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Sharon To Address Rumors Friday On Talk Show (12/4/2003)

Sharon Osbourne has spoken to TV's "Extra" about the reports
that she cheated on her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, with his guitarist
during the early '80s, Randy Rhoads.

On her show talk show, Osbourne said, "So it comes out now, and
it is all twisted and people are saying I cheated on my husband."

"Extra" went straight to Osbourne to let her set the record
straight. She says, "Yes, I do want to set it straight. Before
my husband and I actually were engaged, before we were married,
I had a great friendship, as did my husband, with Randy." However,
she says, "I definitely wasn't married to my husband at the time.
Randy died before my husband and I were married."

Osbourne addresses the rumors and shares the whole story on "The
Sharon Osbourne Show" Friday (Dec. 5), where she's joined by guests
Jessica Alba, Billy Bob Thornton, Jami Gertz, and Donna Summer.

The Osbourne Family Christmas Special (12/4/2003)

Hold onto your testicles and breast implants - this hour long special
is going to be on MTV on December 11 at 10:00 pm Eastern time.

Ozzy is reportedly going to be dueting on "Winter Wonderland" with
Jessica Simpson. Kelly is going to sing "Have Yourself a Merry
Little Christmas". Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Carmen Electra and
Dave Navarro and Britney Spears are supposed to be on as well. It
was filmed at Chez Osbourne sometime in the last couple of weeks.

Kelly Osbourne: My Sister Sickens Me (12/4/2003)

KELLY Osbourne is proudly showing off her latest tattoo. Done two
weeks ago to celebrate her brother's 18th birthday, it simply
reads 'Jack'.

It turns out that he, too, has had one done on his wrist that
says 'Kelly'.

Despite their constant warring and bickering on-screen in The
Osbournes, it's clear there is a strong bond between the pair.
Unfortunately, that doesn't extend to their older sister, Aimee.

She's the hidden member of the Osbourne clan who wanted nothing
to do with the MTV show that is now in its second series on Channel
4. Making her feelings plain, Aimee moved out of the family's
Beverly Hills home as the cameras moved in.

It has sparked a bitter rift between the three siblings - something
that has caused deep heartache to dad Ozzy and mum Sharon.

"She sits and acts like she is so much better than us," says Kelly,
19, speaking for the first time about her older sister.

"That's what really upsets me about her. Aimee will reap all the
benefit and yet won't do any of the work. She will take the money,
she will take the free clothes, she will take the free premiere
tickets, she will take everything that comes along with what we do.
But then she will sit there and slag me off, my brother off, my mum
and my dad off to all her friends for days.

"And it makes me sick. Because if you think that what we do is so
disgusting and you think that I'm so horrible and I'm so crap, then
don't take the benefits from it."

Kelly might appear in a TV show that has been a hit on both sides
of the Atlantic and have launched a successful pop career, but she
is just like any other confused teenager when it comes to her big
sister. She loves Aimee and is hurt that her attempts to put aside
their differences and become friends have been spurned.

Today, talking about her family woes Kelly looks tired and
despondent. It's partly jet-lag. She has just flown into Britain
to promote her latest single. It's a duet with dad Ozzy of the
Black Sabbath classic Changes.

She's holed up in the Osbournes' mansion in Buckinghamshire where
she grew up. With its oak panels and draughty leaded windows, it's
far cry from the glitz of their Beverly Hills home.

Snuggled up on a sofa in a cosy drawing room, Kelly tries to make
sense of her relationship with 20-year-old Aimee and what's gone
so wrong.

"I would give anything for her to treat me like a sister," she
says in despair. "She treats her friends better than she treats me.
But then she doesn't exactly treat her friends that good.

"All four of us get along so well, but we will have to make sure
that nobody says anything to hurt Aimee's feelings. Nobody wants
to hurt her feelings, but it seems like I can do no right.
Everything I say is stupid and everything I do is pitiful and will
never be good enough for her. And I will always be fat and always
be ugly to her.

"Never once in her life has she said, 'Oh you look nice, Kelly',
or, 'You sang that song really well'. Do you know what she gave me
for my birthday? Self-help books. Not only were they about how to
become a more secure person and how to live without depending on
others, but they were books for men. She didn't even take the
time to figure out whether they were for men or women.

"She left the books for me and didn't call me on my birthday. Then
she pretended she was upset because I was insulted that she gave
them to me.

"Don't bother getting me anything rather than get a present that
you know will hurt me. She just did it to be mean and spiteful.
And on my Christmas card last year she wrote, 'I hope you find the
strength to mature and grow up. Merry Christmas'.

"Ask Aimee to decorate your apartment and she would decorate it
like Martha Stewart. But ask her to fix something or call a plumber
and she just couldn't do it. She is incapable of certain things."

The problem, Kelly feels, stretches back to their childhood in
Buckinghamshire. For most of the time Ozzy was away touring and
when mum Sharon flew off to join him, she always took Aimee but
left Kelly and Jack behind.

"I found all these letters in an old box that I wrote to my mum,"
says Kelly. "They all said, 'Dear Mummy, please do not go to
America and see Daddy'. There was a whole box full of them for
every trip she made.

"I was terrified that she would leave us for so long that she
wouldn't come back like my dad. I was around seven years old
and it affected me. I started wetting the bed and it lasted until
I was 11.

"It was hard not having Dad around. I found it hard to understand
why he went away and I didn't know why he wasn't around like other
mummies and daddies.

THEY would always take my sister with them and leave me and Jack.
I could never understand why Aimee got to go and I didn't.

"It was always me and my brother when we were young. We were
always best friends and we did everything together. My sister
had this thing that she was more mature and wanted to be like
an adult while me and Jack were always the kids.

"I truly adore her. But I can't do anything any more. What can
I do if she doesn't like me? I can't make her like me. I don't
like her as a person, but I love her."

Sharon, however, remains optimistic that Kelly and Jack will
one day be reconciled with Aimee.

"They don't get on socially but they love each other and that's
important to me," says Sharon. "They love each other but they
don't like each other right now. But they will.

"They are very, very different people and their lives are
taking different courses right now. Jack and Kelly have decided
to take one route and Aimee has decided to take another. Aimee
is probably the one with the most talent who doesn't use it."

By her own admission, the past 12 months have been tough on Kelly.
First there was her mother's battle with cancer. Then her boyfriend
Bert McCracken, the 20-year-old lead singer with punk band The Used,
dumped her.

Although there have been highs, the success of her music career
and playing in front of hundreds of thousands of people as support
for Robbie Williams, the lows have far outweighed them. "It has
been a very, very hard year for all of us," she sighs. "All of us
dealt with mum's cancer in a different way. My dad started drinking
again. My brother kind of became the man of the house. The extra
responsibility pressured him a bit and he started drinking and
doing drugs.

"My sister became a headmistress, shouting and making rules. That
was her way of helping but the last thing my mum wanted was someone
screaming at her. I kind of sat with her all day and all I would do
is cry with her and make her food."

On Valentine's Day this year, Kelly was expecting at least a card
from her boyfriend Bert. But what she got was the boot. She was
shocked and hurt by his cruel dismissal of her.

After she had decided to swear off boys, into her life walked Rob
Aston, the heavily-tattooed and somewhat scary-looking singer with
The Transplants. He managed to put a smile back on Kelly's face and
helped support her through the trauma of her mother's cancer battle.

He is never far away from her side. At the moment Rob is in the
mansion's cosy farmhouse kitchen peeling potatoes for their lunch.

"It was a couple of days after Bert broke up with me," recalls Kelly.
"I was miserable and my friends dragged me to a bar. I had pyjamas
on, hadn't brushed my teeth or hair and had a dirty T-shirt on.

WE have some friends in common and we just started talking and
didn't stop. We became really good friends. We'd hang out every day,
all day. He was my best friend and he was my shoulder to cry on.

"I knew my feelings for him were more than friends and I asked him if
he liked me. He said yeah - and that was it. He doesn't lie to me
about any of the bad stuff that he's done in his past And he's so
moody - I love that.

"When people come up to me he questions everyone's motives. He's
very protective. And all he eats are toasted cheese sandwiches."
Strangely, given that she is married to the multi-tattooed rocker
Ozzy, Sharon wasn't too keen on Kelly going out with Rob.

"At first Mum said you're dating him for shock value because of all
the tattoos," grins Kelly. "You're really only dating him so you can
say you have a scary boyfriend.

"Now my mum takes his side in everything. Every time she has a
problem she'll call him and say, 'Rob, make Kelly do this'. He
takes her side on everything - it's very annoying.

"He's become part of the family and has the honour of being the
first person I have ever dated that my parents ever liked. Usually
they scream, 'Just take that stinky boy out of my house now'.

"This is the longest relationship I've ever had," she says, coyly.
"And, yeah, it is love. We do everything together. We haven't spent
a day apart in a really long time. But I'm not getting engaged yet.
I'm a selfish person when it comes to stuff like that and I'd be
terrible to live with."

And with that she skips off into the kitchen, rolls up her sleeves
and helps Rob peel the spuds.

Aimee Osbourne Speaks About Her Childhood/Parents (12/4/2003)

I THOUGHT it was a big mistake to make The Osbournes TV show and
told my mum: "They're going to make so much fun of you guys."

Today I look at it knowing everything I feared has come true.

The first time I saw it and the way they edited it to make my dad
look like a clown, I wanted to cry.

They made him out to look totally incapable and I hated it.

My mum, of course, won the argument. She won, in that the show
became more successful than we all would have thought, but not
in the way my dad is laughed at every day.

Now he is a laughing stock and known as a stuttering alcoholic.
After all his years of hard work and touring, this is how he's
being remembered and appreciated.

I thought by not appearing on the show I could avoid all the
warped, crazy fallout.

Up to now I've always refused interviews and somehow I've become
the mystery Osbourne.

I've always been anti-drugs. I don't want to end up an addict.
I've lived with the fear I might have that so-called addict gene.

I imagine it's like one sip or one snort and you trigger a
reaction that changes you for ever.

No thanks. With my family history, why risk it? It's like playing
Russian roulette.

That's why, when I was growing up, I probably never needed a
lecture. I knew about drugs and alcohol before I ever got the
talk from my mother.

Like her, I hate the taste of alcohol. I don't have a tolerance
for it. I've never smoked a joint in my life.

Could that get me kicked out of the Osbournes? I don't know.
It's a thought.

Our home life was always coloured by the complicated relationship
between my father's struggle with his addiction to alcohol and
drugs and my mother's efforts to control him.

At times, I think of Kelly, Jack and myself as bystanders in a
hostage situation.

Once when I was about five and we were living temporarily in
the South of France for tax purposes, my father took us children
for a walk through Cannes.

We went straight to the jewellers Van Cleef & Arpels, which meant
one thing, something had happened between him and my mother and
he needed to apologise.

But within a few minutes of being in the store, my dad, drunk at
the time, stumbled and crashed into several display cases. He came
home with pearls and diamonds for my mother and a new watch for

The store got over it. I don't know if we did. My dad carried
around private demons that made him an unpredictable powder keg
ready to explode. It tainted everything in our lives. None of us
knew what kind of mood he would wake up in, or if he even went
to bed at all.

He fought with my mother all the time, real screaming fits that
sometimes involved throwing pots, pans and vases. We walked on
eggshells, not understanding what set him off.

The best times were when we were first allowed on tour. I got
treated very well I was pretty much the princess. If we were
on the road, we had a regular dinner time.

We went to the sound check, ran around empty arenas, stood behind
the drums or at the side of the stage, watching Dad.

It was fun. It was like a childish game. No school, no rules and
no bedtime. And all us kids, the crew, the band, the travelling,
being with both our parents. And it was kind of bizarre for a
little child to be on a stage and have all these thousands of
people screaming, where we could see our dad at his best.

We cheered until we were hoarse. Late at night we'd crawl into
bed with our parents in the back of the bus and watch movies.
For the most part it was tame. My mother kept us away from the
drugs, the groupies and the craziness.

And if my father seemed bent on getting out of control, she
whisked us back home. Then one day I came across several photos
showing my dad doing coke with bandmates while they were on the

I don't know if it was seeing the white powder that everyone was
sitting around, or simply that Dad looked so different, so
blurry-eyed, crazy and unlike my dad, but I asked my mum what
he was doing in those pictures.

In her straightforward, honest manner, she said something like:
"Daddy does this and that. I don't always approve and he isn't
allowed to do it here."

I didn't understand much of what was going on, but to my mother's
credit she was always upfront. She provided the information we
needed to know and no more.

I knew something wasn't right in the family. I knew my dad was
a substance abuser. And it began to really affect me.

I was very embarrassed because my dad to normal nine-to-five people
was a freak. I was ashamed, embarrassed and miserable.

Another of my most vivid memories was a nanny who said: "Aimee, your
dad keeps asking me for beer, what do I do?"

And I said: "Don't give it to him."

I brought it in to him myself, and sat down next to him, by the fire.

He was wasted. I said: "Daddy, why are you doing this to us? Please
don't do this."

He looked at me and said: "F*** you. I work hard, I get bread for
this family, I have the right to do whatever the f*** I like. Get away
from me."

I remember knowing that this was not how daddies are meant to speak
to their little girls. I just remember him being so hard, and I felt
it was my fault for some weird reason.

I also remember waking up and looking outside and seeing my dad in
his underwear being handcuffed.

It was very understandable how observant and smart I was at that age.
I knew why he was arrested (for trying to strangle his wife after a
five-day vodka binge). I knew everything that was going on.

The next day I went to school and my mum picked me up and he still
wasn't home. He had gone into rehab.

When I was 13 we all moved back to LA from Britain.

From then on I was teased and gawked at, which made going to class
feel like torture. I was Ozzy Osbourne's daughter. I heard, "Hey, can
your dad get me cocaine?"

School didn't interest me. Nothing did.

It got to the point where at any given situation, I was about to
explode. My mother began sending me to therapists but none ever
seemed to ask the right questions.

It was always, "Why are you angry?" never "How do you feel?"

I love my mother but she is in so much denial to this day.

How she copes with it is by working, making money, going out there
until she gets what she wants and still keeps things going.

And my father hurt everyone so much and himself most of all. I saw
this talented, funny man wither away from someone who could hold a
conversation to where he can hardly hold it together. He's done it
to himself.

My parents are both so eccentric and weird.

I'm a strange combination of both of them.

I have my dad's emotional complexity and his quiet, observant side.
I also have my mum's powerful mouth and some of her drive.

She's got a drive to succeed like no one I have ever met. But I have
some of that too. I have a vision and want things done my way.

But I prefer calmness, which is in contrast to the world we were
raised in. I'm sure that had a profound effect on me.

I always knew I wasn't the same as other kids. I was the emotional
sponge. Whereas my brother and sister were happy little kids, I
absorbed everything for everyone.

In a way I've grown up feeling like I was a parent to my own parents.

Ozzy - Winner For MLB's Most Bizarre Moment (12/4/2003)

Would-be crooners from Mike Ditka to Cyndi Lauper have been guest
conductors for the seventh inning stretch at Wrigley Field, trying
to carry on a tradition which began with Harry Caray's off-key
performances. But nobody couldn't carry a tune like Ozzy Osbourne.

Osbourne, a 54-year-old rock and roll musician better known for
biting the heads off bats, took a swing at baseball's "Take Me
Out to the Ballgame." It didn't work.

Because he was so out of sync -- and out of place -- Osbourne's
efforts won "Most Bizarre Moment" in the 2003 This Year
in Baseball Awards, determined by fan on-line balloting. And any
of the fans who voted who heard him try to sing would agree the
sight of the long-haired rocker swaying in the press box booth
and bumbling the words was bizarre.

Ozzy's outrageous outing received 7,046 votes, or 17.9 percent,
to edge Baltimore's Jack Cust whose less than graceful run home
received 6,050 votes, or 15.4 percent. Cust fell twice trying to
score the tying run in the bottom of the 12th inning for the
Baltimore Orioles on Aug. 16 at Camden Yards. That was one day
before Ozzy's songfest. Coincidence? Maybe there was a full moon.

A total of 39,374 votes were cast in the "Bizarre Moment"
category on

Osbourne was at Wrigley Field for the Aug. 17 game between the
Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers with his wife, Sharon,
who was supposed to be the key guest, promoting her new television

(Thanks to Joe Siegler of for this news article.)

Bulimia Agony Of Sharon Osbourne (12/4/2003)

SHARON Osbourne has had human excrement hand-delivered to her foes
and once trashed the office of a businessman who dared cross her.

Yet beneath that famously hard-boiled exterior, the boss of the
Osbourne clan has a deeply vulnerable side.

In a searingly frank interview with the Daily Mirror, Sharon speaks
for the first time about her bulimia, an eating disorder that has
plagued her since adolescence.

She also admits that it took a revolutionary stomach operation to
cure her problem - a procedure she undertook in secret and against
the wishes of her husband Ozzy.

"I used to binge-eat all the time, then lose it and then binge-eat
again. I was just a nutter," she laughs quietly, rolling her eyes.

"I would eat and eat and eat until I was sick. All through my life
until four years ago I would do it. I wish I could say it came from
this trauma or that trauma but I just don't know. I suppose it was
low self-esteem - I don't know.

"If I was happy I would eat and if I was sad I would eat - any
excuse. Everything in my life revolved around food.

"I booked into health farms and went on diets. I would lose weight
and control my eating for six or eight months. Then, boom!, the
floodgates would open and it would all come back. I didn't have
to put my fingers down my throat as I would keep eating and
eating until it threw itself up.

"People around me didn't know the whole story but they knew
I was bloody fat. I couldn't hide that."

Four years ago, without telling her husband, Sharon booked into
a hospital for a "gastric banding" operation.

"I didn't do what everyone advised me to do, go into therapy. I
just went, 'No, it's fine.' It was the English way of saying,
'I'm all right, there's nothing wrong.'

"My whole life had been like that until four years ago when I
had an operation to put a band on my stomach. It shrinks it so
you can only get so much food down at one time. Finally something
had controlled my eating.

"I still have the band. Often the kids and Ozzy are like, 'Take
it off, get it removed.' Especially when I was sick last year they
really wanted me to get it removed but I was too scared to."

The roots of Sharon's relentless drive and, in all likelihood, the
eating disorder can be traced back to her parents. Don Arden was
a former Black And White Minstrel turned music manager who looked
after everyone from Bill Haley and Gene Vincent to the Electric
Light Orchestra. There was little chance to be a child in his

"My brother and I didn't mix with other kids. We didn't go to
school much and were always skiving off and going to the cinema
or on the nick around Woolworths. We weren't brought up with
children; we were brought up with adults. We weren't encouraged
to bring children home.

"There were never birthday parties or Christmas parties as our
social life all revolved around work. Everything was based around
my dad's business. It was a great way to be brought up," her voice
drops to a girlish whisper. "But it was strange."

At the age of 15 Sharon quit school to work with her father. By
18 she became pregnant and her parents, oblivious to her despair,
treated her with disdain. She ended up having an abortion - something
she regrets.

Yet despite her unorthodox upbringing, when Sharon first met Ozzy
in 1970 she found him intimidating. They got together as a couple
near the end of that decade.

"I was scared when I met him," she laughs. "I was used to all
these smooth American stars who were perfectly-groomed with their
mohair suits and cologne. Then in came these raggedy guys from
Birmingham with hair everywhere and I thought what the hell is this?

"I hadn't been married - I hadn't even had a steady bloke before Ozzy."

Their union caused a rift in the Arden family that would last for
20 years. Seeing his major earner being tempted away from him, albeit
by his own daughter, was too much for Don.

"My family cut me off dead because of money. People said, 'Oh, your
dad must have been worried when you married Ozzy.' But he didn't give
a shit. Ozzy was his cash cow. And dad knew I'd take him with me."

THE end came when Sharon retuned from the US to her father's home,
joyous with the news that she was pregnant with Ozzy's child. Stepping
through his door, she was savaged by Don's guard dogs. She lost the child.

Gazing down at the tiny dog that is sitting in her lap, her voice drops
to a whisper: "The dogs ripped me apart and I lost the baby.

"He didn't set them on me, to be truthful. Because I had been living in
America and not in England the dogs didn't know me. Three of them went
for me and just tore me apart.

"My mother found me and she wasn't sympathetic at all - her husband came
first in her life.

"I ran next door to my brother who called an ambulance and got me to
hospital. My parents, though, didn't give a shit."

Sharon didn't speak to her parents again for 20 years. Her mother died
four years ago without ever seeing her grandchildren. Sharon didn't
even attend the funeral.

Sharon's children had been told their grandparents were dead but four
years ago, Sharon's lie came crashing down.

"We were all out for Sunday lunch, driving down a street in Los Angeles
when I saw my father.

"I started screaming at him out of the window and then I turned the car
around and started screaming again. Then I slowed down and we were
just screaming at each other.

"And my kids thought he was Tony Curtis. And they said, 'Mummy, why is
Tony Curtis calling you a whore?' Then I realised it was just insane
and I had to tell my kids the truth."

Two years ago Sharon and Don were finally reconciled and he finally
became one of the Osbourne clan.

"Just because I'm a Nazi at work, I know it doesn't mean I have to
be like that at home."

Ordinary People: Our Story, By The Osbournes (12/1/2003)

OZZY OSBOURNE is the rock wildman other rock wildmen look at in awe.

His excesses go way beyond sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll - trying to
kill his wife, for instance.

Amazingly the working-class Birmingham boy, who shot to fame with
heavy metal band Black Sabbath in 1970, has beaten drink and drugs
to become an icon.

His reality TV show The Osbournes, littered with four-letter outbursts,
is a global hit and he has even met the Queen and President Bush.

Now Ozzy, 55 on Wednesday, wife Sharon and children Kelly, Jack and
Aimee, have written a book about their family life, Ordinary People:
Our Story.

All five tell their stories in an eye-opening Sun series. We start
with Ozzy . . . trying to murder his missus.

In 1989, at the height of his drinking and drug-taking, Ozzy emerged
from a five-day vodka binge to tell Sharon: "We've decided we're going
to kill you." He then tried to strangle her. Sharon hit a panic button,
calling police to their house, and Ozzy was arrested.

Here he tells what happened next . . .

I COULDN'T remember anything that had happened when I woke up in the
prison cell. All I knew was that I felt like crap and was not sure why
I was there.

Shaking and sick, I asked the guard if he knew the charges.

When I heard him say "attempted murder" of my wife, I couldn't believe
a word. "Could you read that again?" I asked.

He turned to a page on a clipboard and read: "John Michael Osbourne, you
are hereby charged with attempted murder of your wife, Sharon Rachel

I spent the weekend in that cell and I couldn't have felt sicker. Without
anything to drink, smoke or swallow, I went through two days of painful
withdrawal that made every part of my body ache.

When I finally walked into court, I saw Sharon across the room. As soon
as our eyes met, I started to cry.

Though we couldn't speak, I hoped she saw how sorry I was. I pleaded not
guilty by reason of temporary insanity, but I was saved when Sharon told
the judge she didn't want to press charges.

At her suggestion, I was sentenced to three months of rehab at Huntercombe
Manor, a drug and alcohol treatment centre in Buckinghamshire. I wasn't
allowed any contact with Sharon or the children, unless it was authorized
by the rehab's doctors and agreed to by my wife.

People do all sorts of s**t when they drink. I used to be a wife beater.
I'm not proud of it but I will own up to the fact.

I think it's wrong. I don't know why she stayed.

I love Sharon more than life itself. And I love my children. I haven't
always been the greatest guy. I used to do crazy things.

The way I felt when I hit Sharon is the same way I feel right now thinking
about it. I hate myself.

Sharon started coming to visit about a month into my stay. A few weeks
later she brought the kids, who broke my heart when they said: "Bye, Daddy.
Get better soon." As for treatment, I survived.


I STILL remember our first American tour. It was October 1970. Black Sabbath's
first album was out and the biggest thing a British band could do was tour
the States.

Led Zeppelin's drummer John Bonham was the first to congratulate me. He
said: "It is very cool." Then he added with a grin: "But before you go, make
sure your d*** is rested and you've got plenty of penicillin." One thing about
Sabbath - we were a great f***ing band. Another thing about Sabbath - we were
great at f***ing.

In England, you'd meet a girl, take her to a movie and buy her a drink. Three
weeks later you might get your hand on her left breast. It took time.

Not in America. The fun started as soon as we got off the plane.

I checked into the hotel about 9pm. By 9.15pm there was a knock at the door.
I figured it was one of the guys forgetting something, but it was a girl.
She had a great body - not that I noticed anything after I heard her say
she wanted to ball me.

"Ball me?" I said. "Do you mean you want to play ball?"

"No, let me show you what I mean," she said. And for the next few hours
she sucked my brains out.

Though we were still pre-Aids, there was still the clap. I remember going
to a doctor, slightly embarrassed and said I had a pain in my lower back.

The doctor asked if I happened to be with the other guys. Then he opened
the adjoining door and I saw the band with their pants down and a nurse
with a handful of syringes.


EVERYONE has a button in them waiting to be pressed. Or at least in some
people it's a button, in others it's a stick of dynamite. I have both.

One was pressed by The Beatles and one was hit by drink and drugs.

John Bonham once took me to a restaurant and ordered 24 bottles of
champagne. That made even a heavy-duty alcoholic like me ask what was
going on.

Straight-faced he said: "We're going to have a race. We'll see who can
drink the most."

After years on the road I can tell you it ain't that good or grand as
people think. Once you get over the initial thing of late nights, chicks
and parties, it wears thin. The schedule is always the same. I watched
too many highway signs pass by my bleary eyes.

Back then I had three and often more well-balanced meals a day, consisting
of grass, speed, vodka, Quaaludes (an anti-depressant) and acid. I tried
heroin twice, but got too violently ill to like it. Thank God for blessings
like that or I'd have died long ago.

The amount of alcohol could be staggering too. Some nights I downed three
or four bottles of vodka. None of it made me feel any good, but I
couldn't stop myself.


NO ONE has to tell me to remember the Alamo. I showed up at the Texas
landmark wearing my wife's dress and holding a bottle of cognac.

Despite the photographer's reservations, I convinced him to go ahead
with the shoot. As he changed the film in his camera, I needed to take
a leak.

I relieved myself against an old wall, as I'm sure countless dedicated,
patriotic and drunken soldiers had done 100 years earlier when they were
shooting at attacking Mexican fighters.

But by February 1982 times had clearly changed. The policeman told me: "Son,
when you piss on the Alamo, you piss on the State of Texas."

After a night in jail I was banned from playing San Antonio ever again.
Though it was rescinded in 1992, no one could have imagined that in another
ten years I would be trading jokes with the President of the United States,
a former Texas governor.

But if you live long enough or through enough, you learn one thing is true -
all sins can be forgiven.


AT 53 I suddenly went from being Ozzy to OZZY. I met the Queen of England.
I met the President of the United States. And I'm still Ozzy, you know.
This year we had a huge party. My house was turned into this place that
I could hardly recognise.

A dance floor was put up. People were running all over with hors d'oeuvres.

Tony Bennett sang in the back yard. I turned around and there was Sylvester
Stallone and Elton John. My wife was hanging out with Elizabeth Taylor.

The scene hit me like a brick. I had a problem dealing with it. I made
Tony Bennett walk into a quiet room.

"Tony," I said, "I'm from a working class background. I woke up this morning
and I thought, 'I have a house in Beverly Hills, a house in Malibu, I've
got three houses in London, plus a farm.

"I fly around in private jets. And now I have Sir Elton John and Dame
Elizabeth Taylor in my house. Pretty wild, eh?" Tony smiled. I said: "Well,
tell me this - how the f*** did this happen?"

"I don't know, Ozzy."

I looked back for a moment and told him straight: "I don't f***ing know either."


I'M never going to say anything bad about my family, but here's the main
thing about the Osbournes - they are all out of their effing minds.

My wife and kids are insane. I'm the one who actually thinks things through.

If there is one message I want to get across it is love your family, no
matter what.

I have strong opinions about drinking, drugs and sex.

They nearly f***ing killed me. I don't know of a better example for my
kids than my f***ed-up past.

But then I think back to when I caught my father with a cigarette in his
mouth and he said: "Ozzy, if I ever catch you smoking, I'll break your arm."
Of course, I spent the next 30 f***ing years smoking like a chimney.

Kids always do the opposite of whatever their parents tell them. That's a
fact of f***ing life, man.


WHEN I was growing up in Birmingham, I had one shirt, one pair of pants,
one pair of socks, shoes and a jacket. I was always dirty and smelly. The
kids teased me unmercifully, which is why years down the road, I spent
the first bit of money I earned from music on drugs and strong f***ing cologne.

I think I'm a biological miracle. Obviously my time isn't up yet.

Ordinary People: Our Story, by Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne with Aimee, Kelly
and Jack. Published by Simon & Schuster on December 4.

Right now it looks as if this book is only available in the UK. You can
purchase it through the UK amazon website by clicking here.

Ozzy: I Was Sexually Abused As a Child (12/1/2003)

Around Ozzy Osbourne the chaos that is his everyday life continues
unabated. As MTV crews roam the house, the rest of his family is
good-naturedly preparing for a Thanksgiving feast the following day.

The laughter from upstairs at his Beverly Hills mansion, however,
is in sharp contrast to the mood in the lounge.

Leaning back on the opulent sofa, Ozzy's voice drops to almost a
whisper as he admits: "I was sexually abused when I was a kid."

His eyes, hidden behind mirrored shades, look upwards as he pauses
to remember.

"Two boys used to wait for me to come home after school. Then they
would f**k around with me. They didn't f**k me but they messed
around with me.

"They would force me to drop my pants and all that s**t. They felt
me and touched me was terrible. The first time it happened
was in front of my sister and that affected me even more.

"It became a regular thing on the way home from school. It seemed
to go on forever."

Born into a poor working-class family in post-war Birmingham, sexual
abuse was not a subject that could be mentioned at home. Terrified
and full of shame, 11-year-old Ozzy bottled up his emotions.

It was only this year, as his wife Sharon battled cancer, that the
rocker finally began to come to terms with how the abuse has shaped
his life.

"Everything when you are a kid affects you in later life," he says,
before taking a large gulp of coffee from his huge mug. "If you build
a wall with rocky foundations you are going to have pretty unstable
wall when it's finished.

"My parents would fight a lot and money was scarce. There were eight
of us in a two-bedroom house. Then that happened and for the rest
of my childhood I was forever running with fear.

"I was afraid to tell my father or mother and it completely f****d me
up. Dirty little secrets fester and that is one of the first things
I said to my kids.

"When I was a kid, people did not talk about these things like they
do now. You didn't have chat shows talking about child molestation.
It used to be the Woodentops and Bill and Ben.

"I worked it out with a therapist. But if you have a traumatic
experience when you are young it does f**k you up. Sharon knows
all about it and it was only with her that I could finally relax
and be myself."

The traumatised teenager grew up to front one of the biggest bands
of all time - Black Sabbath.

But the singer admits that beneath the rock god exterior was still a
frightened little boy who had never dealt with the trauma of the abuse.

"Throughout my life I have always been dodgy with my nerves and I
always thought I was a nervous guy.

"I always get stage fright and people go 'you old f****r, you have
been doing it longer than Tutankhamun'. But I'm a nervous kind of guy."

Laughing at last, he adds: "Back in the Seventies I may have looked
confident but I was stoned most of the time."

By any standards in Ozzy's rollercoaster of a life, this has been a
tumultuous couple of years. He has seen his family become worldwide
icons after agreeing to have every their every moment filmed by MTV.
He has been hailed by President Bush and played for the Queen at her
jubilee celebrations. But then things began to fall badly apart as
Ozzy, who was once arrested and put into rehab for trying to strangle
his wife, began drinking heavily again after six "dry" years. At the
same time, his 17-year-old son Jack's alcoholism and drug addiction
brought him close to suicide.

Both father and son, ironically, began down the road of abuse when
Sharon was diagnosed with cancer of the colon.

"We were in England doing the jubilee thing and she was there to
present it for VH1. The ratings for the show were going through
the roof and we were at Buckingham Palace and this feeling came over me.

"I said 'This is too f***ing good...something bad is going to come
down'. Normally she would say 'Just enjoy it while you can'. But she
says 'You know what? I have been thinking exactly the same'."

A routine medical last summer revealed the cancer and the family
went into freefall.

"One of the advantages of being me is I could afford to take her
in to hospital there and then to have it removed. She was so
f***ing ill.

"I was touring and I would fly straight back to LA on a private
jet and the arguments I had with f***ing doctors and nurses were
incredible. She would be fine one minute and deathly the next.

"The chemotherapy she had ain't a bundle of fun. It's like having
a broken nose and someone every day punching your broken nose to
make it better.

I had to physically carry her to the hospital on more than six
occasions because she was so f****d up by the cancer and the
chemotherapy. I never really stopped drinking but I started
hitting it heavily again while she was fighting the cancer.

"I couldn't sleep with her because I was terribly frightened of
waking up next to a dead body. I just didn't want to wake up to
my wife dead.

"So I would drink myself into a stupor and fall asleep on the
couch. Sharon would be in bed when I would drink. I would just
find myself in a heap on the floor the next day."

Sharon, too weak from the chemotherapy, left him to it. But this
spring, with her cancer in remission she gave him an ultimatum
the drink or her. When he refused to quit boozing, she moved out.

"She left me for four days. The day after she left I got on a
plane to Boston and went into hospital to find out what the
problem was. I think I have had one glass of wine since and I
thought 'What are you doing'? I am not a George Best - thank God.

"But, believe me, I would love to get f****d up. We were watching
an old film in bed the other day and there was an old English pub
in it. I do miss them and I do miss the craic in the pubs."

The visit to the Boston hospital cleared up not only Ozzy's drinking
but also laid to rest his abiding fear that he was suffering from
the onset of Parkinson's disease. His shuffling walk and shaking
hands have turned him into a parody. Yet they betrayed something
more than a body that has been used and abused for most of its 54 years.

Neurologists had prescribed him with a staggering 30 different
pills a day to cure the problem. Combined with the drinking, his
condition worsened.

His hands as steady as a rock as he clutches his freshly refilled
coffee mug, he says: "Over the years this tremor has got steadily
worse. I have only just found out it is something I inherited from
my parents called a non-specific hereditary tremor.

"I rang my sister June afterwards and asked her if anyone in the
family had a tremor as I had just been diagnosed as having this
hereditary tremor and she goes 'Oh, not you as well'.

"I couldn't believe it and I'm thinking to myself when I was 21 it
would have been nice for my dad to have sat me down and said 'When
you get to 50 you may start shaking. Don't worry, we all do'.

"Now I am only taking two pills three times a day and I feel a hell
of a lot better for it. But the side-effect from one of the pills
is a dry mouth which is giving me real grief. It is affecting my
singing as my mouth just goes."

Sitting back in his Los Angeles mansion, with two tiny cameras on
the walls filming us constantly for the TV show, Ozzy appears to
have grown accustomed to having his every movement and utterance
taped and ready for playback.

Occasionally, a camera crew pop into the room from their temporary
studio in the garage.

But the fame does have its drawbacks - something the singer can
find humour in.

AS soon as you get success in this town you get sued. I am getting
sued every week - every f***ing week. Some guy last week now says
that he invented the Osbournes. I am supposed to have fathered
some kid in New York but even the authorities thought that was a
load of bull.

"Me with all my jewellery," he says, jangling his gold medallion
and rings, "would last about five seconds in the Bronx.

"I have got the point where I am too paranoid to go out. The one
thing they always put on the lawsuits is 'Ever since Ozzy Osbourne
looked at me with those satanic eyes I can't have sex'."

Laughing heartily, it is clear that Sharon and his family are the
most important things in his life.

Into the room bounds daughter Kelly, who is about to leave for
Britain to promote her new single - a duet with her dad of the
classic Sabbath song Changes.

He hugs her fiercely as the camera crew swoops in out of nowhere.

After the flurry of excitement, he sits back down on the sofa to
reflect on the strange position he finds himself.

"I honestly don't understand my life," he laughs in a rather
bashful manner. "I have had a f***ing incredible life and, believe
me, I haven't taken it for granted. I'm dyslexic and I suffer from
attention deficit disorder.

"I'm 55 on December 3. How I have survived is a miracle but sooner
or later something will go wrong.

"If it wasn't for my wife I wouldn't be this f***ing icon, I
wouldn't be a success, I would be long dead.

"She is the greatest thing, the greatest love of my life and there
is not a woman in the world who I would want to spend the rest of
my life with."

And with a smile, Ozzy walks, not shuffles, off back into the chaos
of his home - and the arms of his wife.

Ozzy & Kelly On Friday Night With Jonothan Ross (12/1/2003)

Ozzy and Kelly will be appearing on Friday Night with Jonothan Ross
this week on bbc1 in the UK.

Billboard Special (12/1/2003)

The Billboard Information Group salutes the pop culture impact of "The
Osbournes," the hit MTV series fronted by flamboyant rock veteran Ozzy
Osbourne, with the publication of a special report in the Dec. 20 issue of
Billboard. The issue is available on newsstands from Dec. 13 when the
content also will also be posted on Fans can also
purchase the Osbournes special issue online at

"The Osbournes: America's First Family of Rock" is a report on the 35-year
career of Ozzy Osbourne, from the formation of Black Sabbath through his
achievements as a solo artist, to the launch on MTV of "The Osbournes,"
which begins a new season in early 2004.

The Billboard report is scheduled to feature:

* A comprehensive overview of Ozzy Osbourne's career with comments from
industry insiders and executives who have followed Ozzy on his rock'n'roll
path from heavy-metal madman to MTV's favorite dad.

* A Q&A interview with Ozzy on the development and success of "The

* A profile of Sharon Osbourne: spouse, mom, manager, MTV co-star, and host
of "The Sharon Osbourne Show" which debuted in national syndication in

* A report from the road on the enduring success of the Ozzfest hard rock
touring extravaganza.

* An exclusive Billboard chart analysis of the Ozzy Osbourne's top albums
both with Black Sabbath and as a solo artist.

"The show" says Ozzy, "is all about the way I really live. That's the way
my family and I are all the time. So I don't see the funny side of it, like
other people do. I don't get the joke."

Bill Ward Interview (12/1/2003)

Marshall Ward speaks with Bill Ward on the segment 'Artist-to-Artist'
on the radio program 'Adventures in Plasticland' with your host
Spaceman Stan on Saturday December 6th at 11:59pm (EST) on CKWR FM
98.5 Waterloo, Ontario CANADA or listen on the net at

Ozzy & Sharon Wax Figures Unveiled In New York (11/24/2003)

Wax replicas of former BLACK SABBATH singer Ozzy Osbourne and wife/manager
Sharon were unveiled Thursday, November 20 at Madame Tussaud's wax
museum in New York City's Times Square.

Ozz & Kelly To Perform On German TV (11/24/2003)

Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne will perform "Changes" on December 6th on
the German TV show "Wetten dass..." hosted by Thomas Gottschalk.

Fear Factory Guitarist Jams With Ozzy (11/24/2003)

Christian Olde Wolbers posted the following message on the band's
(Fear Factory) offical website:

Friday 11/21
Today.. I had one of the most amazing experiences in my life, I must admit!...
I got the opportunity to jam with some of the most influential people in the
Metal business today..! I got to play "I don't wanna change the
world", "Crazy Train" and "Paranoid" with OZZY, ZAKK WYLDE AND MIKE
BORDIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing!!!... Zakk, Mike and Ozzy are some
of the coolest, most down to earth people i ever met.. Not to mention,
some of the sickest shredders I will ever get to play a note with!!!!!
Zakk is a monster!!!! Man... what a sick player!!! I think I got a new
guitar hero!

I can't even explain to u what it feels like when you're jamming with Zakk
Wylde and he starts playing a lead in front of u!!!??? I felt like hot blood
was rushing thru my veins!!.. The same feeling I had when i played a song
with Slash last year.. The juices just start flowing.... These guys will give
u that feeling!

Mike Bordin was already one of my alltime favorite drummers next to
Raymond (FF) and Steward Copeland! So that was another dream fulfilled!
I played Zakk some of the new FF shit in the car and he was like "Fuck
yeah!!!!, ...Thas some fucking heavy shit, and after hearing
Cyberwaste, he was like "Dawwwm that must be some of the heaviest shit
I've heard from FF"! ...And then he asked me if I was doing any leads
at all? I told him I would never attempt such a foolish thing, not
after hearing Zakk Wylde and Dimebag Darrell tearing it up in the
metal world... It's pointless.... Why even try!!! Hahaha He was laughing!!!
When he drove off in his Monstertruck, he shouted... "BLACK LABEL SOCIETY,
FEAR FACTORY and DAMAGEPLAN.. Let's do a tour!! "And if u need a lead
over one of them Fear Factory songs give me a call!" ....I was
thinking, what a cool motherfucker!!

Well, I can mark this day down on my calender as being one of the greater
moments in life! ..I got to jam with Ozzy! ...!Not something u do everyday....

Sabbath Snubbed Again By The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (11/24/2003)

BLACK SABBATH have once again been snubbed by the voting members of the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Ozzy Osbourne-fronted band were a glaring omission from the list of
the 2004 Inductees in the "Performer" category, which were announced
earlier today (Nov. 20) by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation
Executive Director Suzan Evans.

The Nineteenth Annual Induction Ceremony, which will be held Monday,
March 15 in New York at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, will feature inductions
from the following artists:


In commenting on this year's inductees, Evans said, "These inductees
represent many influential genres of rock and roll, including pop,
funk, soul, boogie and psychedelia. We expect this year's show to be
unique and exciting with highly anticipated moments."

Artists become eligible for induction 25 years after the release of
their first record. Criteria considered includes the influence and
significance of the artist's contribution to the development and
perpetuation of rock and roll.

The Foundation's nominating committee, composed of rock and roll
historians, selects nominees each year in the "artist" category.
Ballots are then sent to an international voting body of about
700 rock experts.

Four years ago, Ozzy Osbourne attempted to take BLACK SABBATH's name
off the Hall of Fame's 1999 nomination list, deeming the institution's
nod "meaningless."

In an October 1999 letter to the Hall of Fame, Osbourne said: "Just
take our name off the list. Save the ink. Forget about us. The nomination
is meaningless, because it's not voted on by the fans. It's voted on
by the supposed elite for the industry and the Media, who've never
bought an album or concert ticket in their lives, so their vote is
irrelevant to me." He says, "Let's face it, BLACK SABBATH has never
been media darlings. We're a people's band and that suits us just fine."

BLACK SABBATH have been eligible for induction for the past seven years.

'Sharon Osbourne Show' Lays Off Employees (11/24/2003)

Despite solid ratings, "The Sharon Osborne Show" has just laid off 20
people, including music booker (and former "Rockline" producer/music
scribe) Katherine Turman, according to Hits Daily Double.

Although it's a hardly a runaway success, "The Sharon Osborne Show"
appears to be finding an audience with the young MTV viewers who were
big fans of "The Osbournes". Jim Paratore who produces the show at
Warner Bros. Domestic Television said the show has found a sweet spot
with women aged 18-34, a demographic segment that advertisers love

Sharon Osbourne Named U.K.'s 'Most Amazing Woman' (11/24/2003)

Sharon Osbourne has been named the U.K.'s most amazing woman of 2003
in an online poll.

Osbourne, who is married to and manages Ozzy Osbourne, came out on
top against competition from women such as athlete Paula Radcliffe
and singer Dido.

The 50-year-old, known for her appearances in the reality television
show "The Osbournes", took almost a third of the votes for the web

More than 7,000 votes were cast, firstly to win categories such as
entertainment, fashion, sport, business and comedy. Then each of the
winners battled it out for the title of the year's most amazing woman.

Osbourne was treated for cancer earlier this year but continued to
work on her TV series.

Last year's winner in voting on the women's web site was "Big Brother"
presenter Davina McCall.

Psychotherapist Christine Webber, who analyzed the results for Handbag,
said: "Thinking back a couple of decades to the go-getting, superficial,
designer-driven '80s, it would have been inconceivable that someone as
robustly individual as Sharon Osbourne could have emerged at the top of
an Amazing Woman poll.

"Sharon Osbourne and her well-documented difficult history seems to
say to the rest of us: 'If I can survive, and thrive, then so can you.'
She is an icon of our age and she makes us laugh too."

Sharon: "Cancer Was One Of The Best Things That Ever Happened To Me" (11/20/2003)

Sharon Osbourne has spoken to USA Today about being diagnosed with
colorectal cancer in July of last year.

"People don't want to discuss colon cancer," says Osbourne, who last
week was honored by the Women's Guild of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
for her work in raising awareness about the deadly disease. The Guild
supports Cedars-Sinai physicians, researchers and programs focusing
specifically on women's health. "There is no ribbon for it. When I was
better my kids were joking, 'Mum why did you have to get colon cancer?
Couldn't it have been something else? Why there? This is so typical
of you.'"

"Colon cancer is terribly silent and deadly," Osbourne adds. "You
don't realize that it's happening. I was tired and I just figured I
was working too much or I had too much stress. I had no idea there
was cancer inside my body."

"I didn't know anything about a colon before I was diagnosed. I had
no idea you could get cancer there. I was sort of in disbelief at first
really because I kept thinking it was only for men you know, that it
was prostate cancer. And I kept thinking there was a mistake."

"What really scared me was the chemotherapy," Osbourne admits. "I had
heard so much about how difficult it is and how it devastates your
body that it terrified me more than the cancer. But I found a way
through it because the people that I met on this journey through
cancer we so incredible. My cancer is probably one of the best things
that has ever happened to me because it changed my life for the better.

"This is about being informed," Osbourne urges. "There is nothing to
be embarrassed about and you have to go and be checked. You can save
your own life."

Changes Video To Premiere On MTV (11/20/2003)

A video for Ozzy Osbourne and daughter Kelly's rendition of BLACK
SABBATH's "Changes" will begin airing on MTV on Monday, November 24.

The song, the original version of which appeared on BLACK SABBATH's
1972 album, "Black Sabbath, Vol. 4", is included on the reissued
edition of Kelly Osbourne's 2002 debut, "Shut Up" (re-titled
"Changes"), which was made available through Sanctuary Records
in September.

You can also watch the new video for "Changes" at

Ozzy To Perform With Kelly Today On Sharon (11/14/2003)

Tune into the Sharon Osbourne Show on Friday to see Ozzy and Kelly
perform "Changes".

Ozzy Special On The Biography Channel (11/14/2003)

The Biography Channel will be running an Ozzy Osbourne special
premiering on Sunday 23rd November at 8pm and will be part of
the "monster of rock" stunt which will include the likes of
Meatloaf, Jimi Hendrix, Bon Jovi and others.

Check out for more info.

Update On Sabbath "Black Box" (11/14/2003)

Black Sabbath fans are getting no less than the complete,
unadulterated catalog of the groundbreaking rock band's original
lineup-Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Terry "Geezer" Butler, and
Bill Ward.

BLACK BOX features the band's collected studio works from
1970-1978: Black Sabbath, Paranoid, Master Of Reality, Vol. 4,
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Sabotage, Technical Ecstasy, and Never
Say Die! Furthermore, the non-LP studio track "Evil Woman,"
originally released as a single in 1970 prior to the band's
album debut, is also included. Available at all regular retail
BLACK SABBATH (1970-1978) carries a suggested retail price of
$99.98 and is in stores March 2, 2004 on Warner Bros./Rhino.

Assembled under the supervision of the band members themselves
and executive producer Sharon Osbourne, these remastered
recordings are the definitive editions. But if the lovingly
repackaged original artwork and stunning sonics weren't
will include an exclusive bonus DVD of vintage Sabbath live
performances ("Iron Man," "Paranoid," and "Blue Suede Shoes")
and a rare promotional clip for "Black Sabbath." The collection
also includes an 80-page book filled with an array of vintage
photos, a timeline of the group's history, a complete reprint of
all album lyrics, detailed essays from writers Chris Welch
(1970-1972: Lords Of This World) and Brian Ives (1973-1978:
A Hard Road), and testimonials from such stars as Rob Zombie,
James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, and Zakk Wylde, to name but a few.

First formed in Birmingham, England, in the late 1960s, Black
Sabbath's doom-laden sound pioneered a new kind of heavy rock
music, a sound that would later influence hundreds of other
bands. Many consider Black Sabbath to be the godfathers of
heavy metal, but Sabbath were capable of surprising their
fans with songs that showed other facets of their skills
besides darkness and monstrous decibels. Thirty years after
their initial impact, guitarists are still stunned by Tony
Iommi's jaw-dropping riffs, Geezer Butler's swooping bass
lines, and Bill Ward's thunderous drums. And, of course,
in Ozzy Osbourne the band had one of the most magnetic and
unpredictable front men ever in rock, with a maniacal voice
like few others before or since. Together, they were the
original and still definitive lineup of Black Sabbath.

BLACK BOX is their legacy. It's all here. This is truly
heavier-than-thou stuff-bring a forklift with you, just in case.

Sharon Osbourne: Wave Of Talk TV Future? (11/14/2003)

Pat Nason of United Press International reports that "The Sharon
Osbourne Show", one of the more successful new entries in the
field of syndicated TV talk shows, may be helping to push the
genre away from the sensationalism typified by Jerry Springer,
toward a more family friendly tone.

Sharon Osbourne began her life of celebrity in the MTV reality
based comedy, "The Osbournes", as the wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne.
She caught on with viewers, women in particular, and became so
popular that the new daytime talk show was designed specifically
for her.

And she will be the first to tell you that if it were not for
"The Osbournes", no one would have thought of her for a TV talk
show with her name on it.

"No way," she said in an interview with United Press International,
"let's face it."

The way things are turning out, though, Osbourne is connecting
with viewers every bit as much as producers hoped she would when
they sold rights to the syndicated show earlier this year. Early
ratings for the show were solid but not spectacular, but Jim Paratore
who produces the show at Warner Bros. Domestic Television said "The
Sharon Osbourne Show" has found a sweet spot with women aged 18-34,
a demographic segment that advertisers love deeply.

"When we sold 'The Sharon Osbourne Show' the goal was to attract a
younger audience with an advertiser friendly show, that was good
for the overall image of the stations and would still attract the
younger audience," he said. "It looks like we've found it."

Bill Ward To Issue Limited Edition CD-Single (11/14/2003)

Bill Ward, drummer and founding member of BLACK SABBATH, has announced
that 1,000 limited-edition CD-singles of "Straws", the song he wrote
and recorded to express his concerns regarding the war with Iraq and
the escalation of terrorism, will be available exclusively on his web
site,, beginning on Veterans' Day, November 11, 2003.

Each "Straws" CD-single (download MP3 here) is numbered and autographed
by Ward, and all proceeds will be donated to the charity of each
purchaser's choice from the following five organizations: the Vietnam
Veterans Memorial Fund, the Alice Faith Mittelman Foundation, the
Children Affected by AIDS Foundation, the National Veterans Foundation,
and the Inner City Music Program (Bands Not Gangs) Los Angeles.

A total of 2,200 copies of the limited-edition "Straws" CD-singles
were produced in all, with Ward servicing 1,200 copies to governmental
heads of state throughout the world, humanitarian organizations, peace
support groups, media outlets and fellow musicians. Among those who
have received the special package are President George W. Bush, British
Prime Minister Tony Blair, and members of the United States Congress.

Lawsuit Rumors Dismissed (11/10/2003)

A spokesperson for Sharon Osbourne Management has dismissed
widespread reports of yet another OZZY OSBOURNE lawsuit
currently being fought.

In a recent interview, Ozzy talked about the lawsuit-happy
climate in the U.S., saying "We have a lawsuit going at the
moment, we did a live recording of a show, and someone in
the audience is suing me for using their voices on my record.
Someone has to do something about these frivolous civil
actions it's a waste of time and a waste of money."

When contacted by BLABBERMOUTH.NET for a comment on the
supposed lawsuit, the spokesperson stated flatly, "There
is no other lawsuit. This was a joke."

Osbourne To Play First-Ever Concert In Croatia (11/1/2003)

OZZY OSBOURNE will play his first-ever ever concert in Croatia
on February 9, 2004. The show, which will take place at Dom
Sportova in Zagreb, was confirmed earlier this week by the
local promoter, and is part of Ozzy's huge European tour that
has already been cancelled twice this year due to Osbourne's
health problems. Support acts for the concert have yet to be

Ozzy Wants Johnny Depp To Play Him In Movie (11/1/2003)

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne recently filmed a "he said, she said"
segment for "Extra TV". Asked who should play him in the movie
version of his life, Ozzy said, "I like the idea of Johnny Depp.
He's one of the few American actors who can pull off the English

Yet Another Lawsuit Announced (11/1/2003)

Ozzy announced yet another lawsuit currently being fought.

"We have a lawsuit going at the moment, we did a live recording of
a show, and someone in the audience is suing me for
using thier voices on my record."

"Someone has to do something about these frivolous civil actions,
it's a waste of time and a waste of money."

Watch These! (10/30/2003)

This Friday, October 31, there will be a VH1 special on at
11:00pm titled "The Fabulous Life of The Osbournes."

Sunday, November 2, there will be a special on E!
called "It's Good to be Sharon Osbourne" at 10:00pm.

Former Sabbath Manager's Seedy Sex Secret (10/30/2003)

Guy Newey of Britain's Evening Mail reports former BLACK SABBATH
manager Jim Simpson has a secret sideline running a seedy sex
business from his Birmingham home.

An Evening Mail probe has revealed that Simpson is touting erotic
videos and allows punters to film their sexual fantasies at his
Edgbaston abode.

Simpson, 65, is the man behind the city's prestigious HMV
International Jazz Festival, which attracts stars and jazz
fans from around the world.

What is less well known is his other interest running a web site
which invites amateur and professional photographers to contact
a model called Charley, who is featured in a number of erotic

When Evening Mail confronted Simpson, the former manager of
Ozzy Osbourne's BLACK SABBATH and head of renowned jazz label
Big Bear Records said: "In retrospect I wish I had never been
involved and I behaved with bad judgement and lack of forethought.

"I did not make any money from it this is not a business to me."

Ozzy & Kelly To Release Christmas Single (10/30/2003)

Ozzy Osbourne and his daughter Kelly are making a joint bid for
the Christmas Number One, according to the BBC.

The pair are to release a duet, "Changes", on December 8 hoping
to cash in on the seasonal market.

The original version of "Changes" appeared on "Black Sabbath
Vol. 4", released in 1972, but the words have been rewritten
to reflect the relationship between a father and daughter as
they grow older.

The new version of the song is included on the reissued edition
of Kelly Osbourne's 2002 debut, "Shut Up", which was made available
through Sanctuary Records late last month.

A video for the track was recently shot at a Los Angeles studio.

Ozzy To Appear On Sharon's Talk Show (10/26/2003)

OZZY OSBOURNE will make no less than two appearances on his
wife's talk show, "The Sharon Osbourne Show", next week.
According to the show's official web site, Ozzy will be
Sharon's special guest on Tuesday (October 28) as she talks
to him via polycam. The former BLACK SABBATH frontman will
also join his wife for Sharon's special Halloween show on
Friday (October 31).

Daisley Reacts To Ozzy Court Ruling (10/26/2003)

Former OZZY OSBOURNE bandmembers Bob Daisley (bass) and Lee
Kerslake (drums) have vowed to continue their 20-year battle
regarding royalties and proper credits on the early OZZY albums
"Blizzard Of Ozz" (1980) and "Diary Of A Madman" (1981), despite
a court ruling earlier this week that upheld the dismissal of
their lawsuit against Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne.

The lawsuit, filed against the Osbournes in 1998, was dismissed
last year by the United States District Court in Los Angeles,
and this week the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth
Circuit upheld the dismissal, ruling that Ozzy does not owe
any royalties or credit to the musicians, who were let go in 1981.

According to Daisley, however, not all hope is lost. "It's
early days regarding this bogus ruling but it's STILL not
over yet," he said in an online posting. "We will be seeking
further legal advice from our tenacious lawyers."

In a 2002 interview with Launch, Daisley explained how things
got to this point. "Lee Kerslake and myself were fired after
recording the 'Diary Of A Madman' album. During 1980 and the
beginning of 1981, contracts were drawn up and went backwards
and forwards from our lawyers to their lawyers. We were told
to keep working, that it would be eventually all sorted out.
The contracts were actually physical, but not actually signed.
And then when we got fired, we brought up the situation of
royalties, and they just said, 'Oh, well. End of story, you're
out of the band. Off you go.'

The Osbournes removed the playing of Daisley and Kerslake
from the 2002 reissues of "Blizzard Of Ozz" and "Diary Of A
Madman", replacing the original recordings with tracks from
Robert Trujillo and Mike Bordin, Ozzy's bassist and drummer
at the time.

Since their initial release 23 years ago, "Blizzard Of Ozz"
and "Diary Of A Madman" have sold over 10 million copies

Zakk Is Not Leaving Ozzy (10/26/2003)

A spokesperson from the ZAKK WYLDE camp says that the guitarists
rumored parting with OZZY OSBOURNE is "total bullshit".

Original rumor:

Word has leaked that Ozzy Osbourne's long-time guitarist Zakk
Wylde may be on his way out the door very soon. Supposedly, the
band is actually in rehearsals with Buckethead (Guns N' Roses)
and keeping him on stand-by. It's no secret that Zakk is a very
heavy drinker and it seems that the Osbourne camp might be ready
to do an intervention on the axeman. Sharon and Ozzy have had to
anti-up large bar tabs at five star hotels from the bearded
maniac and his biker buddies. Jason Newsted, who is the 'new'
guy and known for being a sober and cool headed veteran, has even
butted heads with Wylde. Apparently it's become routine that
Zakk is usually drunk beyond repair by lunchtime daily. The buzz
is that if Zakk doesn't clean up his act, he's gone.

Osbournes Win Appeal In Lawsuit Brought by Former Bandmembers (10/24/2003)

A Federal Appeals Court has unanimously upheld the dismissal of the
lawsuit brought by former OZZY OSBOURNE session musicians Bob Daisley
and Lee Kerslake. The lawsuit, filed against Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne
in 1998, had sought royalties and credits on Ozzy's classic studio
albums "Blizzard of Oz" and "Diary of a Madman". The lawsuit was
dismissed last year by the United States District Court in Los
Angeles, and this week the United States Court of Appeals for the
Ninth Circuit upheld the dismissal, ruling that Ozzy does not owe
any royalties or credit to the former session musicians, who were
let go in 1981. Since their initial release twenty-three years ago,
these two classic Ozzy records have sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

Ozzy Osbourne stated: "The truth always prevails."

Orin Snyder, the attorney for Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, stated: "This
decision is a complete vindication of Ozzy and Sharon and confirms
what we have been saying all long that this worthless lawsuit was a
waste of the courts' precious time."

Sharon's Breast Molds Up For Auction (10/24/2003)

The Associated Press reports that Sharon Osbourne is putting a
little bit of herself into the fight against breast cancer.

Hand-painted molds of Osbourne's breasts were being auctioned
online to benefit the Boarding for Breast Cancer Foundation,
or B4BC, a nonprofit group co-founded by professional
snowboarder Tina Basich.

The molds were displayed during Tuesday's (October 21) taping
of the syndicated talk show "The Sharon Osbourne Show" and
caught guest Anthony Anderson's eye.

"I gotta have those at home," said Anderson, star of the WB
sitcom "All About the Andersons". "I want to make the first
opening bid at $5,000. ... So match that! Somebody match that!"

Osbourne, the wife of former BLACK SABBATH singer Ozzy Osbourne,
was treated for colon cancer, which is now in remission. The
show with Basich and Anderson airs Thursday (October 23).

New Tour Dates Announced (10/24/2003)

More dates have been announced for OZZY OSBOURNE's rescheduled
European tour, which is now slated to kick off in January.

Dates confirmed so far are as follows:

1/15/2004 Arena Oberhausen, Germany
1/17/2004 Ahoy Rotterdam, Netherlands
1/20/2004 Valbyhallen Copenhagen, Denmark
1/22/2004 Skandinavium Gothenberg, Sweden
1/24/2004 Spektrum Oslo, Norway
1/26/2004 Globen Stockholm, Sweden
1/28/2004 Hartwall Arena Helsinki, Finland
1/31/2004 Messehalle Leipzig
2/2/2004 Arena Treptow Berlin, Germany
2/15/2004 Olympiahalle Münich, Germany
2/17/2004 Schleyerhalle Stuttgart, Germany

More shows will be announced soon.

No support bands have yet been announced for the trek, which has
been postponed twice due to Ozzy's health problems. Finnish
goth-metallers H.I.M., who were set to occupy the middle slot
on the original tour, will not be supporting OSBOURNE on the
rescheduled trek.

Rescheduled European Tour To Kick Off In January (10/22/2003)

OZZY OSBOURNE's rescheduled European tour, which has been
postponed twice, will now take place in January/February.
So far, only one date has been leaked: January 28 at the
Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, Finland.

Finnish goth-metallers H.I.M., who were set to occupy the
middle slot on the tour, will not be supporting OSBOURNE
on the rescheduled trek. Instead, the band will embark on
their own headlining run of dates, the exact details for
which will be announced soon.

As reported last week, Osbourne canceled his planned
European tour because new medication he is on causes him
to have dry mouth and he therefore cannot sing.

OSBOURNE 'Unlikely' To Play Newcastle, England (10/22/2003)

Former BLACK SABBATH singer Ozzy Osbourne is unlikely to
play Newcastle, England next year, Telewest Arena bosses
warned Tuesday (October 21).

It had been hoped he would perform at the venue in the
spring after canceling his European tour last week to
receive treatment for a nervous tremor.

He was originally booked to play the Arena this Sunday but
now the venue is offering all ticket holders full refunds,
according to The Evening Chronicle.

Tickets are being refunded at points of purchase. For
credit card and Internet tickets bought via Ticketmaster
at the Arena box office, tickets should be returned to
Ticketmaster UK Ltd, Fifth Floor, City Cube, 20 Lever
Street, Manchester, M1 1EN. The credit cards will be
refunded, along with the booking fee.

OSBOURNE To Appear On 'The Weakest Link'? (10/22/2003)

Sky News reports that Ozzy Osbourne has revealed that
he wished he had accepted the chance to appear on "The
Weakest Link".

Anne Robinson took the show to the States and did a run
over there.

Ozzy said: "I did get an offer but I could not decide
if she would just make a fool of me.

"But all in all I think I am quite good at those sort
of shows, so now we're talking about me doing the U.K.

Ozzy Regains Control Of His Health (10/19/2003)

Rocker recently discovered that several family members, including
his mother, have also suffered from tremors.

For years, both onstage and on "The Osbournes," we've witnessed
legendary metal singer Ozzy Osbourne shake, stammer, stutter and
shuffle around with a walk that grew increasingly hunched over
and motor functions that only seemed to be getting worse.

Speculation ran rampant. Were these maladies related to years of
drug abuse dating back to the Black Sabbath days? Parkinson's
Disease? Muscular Dystrophy?

The answer is, in fact, none of the above. Thanks to a Boston
neurological specialist, Ozzy now knows the cause of the "shakes"
that have plagued him for decades and with the help of a new
medication, he's already looking, sounding and walking better
than he has in years.

"It turns out that it's a hereditary thing that I have from my
mother's side of the family," a very animated Ozzy explained
Thursday, relaxing in a plush chair in the den of his now-famous
home. "This guy in Boston fixed me great. He's taken me off all
the medication that I was on. I'm taking one medication now for
this tremor.

"And [now]," he said smiling, holding up his now mostly non-shaking
hands for emphasis, "I haven't got the tremor."

An unfortunate side-effect of the new medication is what Ozzy
called "a terrible dry mouth," a temporary condition that caused
him to further postpone an already delayed European tour. He said
he hates disappointing his fans and mentioned that it's been two
years since he's visited his native England, but that ultimately
this is all good news, not bad.

"I'm being selfish here," he said matter-of-factly. "I can't tell
you how wonderful I feel. Not wonderful in the respect of [being]
'stoned.' I'm not stoned. [But] with [just] a pill, it was like
somebody turned the bad switch off. I feel good again."

It turns out that several of the women in Ozzy's family, including
his mother, also suffered from the tremor, but that the Osbourne
clan was simply too old-fashioned and dignified to ever mention it.

"I phoned my sister up and I said, 'I've got this hereditary
tremor,' and she goes, 'Not you as well?' And I go, 'What do you
mean? Don't you think it would have been a good thing when I was
around 15 to say, 'See Auntie Edna? She's got the tremor!' Nobody
ever told me anything!"

Ozzy said he first noticed the tremor in his early 20s and that
he's always stammered a bit when he gets excited. But lately, it
had worsened and none of the medication doctors had prescribed
for him had made any difference.

"I felt like a rattle at the end of the day because there were so
many pills in me," he said. "I would go to doctors around [Los
Angeles] and they would go, 'Try this.' And I would go, 'I'll tell
you what: This is what I'm taking now. I'll do a swap. You take
one of my bottles and I'll take one of yours.' Because the box
was getting bigger and I wasn't getting any better."

More and more, he started to feel like a prisoner in his own body.
"You try and mask it. You try and walk around hoping people won't
see your hands shaking," he said.

The shuffling walk America became accustomed to through "The
Osbournes," for example, was simply something he had developed
to alleviate the constant pain.

"Why do people limp when they've got an injured foot?" he asked.
"Because it hurts and you limp because you want to put more weight
on your undamaged foot. But if you have that all your life, you
learn to maneuver. It doesn't mean to say you're crazy or that
you're a cripple."

He hadn't realized how bad things had gotten until late one evening
as he and Sharon watched a pre-taped interview he had done on "The
Tonight Show With Jay Leno." "I wasn't aware that it was so obvious
that I had a tremor," Ozzy exclaimed. "I said to Sharon, 'I ain't
going to do any more TV because I look like a f---ing lunatic!"

Ozzy began to think that perhaps he did have Parkinson's Disease,
so he and Sharon sought out Dr. Allan H. Ropper, who had treated
famous Parkinson's sufferer Michael J. Fox. Ozzy's visit to Boston,
coupled with the announcement of the tour's postponement, increased
press and public speculation about his health.

"I swear on my wife and my children's lives that I do not have
Parkinson's [and] I am not covering anything up," Ozzy stressed,
clearly annoyed with the idea that anyone would try and spoil his
good news by saying he's worse off than he actually is.

"It's just a thing that's been with me throughout my life. And as
I've gotten older, it's degenerated. There is treatment for it,"
he added. "This [doctor] is my guardian angel. When this guy put
this medication in my vein, it was like someone had turned this
machine off in me. It was like instant, man!"

Sharon, who's been busy taping her new talk show, immediately
noticed the change in Ozzy when he returned home on Tuesday. Since
then the re-energized Osbourne has continued co-writing a musical
based on the life of Rasputin in his newly built home studio.

He's also promising that the new medication will ensure that his
personal demons stay in check. No more falling off the wagon for
the Ozzman, he said.

"I've done a fair amount of self-abuse and self-medication for
years, but I've got no choice anymore," he said. "If I drink
alcohol or do any recreational drugs like smoke pot it will affect
the medication I'm taking for this tremor and it'll probably make
it worse.

"But [now], I'm fine," he said happily. "I'm [taking] one pill a
day, an hour and a half before I go to sleep at night."

OZZY And KELLY Film Video For 'Changes' (10/17/2003)

Ozzy Osbourne and daughter Kelly recently shot a video for
their rendition of BLACK SABBATH's "Changes" at a Los Angeles

The song, the original version of which appeared on BLACK
SABBATH's 1972 album, "Black Sabbath, Vol. 4", is included
on the reissued edition of Kelly Osbourne's 2002 debut,
"Shut Up", which was made available through Sanctuary
Records late last month.

Kelly split from Epic Records shortly after the release
of "Shut Up", which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's
Heatseekers chart and had sold 155,000 copies in the U.S.,
according to Nielsen SoundScan. Since being reissued by
Sanctuary two weeks ago, the album, now re-titled "Changes",
has sold 1,077 copies.

Click here and here for pics!

OZZY, KELLY Have Yet To Tape Duet For SHARON (10/16/2003)

Despite published reports to the contrary including a posting
on the web site of BLACK LABEL SOCIETY (led by OZZY guitarist
Zakk Wylde) Ozzy Osbourne and daughter Kelly have yet to tape
their rendition of BLACK SABBATH's "Changes" for an upcoming
episode of "The Sharon Osbourne Show". "It has been talked
about, and maybe at some point [October 7] was mentioned as
a tentative date, but it has not yet happened and is not yet
on the schedule for taping," a spokesperson for Sharon
Osbourne Management told BLABBERMOUTH.NET.

Indiana Show Not Happening (10/16/2003)

Despite the fact that Ticketmaster is currently listing a
December 8th OZZY OSBOURNE show at Murat Theatre in Indianapolis,
Indiana, a spokesperson for Sharon Osbourne Management has
informed BLABBERMOUTH.NET that "there are no more [OZZY] U.S.
shows [planned] this year."

Ozzy Postpones European Tour (Again) (10/15/2003)

OZZY OSBOURNE has been forced to postpone a six-week string of
European tour dates set to begin next week due to side effects
of medication he was taking to control a tremor, reports.

Osbourne's personal physician, Dr. Allan H. Ropper, chief of
neurology at Caritas St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, had been
treating the singer for the condition in Boston and advised
him to postpone the dates.

"Ozzy Osbourne does not have Parkinson's Disease," Dr. Ropper
said in a statement. "However, he does have a tremor which is
coming under control with medication. Unfortunately, one of
the side effects of the medication is dry mouth, which greatly
impairs the voice. This problem usually subsides after three
to four weeks, but the downside is that this will definitely
affect Mr. Osbourne's ability to sing at this time."

The 21-show European tour was to begin October 22 in Dublin,
Ireland, and run through December 5 in Munich, Germany.
The dates, rescheduled after a previous cancellation, are
expected to be made up early next year.

In a statement released Tuesday (October 14), the singer
said his worsening tremor was "practically destroying my
life along with my self-esteem." He also expressed gratitude
to his doctor and said he was glad to be home with his
family, recovering.

"I feel like I keep letting you all down, which breaks my
heart," his statement continued, "but you have my word that
I will be over in the new year to complete my European tour."

Ozzy Pulls Out Of Fundraising Event (10/15/2003)

OZZY OSBOURNE bailed out of his planned collaboration with
Julien Macdonald at London's Royal Albert Hall for Fashion
Rocks for The Prince's Trust, citing other commitments in
America. However, the former BLACK SABBATH singer made nice
by donating $50,000 (£30,000) to the fund, which has helped
nearly half-a-million young people since it was set up by
the Prince of Wales in 1976.

A Prince's Trust insider told, "We couldn't
believe it when we opened the envelope. As well as writing
a 50,000-dollar cheque, he'd also sent a lovely, heartfelt letter.

"He was full of apologies and offered to help in any way
he can in the future. We're absolutely flabbergasted, it's so generous."

Fashion Rocks for The Prince's Trust, which is described
as one of the most exciting and revolutionary fundraising
events ever, is set to be held on Wednesday, October 15.

Ozzy, Zakk & Kelly Taping "Changes" For Sharon (10/13/2003)

ZAKK WYLDE's management has confirmed that the guitarist will be taping
an episode of the Sharon Osbourne Show with OZZY OSBOURNE and KELLY
OSBOURNE performing the BLACK SABBATH classic 'Changes'. The taping
will be held tomorrow (Tuesday, October 7th). The track is pulled from
Kelly Osbourne's recently issued album of the same name. Out through
Sanctuary, Changes is the retitled reissue of her Sony debut album,
Shut Up.

Jack Black Wants To Play Ozzy (10/12/2003)

JACK BLACK Says He's The Best Person To Play OZZY OSBOURNE In
Upcoming Biopic.

Michael Starr of the New York Post reports that Jack Black is
angling to star in the big-screen Ozzy Osbourne biopic and he's
not shy about wanting the job. "He's been a huge influence on
me," Black tells Ozzy's wife, Sharon, on today's "Sharon Osbourne

"[Ozzy] was a hero of mine as a kid and I have to say, I've
been tracking the Ozzy film. . . ." Black then tells Sharon
that it would be a "bad call" to cast Colin Farrell in the
role. "If anyone's Ozzy, I'm Ozzy," he says.

Book About Don Arden In Stores Now (10/12/2003)

Dubbed the "Godfather Of Rock" and the "Al Capone of Pop" by the world's
press, Don Arden was the most legendary - and infamous - music manager
showbusiness had ever seen. His fascinating life story will be revealed in a
soon-to-be-published autobiography. Uncensored. Uncompromising. Unique. Just
like his managerial style, Don's story will be hard-hitting and pull no
punches in crushing accusations, jealousies and lies. At long last, the
world will discover the truth behind the many incredible, unbelievable and
shocking rumours that have surrounded his career. Discover what drove Don
Arden to be the most powerful, influential and renowned manager in the music
business - and why he became so feared and infamous. No one else has ever
dared spill the beans before. This is the definitive inside job on the
ultimate music manager. "Mr. Big" by Don Arden (with Mick Wall) will be
published by Robson Books on 29 September 2003.

As far as I can tell, this has only been released in the UK. Please visit for more information.

Ozzy Suffers Heart Attack? (10/5/2003)

Taken from the Daily Star (UK tabloid paper):

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne was involved in yet another real life
drama after suffering a suspected heart attack. The former
Black Sabbath frontman was seen being smuggled out of the
Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles after being earlier
rushed to the emergency department.

The 54 year old reality TV star underwent routine tests
before being allowed to return home after two hours.
The heavy metal wildman has fought drink and drug problems
for years and this is only the latest health scare to hit
the Brummie-born singers family. Ozzy's wife Sharon is
battling colon cancer and son Jack went into drug rehab
in April. A family spokesman later said Ozzy was "fine".

(My initial reaction to this was that this most likely has to
do with his recent foot surgery, but ya' never know!)

Kelly Osbourne To Perform On Sharon! (10/5/2003)

This Thursday, in celebration of Sharon Osbournes birthday, Kelly
and Elton John will both be on the show to perform. Maybe Ozzy
will come out to do "Changes"??? One never knows! Tune in!

Ozzy To Play Charity Show (10/5/2003)

Major international artists Beyonce Knowles, Ozzy Osbourne,
Sharlene Spiteri, Sheryl Crow and Kelis have announced they'll
join Bryan Ferry, Robbie Williams and Joaquin Cortez
performing on stage at the Royal Albert Hall on October
15th for Fashion Rocks for The Prince's Trust.

Supermodel, actress and singer Milla Jovovich will also be
performing and there will be a live satellite performance
by David Bowie.

Sold out weeks ago, Fashion Rocks is one of the most exciting
and revolutionary fundraising events ever. Presented by the
glamorous pairing of Elizabeth Hurley and Denis Leary, this
prestigious event will see the world's top fashion houses
joining forces with the world's leading artists in the
ultimate fusion of catwalk and concert.

Sir Tom Shebbeare, Chief Executive of The Prince's Trust,
says "Fashion Rocks is a hugely exciting fundraising event
for The Prince's Trust. Music and fashion is a powerful
combination and the fantastic support we have received from
long-standing Trust supporters like Nicholas Coleridge,
Managing Director of Conde Nast, and icons from the world
of showbusiness will help us to give even more young people
a second chance in life."

The Prince's Trust is the UK's leading charity for young
people, helping individuals overcome barriers to get their
lives working.

The world's top fashion models will showcase the collections
of 17 international designers on a specially designed
catwalk. Each show will be accompanied by live music from
a different major rock act or singer.

The set design will feature an under-lit circular catwalk
and the largest video projection screen ever used. The event
will also be broadcast in primetime on Channel 4 and by more
than 70 international stations.

Kelly's Latest Release In Stores Now! (10/1/2003)

"Changes" Kelly's latest release has just hit
stores! "Changes" features four, count'em, four
live tracks from her debut album, "Shut Up".

The title track is a special duet with her father,
Ozzy Osbourne. 'Changes' was originally recorded
in 1972 by Black Sabbath. Kelly and Ozzy rewrote
the song together and it's only available on this CD.

You can listen to it here.

For more information on the re-release of Kelly's album visit:

Coming Soon On The Sharon Talk Show (10/1/2003)

Ozzy and Kelly will be on the Sharon Osbourne talk show to sing
thier new single "Changes" soon.

Sabbath Box Delayed Until 2004 (10/1/2003)

The much-anticipated eight-disc BLACK SABBATH box set, "Black
Box: The Complete Original Black Sabbath (1970-1978)", has had
its release date pushed back to early 2004, according to a
Rhino Records spokesperson. No reason was given for the delay,
but an official press release on the matter is expected by the
end of the week.

Call it "Diary of Another Madman" (10/1/2003)

Ozzy Osbourne, who titled his second solo album Diary of a Madman, is
writing a Broadway musical based on the nutty Russian monk Rasputin.
The Prince of Darkness already has material written for the project and
plans to record it at a studio he is building in the famed Osbournes house,
he said last week).

Ozzy, who recently parted with his longtime label, also said that
when he releases the songs, or any recordings for that matter, he'll
distribute them independently.

"We don't like record labels," the singer's wife and manager, Sharon, said,
sticking her tongue out to make the sound of flatulence. "[Poop] on record

"Especially Epic," added daughter Kelly, who was also dropped from Epic.
"Easy," warned son Jack, who reminded them that he still works for the
label's A&R department.

A spokesperson for the Osbournes said additional details on the Rasputin
musical are forthcoming. Ozzy will next be heard dueting with Kelly on a
cover of the Black Sabbath song "Changes," due on the September 30
re-release of her debut. "It was really fun," Kelly said.

Ozzy Guitarist Crafts Own Heavy Metal Niche (10/1/2003)

Zakk Wylde tasted instant success when he became Ozzy Osbourne's guitar
player at age 20, but now he's steadily coming out of his mentor's
shadow to ride the resurgence of heavy metal as a band leader.

His group, Black Label Society, has been building a dedicated
following around the United States, releasing four studio albums
of aggressive guitars and raw vocals.

The band's first DVD, "Boozed, Broozed & Broken-Boned," a performance
filmed in Detroit last year, reached No. 3 on Billboard magazine's
music video chart in late August, behind Led Zeppelin and the Eagles.

"With Black Label I get to wear more hats," Wylde said in a recent
phone interview. "I'm more involved with the production, lyrics,
melody and merchandise."

The guitarist, born Jeffery Philip Wielandt, draws his inspiration
from classic rockers like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and the Allman
Brothers Band.

"Basically you take all the bands I love and throw them in a blender
with some violence and some alcohol and you come up with Black Label
Society," he said.

Wylde is delighted that heavy metal is making a come back, getting
more play on radio and cable television.

"What's old is always new again," he said. "Look at Judas Priest
getting back together, I'll definitely be buying tickets for that."

But he acknowledged that older fans, while still attending shows,
often don't buy their old favorites' new records.

"When you get older a lot of people just drop out of the music
thing altogether," Wylde said. "Most times, when you're buying
records you're in school. The only things I had to worry about
back in the day was when the next Black Sabbath record was
going to come out, when they were going to tour and if my
girlfriend broke up with me."

Wylde, 36, has no plans to drop out of music himself. He will
replace bassist Robert Trujillo, now in Metallica, with Mike
Inez, who also played for Osbourne and Alice in Chains.

"I'm going to Europe with Ozzy, then we'll do some shows in
America, and after that I'll fire up the Black Label again
sometime around March next year," Wylde said.

Ozzy Deemed Not Worthy In Bid For Hometown Honor (10/1/2003)

Ozzy Osbourne will not be getting the Freedom of Birmingham, it
was revealed today, according to

The campaign to give the former BLACK SABBATH singer the U.K.
city's greatest honor has been effectively torpedoed by Liberal
Democrat councillors who warned they would vote against any
attempt to nominate him.

"Frankly I don't think he has done anything positive for
Birmingham," explained party leader Coun John Hemming.

"Do we really want the city to share a reputation for biting
the heads off bats?"

The claims of the Aston-born Osbourne have been touted by Labour
Councillor Tony Kennedy who believes the way he overcame drug
problems would be an inspiration for many Brummies.

But Coun Hemming said: "Frankly, the idea of Osborne as a
role model is laughable. I can't see many parents wanting
their children to grow up like him. If we want to give the
honor to musicians, UB40 would be a far better bet. They
have a business based in Birmingham and do a lot of charity work."

The Freedom of the City honor was first given to Joseph
Chamberlain in 1888.

The last time awards were made was in 1996. Recipients were
former CBSO conductor Sir Simon Rattle and round-the-world
yachtswoman Lisa Clayton.

Unreleased 1969 Black Sabbath Song Discovered (9/24/2003)

In this month's edition of record collector comes news of a newly
discovered Sabbath acetate 45rpm record. On the A side is a track
entitled "When I Come Down" and is believed to have been recorded
at studio's in Birmingham between March and October 69. The song
is described as short but boasting strong vocals and harmonica
playing. It begins with a bluesy, pentatonic riff and although the
guitar gets rather lost in the mix, the overall feel approximates
to a slower take on Evil Woman, while much of the rhythm is like
NIB, set up in half time to the riff. The track was written by
locomotive keyboardist Norman Haines, although no keyboards
appear on the track. On the B-side is a rough demo of the wizard.
Where, when, or if this track will ever show up on any kind of
release will remain a mystery until further notice.

Zakk Wylde TV Appearance (9/21/2003)

ZAKK WYLDE is set to appear on The Jimmy Kimmel Live show
Friday, September 26th. Jimmy will discuss the guitarist's
career and new projects, while Zakk is slated to perform
with the Jimmy Kimmel Band. The show airs weeknights at
midnight on ABC.

Sharon Hot in Syndicated Bows (9/21/2003)

Sharon Osbourne, the feisty mum on MTV's "The Osbournes" and
wife to rocker Ozzy, seems to have made a successful transition
to broadcast syndication.

Her new daytime talk vehicle, "The Sharon Osbourne Show," debuted
Monday with a 1.8 rating/5 share in the top 55 "metered" markets
up a significant 29% in ratings and up 25% in share from its
stations' year-ago time-period average.

Jack Osbourne To Appear In Movie (9/21/2003)

Jack just finished filming a part for a Mary Kate & Ashley
movie due out next Summer. He will play the part of Justin,
the manager of Kate and Ashley's band.

Black Sabbath Box Set (9/21/2003)

Taken from Joe Siegler at

Yesterday I was sent a press release regarding the 9 Disc Black
Sabbath set. We now have some more solid information about
the set. It's name is "Black Box", the only "extra" song on the
discs is Evil Woman, and aw hell. Just read the press release.
As of yet, there is no cover art available. As for the contents
of the 9th disc (the DVD), check out the press release, the
contents are listed there). I can say this, these are culled
from the same remastering sessions that produced last year's
Symptom of the Universe 2 CD set. The sound fidelity on them
was absolutely spectacular, and kicked the 1996 Castle Remasters
in the head. I expect the same kind of audio experience from these.

This release date is for the US/Canada only. My contact at Rhino
has confirmed that it will not be released outside of US/Canada.



Sabbath fans are getting no less than the complete, unadulterated
catalog of the ground-breaking rock band's original line-up
Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Terry "Geezer" Butler, and Bill Ward.

BLACK BOX features the collected studio works from 1970-1978: Black
Sabbath, Paranoid, Master Of Reality, Vol. 4, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath,
Sabotage, Technical Ecstasy, and Never Say Die! Furthermore, the
band's lone non-LP studio track, "Evil Woman," is also included.
Available at all regular retail outlets and at,
a suggested retail price of $99.98 and is in stores November 4 on
Warner Bros./Rhino.

Assembled under the supervision of the band members themselves and
executive producer Sharon Osbourne, these remastered recordings
are the definitive editions. But if the lovingly packaged original
artwork and stunning sonics weren't enough BLACK BOX: THE COMPLETE
ORIGINAL BLACK SABBATH (1970-1978) will include an exclusive bonus
DVD of vintage Sabbath live performances (Iron Man, Paranoid, and
Blue Suede Shoes) and a rare promotional clip for Black Sabbath.
The collection also includes an 80-page book filled with an array
of exciting photos, a timeline of the group's history, a complete
reprint of all album lyrics, detailed essays from writers Chris
Welch (1970-1972: Lords Of This World) and Brian Ives (1973-1978:
A Hard Road), and testimonials from such stars as Rob Zombie,
James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, and Zakk Wylde, to name but a few.

First formed in Birmingham, England in the late 1960s, Black
Sabbath's doom-laden sound pioneered a new kind of heavy rock
music, a sound that would later influence hundreds of other
bands. Many consider Black Sabbath to be the godfathers of
heavy metal, but Sabbath were capable of surprising their fans
with songs that showed other facets of their skills besides
darkness and monstrous decibels. Thirty years after their
initial impact, guitarists are still stunned by Tony Iommi's
jaw-dropping riffs, Geezer Butler's fantastical lyrics and
swooping bass-lines, and Bill Ward's thunderous drums. And,
of course, in Ozzy Osbourne the band had one of the most
magnetic and unpredictable front men ever in rock, with a
maniacal voice like few others before or since. Together,
they were the original and still definitive lineup of Black

BLACK BOX is their legacy. It's all here. This is truly
heavier-than-thou stuff bring a forklift with you, just in case.

Rehab Pressures Forced Ozzy Marriage Split (9/11/2003)

Sharon Osbourne said she briefly left her husband Ozzy around the
time their teenage son, Jack, entered rehab this spring.

She revealed while the family waited for a bed to become available
for Jack at a treatment centre, her rock star husband continued
abusing alcohol and prescription drugs himself.

"I just said, 'You just have to stop,' and he didn't. And I said, 'Well
then, I'm going.' And I packed my bags, and I left," Sharon told Barbara
Walters in an interview for the ABC television channel's 20/20 programme.
The separation lasted just a few days, she said. "The minute I left, the
next morning, he gave up drinking. But I needed to make sure that he was on
a roll. That he really meant it.

The 50-year-old added. "And, after four days, I came back to see him. And he
was trying so hard. So hard. Still is clean and sober."
Jack, who spent two months in rehab for alcohol and drug abuse, acknowledged
that he tried to commit suicide because he was so depressed about his
mother's colon cancer, which is now in remission.

"I attempted to overdose," said the 17-year-old, who gained fame with the
rest of his family on the MTV series The Osbournes. "Take a whole bunch of
pills and drink some absinthe."

The interview is scheduled to be screened in the United States on Friday
night. Sharon Osbourne's syndicated daytime talk show debuts on Monday.

Kelly Signs With Sanctuary Records (9/11/2003)

Kelly Osbourne has signed a multi-album recording contract with
Sanctuary Records Group, according to The
singer's 2002 debut, "Shut Up", will be re-released on September
30 under the name "Changes", featuring a duet with her father,
Ozzy, on the title track. The re-packaged album will also contain
four bonus live cuts.

"Changes" is a reworking of the BLACK SABBATH song of the same
name, which appeared on the group's 1972 album, "Black Sabbath,
Vol. 4". "Changes" will be released as single, and will contain
new lyrics written by Ozzy and Kelly, according to Sanctuary.

Kelly split from Sony shortly after the release of "Shut Up",
which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart and has
sold 155,000 copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Earlier this year, manager/family matriarch Sharon said Ozzy was
in talks to leave Epic as well. A representative for the Osbournes
had no comment on Ozzy's label status.

New Sabbath Book Looks Promising (9/11/2003)

How Black Was Our Sabbath: A View from the Crew

Written by Graham Wright & Dave Tangye. Dave Tangye contacted me
about a year ago. He shared some very funny stories with me
about his touring with Sabbath. I personally can't wait to read
this book. You can see pictures of Dave with Sabbath in my
"Fans With Ozzy" section on my site. Here's the Synopsis

An outrageous, insiders' account of life on the road with Black
Sabbath. Black Sabbath are the ultimate heavy rock band. They have
sold millions of albums worldwide, with ardent fans across the
globe. Dave Tangye and Graham Wright were in the crew during the
seventies, the band's heyday, and have the stories to prove it.
For the first time they cover in detail the early days of the group,
from a certain gig in the Scottish borders, where they were almost
beaten up by the local farmers, to Ozzy's encounter with a
transvestite in Hamburg. As the Sabs rose to fame and notoriety,
touring Europe, Australia and America, delighting fans and
disgusting law-abiding members of the public, incidents of bad
behaviour stack up alarmingly. Many focus on Ozzy Osbourne, from
his obsession with guns and shooting things, which led to his country
house being christened Atrocity Cottage, to his amazing capacity for
alcohol. Full of new information, HOW BLACK WAS OUR SABBATH is a real
Spinal Tap story, a warm, funny, poignant tribute to four mates
from Birmingham who became the biggest heavy rock band in the world.

As it looks as of right now it will only be released in the UK.

You can pre-order it by click here.

For more info, visit Daves website:

The Sharon Osbourne Show (9/11/2003)

Don't Miss it! Premiers Monday, September 15, 1:00 p.m. on the WB
network. (Ch 11 in NY)

Ozzy Monster Truck Affords Loud Lesson In Road Rage (9/7/2003)

It has devil's horns on the roof, tires that are nearly 6 feet
tall, Ozzy Osbourne's autograph on the body and enough horsepower
to fill a Texas barn.

But the Ozz Monster truck was missing something kind of important
on a rainy Monday morning.

Windshield wipers.

That was bad news for the obstacles in my way as monster truck
racer Brian Harwood let me take a Labor Day spin in his incredible
vehicle before the gates of the Allentown Fair opened.

Harwood, 37, grew up in Indiana and has spent his life around

The driver with the easygoing personality (''I get paid to
play'') uses his truck's 66-by-43-inch tires to stomp sedans,
bury buses and mash motor homes.

Finally, an answer for the drivers who reveal their IQ by
extending a certain finger.

Harwood uses vans as makeshift ramps that send the Ozzy truck
soaring heavenward. (When was the last time Ozzy and heaven
were mentioned in the same sentence?) He knows he hit a good
one when he can count one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two,
one-thousand-three, one-thousand-four before landing.

The truck is not only fit for the guy Jack met at the top of
the beanstalk, it's fit for heavy metal's Prince of Darkness.

The truck owned by Paul Shafer of Indiana became the official
monster truck of Ozzy Osbourne's OzzFest tour.

The sometimes incoherent singer of ''Crazy Train'' signed the
truck when Harwood met him in Indianapolis last year.

It was time for my lesson in road rage to begin.

We cleared the fairgrounds track. Then Harwood used a towel
to clear the windshield. Suddenly looking out the window and
noticing how high up we were, I almost preferred it when we
couldn't see.

The truck with menacing teeth painted on the front has three
gears, but Harwood wisely kept it in first for me.

He gave me earplugs that resembled mini-marshmallows and
started the truck, which produced a roar so loud that it made
an Ozzy concert seem like a recital by James Taylor.

And we were off.

Even doing my best imitation of a little old lady driving on
Interstate 78 for the first time, I felt an amazing surge
from the 1,100-horsepower motor as I piloted the Ozz Monster
down the track.


At first, in true Ozzy fashion, I was ready to bite the head
off a cam to get the vehicle to stop.

But I felt more comfortable about halfway across the track,
and even flashed the horn sign to the roadies as we passed.

Soon, Harwood would be popping wheelies, using cars as
stepladders and doing doughnuts across the track. The crowd
would go wild one more time over the Monster Mash.

He lives on the edge, and often steps over it, but so do I.

I revved up my sedan and dared drivers to cross my path.

Ozzy Reschedules Dates (8/27/2003)

Ozzy Osbourne has been forced to postpone his upcoming UK tour
dates because he'll be having an operation on his foot at the time.

The Double O's rescheduled dates are as follows:

22 Dublin, The Point
24 Glasgow, SECC
26 Newcastle, Arena
29 London, Wembley Arena
31 Birmingham, NEC

01 Birmingham, NEC

Black Sabbath 9 Disc Set Coming This Fall (8/27/2003)

The long rumoured 9 Disc Black Sabbath box set looks like it's being
released this fall. After speaking with one of my contacts
yesterday, he informed me that a box set containing new remasters
of the Ozzy era Black Sabbath albums (Black Sabbath, Paranoid, Master
of Reality, Volume 4, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Sabotage, Technical
Ecstasy, & Never Say Die) are to be released on October 28th.
There will be a 9th disc - a DVD to go along with it.

Now, when I asked about content on the discs (meaning extras and
the like), he did not know. Although my gut feeling is that he
did know, and didn't want to say. That seems more likely when I
say that I've been told that the cover art and the DVD content has
not been finalized. With a tentative date of Oct 28th looming,
the fact that the package has not fully been decided upon tells
me that the date of Oct 28th will probably be missed. But we shall
see. I did ask about the track "Blow on a Jug"''s appearance on
Sabotage. We both agree that it's not likely it will be on this
set, because of the fact that it didn't appear on the original
Warner Brothers versions of the album, and that's the source for
these remasters (it's the same remastering work that was done for
last year's "Symptom of the Universe" 2 CD set. The 1996 Castle
Remaster does have Blow on a Jug, but since it's remaster source
is the same, it could explain why BOAJ is not on the Warner
original. My contact did state that he doesn't' know for sure,
but it doesn't seem likely, given the master source. He also
wasn't sure about the inclusion of both Wicked World & Evil
Woman on the first album, but given the inclusion of Evil Woman
on the Symptom set last year, I think it probably will be there.
Also, he tells me the tentative name of the set is "Black Box".

This news comes straight from Joe Seigler @

Ozzy's School Of Hard Rocks (8/27/2003)

The Ozzy Osbourne Academy of Performing Arts could soon help
youngsters forge a showbiz career if community leaders in
Aston have their way.

The Wild Man of Rock, who was born in Lodge Road, Aston, and
attended Birchfield Road School, is being invited to be patron
of the new facility to encourage youngsters in music, drama,
dance and media.

"He's a really good choice because he's from an underprivileged
background yet he over-came his problems to be a success," said
Doreen Bailey, chairman of South Aston Community Association
which is spearheading the project.

"Some people have said he's not a good role model but he
encourages those from deprived areas to know that anything
is possible."

During the summer the association has been running a performing
arts project which they would like to see developed into an
academy based at their HQ in Aston's Upper Sutton Street.

"If Ozzy agrees we'll call it the Ozzy Osbourne Aston Academy
of Performing Arts," Doreen said. "The project is helping young
people from all over Birmingham."

Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, the School of Speech and Drama,
Birmingham Conservatoire and South Birmingham College have
contributed to teaching.

Ozzy Misses 8/19 NJ Ozzfest Gig (8/20/2003)

It was announced on a local radio station that Ozzy missed his
8/19 gig at the PNC Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ due to pneumonia.

Ozzy Sings At Cubs Game (8/21/2003)

Somewhere, Harry Caray was looking for an extra long, extra
tall, extra cold beverage this week, because on Sunday, a
man sang what music experts have identified as a rendition
of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" that made Caray sound like
Frank Sinatra.

That man was Ozzy Osbourne. And on Sunday, August 17th, the
Cubs handed him the opportunity to sing Harry's favorite
song during the seventh-inning stretch at Wrigley Field. Only
over the next minute did we all discover this was like
handing Evel Knievel the keys to your Bentley.

Call Ozzy Osbourne, center, Mr. Cub from now on.

The song that followed was so unrecognizable that the Chicago
Tribune actually felt obliged to print a transcript of it the
next day, just so witnesses could verify they'd heard what
they heard. Here goes:

"One. Two. Three. "Let's go out to the ballgame. Let's go out to the bluhhhhhn.
"Take me a ee-yan eeya (humming) the field.
"I don't care if I ahh-uhn ack.
"Da da da da duh da da da eam. Duh ee, da da da da dahhh.
"For a fee, two, three strikes you're out at the old ballgame.

Now was that magic, or what?

Bill Wards Hoping For New Sabbath Album (8/10/2003)

BLACK SABBATH drummer Bill Ward recently spoke to Get Ready To Rock! about
the group's current status and his long-delayed third solo album, "Beyond

"After the last [BLACK SABBATH] tour everything fell apart again," Bill said
of the band's current situation. "The original idea I thought we were going
to do was write a new album and we had many, many cassettes of songs and
rehearsals we were working on. It's all away safe right now. Things just
seemed to fall apart. Originally I was going to take a month off, then play
some more with Tony [Iommi, SABBATH's guitarist] in the U.K., riffs and
things like that. But it just petered out and just after that time period
'The Osbournes' came out in America and of course it was massive. So I guess
that's where things are now. I still don't know whether SABBATH will tour or
do an album again. Which is a shame as there was some really good stuff that
was being compiled. Who knows, things can turn round!

When asked what the secret of SABBATH's success was, Ward replied, "We did a
three-year apprenticeship where we found it hard to play, no one wanted us
in England, so we spent a long time in Europe. Before SABBATH we'd been in
bands for a long time, since fifteen years old in Tony's case and mine.
SABBATH played from their heart and I think that strikes a chord in people.
If you've got a sincere band that can go a long way. Our band is real, it's
like really real. We're not clever enough to be contrived or be show people,
professional musicians. It's the naivety and rawness, there's no us and them
when we play. BLACK SABBATH was very accessible to everyone who came and saw
the band. I hope that came across."

With regards to his current activities, Bill said, "[I've] been trying to
finish this bloody album we're working on, 'Beyond Aston', and I keep
changing it, you know, I can't seem to be happy with it. Everything is at
mix level, up to 20-21 songs and was hoping to do a 14-15 song CD. I seem to
be completely buried in this album. We released the single, 'Straws', last
year and we sent it to people all over the world, including the British
Prime Minister, who actually sent us a nice letter back because he received
a copy of it as well. If we can get this album completed we hope to go on
tour in the U.S. in September or October."

Turmoil On Set Of Sharon's New Talk Show (8/10/2003)

"Turmoil" has hit the production of Sharon Osbourne's new talk show, and
the star may be staging a sick-out to protest the direction in which the
producers appear to be taking it,'s Roger Friedman suggested
today (Tuesday). According to Friedman, Osbourne failed to show up for
taping of a practice run on Monday, canceled tapings for today, Wednesday,
and Thursday, and informed producers that she would not tape any additional
shows until Friday. Friedman had previously reported that former Jenny
Jones Show producers are being assigned to Osbourne's show and said today
that three more were imported from Chicago over the weekend, even as other
producers already in place had been forced to leave. Commented Friedman:
"I wonder if MTV is allowed to film the backstage drama at the talk show?
That will make an excellent new season of The Osbournes, don't you think?"

Down To Earth Goes Platinum (8/10/2003)

OZZY OSBOURNE's Down To Earth album has been certified platinum by the
Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for sales exceeding 1
million copies.

Ozzy Osbourne's Tour Manager Found Dead (8/4/2003)

OzzFest was in mourning on Thursday (July 24) in suburban Detroit as
word spread through the tour about the death of Ozzy Osbourne's longtime
tour manager. Bobby Thomson, 50, who had worked for Osbourne since 1983,
died in his sleep on Thursday night (July 23) at the Townshend Hotel in
Birmingham, Michigan, after an 18-month battle with throat cancer.
Thomson, a native of Glasgow, Scotland, and a resident of Los Angeles,
was discovered in his hotel room on Thursday morning.

In a statement Thursday, Osbourne said, "We are devastated by the loss
of our dear friend Bobby. He has been a part of our family for 23 years
and loved very much. He will be greatly missed by all of us. Our sincerest
sympathies go out to the Thomson family."

Backstage at the DTE Energy Music Theatre in Independence Township,
Michigan, tour personnel cried freely and embraced each other. Osbourne
went on with his performance, though he periodically interrupted his
pre-show workout routine to hug other OzzFest staffers.

About 20 minutes into the show Osbourne informed the crowd of Thomson's
death and observed a moment of silence, during which his band members
prayed silently. A photo of Thomson was displayed on the video screens
at the rear and sides of the stage, and Osbourne dedicated his performance
of "Goodbye To Romance" to Thomson--lightening the mood by mooning the
audience during the song. He also dedicated an encore performance of
"Mama I'm Coming Home" to Thomson.

Thompson is survived by his wife, Terri, and two sons, Kevin, 19, and
Jacob, 10. Funeral plans have not yet been announced.

Morale Down On Sharon Osbourne Talk Show (8/4/2003)

Morale on the set of rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne's upcoming talk
show is dangerously low because pre-production has been beset by a
wealth of problems. The Sharon Osbourne Show is set to debut on
September 15, but celebrity guests have proved difficult to book and
two producers are so stressed they ended up leaving the studio in an
ambulance, according to the New York Post's Pagesix website. A studio
source reveals, "We're six weeks from debuting and we really don't
have a formula that works. Sharon is lovely. She's smart. Everybody
loves Sharon and no one wants to do a show that will embarrass her.
But the executives have changed their minds 10,000 times and it's like
we're starting from scratch." Some staff have been working on the show
for two months, but stress has proved so great two producers were
admitted to hospital - one suffering a seizure and the other an asthma
attack. The source adds, "The whole staff feels beaten down and
exhausted. Everybody wants to leave. There's a sense of mutiny." Jim
Paratore, president of Telepictures Productions, said on Monday, "This
show won't be like any other show on TV. The Sharon Osbourne Show will
combine celebrity segments a la Live With Regis And Kelly, human
interest stories a la Oprah, plus musical guests and pre-taped
mini-reality segments. It's really three shows in one, and that's
why it's been such a difficult start-up. It's always been a very
ambitious show. It takes a while to get everybody on the same page."
So far the only celebrities lined-up by bookers are David Spade and
Bow Wow, and Paratore admits, "Morale is mixed. The people doing good
are feeling good, the people who are not, are not."

Ozzy Saves Dog From Coyote (7/17/2003)

One of Sharon Osbourne's dogs was eaten by a coyote and husband
Ozzy Osbourne managed to save another dog from a similar fate.

Sharon Osbourne said her Chihuahua, Lulu, was killed when coyotes
hopped a fence at their house in Beverly Hills, Calif., Us Weekly
reported. She said they tried to get rid of the coyotes by
throwing a barbecued chicken laced with poison over the fence,
but the neighbors removed it.

The coyotes attacked another dog, Pipi the Pomeranian, the one
who was, ahem, dognapped last year.

Sharon said Ozzy heard the screams and fought to get Pipi out of
the coyote's mouth. Pipi had successful surgery, and now the
Osbournes bring the dogs inside at night.

Osbournes Season 2 (Part 1) Coming On DVD (7/17/2003)

To be released on September 30, 2003.

DVD Features:

All 10 episodes with uncensored and censored soundtracks.

30 minutes of unaired footage.

Episode commentary with Sharon and Kelly.

Ozzy translator for each episode.

"What the $%#@ did he say?" trivia game.

Trivia game: train to become a member of the Osbourne
household by playing along with each episode.

Dookie's Revenge: set-top game.

Osbournes Season 2 (Part 1) Coming On DVD (7/17/2003)

Live in L.A.? Get free tix to Sharon's new talk show here:

Current Ozzfest Setlist (7/17/2003)

War Pigs
Mr. Crowley
Flying High Again
I don't know
Goodbye to Romance

Black Sabbath medley:
[Iron Man]
[Sweet Leaf]
[Children of the Grave]

Suicide Solution
Zakk solo
No More Tears
I Don't Want to Change the World
Road to Nowhere
Crazy Train

Mama I'm Coming Home

New Book Describes 60's Birmingham Scene (7/13/2003)

There's a new book out entitled "Brum Rocked On!" by Laurie Hornsby, edited
by Mike Lavendar. This book goes into great detail about the whole
1960's Birmingham rock scene that Ozzy and Black Sabbath emerged from.
For more details, check out

Sharon Osbourne to Host Daytime TV Talk Show (7/13/2003)

Sharon Osbourne, the wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, who became
a celebrity in her own right from their famously foulmouthed
MTV reality show, is bringing her rough-around-the-edges act
to daytime television.

The spiky-haired Osbourne, photographed wearing pearls and a
pink sweater on the cover of the August edition of the
wholesome Ladies Home Journal magazine, will launch an
hourlong talk show, named "Sharon," in September on the WB

The 50-year-old mother of three is realistic about finding
a niche on daytime TV.

"I could never be as good as Oprah (Winfrey). ... I won't be
recommending books. That's not my thing. My experience is
life," Osbourne said in an interview with Reuters.

For Osbourne, life is full of drama.

Her son, Jack, was in a substance abuse treatment center this
spring and her daughter Kelly recently tasted the high of
recording her first album, only to be dumped soon after by
her label. Osbourne herself is in remission from colon cancer.

Osbourne's fame started with the TV show that featured her
at home with a slew of incontinent pets, her equally
foulmouthed husband and a lot of "bleeps" on the soundtrack.
It has just been renewed for a third season.

The British-born Osbourne hopes people will connect with her
working-class sensibility, which she attributes to having
left school at 15 to start working two jobs. She plans to
interview people who "really interest" her.

"There is a woman I read about the other day that got arrested,
she was breast-feeding her baby while driving her car," Osbourne
said. "There is a woman I'm going to be interviewing who was put
in jail for playing music too loud in her home."

She may use her children as reporters to cover such events as
the Teen Choice Awards for her show, which will be shot on a
set made to look like her home. There will be a "Sharon-cam"
hooked up to her house so she can talk to Ozzy when he is not

She will also be turning to every good talk show's fodder.
"I love celebrities," she said.

Osbourne To Talk Kid's Careers On TV Special (7/13/2003)

Having a famous parent can be a double-edged sword for a young
performer, especially in the world of rock and roll. On Sunday
(July 27), the Bravo network will look at the lives of some
young artists and talk candidly with their famous parents on
the two-hour special, Singing In The Shadows: Children Of
Rock Royalty.

The show will feature Ozzy Osbourne and his son Louis Osbourne,
Sally Taylor, the daughter of James Taylor and Carly Simon; Phil
Collins' son, Simon Collins; David Crosby's son, James Raymond; Phil
Everly's son, Jason; Aretha Franklin's son, Teddy Richards; Arlo
Guthrie's children, Sara Lee and Abe Guthrie; A.J. Croce the son of
the late Jim Croce; and Julian Lennon, the late John Lennon's
eldest son.

Music stars interviewed on the program discuss several issues,
including how their own fame can help their children get record
deals, the often-unrealistic expectations placed on those kids,
how labels look to take advantage of the famous-name connection,
and public skepticism toward a son or daughter's own talent.

Aimee Osbourne Acting Debut (7/13/2003)

AIMEE Osbourne, best known as the Osbourne kid who refused to
appear on MTV's "The Osbournes," will finally make her acting

She'll appear in MTV's adaptation of "Wuthering Heights,"
airing in September.

"I don't have huge intentions to be some big actress,"
Osbourne, 19, told reporters. "I was casually asked. It was
a great experience and I'm glad I did it."

Osbourne, who studied acting in London, will play
Raquelle - the best friend of Isabelle (played by ex-"Roswell"
star Katherine Heigl) - in a musical version of "Wuthering
Heights," airing Sept. 4.

So why hasn't Aimee appeared with sister Kelly, brother Jack
and parents Ozzy and Sharon on "The Osbournes," which has
become the top-rated show in MTV history?

"I wasn't 100 percent comfortable with it," she says. "I was
17, I wasn't very confident, I was shy, it was just a huge
risk for me to take as well as my family.

"That to me was really intimidating and scary."

Ozzy Diagnosed With Severe Laryngitis (7/10/2003)

After struggling through the last 1/2 hour of his two hour
performance in San Francisco, Ozzy Osbourne was examined
by his personal physician and was diagnosed with having
severe laryngitis. Ozzy's doctor has ordered him to rest
his vocal cords for the next few days. This forced Ozzy
to sit out of his headlining performance at Ozzfest
Marysville, CA . However, the show went ahead as planned
with Korn, Marilyn Manson, Disturbed and Chevelle performing
on the main stage. Ozzy's doctor feels positive that his
condition will improve with a few days rest, and Ozzy is
looking forward to re-joining Ozzfest at its next stop in
Seattle, WA on Saturday, July 12.

Osbournes Sign Contract With MTV For Third Season (7/9/2003)

Ozzy Osbourne supports anti-marijuana laws? Yeah, right. And he
and his family want MTV to keep camping out in their living room.

Well, uh...

It's strange, but true on both counts: The supposedly
camera-chastened Osbournes are on board for another season of
The Osbournes; the once-hard-living Ozzy is denouncing drugs--all
of 'em.

First about The Osbournes:

MTV announced Tuesday it has locked in the first family of the
F-bomb for 20 more episodes, scheduled to begin airing early next

"If you thought we wouldn't resign the're crazy,"
MTV president Van Toffler said in a statement.

If you did doubt the surreality show's continued existence, it's
also possible you were just listening to Sharon Osbourne.

Last November, Ozzy's wily wife and manager complained to Barbara
Walters that MTV's cameras had become too much. "I can't throw up
on my own," said the then-chemo-weakened Sharon, "and Ozzy can't
get drunk on his own."

The family would finish out the second season, "but after that's,
it's over," Sharon Osbourne said.

Of course, even before the Walters interview aired, Sharon
Osbourne phoned Toffler to reassure him that "you can't believe
everything I say."

Which brings us to Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Ozzy's missus, now in remission from colon cancer
and prepping her own syndicated afternoon talk show, said "there's
been a hollow empty feeling in [her] heart since the MTV crew left
the Osbourne residence."

She was joking.

But she wasn't joking about her motive for sealing the deal she
said she wouldn't make.

"How lucky am I to have MTV with us for another year filming home
movies of my family...and pay us for it?" Sharon Osbourne asked,
in a statement.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The clan's last contract
was reported to be worth between $5 million and $20 million.

In likely shelling out more big bucks for dad Ozzy, mom Sharon,
teens Jack, Kelly and Robert Marcato, the family friend turned
permanent resident, MTV conceded the show's ratings aren't what
they used to be.

The Osbournes' first season, running from March-May 2002, was
a "media feeding frenzy," as the network put it. The wholly
ordinary antics of Ozzy's 90210-based brood (See Ozzy pick up
dog poop! Hear Kelly and Jack argue!) averaged about 8 million
viewers--a monster number for a cable show.

Since then, the show has "settled," per MTV, into more mortal
ratings--about 6.6 million at the start of the second season
in November, down to about 3 million for the second half of
the second season (sometimes I.D.'d as the third season) this

Still, even with dwindling returns, The Osbournes currently
ranks as MTV's second-highest rated show, behind The Real
World: Paris.

No word yet on what storylines will be featured in the all-new
episodes. For now, MTV says only that its cameras will again
have 24-hour access to the outspoken bunch.

Of course, 24 hours a day isn't always enough with the Osbournes.
While Sharon's cancer battle was played out for the cameras, the
second season's other big story--Jack's rehab stay--wasn't.

The 17-year-old club kid checked into a clinic in April after
shooting had ended for the season.

While reports said Jack Osbourne was wilting under the
spotlight, the media-savvy teen is showing no signs of becoming
media shy.

He discusses his drug troubles, including his addiction to the
prescription painkiller OxyContin, in an MTV News interview,
scheduled to air Tuesday night.

During that special, dad Ozzy renounces just about every substance
harder than decaf.

"I used to think they should legalize pot, but you know what? They
should ban the lot," the 55-year-old headbanger tells MTV News.
"One thing leads to another. Coffee leads to Red Bull, Red Bull
leads to crank."

The elder Osbourne, who reveals he will need medication the rest
of his life due to "neurological damage" caused by his own partying,
says he was shocked by how fast his son went from smoking marijuana
to "doing hillbilly heroin," a nickname for OxyContin.

Ozzy Writing Musical About Rasputin (7/7/2003)

Ozzy Osbourne working on musical about Rasputin while AC/DC
frontman hopes to stage the story of Helen of Troy.

Two rock veterans are leaving heavy metal behind and
crossing over into the world of stage musicians. Ozzy
Osbourne and AC/DC's Brian Johnson are working on musicals
based on the lives of Rasputin and Helen of Troy respectively.

First up is the Prince of Darkness. The MTV star is writing
a show about Rasputin, the monk said to have had a mystical
hold over the house of Tsar Nicholas II, the last imperial
ruler of Russia.

The news was broken by Sharon Osbourne speaking on T4 last
week. She revealed that Ozzy already had a clutch of songs
written for the show.

"I'm currently writing a musical about the life and times
of Rasputin, the mad monk, and they're allowing it on Broadway,"
he claimed. He did not say when the show would appear. In fact,
his Grand Prix appearance was cut short when he was asked if he
had brought the family dogs to the race track. Ozzy
happily replied: "No, they're all at home shitting!"

Meanwhile, AC/DC's Johnson is said to be working on a musical
about Helen of Troy. Described as "the face that launched a
thousand ships", she was legendarily responsible for the
ten-year siege of Troy, a story currently being turned into
a big-budget film starring Brad Pitt. Johnson's version
hasn't got that far yet. NME has learned that Johnson has
been attempting to get backing for the work for some time.

Ozzy Re-Records Classic With Daughter Kelly (7/6/2003)

Ozzy recently answered questions concerning the possibility of
"The Prince of Darkness" touring with "The Princess of
Darkness," Kelly Osbourne. "The only thing left is 'The
Osbournes on Ice,' " Ozzy Osbourne joked about the possibility
of touring with his daughter Kelly.

Recently, the father/daughter duo re-recorded the classic
Black Sabbath tune "Changes" as a duet for his next album.
Many Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne fans have already
displayed their displeasure with the duet, calling it a
"sad day for Ozzy fans," but Ozzy remains a father first
and foremost.

"I don't think her music and my music are anything like each
other, but if anyone throws one f---ing thing at my daughter,
I'm on that stage with a baseball bat."

Jack Speaks About Rehab (7/6/2003)

In his first interview since emerging from a California rehab
facility, Jack Osbourne revealed details of his addiction to
the controversial painkiller OxyContin, and declared, "I don't
want my life to be controlled by a drug."

Speaking exclusively with MTV News' Gideon Yago, Osbourne
said, "I took myself out of the picture for a second and I
looked around at every single person in the room, at who they
were, how old they were and what they had going on in their
lives. A lot of them were near 30, unemployed, living off
their parents. There were heroin addicts, there were the
world's biggest couch potatoes. And it was like, 'I don't
want to be like that. I don't want my life to be controlled
by a drug.'

"I want to be in control of my life," he continued. "I was
really loaded and I just sat on my mom's bed and I just said,
'I am going to go pack my bags, I'm, I'm ready to go. I want
to go, I need to go.' "

Osbourne checked himself into Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena,
California, in April for what was then called "an undisclosed
addiction". Jack has since divulged that he had become hooked
on the dangerous painkiller OxyContin. Oxy, as it's sometimes
called, is often prescribed by doctors to relieve pain. The
Food and Drug Administration warns that Oxy can be as addictive
as morphine, a quality that has no doubt helped it rise as a
popular party drug in recent years. The pills can cause
respiratory problems, and can be fatal when crushed and snorted
or chewed, according to the FDA.

MTV News will explore Jack's road to rehab and his journey
back to health in an "MTV News Now" special report, premiering
Tuesday, July 8 at 11 p.m. ET. Here Jack explains how his
addiction developed, what drove him to rehab and the difficult
struggle to get clean. His family will also talk about the
warning signs of addiction and coping with the news.

Ozzy Osbourne Accused Of Fathering Child (6/29/2003)

Ozzy Osbourne may forget how to
operate the remote control, but
he knows how many children he
has. The singer and leader of
the Osbournes clan has been
accused of fathering a child
out of wedlock, but says he
has medical proof that the
child couldn't possibly be

In a statement released by
Osbourne's reps, the singer
says he's being targeted by
Sheron Lutz, a woman who claims
he's the father of her
six-year old child--something
Ozzy says is medically
impossible, because he had
a vasectomy 17 years ago.

Ozzy also says that he'd never risk the stability and happiness
of his family by cheating on his wife, Sharon Osbourne. Says the
Ozzman, "The most precious thing I have in my life is my marriage
and my children and now someone is trying to destroy the harmony
in my family. This is not going to happen."

Osbourne has three children with Sharon--Aimee, Kelly and Jack
Osbourne-- as well as two children from a previous marriage. In
addition, according to, he also adopted his first wife's
son, Elliot Kingsley (born 1966), which means he has a total of
six children.

The woman referred to in Ozzy's statement reportedly wants an
undisclosed monetary settlement to satisfy her claim out of court.
MTV airs a new episode of the Osbournes every Tuesday night with
repeats at various times during the week.

Osbournes Top Forbes List (6/29/2003)

The Osbournes have landed at #12 on this years Forbes list of the
most powerful celebrities.

Ozzy Wishes Prince William Happy Birthday (6/29/2003)

Prince William, who turns 21 today, got birthday greetings from
rocker Ozzy Osbourne.

Osbourne, whose chaotic family life is the subject of an MTV
reality series, invited the prince to come stay at his Beverly
Hills mansion.

"I've been told that you want to come and live in America.
You're more than welcome to come and live in my house," Osbourne
said in a TV special celebrating William's birthday.

"My daughter would be thrilled. My wife would. I would. And the
dogs would!" the 54-year-old rocker said.

A British newspaper reported last month that William was
considering moving to New York when he completes his university
studies in 2005.

British-born Osbourne, the former lead singer of Black Sabbath,
performed for the royal family as part of a Buckingham Palace
concert marking Queen Elizabeth II's golden jubilee last June.

His birthday advice to William: "Have as much fun as you can,
play Black Sabbath on a record and have a blast."

Ozzfest Kicks Off In Texas (6/29/2003)

OzzFest 2003 kicked off Saturday (June 28) in Selma, Texas, outside
San Antonio. This year's festival features mainstage bands the
Datsuns, Chevelle, Disturbed, Marilyn Manson, Korn, and headliner
Ozzy Osbourne. Second stage bands include Cradle Of Filth, Voivod,
Depswa, Motograter, and Chimaira among others.

OzzFest started out as a single show in 1996, and has grown to what
has become one of the most successful touring festivals in the
United States.

Marilyn Manson talked about the prospect of putting on his show in
the daytime this year. "It just turns things into something new. People
expect such gloominess and gothic, dark pre-conceptions of what we are,
but no one person can limit or describe what I do in any way. That's
for the world to enjoy and interpret all on their own levels.
And OzzFest, I'm going to make the whole thing my stage."

Marilyn Manson has been banned from Darien Lake, New York's OzzFest
this year.

The 31-date tour ends August 28 at West Palm Beach, Florida's Coral
Sky Amphitheater.

Ozzy Plays Toronto Despite SARS (6/29/2003)

Hard rocker and TV star Ozzy Osbourne demonstrated solidarity with
SARS-plagued Toronto by playing a show there on Wednesday (June 11).
But he also hedged his bets by staying up the road in the Canadian
capitol of Ottawa.

Osbourne told the Toronto Sun, "I'd be a liar if I said I'm not
afraid of SARS, but what I'm not afraid of is playing to an audience.
The show must go on, you know? My feelings are, I could walk out of
this f--king hotel room now and get run over by a truck, or get a
heart attack." Osbourne added, "I'm not doing this show in a
f--king hospital emergency room."

Osbourne also snipped at rock acts that have canceled appearances
in Toronto due to the SARS outbreak by promising, "We're going to
show all these f--king p---ies what a rock-and-roll band is all about."

Osbourne said he gave members of his road crew the opportunity to
not work the Toronto show, but no one opted out. "They just went,
'What are you talking about? We're your people, we're in.'"

Despite his bravado, Osbourne chose to stay at a hotel in Ottawa,
where he's performing Thursday (June 12) at the Corel Centre. He
thrilled fans there on Tuesday (June 10) with an afternoon stroll
through the city's Market district, stopping for lunch and coffee,
signing a few autographs, and chatting with people on the street.

Sharon Osbourne Discusses Son's Addiction (6/29/2003)

Sharon Osbourne said she blamed herself for her son's alcohol and
marijuana abuse.

Jack Osbourne, the 17-year-old son of Sharon and heavy metal rocker
Ozzy Osbourne, returned home after two months in rehab on June 18.
He entered a Pasadena, Calif., hospital on April 23, saying he
"got carried away with drugs and alcohol."

"The first thing I did was put blame on myself and in a way I always
will," Sharon Osbourne, 50, told Us Weekly magazine for its July 14
issue. "It's a natural reaction of a mother to think, 'What could I
have done differently? What could I have done wrong?' I thought I
was a cutting-edge mom, and I didn't even know what was happening."

She also told the magazine that her colon cancer, diagnosed last
July, is in remission.

"Oh, I'm fine. I'm an old battle-ax," she said. "I still have to go
to checkups, but I am fine."

Osbournes Third Season Ratings Down (6/29/2003)

The third-season premiere of MTV's The Osbournes was expletive-deleted
up, with viewership down nearly 50 percent from last fall. Just 3.4
million people joined Ozzy's bleepin' clan for their all-new adventures,
which began last Tuesday. In November 2002, the show's second-season
opener was sampled by 6.6 million.

Kelly Cuts Set Short (6/29/2003)

Kelly Osbourne received an unexpected, and unwanted welcome at the
Dome in London last weekend, according to TheWharf.

Furious Kelly stormed off stage before the end of her set after the
crowd threw plastic bottles and other missiles at her at the Snickers
Game On party on Sunday, June 22.

A new-look Kelly, with bleached blonde spiky hair, sang the title
track to her debut album, "Shut Up". The hostile crowd responded
by shouting "Fuck Off" back at her.

Kelly, the penultimate act, told the crowd: "Okay you might fucking
well hate me, but I'm here for another half-an-hour."

But she only managed another 10 minutes on stage before cutting
short her gig by 20 minutes.

One gig-goer told The Wharf: "I felt sorry for her to be honest.

"She's only young. But to be fair she gave as good as she got, she
even threw a drumstick into the crowd."

A spokesperson for the event told The Wharf: "She did seem to have
a really tough time of it out there, although I've no idea why."

Osbourne's to appear in London's Madame Tussaud's Museum (6/29/2003)

The Osbourne family "Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly" are to appear
in London's Madame Tussaud's Museum, according to the Irish Examiner.
But like everything else with that unusual family, there is a twist.

The Osbourne wax dummies will speak, exactly like their real life
counterparts, so expect a lot of bleeped out words.

In other news, Aimee Osbourne, who chose not to be a part of the
MTV reality show that made the rest of her family famous, will make
her MTV debut not on "The Osbournes", but in the cable network's
adaptation of "Wuthering Heights". The movie, which also features
Erika Christensen, Katherine Heigl and Christopher Masterson, is
scheduled for later this year.

Ozzy Performs Extended Show In Canada (6/16/2003)

Ozzy Osbourne fans in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada got their
money's worth during the metal icon's June 8th show. The
madman of metal played a 160-minute set, including encores,
where he played two Black Sabbath medleys, plus Miracle Man,
which he has not performed since 1989, and Fire In the Sky.
One of the Sabbath medleys included the songs The Wizard, After
Forever, and Into the Void, which were never a part of his
solo sets.

That evening Ozzy announced that the Winnipeg Arena show was
also being recorded for an upcoming live album. No more
details are available at this time.

The set list for the evening was:

War Pigs
Mr. Crowley
Flying High Again
I Don't Know
Gets Me Through
Goodbye To Romance
Bark At the Moon
The Wizard (Ozzy on harmonica)
After Forever
Into the Void
Fairies Wear Boots
Iron Man
Sweet Leaf
Children of the Grave
Fire In the Sky
Miracle Man
Suicide Solution (with Zakk Wylde solo)
No More Tears
I Don't Want To Change the World
Road To Nowhere
Crazy Train

Mama, I'm Coming Home

Ozzy's Canadian tour continues until June 16th, where he will
then take a brief break to rest up for Ozzfest starting on
June 28th in San Antonio, TX and will then later head off to
Europe for a string of dates beginning September 5th in London,

In other Ozzy related news, the season three of 'The Osbournes'
began last night on MTV - the show airs on Tuesdays at 10:30pm
EST/PST. Ozzy and guitarist Zakk Wylde have also been reported
to have spent some time in the studio working on a new project
for Ozzy's little girl, Kelly Osbourne. No other information
has been made available.

In other Zakk Wylde related tidbits, the Ozzy guitarist/Black
Label Society frontman is reportedly going to play guitar on
Rob Zombie's next album, which is tentatively due for release
through Geffen Records in 2004. Wylde will also write and
record material over the next several months for Ozzy's next
studio release. Ozzy is still without a label since splitting
with Sony Records earlier this year.

Jack Out Of Rehab? (5/28/2003)

Jack Osbourne could be out of rehab already. Us Weekly reports
that Jack was spotted last week with parents Sharon and Ozzy
Osbourne at Ralph's supermarket in Malibu - a scant month
after he checked in to the Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena,
Calif. and then Visions in Malibu for a drugs-and-drinking
problem. Us describes Jack as "subdued-looking" as he helped
Ozzy load groceries into the car and reports he later went
out for coffee with a friend.

Ozzy Ready To Hit Canada (5/28/2003)

Ozzy Osbourne is getting ready to tour Canada starting Sunday
(June 1), despite the fear of SARS (news - web sites) keeping
other pop stars away. It helps that the tour starts in the west
coast city of Vancouver, and it doesn't reach Toronto, the
major source of SARS concern, until June 11.

The tour will be Ozzy's first with new bass player Jason
Newsted, who will pull double duty with his "other" band,
Canada's Voivod. Newsted said that Voivod is really supportive
of him playing with Osbourne. "You know, I'm living this dream
being able to be a part of this thing and all that," Newsted.
"So those guys are totally supportive of that too. And Ozzy has
been cool enough, and he's asked us, Voivod, to go out through
Canada with him--besides OzzFest and all that thing. So it's
a huge blessing. This opportunity just came...whew."

The tour ends June 16 in Quebec City. After that, Osbourne will
take a few weeks off before OzzFest kicks off in San Antonio,
Texas on June 28. Other bands set to appear on the metal fest
include Disturbed, Marilyn Manson, and Korn, among others.

Osbournes Parting Ways with Sony Music (5/12/2003)

Heavy metal star Ozzy Osbourne is leaving his Sony Music label
after 23 years, and daughter Kelly, who issued her debut album
on Sony last year, is going with him, family matriarch and
manager Sharon Osbourne said on Friday.

Sharon Osbourne, who is negotiating her family's exit from Sony,
said in a statement that her husband and daughter were looking
for "fresh ideas," but she offered no specific explanation for
their move.

The Osbournes' publicist, Lisa Vega, called the departures,
"an amicable split." She denied a report in US Weekly magazine
that Sony had dumped Kelly from its roster as she was finishing
up work on a second album.

"She was not recording a second album," Vega said.

Osbourne said she and Sony had mutually agreed that her
18-year-old daughter would leave the label after former CEO
Tommy Mottola, who signed Kelly last year, left the music
company in January.

"Sony has been a part of the family for years ... and Tommy
Mottola was the person they had dealt with all those years,
and when he left, they decided it was time for a change as
well," Vega said.

No comment was immediately available from Sony Music, a division
of Japanese electronics and entertainment giant Sony Corp.

A source close to the label dismissed the notion that Sony was
unhappy with Kelly's debut album, "Shut Up," which, according
to Nielsen SoundScan, sold nearly 150,000 copies in the United
States, a respectable tally for a new artist.

Kelly joined Sony as she was basking in the success of her
family's MTV reality show, which turned the Osbournes into
instant pop culture stars.

Ozzy Osbourne, the British-born former frontman for the heavy
metal band Black Sabbath has released about a dozen albums
through Sony's Epic Records since the early 1980s, most
recently this year's "The Essential Ozzy Osbourne" collection.

Kelly Osbourne plans to embark on a European tour this summer
with British pop star Robbie Williams, while her father is
gearing up for a Canadian tour in early June and will headline
the annual Ozzfest rock spectacle again this summer.

Kelly Dropped By Sony (5/12/2003)

Outspoken singer Kelly Osbourne has been silenced by her
bosses - she's been dropped by her record company Epic. The
18-year-old daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, has reportedly
been released from her contract after her debut album Shut Up
sold fewer than 150,000 copies. A source tells American magazine
Us Weekly, "Sharon is p***ed," explaining that Kelly's rocker dad
Ozzy has been with Epic for more than 20 years. The timing was
also a shock, adds the source, who explains, "Kelly was nearly
done recording her second album when they pulled the plug."

The Ozzman Goeth... (5/12/2003)

....and he's taking his daughter with him.

Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne are saying sayonara to his longtime label,
Sony Music's Epic Records.

The split, announced Friday by Sharon Osbourne (who, natch, is
orchestrating the departure) and described by the family rep as
"amicable," means the Prince of F---ing Darkness will be leaving
the label that's been cranking out his records since Reagan was
in the White House.

"We've had 23 great years together," Sharon Osbourne said in a
statement. "We've shared many great successes, but sometimes you
have to search out fresh blood to get fresh ideas, which is a
philosophy that every record company, especially Sony, understands."

While the Osbournes aren't officially gone yet, a deal appears
imminent. According to the family, Sharon and Sony mutually agreed
that Kelly would jump ship after Tommy Mottola stepped down as Sony
boss in January. It was Mottola who signed Kelly in 2002.

No immediate comment from Sony on the defection. There's also no
word on what fresh blood, er, labels the Osbournes are eyeing.

Since 1980, Ozzy has released 15 solo albums on Epic, from Blizzard
of Ozz up to the 2003 compilation album The Essential Ozzy Osbourne.
There are also various Ozzfest life discs, Black Sabbath's 1998
Reunion album and the TV show companion CD The Osbournes Family
Album. Kelly's moderately successful solo debut, Shut Up, featuring
her cover of Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach," was issued by Epic last

It's not a clean break for the clan, though. Son Jack, currently in
rehab battling a drug and booze habit, will remain at Epic as a
talent scout, according to Osbourne publicist Lisa Vega.

While the wife works out the exit clauses, Ozzy is prepping his
road show. He and his band (now featuring ex-Metallica bassist
Jason Newsted) will be heading north for an eight-city Canadian
tour next month as a tuneup for their headlining gig on this
summer's edition of Ozzfest. Ozzy, who'll be joined by Korn,
Marilyn Manson and Disturbed on the mainstage, commences this
year's 23-date outing June 28 in his old pissing grounds of San

Kelly Osbourne, meanwhile, will be keeping decidedly tamer
company: She takes off on a Euro tour this summer opening for
British popster Robbie Williams.

Ozzy Osbourne's Son Jack Checks Into Rehab (4/30/2003)

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Heavy metal rocker Ozzy Osbourne's
17-year-old son, Jack, has checked into a Los Angeles-area
rehabilitation center for treatment of drug and alcohol abuse,
the family's spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

It was not disclosed exactly how the teenage co-star of MTV's
reality hit "The Osbournes" landed in rehab, but Ozzy Osbourne
has confronted his son about his drinking and drug use on the
show and has acknowledged catching Jack with marijuana on
several occasions.

According to family publicist Lisa Vega, Jack entered the
residential detox and rehab facility last week after confiding
in his parents that he needed help.

"Not very many 17-year-olds have the wherewithal to realize
that they have a problem, nor do they have the relationship
with their parents that they can go... and say they have a
problem, and that is what occurred here," Vega told Reuters.

In an interview with the syndicated TV show "Extra," both
parents revealed they had to wait a week to get their son a
bed in the facility, and they expressed pride in him for
taking the initiative in his own recovery.

"He had the gumption and guts to confess and to just say,
help," Ozzy Osbourne said, according to excerpts from the
interview, slated to air on Wednesday. Added wife Sharon,
the family matriarch and manager: "I love him more than I
did yesterday for doing what he's done. He wasn't forced into
this situation. It was his decision, so I admire him so much
more. All we can do is be here for him."

The family went public after the TV show "Entertainment Tonight"
broke the story Monday night, reporting that the teen MTV star,
clad in a white patient smock, had been seen at the rehab center
with his parents in what an eyewitness called "a very emotional
moment" for the family.

Vega appealed to the media to maintain some modicum of respect
for the very public family's privacy. "He (Jack) is trying to
get his life together ... and he's not being given a chance to
do that in private."

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are themselves no strangers to substance
abuse, having both acknowledged excessive alcohol consumption in
the past. Ozzy also has admitted to a previous cocaine addiction
as well as to dabbling in heroin and other drugs over the years.

Ozzy swore off drugs and booze in the early 1990s, though he
admitted falling off the wagon last year when Sharon was
diagnosed with colon cancer. Her illness is now in remission.

"The Osbournes" is slated to return for a third season in June
with 10 new episodes produced earlier this year. Soon after its
debut in the spring of 2002, the fly-on-the-wall show became
MTV's biggest hit, earned an Emmy Award and turned the raucous,
foul-mouthed family into overnight pop culture stars.

Jack's 18-year-old sister, Kelly, has sought to parlay her
newfound fame into a recording career, while her brother has
worked as a talent scout for Epic Records. He also had become
a frequent denizen of the Los Angeles party and nightclub scene.

MTV has not revealed plans for the show beyond its upcoming
third season, but a syndicated talk show hosted by Sharon
Osbourne is slated to premiere in September.

Icm Agent Fears For Life Following Osbourne Assault (4/20/2003)

Talent agent Renee Tab, who was involved in a physical
altercation with Sharon Osbourne in early April, has fired
back with new details about the incident at the Koi restaurant
in Los Angeles that has resulted in each woman alleging to
police that the other assaulted her.

Tab's lawyer, Najila Brent, has told New York Daily News
that, on the night in question, Sharon confronted Tab about
the $15,000 necklace that Osbourne has claimed Tab absconded
with after crashing her New Year's Eve party.

Tab has maintained she won the raffle prize fair and square.
According to Brent, Tab said, "Are you here to apologize to me?"
Brent said that Osbourne "started screaming racial slurs - 'You
Persian carpet cleaner! You Iranian [bleep]!'"

The lawyer, who says she will be adding civil-rights charges
to the suit Tab plans to file, claims Osbourne kicked Tab and
her sister, Candace, and "spat three or four times on Renee."
Brent also contended that Sharon told Tab, "I'm going to send
someone to slash your face and break your leg."

"Renee is afraid for her life right now," said Brent, who is
seeking a restraining order against Osbourne. She added that
doctors have told Tab she suffered a concussion in the melee.
Osbourne rep Lisa Vega responded that Tab and her lawyer "live
in a fantasy world. Sharon is the one with the injuries. She's
going to file her own charges."

"No Rehab For Me" (4/20/2003)

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne isn't going into a 12-step program -- he's
stepping onto a running track to stay sober!

The MTV megastar admitted he had too much to drink on
April 5 -- and told wife Sharon he wanted to go back into
rehab. But once Ozzy sobered up, he changed his mind!

"I'm not going into rehab right now," Ozzy told The
ENQUIRER. "I'm fine.

"What happened is that on Saturday I simply had one too
many beers. It wasn't like I'd f---ing polished off a bottle
of Jack Daniel's or something -- I went out and got a 12-pack
of Corona beer and simply had one too many.

"I got pretty loaded and I said to Sharon, 'Look, I want to
go into rehab.' But, then again, every day I say that I want
to go into rehab."

In fact, Ozzy says he's become a fitness freak.

"I've just finished running five miles around the UCLA
track!" the wizard of Oz bragged. "I'm working out five
days a week with a personal trainer.

"I'm in the best shape I've been in some time. I'm on the
wagon now, officially. I feel great!"

In fact, he's so high on exercise, he challenged an ENQUIRER
reporter to join him on the UCLA track.

"Bring a photographer with you," he said. "Then, you can
see what kind of shape I'm in."

The ENQUIRER accepted Ozzy's offer and we'll run photos
from the workout in an upcoming issue.

But as for rehab, Ozzy laughed: "I'm not going into
out-patient, I'm not going into in-patient. I've got no
patience for this bulls--t."

Ozzy: The Movie (Update) (4/20/2003)

Irish bad boy Colin Farrell has become the front-runner
to portray Ozzy Osbourne in a film about the rocker's life.
When reports first surfaced about the Ozzy film last year,
Sharon Osbourne had named Johnny Depp as her pick for her
husband's role. However, Farrell has been identified as
the choice of execs at Paramount and MTV Films. The match
seems a natural one. As one Hollywood insider was quoted,
"Colin drinks, he smokes, he womanizes. He's just a sleeve
tattoo away from being a real rock star."

Sharon Osbourne Assaulted (4/14/2003)

Sharon Osbourne was "viciously
assaulted" Thursday night at a
Los Angeles restaurant where
she was having dinner with her
family, a spokesperson for the
Osbournes has confirmed.

Osbourne was allegedly attacked by Renée Tab, a junior agent at
ICM, who was previously accused by Sharon and Ozzy of crashing their
New Year's Eve anniversary party and stealing a pricey door prize.

The incident occurred Thursday evening at Koi Japanese restaurant
on La Cienega Boulevard, where Osbourne, husband Ozzy and their
son, Jack, were dining, Sgt. John Pasquariello said.

Tab has since filed a police report of her own, claiming that Sharon
started with spitting on her and calling her names," said Tab's
attorney, Nejila K. Brent.

Tab said Osbourne was waiting for her to leave and then spit on
her, while Osbourne claims she was physically struck by Tab,
according to police.

"What we just did was take two reports listing each other as
suspects and victims on each one," Pasquariello said. "The city
attorney will determine at some point whether there's any criminal

If charges are filed, he added, they would be "on the low end of
the misdemeanor scale."

In early January, the family publicly accused Tab of walking off
with a $15,000 Asprey diamond necklace obtained with an illegitimate
raffle ticket, identifying her only as an employee of talent agency

A short time later, ICM issued a statement denying the allegations
made against its employee, who had by then been identified as Tab.
An ICM spokesperson said the company had investigated the matter
and determined "a) Renée was invited to the Osbourne party b) she
won the raffle in a legitimate matter c) there is no basis for
the claims being made by the Osbournes. Accordingly, ICM believes
the Osbournes owe both Ms. Tab and ICM an apology."

Mrs. Osbourne was taken to the hospital and treated for her
injuries. She is at home resting and recuperating with her family,
according to her spokesperson.

Osbournes Third Season Update (4/14/2003)

The third - and likely final - season of "The Osbournes" will
premiere June 10, MTV says.

Among the developments in the new season will be Sharon Osbourne's
successful treatment for colon cancer and a bizarre incident when
Ozzy Osbourne, trailed by his reality-TV camera crew, bumps into
comedian Roseanne, also being trailed by a camera crew preparing
a reality show for ABC, at the Barneys in Beverly Hills.

Louis Osbourne To Wed (4/2/2003)

The Osbournes are bound for Ireland in December when the eldest
son of veteran rocker Ozzy gets married.

Louis, the product of Ozzy's first marriage, is tying the knot
in Ireland on New Year's Eve.

The 27-year-old met fiancee Louise Lennon a year ago.

"We decided to move over to Ireland because Dublin is her home
town," he told the Daily Star.

"We're planning our wedding at an Irish castle, but I'm not
telling you where."

Louis, who is currently launching a new Midlands radio station,
Jump FM, says he has little time for the showbiz life.

But, he lives in a flat at the Osbournes' Los Angeles mansion
and is often seen in the background in the hugely popular MTV
hit The Osbournes.

Kelly Leaving Osbourne Home (4/2/2003)

There's going to be one less person running around the Osbourne
home. The New York Post reports Kelly Osbourne, the teen and
daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, is moving out of the house
and is eyeing a home just five blocks down the street. The
19-year-old has reportedly bought a multi-million dollar home
in her parent's neighbourhood and plans to move in next month,
although the deal to purchase the house has yet to be finalized.

Kelly told U.K.'s Heat magazine that her mom is very upset with
the move.

"She's been a blithering idiot ever since I got the new place,"
Kelly said.

The third and final season of "The Osbournes" is slated for June.

Ozzy's Wife Sharon Osbourne Appears Cancer-Free (4/2/2003)

Sharon Osbourne, the manager wife of rock wild man Ozzy Osbourne,
appears to be free of the cancer she discovered last year.

"Ozzy says Sharon has completed her treatment and has no signs of
cancer," a spokesman for the rocker told Reuters on Wednesday.

Sharon Osbourne has undergone a series of intense treatments since
being diagnosed with colon cancer.

It was primarily through her efforts that the everyday antics of
the Osbourne clan became the subject of a hit reality TV show.

The family matriarch subsequently said she regretted letting cameras
into their glitzy Beverly Hills home.

The mad-cap behavior of Ozzy, Sharon and teenagers Kelly and Jack
won the family the tag "the first family of dysfunction" and their
expletive-filled conversations became cult viewing for many.

Sharon Osbourne said the strain of living in a fish bowl had become
hard as the family struggled to cope with her battle against the
cancer, a crisis which she said drove Ozzy to drink.

Previously Unreleased 1969 Sabbath Tracks? (3/30/2003)

The first recordings made by Black Sabbath, cut in 1969, when the band was
still known as Earth, have been uncovered in a sound archive, RC can
exclusively reveal. The multi-track tapes comprise both the eponymous debut
album and its follow up, Paranoid, in both mixed and raw form. The tapes
also include several previously-unreleased tracks, which should be featured
in a future archive-based release. In addition, songs that surfaced on
Sabbath's third album, Master Of Reality, were apparently laid down at the
same time as well, mostly on multi-track stereo tapes."

- Record Collector Magazine, March Issue

Piazza Is Wylde's New Child's Godfather (3/30/2003)

Last July 8, Zakk Wylde's wife, Barbara Ann, gave birth to their third son,
and the couple asked Mike Piazza, one of the world's highest-profile
bachelors, to be the baby's godfather. In January, at Our Lady of Angels
Cathedral in Los Angeles, Piazza presided over the baptism of Hendrix
Halen Michael Rhodes Wylde, named after Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen,
Piazza and Randy Rhodes.

"He called me up after a night of partying and said, 'Dude, are you up for
the job?'" Piazza said. "I was so honored and humbled. I love it when
people ask if you're 'up for the job.' And I am."

"I'm the only name in there who isn't a virtuoso guitarist," Piazza said.
"Those are some of the most meaningful names in rock music. For me to be
included is pretty cool."

Gathering At The Osbournes For Charity (3/26/2003)

Elizabeth Taylor and Justin Timberlake were the guests of honor
at a benefit Elton John gave with Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne
Wednesday night in L.A. But the names of two other well-known
people were on everybody's lips: Bush and Saddam.

"We all discussed whether to move forward with this event
tonight," Sharon told the crowd, which had gathered in the
garden of her Beverly Hills home to support Elton's AIDS
foundation and her own colon-cancer charity.

"We decided to continue because, war or no war, we are all
fighting the war against AIDS and cancer," she went on. "At
the same time, we should all say a big prayer for the American
and British men and women who are risking their lives."

Taylor, who got a twinkly pinky ring from Elton, had to leave
early because of a stomach virus - but not before saying
exactly what she thought of the war.

"The thought sickens me beyond belief," she told us. "I was
a refugee when I came to this country because of World War II.
I listened to the radio all the time and thought, 'Why don't
the Americans do something?' Now I think, 'What the [bleep]
are the Americans doing by saying [to Saddam], 'Pack up your
bags, mount a camel and get out of town!' What if someone said
that to Bush?

"You don't think [terrorists] are going to retaliate? You
don't think they're going to bomb the s--- out of us? It's
going to be terrifying."

Tony Bennett, who performed, also recalled "the horror" he
saw as an infantryman in WWII.

"That was a good war - it had to be done," he told us. "This
isn't a good war. If the whole army isn't together, we're not
going to win. I'm hurt by what's happening in this country."

Sly Stallone, there with wife Jennifer Flavin, showed none
of Rambo's enthusiasm for battle.

"I've been on the fence about it," he said. "It's the first
time America has gone after someone as a protective move. But
I believe we have righteousness on our side."

Elton, who sported a diamond peace symbol on his lapel, said,
"I'm not for the war. I love America. [But] you can't say
you're against the war without being called a traitor. Now
that the decision has been made, we have to hope that it
will be quick."

Sharon Osbourne, feeling weak from a chemotherapy treatment,
almost didn't make it down from her bedroom to mingle with
the guests.

"I told her if she comes down those stairs, I'm going to
chase her back up," Elton said.

She defied him, looking fantastic in a low-cut black gown.

"Sharon, I [bleeping] adore you," said Elton, forgiving her.
He even confided that "My drag name is Sharon. So you get
two Sharons for the price of one."

Ozzy Compares Newsted To Geezer, Wants To Record LP (3/20/2003)

"I'm the happiest man in the world today.
I'm a strong believer that it was destiny
that I end up playing with Jason" - says Ozzy.

Anyone who was feeling sorry for Jason
Newsted after his split with Metallica
can stop now.

Not only is he a full-time member of seminal thrash outfit Voivod,
but he's also the new bassist for Ozzy Osbourne, replacing Robert
Trujillo, who split to join Metallica. And on Monday Newsted
received perhaps the greatest compliment possible from the
Ozzman himself.

"Jason reminds me of a young Geezer Butler," Ozzy said shortly
after playing a four-song rehearsal, his second with Newsted, for
a select group of press.

Still sweaty from banging through "Believer," "No More Tears,"
"Crazy Train" and the seminal (and once again timely) Black Sabbath
tune "War Pigs," Newsted was visibly beaming as Ozzy compared him
to Sabbath's legendary bassist.

"There could not be a bigger compliment. [If someone said],
'Here's a million dollars' [or] 'Here's this compliment,' I'll
take this! That's it. [Butler] is my #1 teacher in life. And only
he," Newsted said, a wide smile stretching across his face as he
pointed to his new frontman, "gets the right to say that. He's the
only one!"

Newsted left Metallica roughly two years ago, resurfacing in
Echobrain before joining up with Voivod for their latest album.

Metallica recently announced the addition of ex-Suicidal Tendencies
bassist Trujillo to their lineup, and it wasn't long before Newsted
was invited to start jamming with Ozzy's band. Jack Osbourne
recommended Voivod for the second stage at Ozzfest, Ozzy explained,
and a light bulb went off in Sharon Osbourne's head.

Together with ex-Faith No More drummer Mike Bordin, who's been with
Ozzy for eight years, and guitarist Zakk Wylde, Newsted said he
honed his back catalog arsenal before Ozzy ever stepped in front
of the mic. "I really wanted to be prepared for Oz, so when he walked
in the room he could call out whatever song and I would be able to
hit it."

What he didn't realize was that on his first day with Ozzy he'd be
under the watchful eye of his predecessor, who was on hand to
rehearse for his final gig with the band. Before the day was over,
Newsted found himself giving Trujillo tips on Metallica songs like
"Battery" and "Damage, Inc."

Newsted whose relationship with Trujillo stretches back a decade to
when Suicidal Tendencies were friends and touring partners with
Metallica called Ozzy's outgoing bassist warmhearted and strong.

"I'm not sure that anybody else could have worked for Metallica,"
he said, "because he has the girth, as it were that strength,
mentally and physically, to deal with what has to be dealt with
in that band. He's familiar with this caliber of an operation. I
think it worked out the best for everybody involved."

"I'm the happiest man in the world today," Ozzy proclaimed. "I'm
a strong believer that it was destiny that I end up playing with
Jason. I don't believe in tarot cards or crystal balls, but I
believe that somebody, before you're born, maps out your life. And
it was destiny that Metallica end up playing with Robert Trujillo.
I'm not pissed off with anybody. ... It's so nice to end a
relationship nicely for a change."

When Ozzy mentioned that he couldn't wait to make an album with
Newsted, the bassist's eyes widened and he grabbed the metal
legend by both shoulders.

"Dude, if he's telling me the truth right now, if he really wants
to write ... songs, it's going to be f---ing crazy! I'm telling you
right now, it's gonna be out of this world. If I get an opportunity
to write bass behind his vocals? Working with Zakk? It's just going
to be sick, man, that's all I can say."

For now, Newsted will join Ozzy on this summer's Ozzfest outing as
well as several Canadian dates. He'll also perform with Voivod,
who will play "something from each album," according to Newsted,
while supporting Ozzy in Canada and co-headlining the Ozzfest's
second stage.

"This is a huge opportunity for both [Metallica and Ozzy] to prove
themselves again," Newsted said. "It can be a cool thing for the
next era of both of the biggest metal bands America has seen.
It's going to be an incredible summer."

Heat Fells Sharon Osbourne @ 3/14/03 Show (3/19/2003)

SHARON Osbourne was rushed by ambulance to a Las Vegas hospital
Friday night after she fell ill backstage at an Ozzy Osbourne
concert. Sharon, who has undergone chemotherapy treatments after
being diagnosed with colon cancer last June, was watching Ozzy
perform at the Hard Rock Hotel when she was overcome by heat
exhaustion, confirmed her spokeswoman, Lisa Vega. "While she
was watching Ozzy's show, it got very hot in the club," Vega said.
"She did not collapse. She felt faint. Out of concern for Sharon,
an ambulance was called. She was taken to the hospital, but it was
nothing serious. We were there for about 20 minutes." After she
was released, Sharon and Ozzy had dinner in their hotel suite.
But Jack Osbourne and sister Aimee - who's not on the family's
hit reality show - partied until dawn at the Real World suite at
the Palms hotel at the farewell bash for Ozzy's longtime bass
player, Robert Trujillo, who's leaving to join Metallica.

Ozzy's setlist was:

War Pigs
I Don't Know
Gets Me Through
Mr. Crowley
Suicide Solution
Zakk Solo (w/Star Spangled Banner)
Flyin' High Again
Goodbye To Romance
No More Tears
I Don't Want To Change The World
Road To Nowhere
Bark At The Moon
Crazy Train

The Osbournes Third Season (3/9/2003)

MTV reports the third (and possibly final) season of The Osbournes will
debut on June 10, at 10:30 p.m.

Ozzy's New Bassist (3/9/2003)

It's official - Jason Newsted will play bass for Ozzy on his up & coming
tours. The March 14th concert at The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas will
be Rob Trujillo's last show with Ozzy. Jason will kick off with Ozzy for
the first time on June 1st in Vancouver, Canada.

Ozzfest Update (3/9/2003)

Yes, there has been some activity lately at Ozzfest HQ. First, Voivod,
the legendary proto-thrash band from Montreal, has been added to the
Second Stage bill, playing every show before headliner Cradle of Filth.
Second, TRUSTcompany will now open the Main Stage. The bill is now:
Ozzy, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, Chevelle, and TRUSTcompany on
the Main Stage, and Cradle of Filth (headliner), Voivod, Memento, Hotwire,
Shadow's Fall, Grade 8, Twisted Method, Nothingface, Killswitch Engage,
Unloco, Depswa, Motograter, and Sworn Enemy. Last, some shows' on-sale
dates have changed; please check out for the latest info.

Ozzy & Sharon on Larry King (3/1/2003)

What's ahead for the Osbourne family? Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne
join Larry live for the hour to discuss Sharon's battle with
cancer, parenthood and living life on TV. Tune in March 3rd at

Ozzy's New Bassist Rumor (2/28/2003)

This is a big rumor... I checked in at Ozzy headquarters...
they didn't say yes and they didn't say no....

Jason Newsted (formally of Metallica) will be filling Rob
Trujillo's shoes.

Ozzy Meets Roseanne (2/28/2003)

A camera crew following Roseanne as she shopped at the Barney's
New York store in Beverly Hills this week ran into another
camera crew shooting Ozzy Osbourne as he -- you guessed it --
also shopped.

Of course, Ozzy's cameras caught the spectacle, as did Roseanne's,
so expect to see two different takes of the random meeting on
MTV's "The Osbournes" and Roseanne's upcoming ABC reality series.

In this reality-soaked TV era, the encounter was probably
inevitable. While film shoots are easy to find while driving
around the streets of Los Angeles, it's also become common to
spot people going about their business as cameras tag along
behind them.

"It was the ultimate reality moment," said ABC alternative
series and specials executive Andrea Wong. "The only thing that
would have made it better is if Anna Nicole Smith had shown up."

Metallica Steals Rob Trujillo (2/26/2003)

Metallica has officially stolen Ozzy's bassist, Rob Trujillo.
No word yet on who his replacement will be.

Ozzy In Collaboration With Iommi (2/26/2003)

Ozzy Osbourne has revealed that he and Black Sabbath bandmate
Tony Iommi have been collaborating long-distance on songwriting.
Ozzy made the announcement during a press conference on February
18th to announce the lineup for the 8th Annual outing of Ozzfest.
It wasn¹t clear if the material is for a new Sabbath studio album,
or for a solo project by either party. In related news, Ozzy hopes
to take Ozzfest to Britain, Germany, Scandinavia and the
Netherlands in September, assuming a possible war with Iraq will
not frighten groups from flying to Europe.

Never Say Die Coming On DVD (2/26/2003)

Black Sabbath's Never Say Die DVD will be available in the US for
the first time on March 4th. The set was recorded live in 1978.
Tracks include: "Symptom Of The Universe", "War Pigs", "Snow Blind",
"Never Say Die", "Black Sabbath", "Dirty Women", "Rock And Roll
Doctor", "Electric Funeral", "Children Of The Grave" and "Paranoid".

Click here to buy it!

Ozzfest 2003 Details (2/18/2003)

No pretenders, no imitators, no bullsh*t- the inimitable Ozzfest
continues to fly the flag for real Rock and Metal music. For
eight years running, Ozzfest has championed the hard rock scene
by providing a constant source of new music to hungry fans
around the world. Ozzfest 2003 feeds the masses with 14 hours
of non-stop rock with its most ferocious line-up to date. And,
to prove that it's all about the fans, Ozzfest 2003 is offering
a limited number of lawn seats for $10 - making Ozzfest the best
value for your concert dollars this summer. The special priced
ten dollar tickets are available only at venue box offices or
other designated locations while they last. Check your local
listings and venue websites for purchase information.

Ozzy Osbourne returns to headline Ozzfest 2003 to do what he
loves best play rock n'roll. The Prince of Darkness will hit
the stage with band mates Zakk Wylde, Robert Trujillo, and
Michael Bordin with a hard-hitting set of songs culled from
his 33-year career as rock's purveyor of heavy metal.

Korn, have signed on for their first Ozzfest, bringing their
rich sonic assault to the masses; Marilyn Manson returns with
his unforgettable stage show; Ozzfest favorites Disturbed are
back with more of their anthemic metal; and Ozzfest 2002 Second
Stagers Chevelle have graduated and will usher in the Main
Stage entertainment beginning at 5pm.

Ozzfest's reputation as the premiere rock n'roll festival
is cemented each year as new bands continue to break out
and become multi-platinum acts. Bands such as Limp Bizkit,
Incubus, Linkin Park, System of a Down, Slipknot, Godsmack,
POD and Disturbed are just a few of the many bands that have
benefited by a summer on the Ozzfest stage.

This year the tradition continues with a second stage bill
that includes the best young acts in the constantly changing
hard rock scene. Presiding over the Second Stage are English
goth-metal phenoms Cradle of Filth who will make their first
U.S. rock festival appearance on Ozzfest 2003 and Trust
Company. Underground favorites Shadow's Fall, Killswitch
Engage, and Nothingface bring a heavier edge to the second
stage, joining upstarts Hotwire, Grade 8, Twisted Method,
Unloco, and Memento are just a few of the 14 bands that
will round out the second stage line-up. (More bands TBA.)

The Village of The Damned concourse has been re-vamped to
offer Ozzfest-goers the best in entertainment with all
state-of-the-art video games and some new surprises in
addition to everyone's favorites such as piercing booths
and world-class tattoo artists.

Over 4 million fans have attended Ozzfest over the last
seven years and no other touring festival comes close
to matching this impressive benchmark. Don't miss the
chance to discover what legions of hardcore rock fans
have known for years.

Tickets go on sale in March with limited specially
priced $10 tickets available at venue box offices.
Regularly priced tickets are available at all
Ticketmaster outlets.

Click here for current tour dates.

Osbournes Open House For OzzFest Announcement (2/17/2003)

Sharon, Ozzy, and Jack Osbourne are set to open their house
in Los Angeles to journalists for the announcement of OzzFest
2003 on Tuesday (February 18).

Media will check in at a Los Angeles-area hotel and be bussed
to the house. At 12:30 p.m. there will be lunch followed by a
1:15 press conference. Members of confirmed bands from the
tour will also be on hand.

Unconfirmed reports have Korn, Disturbed, Chevelle, and
Stereomud on the bill.

Re-release Of Osbourne Figure (2/17/2003)

Coinciding with the upcoming ToyFest celebration,,
McFarlane Toys is offering its Ozzy Osbourne action figure
again in new packaging with updated inserts and graphics. It
was initially released in 1999.

Zakk's Blessed Hellride (2/17/2003)

Zakk Wylde and his band, Black Label Society, release their
new album, The Blessed Hellride, on April 22nd via Spitfire. The
Japanese edition includes a bonus track - "F.U.N". The albums
first single "Stillborn", features Ozzy Osbourne. The video for
the track was directed by ROB ZOMBIE and will debut in March.

Shooting Begins On Osbournes Finale (2/12/2003)

Sharon Osbourne's talk show won't be part of season three. DON'T tell
anyone, but "The Osbournes" ended its second season last night.

Surprisingly, "The Osbournes" went out quietly - without much of the
frenzy and media madness that accompanied last season's finale.

MTV officials won't say what's in store for the third - and reportedly
final - season. The first of its ten episodes began shooting in L.A.
last month.

"I think the core of the show will stay the same," says "Osbournes"
executive producer Greg Johnston. "I don't think we'll change what we've
been doing.

"We were really happy with these last 10 [episodes] and [Tuesday night's
episode] was a great way to end the season, with Sharon and Ozzy
renewing their [wedding] vows," he said.

"We won't try to change anything for the upcoming season."

MTV has not yet set a date when the final season will begin.
"There's no time frame," he said. "I don't think there's been any kind
of decision made on that yet."

Johnston said, however, that the next batch of episodes will, once
again, focus on "the core people": Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly, Jack and
"adopted son" Robert Mercato.

Johnston said that, for example, it's unlikely we'll see anything
connected with Sharon Osbourne's upcoming talk show, slated to debut in
the fall.

"It was never part of our show to include stuff that goes on outside of
the family, whether that be press attention or anything else," Johnston
said. "We're trying to focus on what happens in their lives and their
relationships in the house.

"Those things don't interest us that much," he said of Sharon's talk
show. "Unless it's something that pertains to the entire family, that's
the only way we would include it in the show."

"The Osbournes," which spawned E!'s "The Anna Nicole Show" and other
reality-show knockoffs, experienced a ratings comedown from last season,
when it averaged 5.3 million viewers.

That number fell to about 4.5 million viewers this season (not including
last night's season finale) - not unexpected, considering the glut of
"Osbournes" merchandise and a media overload courtesy of Ozzy, Sharon,
Jack and Kelly.

Ozzy Will Perform At Hard Rock Hotel In Vegas (2/7/2003)

OZZY OSBOURNE will perform a one-off show at The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel's live concert
venue, in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday, March 14. Tickets go on sale this Saturday, Feb. 8
at 1:00 p.m. General admission, standing-room-only tickets are said to be priced at $153,
and VIP Balcony seats are priced at $303.

Hip Hop Boycott Pepsi Over Osbourne Commercial (2/5/2003)

One of the biggest soda makers in the nation has gone wack
with the hip-hop generation.

Angered at Pepsi for placing foul-mouthed Ozzy Osbourne in
a Superbowl commercial only months after yanking rapper
Ludacris for his vulgar language, hip hop icon Russell Simmons
said Tuesday he will announce this weekend plans for a boycott
against the soft drinks giant, accusing Pepsi of applying a
double standard in a wack (hip-hop slang for displeasing) manner.

"The Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN) plans to announce and
detail a proposed boycott of Pepsi during the NBA All-Star
Weekend in Atlanta," a spokeswoman for Simmons and the non-profit
hip-hop group he helped found, said.

"The boycott is being called in response to Pepsi dropping
Ludacris as spokesman and subsequently picking up the Osbournes,
who are no less vulgar," she added.

Simmons is credited with bringing black, hip-hop culture into
the American mainstream over the past 20 years, He is also the
founder of Def Jam Records, a unit of Vivendi Universal .

A spokesman for PepsiCo Inc said the Ludacris controversy was
an unfortunate experience.


"It was our mistake, we learned a lot from it and we've moved
on," the spokesman said.

"We respect Russell's interest in bringing hip-hop talent to a
larger audience and we have worked together to do just that," he

The controversy regarding the Ludacris spot dates back to a few
months ago when conservative commentator Bill O'Reilly pointed
out that the rapper was foul-mouthed, accused Pepsi of being
"immoral" and urged a boycott.

Pepsi caved in to the pressure, yanking its 30-second television
spot, stating it had received several consumer complaints about
Ludacris' sexually explicit, profanity-laden song lyrics.

The spot itself, called "Party," was created and produced by
UniWorld, and featured a party in full swing in a barn, with
Ludacris onstage, rapping. Observers have said that no obscene
lyrics during the commercial.

O'Reilly, however, reportedly got a hold of Ludacris' lyrics from
his song catalog, which were laced with vulgarities.

Pepsi has a history of yanking controversial spots, such as one in
1989 with Madonna (news - web sites) featuring her "Like a Prayer,"
song which debuted at the same time as her video, featuring burning
crosses that sparked consumer protests.

Simmons' move is strategically timed, announcing the boycott of
Pepsi in rival Coca Cola Co's home town of Atlanta during a
star-studded and high-profile weekend featuring professional
basketball's All-Star game when fashion, parties and entertainment
will get almost as much attention as the players themselves.

Ozzy & Nascar? (2/5/2003)

If the deal goes through, they will not only make an Ozzy car
but it will race in a live NASCAR Winston Cup event. Details
to follow!

New "Mama I'm Coming Home" Single (2/5/2003)

A remastered version of Ozzy's "Mama, I¹m Coming Home" is out on a CD
single now in Europe via Epic. The single includes "Mama, I¹m
Coming Home" (remastered version), "Mama, I'm Coming Home" (live
version), and "Crazy Train" (live version)...

Osbournes Pepsi Commercial (1/26/2003)

If you missed it during the superbowl, check out
They also have behind the scenes footage of the filming.

(Thanks Almir!)

First Season Of The Osbournes Coming On DVD (1/16/2003)

The Osbournes - The First Season (Uncensored) will be released on March 4, 2003
on DVD. It will include the following:

All 10 episodes of the first season with commentary.

Never before seen, un-aired footage from six episodes.

Four Never-Before-Seen episodes.

Commentary track.

"Too Oz for TV" - Blooper Reel.

Ozzy's Ten Commandments.

Diary of an Osbourne--Random Acts of Ozzy.

Never-Before-Seen interviews with cast.

Ozzy translator - decode the Prince of Darkness.

Conversations with the Osbournes: Life On The Road, Family Values, First -

Season Stories, The Untold Story of Michael the Security Guard

Set Top Materials: Name that dookie, Edit a scene, Osbournes Bingo Game - use
supplied cards or download new cards off the internet to play bingo

DVD-ROM: Food Nuisance, Guide to "The Osbournes," Website links

Click here to pre-order it!