiet street
in Beverly Hills where the family lives in a recently
refurbished mansion.

Mom Sharon Osbourne, who has been married to heavy-metal
superstar Ozzy for 20 years, has complained to Beverly Hills
police that tourists are over-running the family's yard.
As a result of the tumult around their home, the Osbournes are
dropping hints that a second season will be possible only if MTV
agrees to allow the family to film the show at the family's
secluded 100-year-old farmhouse in England.

MTV isn't commenting on that idea, even though it was reported
in this week's wide-ranging cover story on the Osbournes in
Entertainment Weekly magazine.

Nor will MTV say anything about the ongoing negotiations except
to confirm that the network would like to see the series continue
for a second season. A spokeswoman would not comment on speculation
that some members of the family are against continuing the show.
Indeed, it was just a few weeks ago that the entire family seemed
dead set against a second season when they appeared together on "The
Tonight Show" with Jay Leno March 29.

"Now, you think you'll do another season or two of the show? Could
you live with the cameras in your house anymore?" asked Leno.
The four Osbournes all answered "No!"

The Osbournes Want a Bigger Bite (4/16/2002)

The drama behind the scenes of MTV's white-hot reality
comedy "The Osbournes" is starting to get almost as interesting
as the show itself.

America's new favorite first family of television has signed
with the Endeavor talent agency to help it explore a new deal
for a possible second season of the show. While MTV has the
production rights to future seasons, the music cable network
hasn't locked up the services of the boisterous clan.

While neither side is talking, industry insiders said the
Osbournes are seeking a second season fee in the high seven figures
and perhaps even more, if you throw in potential ancillary revenue
linked to the show. It's a huge leap: the family was paid in the
low seven figures for the show's first season; that deal was put
together by CAA, which still represents paterfamilias Ozzy Osbourne
the rocker. It's no surprise the Osbournes, who are on the covers
of both Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone this week, are seeking
more coin: their show has turned into a monster hit for MTV.

Last week's episode, seen by more than 6 million viewers, snagged
a 19 share among adults 18-34, beating everything else on cable
and the major broadcast networks. (Each share point equates to the
percentage of viewers watching TV during the time slot involved.) If
"The Osbournes" maintains that rating, it's possible the show could
end up among the season's top 10 series with adults 18-34 -- even
counting fare on the Big Six. The boffo ratings will no doubt
translate into a major ad windfall for MTV. The network has also seen
a Nielsen spike for veteran reality series "The Real World ," which
leads into "The Osbournes" on Tuesday nights.