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Ozzy Talks About The Making Of "Prince..." (3/21/2005)

OZZY OSBOURNE recently spoke to Metal Edge magazine about his upcoming four-disc
box set, "Prince of Darkness". An excerpt from the interview follows:

Metal Edge: The box set is obviously a career retrospective, but how long has the
cover album been in the making?

Ozzy Osbourne: "Over the years, I've always wanted to do an album of other
people's stuff, like some [John] Lennon. I've always wanted to do 'Whiter Shade
of Pale', but I didn't do it, because everybody who does a cover album, the first
track is always 'Whiter Shade of Pale'. I've had a long list, and Sharon comes up
to me on the Ozzfest last year and tells me that Sony's putting together a box
set of rarities and live recordings - stuff with Dweezil Zappa, the BEE GEES, WAS NOT
WAS, 'Born to be Wild' with Miss Piggy, stuff like that - and she says, 'Why don't you
do an album of cover songs?' I didn't know what it was going to sound like, but it's
something different instead of another version of 'I Don't Know' done underwater in
fuckin' Paris in '78! I must be the only artist with six or seven solo records, and
eighty fuckin' spin-offs of the best of, in different running orders, in Chinese,

Metal Edge: "The Ozzman Cometh" and he cometh again and again and again...

Ozzy Osbourne: "And when is he going to stop comething? [Laughs] We promise you
this is the last cometh! It hasn't been me, though. So I built a studio in the
back of the house and I said to Sharon, 'Let me just have a go at doing the covers.
If it turns into a pile of shit, nothing ventured, nothing gained.' A friend of
mine, Mark Hudson, who I've known for many years and wrote some of 'Ozzmosis' with,
produced it. We originally did like eight or ten songs, and they said, 'Fuckin' A,
this is great, keep on going!' So we're going to do an album on the box set, then
another album called 'Ozzy Undercover' or something. So there's 14 or 15 for that
album, and eight or 10 for the box set. I've got to confess, it's come out a lot
better than I ever expected it to. It's got balls. It's got meat."

Metal Edge: Who played on them with you?

Ozzy Osbourne: "Mark Hudson, Leslie West did 'Mississippi Queen', Jerry Cantrell,
Ian Hunter did 'All the Young Dudes', and a bunch of musicians and arrangers. I was
doing it on the road. We had portable ProTools and a 32-track. This album has
been all over the world! I was doing it down in Florida, on tour, where they were
nailing up the fucking hotel because of Hurricane Charlie, and I'm singing with a
big gold bowl of Red Bulls to keep me going. It was one of those albums that
started, and it just got better as we went along. If it was up to me, I'd have
kept going. I wasn't going to sing 'Good Times' by THE ANIMALS - [singing] 'I
remember all the good times' - but Sharon thought it kind of summed up my life, so
I did it for her. I did JEFF BECK's 'Hi Ho Silver Lining'. I thought, if it's good
enough for JEFF BECK, it's good enough for me,' but once I started doing it, I
thought, 'Who the fuck wrote these lyrics?' [Laughing] 'Flies are in your pea soup,
baby, and they're looking at me.' That's really an earth-shattering lyric! I mean,
when I started out, we used to talk to each other and go, 'Hey man, how you doing?'
Then we went from 'man' to 'dude,' and I thought, 'Who the fuck thought of 'dude'?'
And I thought it must have been DAVID BOWIE in 'All the Young Dudes', and I recorded
that... But then when I recorded 'Mississippi Queen', there was a line that went,
'While the rest of those dudes...' And I'm going, 'I must have really been fucking
stoned, because I'd never heard 'dude' before!' [Laughing] And I did 'Fire' by ARTHUR
BROWN, 'Working Class Hero' on an acoustic guitar without a big production, just a
few 'oohs' and 'aahs' in the background. I did 'Rocky Mountain Way' by JOE WALSH,
which is fabulous, and 'Woman' by JOHN LENNON, which is fucking beautiful... it's so
much fun, because the songs have already been established, and I just fuck with them
and rearrange them. I've heard cover albums before where they fuck with the songs to
the point where the only thing that sounds like 'Jingle Bells' is the fucking title!
It wasn't like that, but they're still me. It was some of the easiest work I ever did.
So that was that..."

Source: Blabbermouth

Ozzy To Guest On Dr. Phil Next Monday (3/18/2005)

Dr. PHIL McGRAW and OZZY OSBOURNE may seem like strange bedfellows, but on Monday,
TV's top doc knocks on the stained oak doors of the Prince of Darkness' manse for
a most unusual house call. Fans of Dr. Phil's can catch the hourlong session on
his daily syndicated show, while fans of MTV's "The Osbournes" can check out all
the action on the season finale of the reality series that very same evening at 10 p.m.

Joining Ozzy will be wife SHARON, daughter KELLY and son JACK, when the life
strategist takes a look at where the family has been and where they are going
now that Ozzy is out of rehab and living his life clean and sober.

"I can't ask for anything else. He is sober. He is back," a tearful Kelly tells
Dr. Phil. Adding, "I can't remember a time when I was a kid that we would go
anywhere as a family, or I went to a movie with my dad, or he would fall asleep
in my school meetings. I thought that was the way all dads were."

The metal madman listens to what his family says, and then admits, "I can't
change what I've done. I recognize I've had a problem and today I'm dealing with it."

But Ozzy isn't the only one who takes himself to task. When Sharon tells the
talk-show host that she won't win any mother-of-the-year award, the response is

"It offends me when you say that," Jack admits. "I get pissed off she is
talking @#$% about herself."

And Kelly agrees with her brother. "You need to stop doing that," she tells
her mom. "When you sell yourself out, you sell us out, too."

Since "The Osbournes" premiered on MTV, they have become America's favorite
dysfunctional family, and even though Ozzy is sober now, most likely that
won't change -- but he will.

But Dr. Phil cautions the family, "It is critical to his rehabilitation and
staying sober to know how important he is to you all."

Source: Ozzyhead

Ozzy Was Surprised By Another "Best Of" Compilation (3/18/2005)

ROCK wildman Ozzy Osbourne has revealed he's astounded by the way his manager-wife
Sharon and record label Sony keep repackaging his old music.

Especially since he's only made eight original records since quitting Black Sabbath
in 1979.

The singer-turned-MTV star told Kerrang! magazine: "When Sharon first mentioned
that Sony were putting out a box set I thought 'what of?'

"I must be in the Guinness Book Of Records for having the most f**king compilation
albums from only eight records."

"There's The Ozzman Cometh, The Ozzman Goeth, The Ozzman Dieth and The Ozzman
Cometh Backwards."

Source: The Sun

The "Prince Of Darkness" Review (3/16/2005)

I was very happy to come home today to see a beautiful package sitting on my front door
step. Inside it was my advance promo copy of Ozzy's new box set: Prince Of Darkness.
Here's my review (hope you've got a few minutes... this is gonna be a long one!):

I'll start out by reviewing the songs. I won't make any attempt to review the songs
which everyone has already heard before...but I will critique the ones which most
people will be hearing for the first time.

Disc 1

Track 1 - I Don't Know (Live): Taken From "Tribute".

Track 2 - Mr. Crowely: Taken from "Blizzard Of Ozz".

Track 3 - Crazy Train: Taken from "Blizzard Of Ozz".

Track 4 - Goodbye To Romance (Live): Taken From "Tribute".

Track 5 - Suicide Solution (Live): Taken From "Tribute".

Track 6 - Over The Mountain: Taken from "Diary Of A Madman".

Track 7 - Flying High Again (Live): From "Tribute".

Track 8 - You Can't Kill Rock And Roll: Taken from "Diary Of A Madman".

Track 9 - Diary Of A Madman: Taken from "Diary Of A Madman".

Track 10 - Bark At The Moon (Live): Originally released as a B-side to the UK "So Tired" single.

Track 11 - Spiders: Taken from the European version of "Bark At The Moon".

Track 12 - Rock 'N' Roll Rebel: Taken from "Bark At The Moon".

Track 13 - You're No Different: Taken from "Bark At The Moon".

Disc 2

Track 1 - Ultimate Sin (Live): Taken from the "Ultimate Ozzy" video released in 1986, recorded in Kansas.

Track 2 - Never Know Why (Live): Taken from the "Ultimate Ozzy" video released in 1986, recorded in Kansas.

Track 3 - Thank God For The Bomb (Live): Taken from the "Ultimate Ozzy" video released in 1986, recorded in Kansas.

Track 4 - Crazy Babies: Taken from "No Rest For The Wicked".

Track 5 - Breakin' All The Rules: Taken from "No Rest For The Wicked".

Track 6 - I Don't Want To Change The World (Demo): Pretty close to the version released on "No More Tears"... the untrained ear may not even notice the difference! This was originally released in 1992 on the very rare "No More Tears Demo Sessions" album.

Track 7 - Mama, I'm Coming Home (Demo): Ozzy voice is raw and untouched by studio hands in this demo version. This was originally released in 1992 on the very rare "No More Tears Demo Sessions" album.

Track 8 - Desire (Demo): Not very different from the version released on "No More Tears". This was originally released in 1992 on the very rare "No More Tears Demo Sessions" album.

Track 9 - No More Tears: Taken from "No More Tears".

Track 10 - Won't Be Coming Home (Demo): This is the original version of "S.I.N" off of the "No More Tears" album. The chorus features different lyrics. Ozzy says "I must have been stoned because I don't remember recording this one." This was originally released in 1992 on the very rare "No More Tears Demo Sessions" album.

Track 11 - Perry Mason (Live): Taken from an Ozzfest sampler cd.

Track 12 - See you On The Other Side (Demo): Hark, do I hear horns? Can it be? An Ozzy song with horns? Is that Kenny G in the background? Very cool man! Ozzy's voice sounds like he's on a wobbly merry-go-round. This is a very cool mix. Ozzy says he "much prefers this verison".

Track 13 - Walk On Water (Demo): This was the first song listened to upon receiving this box set. I've been waiting to hear this version since I first heard the 20 second sample of it in the Beavis and Butthead Do America movie. What they released on the soundtrack was a far cry from what they played in the movie. I must say, I think I like the original version better, although I can now understand the lyrics a little bit better.

Track 14 - Gets Me Through (Live): Taken from "Live At The Budokan"

Track 15 - Bang Bang (You're Dead): Holy crap! If you're on the fence about buying this box set... please listen to me.... GET IT JUST FOR THIS SONG ALONE! "Facing Hell" is one of the heaviest songs Ozzy has ever made in his solo career. This is the original song which should have appeared on "Down To Earth" but the record company "freaked" according to Ozzy. Totally different lyrics.... All I have to say is WOW! AWESOME!

Track 16 - Dreamer: Ozzy's version of John Lennon's "Imagine". A wonderful song in my opinion, but if it were up to me, I would have left this tune off and left room for more demos!

Disc 3

Track 1 - Iron Man: Ozzy with Therapy? Originally appeared on the Nativity In Black tribute album (why would Ozzy appear on his own tribute album?). It's an "OK" tune. To tell you the truth... I'm not a big fan of any "Iron Man" anymore.

Track 2 - N.I.B.: Ozzy and Primus did this cover for the Nativity In Black II tribute album... again... why Ozzy appear on his tribute album is beyond me... (but that's just me), check out the bass licks on this bad boy!

Track 3 - Purple Haze: This has always been one of my favorite rarities. In my opinion, Ozzy does a better job on this track then Hendrix could ever do!

Track 4 - Pictures Of Matchstick Men: Ozzy recorded this cover song with Type O Negative for Howard Stern's Private Parts Movie soundtrack. Awesome Tune.

Track 5 - Shake Your Head (Let's Go To Bed): There are actually 3 versions of this song out there. The version which appears here is the first original one from 1982. This song was recorded with "Was Not Was" and actually features Madonna as a back up singer! The track was later remixed in the early 90's with Kim Basinger.

Track 6 - Born To Be Wild: Ozzy originally hated the idea of doing this song, but finally agreed because his kids thought it was "cool". I crack up every time I hear this song. Maybe I have a dirty mind, but the noises Miss Piggy makes, you would think she's having sex with Ozzy! Check it out!

Track 7 - Nowhere To Run (Vapor Trail): This song was made for the South Park cartoon soundtrack. Unfortunatley, they put the edited version on the box set. No curse words!

Track 8 - Psycho Man: Black Sabbath. Enough said. Awesome song recorded for the "Reunion" album.

Track 9 - For Heaven's Sake 2000: Ozzy says "I'm not even sure I know who the fuck Wu Tang 3 Clan are, however, Tony Iommi and I were asked to join them on this song. It's actually one of two tracks I collaborated with the late great Ol Dirty Bastard... God Bless Him!" Unfortunatley they put the edited version of this song on the box set as well. Go figure!

Track 10 - I Ain't No Nice Guy: Ozzy's duet with Lemmy from Motorhead. This is a nice slow tune... I've never been a real fan of Lemmy. In fact, every time I see a picture of the guy, I have to cringe a little bit. He kind of looks like he has a cocoa puff glued to his cheek. It's still a great tune worth checking out. There was a video made for this song, which Ozzy appeared in. Check it out if you can find it.

Track 11 - Therapy: This track features Ozzy with Infectious Grooves. This was a band in the early 90's which was kind of a side project for the boys in Suicidal Tendincies. Ozzy was also featured in a video for this song. If you've ever seen the video, you'll notice that Ozzy is sitting through the entire song, this was because of an injury he got from a crazed who jumped up on stage and "bear hugged" him from behind.

Track 12 - Stayin' Alive: I was very happy to hear a brand new remix of this song. I think I like this new remix better then the original! Turn it up loud and get out your disco ball! I was lucky enough to get the original verison of this tune from a friend of Dweezil Zappa's drummer. He told me he stole it from him when he wasn't looking... I traded it with a few people, and suddenly everyone in the underground world had it! You people out there who have the orginal will be very refreshed to hear this brand new version remixed by Dweezil.

Track 13 - Dog, The Bounty Hunter (Theme Song): This is a longer version (by 20 seconds) then what was released on the internet last year. Still short, but very sweet. Ozzy says he met "Dog" while vacationing in Hawaii last year, where he asked him to write a theme song for his TV show.

Disc 4

Track 1 - 21st Century Schizoid Man: I've never heard the original before, nor have I ever heard a song by King Crimson. Great tune though!

Track 2 - Mississippi Queen: Most of you Ozzy fans out there have already heard this tune on the radio. I didn't like it too much at first, but it's growing on me. West does some killer guitar work in this tune, and it's worth checkin' out if you haven't already!

Track 3 - All The Young Dudes: A good track. It was originally written by David Bowie. In the book, Ozzy says "After we recorded the track, it was apparent that I needed to get former "Mott The Hopple" singer, Ian Hunter, to sing on the choruses". I'm going to have to disagree with ya there Ozzy. I think this track would have been even better with :::YOU::: screaming in the background.

Track 4 - In My Life: This Beatles cover gives me chills. It's absolutley raw Ozzy. I've always been a huge Beatles fan (just like Ozzy is!) This track is excellent. Note to Ozzy: Please do an entire album of Beatles covers!

Track 5 - Fire: Wow! This song rocks! Originally written by Arthur Brown... I have never heard of him, nor I have I ever heard the original version... but now I am inclined to go find it. I had to put this one on repeat a few times...

Track 6 - For What It's Worth: I've never heard the original song, but I used to have a bootleg of Led Zeppelin covering this tune... and I always liked it. Ozzy does a fine job, although this is probably my least favorite song on disc 4.

Track 7 - Sympathy For The Devil: This has to be my favorite cover on disc 4. It's loud and heavy, and you can just tell Ozzy had a great time belting this one out. I love it! Woooooo! Ha Ha Ha!

Track 8 - Working Class Hero: I've never heard John Lennon's version of this tune. It's a very dreary song. Just a simple accoustic guitar riff, with no drums or bass. Not my favorite song on this disc, but descent none-the-less. Ozzy says it's the first song he's ever heard the F-bomb in.

Track 9 - Good Times: What a fun song this is. Fits Ozzy perfectly. I've never heard the original, so I have nothing to compare it to... but I always said Ozzy could sing "Jingle Bells" and it would sound awesome.

Track 10 - Changes (With Kelly Osbourne): I was kind of confused as to why they stuck this song on this cd. Yes, it's a cover, but it's not new. Wondering when and where "Hi Ho Silver Lining" (JEFF BECK GROUP) will be released.


The package comes wrapped in cellophane (of course). The cd case is seperate from the
enclosed booklet (as opposed to being glued in, as was the case in the Japan "Bible Of
Ozz"). There is a J card which lists the track listings for each disc and is visible
through the back of the cellophane. The box (which is really more of a book) opens up
to reveal 4 cd's and a 59 page book of pictures, lyrics, and Ozzy's personal thoughts
on each of the songs. You also get a coupon good for one free ticket to Ozzfest 2005
with the purchase of any Ozzfest 2005 ticket. The offer is only good on general
admission seats.

I was a little disappointed with the lyrics in the book as they don't list them for
every song. I never understand why they do that... but that's what my website is for
I guess! Click here if you need them! I also noticed that the lyrics for
"Won't Be Comin' Home" were incorrect. It seems they copied the lyrics from "No More
Tears" but didn't realize that the demo has completly different lyrics.

I was also a little disappointed with the pictures inside as there are absolutley none
that I have not already seen before. Of course, that's me now... don't get discouraged!
The average Ozzy fan will absolutley love how the book is laid out, and will probably
find tons of new pics (I think I've seen them all at this point). Ozzy gives personal
insight on every single song, and most are very funny.

So what's wrong with the box set in my eyes? Not much! I would have liked a better
"box" to house all of this stuff. If you have the Black Sabbath "Black Box" you know
what I mean. You can put your J-Card in there, your book, and nothing will get ruined.
There is nothing to stop everthing from falling out of this "box". I also would have
liked to see more demos, and unreleased stuff on here, but hey, beggars can't be choosers
right? There's alot of new music on here and you should all be happy! The price is
awesome too! It's worth every penny.

Side Notes

The discs are not entitled like they originally were going to be. The
only one that has a title is the 4th one known as "Under Covers" and it's only listed
that way in the book, not on the cd itself. Disc 3 was to be entitled "Oddities and
Duets", but that is not listed anywhere. There is just a simple "1", "2", "3" and "4" on
each cd.

There are no hidden files on any of the cd's. (Video, Screensavers, etc...)

Ozzy thanks his "beautiful grandchildren: Isabelle and Harry" at the end of the book.
This was news to me... I knew Ozzy had one grandchild, but not two!

Wrap Up

All in all, I have no true disapointments with "Prince Of Darkness...", do yourself
a favor and go buy this box set right now from!

(Special Thanks To Tim At Sony Music!)


Ozzy To Guest On The Opie And Anthony Show (3/16/2005)

Ozzy is scheduled to be on the Opie and Anthony XM radio show on Monday, March 21st.


New Solo Album In Works, Sabbath Album Pushed Back (3/16/2005)

Ozzy Osbourne has re-signed with Epic Records and is working on material for his next studio
release. "Ozzy's writing now, and there'll be something out at the beginning of next year,"
his wife/manager Sharon tells As previously reported, the label will on
Tuesday (March 22) release the four-disc Osbourne boxed set, "Prince of Darkness."

One item not likely to see the light of day, however, is a new Black Sabbath studio disc,
which would be the band's first with Osbourne since 1978's "Never Say Die!"

"I could go in the studio and write a bunch of stuff, but why do an album just for the sake
of [drummer] Bill [Ward], [guitarist] Tony [Iommi], me and bassist [Geezer] Butler together
playing if it's not up to the Black Sabbath standard that I left?," Ozzy tells

"It would f*ck it up, you know? It's so sad when you hear these monumental bands do these
piece of sh*t records just because they want the money."

That said, Osbourne still revels in playing live with Black Sabbath, which will anchor
this summer's 10th anniversary edition of the Ozzfest tour. "There is no one on the face of
the earth that can play these songs," he says. "The fortunate thing about me is I have two
vibes; I can do the Ozzy thing and the Sabbath thing. The Sabbath thing, when we were kids,
we didn't say 'We'll, write this song called 'War Pigs' and in f*cking 25 years we'll be
icons. We had no idea. We didn't have any musical education."

"The beauty of those days was, we would end the song when we wanted to f*cking stop playing,"
he continues. "I can honestly say that [with] Black Sabbath, nobody ever told us what to play or
how to play. It was our gig."

So how much longer will Ozzy keep mounting major tours? "I don't know," he admits. "I retired
about 15 years ago and that lasted a f*cking year. What I learned from that retirement thing
was you have to retire to something else. If you sit on your arse watching TV, you're gonna
drop dead."

Plus, traditional retirement activities don't appeal to Ozzy. "I fish with f*cking dynamite
and I f*cking hate golf," he says.

In related news, Butler will on May 10 release a new album from his band Geezer, "Ohmwork,"
via Sanctuary. The group, which also features vocalist Clark Brown, guitarist Pedro Howse
and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, plans to tour in the fall.


Ozzfest 2005 Official Press Release (3/16/2005)

Ozzfest - the king of festivals - triumphantly returns this summer to
celebrate its hard-earned 10th anniversary with the staggering line-up
and BLACK LABEL SOCIETY. The summer's premier concert festival - which has
propelled many of today's rock bands to superstardom while paying close
attention to its discerning fans - will roll out July 15 in Boston and visit
26 cities by the time it reaches West Palm Beach on September 4. The Hot
Topic Second Stage will be headlined by ZOMBIE and feature a preview of
rock's rising stars, including AS I LAY DYING, MASTODON, THE HAUNTED, IN

"I'm most proud of the success of Ozzfest," says founder Sharon Osbourne.
"Everyone said it would never happen and 10 years later we are still in
business." In fact, 125 bands, 238 shows and over 4 million fans later,
the all-day extravaganza of music and deranged merriment is roaring louder
than ever. History in the making, 2005 marks the first time metal legends
BLACK SABBATH and IRON MAIDEN have toured together and also represents
IRON MAIDEN's first Ozzfest appearance.

IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson said, "This summer's MAIDEN touring
is based on the recent 'Early Days' DVD and all the songs we do at
Ozzfest will be from our first four albums - 'Iron Maiden', 'Killers',
'Number of the Beast' and 'Piece of Mind'. We will be bringing over our
full European show, naturally including as special guest Eddie in various
appropriate guises!! The stage sets, production and backdrops will
recreate aspects of the shows on the tours around those albums - only
bigger... much bigger!!! We don't know if anyone has done anything like
this before but we think it's something the fans will really appreciate
both in the choice of songs and in the production values."

Also debuting on the tour will be Texas-based band A DOZEN FURIES who
landed their coveted Hot Topic Second Stage slot after winning Ozzy and
Sharon's MTV "Battle For Ozzfest" reality series competition. Debuting
last fall and lasting right up until the February launch of the fourth
and final season of the Emmy-award winning "The Osbournes", "Battle For
Ozzfest" is the ultimate battle of the bands, with contestants having
survived 2004's grueling Ozzfest challenges.

This year, a limited number of fans who purchase OZZY OSBOURNE's
first-ever 51-song, four-CD retrospective box set "Prince Of Darkness" (out
March 22 of Epic Records) will be able to obtain one free Ozzfest ticket.
The initial pressing of the box set will feature a precedent-setting
promotion allowing fans to buy one Ozzfest general admission ticket and
get one free.

Ozzfest, originally launched in 1996 as a limited two-city trek, has
become a virtual breeding ground for up-and-coming bands. The renowned
second stage has been instrumental in catapulting the careers of SYSTEM
GODSMACK and CHEVELLE. "Playing Ozzfest - twice - will always be among
the highlights of our career," notes drummer Samuel Loeffler of CHEVELLE,
who most recently appeared in the festival's 2003 line-up. "Personally
speaking, I was honored and somewhat nervous about sharing the stage with
Ozzy, but finally felt comfortable after both he and Sharon patted me on
the ass."

The heavy metal juggernaut has earned a hallowed position in the busiest
tour season with a relentless commitment to its core fans and the consistency
of quality they demand as their birthright. Just as the festival is committed
to presenting the best music, it also provides an interactive,
multi-sensory experience for concert-goers with a wide-range of attractions.
The traveling show's notorious "Village Of The Damned" - alive with tattoo
artists, piercing booths, state-of-the-art video games, a wide range of
vendors and much more - promises to be wickedly tempting.

JUDAS PRIEST - one of the biggest attractions on last year's tour - declared:
"We were thrilled to be part of such a unique moment in heavy metal history
that will be remembered forever!" Jonathan Davis - lead singer for KORN,
who pounded the main stage in 2003 - added, 'Ozzy and Ozzfest are some of
the cornerstones of metal. I loved playing in front of the Ozzfest crowd,
the fans at those shows were f$*#ing amazing."

In addition to drawing vital hard rock acts, Ozzfest has always attracted a
variety of select sponsors devoted to the tour's core fan base. Hot Topic -
returning to host the second stage - will be the festival's official soft
line teen retailer. Throughout the day, Tama drums and Ibanez guitars will
proudly showcase their arsenal in the Village. F.Y.E. (For Your Entertainment)
is on board for the fifth consecutive year as the official music retailer
and will host the FYE autograph tent giving fans the opportunity to meet
some of their favorite Ozzfest artists. Trojan brand condoms will also have
presence in the Village as the official latex condom of Ozzfest. Jagermeister
will once again bring the backyard BBQ party back to Ozzfest and prove their
commitment to metal music with artist autograph signings and tons of free
swag for attendees 21 and over.

Here are the Ozzfest tour dates:

Jul. 15 - Boston, MA - Tweeter Center
Jul. 17 - Hartford, CT - Meadows
Jul. 19 - Camden, NJ - Tweeter Waterfront
Jul. 21 - Buffalo, NY - Darien Lakes
Jul. 23 - Pittsburgh, PA - Post Gazette
Jul. 24 - Washington, DC - Nissan
Jul. 26 - New York, NY - PNC
Jul. 30 - Chicago, IL - Tweeter Center
Jul. 31 - Indianapolis, IN - Verizon Wireless Music Center
Aug. 02 - Columbus, OH - Germain Amphitheatre
Aug. 04 - Detroit, MI - DTE Energy Music Theatre
Aug. 06 - East Troy, WI - Alpine Valley
Aug. 07 - Minneapolis, MN - Floatrite Park
Aug. 11 - Seattle, WA - White River
Aug. 13 - San Francisco, CA - Shoreline Amphitheatre
Aug. 14 - Sacramento, CA - Sleep Train
Aug. 16 - Salt Lake City, UT - USANA Pavilion
Aug. 18 - Phoenix, AZ - Cricket
Aug. 20 - Los Angeles, CA - Hyundai Pavilion at Glen Helen
Aug. 23 - Albuquerque, NM - Journal Pavilion
Aug. 25 - Dallas, TX - Smirnoff
Aug. 27 - Houston, TX - Cynthia J. Woods Pavilion
Aug. 28 - San Antonio, TX - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Aug. 31 - Nashville, TN - Starwood Amphitheatre
Sep. 02 - Charlotte, NC - Verizon
Sep. 04 - West Palm Beach - Sound Advice

Source: Re-launches, "Prince Of..." Samples Available (3/15/2005) has a brand new look and feel. Stop by and check it out, they have a
"Prince Of Darkness" sampler there where you can check out clips of "Mama I'm
Coming Home" (Demo), "In My Life", "Mississippi Queen", and "Stayin' Alive" among
other songs.

On a side note... "Stayin' Alive" appears to be a different mix then the one
available in bootleg trading circles. I have not yet received my advance copy...
although I am told it was mailed early last week. My full review will be posted
once I get it. (Hopefully it shows up today!)

Initial pressings of "Prince..." will include a buy-one-get-one-free coupon for
this summer's Ozzfest, valued at $40. To redeem, customers go to the web
site and punch in the code on the coupon.


More Details On Ozzy Appearances (3/14/2005)

March 21 - Howard Stern Radio Show (airs 6:00am to 10:30am, Ozzy usually shows up
around 8:00am.)

March 21 - CNN's Showbiz Tonight (airs 7:00pm)

March 21 - Rockline Radio Show

March 22 - Conan O'Brien (airs on NBC, at 12:35am)

March 22 - Tower Records In-store Appearance in The Village at 7PM. The first 350 people
to purchase Ozzy's new box set will receive a wristband that provides admission to this
special event. 1 pass per person. All Photographs will be taken by on-site professionals.
(If you're serious about meeting Ozzy, I would get there no later than 6:00am!)

March 23 - Daily Show with Jon Stewart (airs on Comedy Central, 11:00pm)

March 30 - Last Call With Carson Daly (airs on NBC, at 1:35am)


Ozzy Admits Plastic Surgery (3/9/2005)

Wild rocker Ozzy Osbourne has confessed to having cosmetic surgery on his face. The former
Black Sabbath frontman admitted to a nose job and a facelift after being inspired by the
positive results for his wife Sharon – who has always been open about her surgical

"It boosted my confidence no end. I've had a face job and a new nose," Ozzy told celebrity
magazine Reveal.

Speculation had arisen about the smooth look of 56-year-old Ozzy's face over the past
few months, but he previously put it down to giving up drink and drugs.

Sharon recently said she had spent a staggering £120,000 on surgery procedures, including
liposuction, a tummy tuck and a brow lift. Ozzy said he wants to spend the rest of his life
with wife Sharon. Despite splits in 1989 and 2003 - after Sharon's colon cancer scare - he
said: “We're in it for the long haul. “I thought she was going to die. But she's not allowed
to die before me. I couldn't live without her."

“I'd love Sharon if she was the size of ten houses or three twigs. I love her, the soul,
the person.”


Meet Ozzy Osbourne At Tower Records In NYC (3/8/2005)

Ozzy will be stopping by Tower Records in NYC on Tuesday, March 22nd for
a meet and greet with fans. He will not be signing any items, but you will get a picture
with the madman!

I'm sure there will be other "meet and greet" opportunities around the U.S., as of
right now, I don't have any further details. Stay tuned!



I'm giving away 5 copies of Ozzy's brand new box set "PRINCE OF DARKNESS"! Just send
me an e-mail and tell me you want it! Names will be drawn at random on March 28th, 2005.
This contest is open to U.S. residence only!

Only entries e-mailed to will be accepted. Please include
your name and mailing address. One entry per person. Multiple entries will be deleted.

Three runner-ups will receive an Ozzfest 2004 Sampler CD, and 1 runner-up will
receive an Ozzfest 2003 Sampler CD.

This contest is brought to you by OZZYHEAD.COM and SONY MUSIC.


Rolling Stone Review Of "Prince Of Darkness" (3/7/2005)

3 1/2 Stars - A four-CD set of wickedly entertaining madness from TV's top heavy-metal
dad to the Ozzy Osbourne fan who has to have it all: The ultimate lunacy is on Disc
Three -- the prince of fucking darkness and the ego queen of puppets, Miss Piggy,
making a ham sandwich of Steppenwolf's "Born to Be Wild." To be fair, Osbourne is a
model of metal decorum, yelping with as much conviction as the occasion will bear,
while Miss Piggy's ecstatic squeals imply she's riding something other than a Harley.

Indeed, there may be no better measure of Osbourne's miracle ride since he was sacked
from Black Sabbath in 1979 than the extreme zigzags between hellfire classicism and
hilarious anomaly (singing for Was Not Was, swapping verse with Ol' Dirty Bastard)
in this delightfully motley four-CD anthology. Prince of Darkness is also the story
of Osbourne's long trip out of gloom after his first guitarist, Randy Rhoads, died
in 1982. A sharp songwriter and champion soloist, Rhoads is the real star of the
first half of Disc One (the barking-dog riff in "Crazy Train," his long, manic break
in the live "Suicide Solution"); the rest of the box recounts Osbourne's search for
a strong, steady alter ego in the parade of shredders (Jake E. Lee, Zakk Wylde) and
co-writers (Motorhead's Lemmy, Foreigner's Mick Jones) that follows.

Osbourne also throws his prog-rock, heavy-blues and psychedelic roots around in nine
newly cut covers, at least three of which belong on your next metal-party mix CD: King
Crimson's "21st Century Schizoid Man," Mountain's "Mississippi Queen" and "Fire," by
the Crazy World of Arthur Brown. But the greatest shock is the authentic force that
Osbourne, who was born into poverty and never finished school, brings to his
whispered-goth reading of John Lennon's "Working Class Hero." "If you want to be a
hero," Osbourne sings in a searing whine uncannily like Lennon's, "well, just follow
me." You could do worse.

(Note: I'll be getting my box set promo copy any day now... expect a full review from
me very soon!)


Q & MOJO Magazine Want Your Top Ten Favorites (3/7/2005)

Q & MOJO, the monthly UK music magazines, are conducting a poll to discover the fans
favorite Ozzy and Sabbath songs. All you need to do is list your 10 favorite tracks
(either Ozzy-era Black Sabbath or solo Ozzy) and e-mail them to us at

One entry chosen at random will win a bag of Ozzy-related merchandise. The results
will be published in a 150 page Ozzy Osbourne & Black Sabbath Q & Mojo special
edition which will go on sale from April 14th.

Source: Q and MOJO

Ozzy Schedules More Appearances (3/7/2005)

March 11th - "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno (w/ Sharon)
March 21st - Howard Stern Radio Show
March 21st - CNN's Showbiz Today
March 21st - "Rockline" Radio Show
March 22nd - Conan O'Brien
March 23rd - Daily Show with Jon Stewart


Download "Mississippi Queen" (In It's Entirety!) (3/3/2005)

Download Ozzy's brand new cover of "Mississippi Queen" from Itunes or Napster.


Ozzy To Guest On Rockline - 3/21/05 (3/3/2005)

Ozzy Osbourne will guest on the nationally syndicated radio show "Rockline" on
Monday, March 21 at 8:30 p.m. PT / 11:30 p.m. ET. To speak with Ozzy that night
you can call the program at 1-800-344-ROCK. To find a station near you, visit A replay of the show will air on Wednesday, March 30.


Ozzy And Sharon Scheduled For Jay Leno (3/2/2005)

Ozzy and Sharon will guest on Jay Leno's "Tonight Show" on Friday, March 11th.


Ozzfest Press Conference Is Not Official Yet - Despite Reports (3/2/2005)

A recent report over on Blabbermouth stated that "An Ozzfest representative has told
BLABBERMOUTH.NET that the lineup and schedule for this year's travelling festival will
be announced at a press conference "mid-March."

I was contacted today by my source at Divine Recordings and they informed me that "No
one has told them (Blabbermouth) there would be a press conference in mid March."


Ozzy Osbourne Leaving Sharon To Be With Daughter Kelly (3/2/2005)

Ozzy was caught in public yesterday feeling up his daughter. Ozzy said, "I am
leaving Sharon, to be with my daughter Kelly."

No.... just joking. I couldn't resist. It seemed everyone was trying to keep
abreast of things when American celebrities Carmen Electra, Anna-Nicole Smith
and the infamous Osbourne family fronted media to promote MTV's first Australian
music awards.

Former Playboy playmate Smith was happy to divulge that she sports a 32DD bra
size these days and Ozzy Osbourne was quick to ham it up for the cameras by
giving his daughter Kelly an affectionate boob squeeze.

And ex-Baywatch babe Carmen Electra promised to get a few pulses racing when
she takes to the stage at the MTV Australia Video Music Awards (AVMA's) at
Sydney's Luna Park tonight.

"I brought my whip. I brought my guard belt and my corset so I am ready to go,"
Electra, who is married to musician David Navarro, is in Australia to promote
her Fit To Strip DVD series.

"I thought (the awards) would be a perfect opportunity to give a sexy
performance and ... get up on stage and dance because that is my true passion."

Smith, who was last year escorted off the stage while presenting at the
American Music Awards, will present at the AVMA's and offered to follow Electra's

The inaugural AVMA's are aimed at acknowledging the best in Australian and
international music in a variety of viewer-voted categories.

Nominated locals include Delta Goodrem, Jet, Spiderbait, Grinspoon, Pete Murray,
Guy Sebastian, JWess, Kylie Minogue and Powderfinger.

Winners in each category will be determined by viewer interaction via SMS, email,
fax and phone.

The Osbourne family - Ozzy, Sharon and kids Kelly and Jack - will host the awards
with Sharon saying she was a keen fan of Australian music.

"(Sydney band Thirsty Merc) are my new favourite band," she said.

"I shall have to go out to watch them (perform)."

When quizzed, Smith didn't have such a grasp of the local music scene. "To be honest,
I am not Australian," Smith said to laughter from the media pack. "But I did come
here to learn."

Kelly Osbourne, who will perform at the awards, promised to be on her best

On her last trip Down Under, the singer was fined for underage drinking and used
obscenities to describe Natalie Imbruglia.

"We have seen each other since then and I have apologised for my rude comment,"
she said today.

"I don't still have to generally think she's the best person in the world but I
will behave myself."


Osbournes In Australia To Host MTV Awards (3/1/2005)

Ozzy and daughter Kelly arrived in Australlia yesterday, greeting
photographers with shy grins before being whisked away in a black limo.

Brother Jack arrived just before them, skipping a photographic
greeting by jumping into a waiting car. The Osbournes are in Australia for
the MTV Awards ceremony on Saturday.

After arriving in the Harbour City late morning, the wild children of
Black Sabbath singer Ozzy went into awards rehearsals, then did what most
showbiz offspring do: they made a General Pants store close for a little
over an hour so they could raid the shelves for jeans, sneakers and T-shirts.

Around 200 people had gathered outside the Oxford St Bondi Junction General
Pants store while media waited inside for the scheduled arrival of the
Osbourne kids, their dad Ozzy and also the wacky Anna-Nicole Smith, who are
all in town for Thursday's MTV Awards.

But things had gone awry with the news Ozzy and Smith had pulled out of the
shopping trip for unspecified reasons and Jack, who should be used to such
attention thanks to his reality TV-fuelled fame, became shy when he pulled
up outside the store just after 1pm.

He remained behind the tinted windows in his a chauffeur-driven car and
shortly afterwards drove off again, indicating that it's not just on their
popular now-concluded TV show that things go pear-shaped for the Osbournes.

He refused to leave the air-conditioned car because he had "freaked out,"
according to a General Pants spokeswoman.

Before Jack returned 30 minutes later with sister Kelly and Australian nanny
Melinda Varga in tow, disgruntled media were herded out of the store to
allow the pair to browse by themselves.

"I pulled up and I was like 'this is not right'," Jack later told Confidential.

"I just didn't think there was going to be ... cops and the riot squad out
there," he said in reference to the 15 police stationed outside the shop
in addition to at least five security guards.

Ahead of the MTV Awards, Jack is today planning to do some rock-climbing
in the Blue Mountains, while Kelly intends to do BridgeClimb, which she
missed out on during her 2002 Sydney visit.

Source: Daily Telegraph

OZZFEST 2005: Offical Press Conference To Be Held Mid-March (2/28/2005)

An Ozzfest representative has told BLABBERMOUTH.NET that the lineup and schedule for this
year's travelling festival will be announced at a press conference "mid-March."

Although there has been no official confirmation on the matter, the 10th edition of Ozzfest
is expected to be headlined by BLACK SABBATH and IRON MAIDEN. Also believed to be in the
running for the festival's main stage are BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and the classic "Among the
Living" lineup of ANTHRAX. Other rumored main-stage acts are MEGADETH and DISTURBED.

BURY YOUR DEAD are believed to be a "done deal," while unconfirmed reports have also
mentioned ROB ZOMBIE, MUDVAYNE, TAPROOT and STATIC-X as strong second-stage candidates.
Some reports have even indicated that there might be a third stage this year, presumably
so that more non-rotating slots could be accomodated while still allowing this year's
shows to start later than the previous 9:00 a.m. kick-off time.

Source: Blabbermouth

Osbournes To Fufill Dream Of Ill Child (2/28/2005)

With the help of a woman who is inspired to bring excitement into the life a of sick child,
he will soon meet Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon in California.

That was the wish that Casas expressed to his mother Tracy Houser when he decided upon a

'We were at home one day, and he said meeting the Osbornes was his greatest wish,” said
his mother.

Casas was diagnosed April 27, 2004, with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), three days
after his 12th birthday.

While he was in the hospital, his family was approached by a wish granter from the
Make-A-Wish Foundation.

After thinking about it, he made his wish known.

“He watches the Osbournes' show on television and said he wanted to go meet them,” said
his mother. “And the Osbournes agreed!”

She said that while some might not understand the youth's desire to meet the Osbournes,
she feels they are people just like others.

“The only difference is, they are rich and they let the world see what's going on in
their home, and we don't,” she said.

Through the assistance of April Jones in Paris, the Make-A-Wish Foundation was able to
arrange for Casas' dream to be realized.

Annually, Jones conducts fund-raising efforts and the proceeds are combined to grant
a wish for a child with a life-threatening illness.

Casas will be the fourth child Jones has helped.

“One time, I was moved by a child who was recovering from cancer,” she said. “I'm lucky to
have a healthy child, but I decided I wanted to do something to help children in that
situation. My thrill is watching their eyes light up. His eyes were awesome!”

Casas marks the first child who Jones has helped in Clark County. In the past three years,
her efforts have granted a wish to children from the Edgar County communities of Kansas,
Chrisman and Paris.

She acknowledged that it is the community that helps her reach out to children in need,
through such ways as golf outings, poker runs, a band performance, auction and other
fund raising events. This year, the accumulated total was $5,012.90.

“Our community is wonderful when they meet a need like this,” she said of those who

Casas, his mother, and 10-year-old sister Heaven Casas are now planning the week-long
trip to California, although the details are not yet known.

“We may do other things while we're there,” Houser said.

As far as Casas' health is concerned, he is currently undergoing monthly chemotherapy
treatments at Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis, which will continue until
August 2007.

“Jeremy is excited and is looking forward to it,” said his mother.

Source: Paris Beacon News

Ozzy Is In Awe Of Elton, But Not Of Doherty (2/28/2005)

Ozzy Osbourne is in awe of British singer SIR ELTON JOHN because he lends so much of his
time to his friends and under-privileged people the world over.

The former Black Sabbath frontman is indebted to the CANDLE IN THE WIND singer for all
the support he gave wife SHARON during her battle with potentially lethal colon cancer
and they have become firm friends.

He says, "Elton and Sharon are great friends. I'm great friends with him too but he was
brilliant with Sharon. They are on the phone all the time. He's amazing, he never
stops - he's either performing or raising money for charity.

"He does so much, I don't know how he does it. I can't say enough good things about him."

Ozzy also had some choice words for troubled British rocker Pete Doherty. He's urging him
to quit his crack and heroin drug addictions before it's too late.

The 56-year-old managed to beat his own drug problem with the help of wife SHARON - and he
hopes the former-LIBERTINE will come clean before he self-destructs.

He says, "I just hope he gets it before he dies. It's a horrible drug to come off, really
hard. I took it for a very short time.

"I'm the last person to give advice and I think he should make the most of everything and
have the best time he can. But I just hope he quits before it's too late.

Source: Contact Music

Mississippi Queen RA Sample Posted Online + Leslie West Speaks About Track (2/27/2005)

A clip of Ozzy Osbourne's latest venture "Mississippi Queen" can be found at this location in Real
Audio format:

This track will appear on Ozzy's box set due March 22nd. If you would like to pre-order "Prince Of
Darkness", please visit my website, and click on the banner. If you order now, you can save $5 off the
list price of $49.99 and get free shipping as well. Who could ask for more?

In related news, Leslie West was interviewed in January, and he had the following to say about the track:
“Two months ago, I recorded 'Mississippi Queen' with Ozzy (Osbourne) for his new box set, He sang and I
played guitar. It sounds like me playing with Black Sabbath. We sounded great. I think it might be on
Ozzy's box set. The title at the time was 'Songs I Wish I Wrote.' It really came out great.

“In fact, we (Mountain) started (playing) it like that now - a little bit different than Mountain's
version,” he added. “I like his version better. Now, I play it like I played it with Ozzy. It's a
little heavier and darker.”


$382,000 Worth Of Jewels Stolen From Jack Osbourne (2/23/2005)

British rock star Ozzy Osbourne's son Jack had jewelry worth 200,000 pounds ($382,000)
stolen from a suitcase during a flight from Los Angeles to London, the Sun newspaper
reported on Thursday.

The valuables, which included two watches, were probably stolen from the case before
it was put in the cargo hold for the flight, the paper said.

Jack, 19, who became famous in his own right from the MTV reality show "The Osbournes"
which followed the daily exploits of Ozzy and his foul-mouthed family, was said to be

"They were gifts. It's a horrible thing to happen," the Sun quoted him as saying.

The theft is the latest in a series of troubles for the Osbourne family.

The hit fly-on-the-wall show has featured Jack and his sister Kelly dealing with
substance abuse rehabilitation, his mother Sharon battling cancer and Ozzy recovering
after a near-fatal quad bike crash.

Three months ago intruders broke into the family's English country estate and stole
jewelry worth nearly $2 million including Sharon's wedding ring.

Ex-Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy, 55, wrestled with one of the thieves during the raid
but the man escaped.

Source: Reuters

OZZY OSBOURNE Fan Files Lawsuit Over 'Remastered' Classics (2/21/2005)

Steve Patterson of the Chicago Sun-Times has issued the following report:

Anthony Wester said he hoped to hear remastered versions of OZZY OSBOURNE's
"Blizzard of Ozz" and "Diary of a Madman" albums.

Instead, he's a mad fan who says he and others were blindsided by a blizzard
of deceitful acts by Sony Entertainment and Epic Records.

In a lawsuit filed last week in Cook County Circuit Court, the Downstate man
is demanding compensation for himself and anyone else who bought "remastered"
versions of the Osbourne classics because the original drummer and bassist
on the albums were replaced.

The CDs, released in 2002, were marketed as crisp updates of the originals,
with no mention that the sounds of bassist Bob Daisley and drummer Lee
Kerslake were cut out and replaced by Robert Trujillo and Mike Bordin.

Loyal fans of Osbourne ridiculed the move, which came after Daisley and
Kerslake filed lawsuits in a dispute over unpaid royalties from the original

Fans claim there's "a noticeable difference" in the changed rhythm sections
on the original and remastered albums, while Wester says the change "forever
alter[ed] and stain[ed] the legacy" of the originals, as the new version
"bears little relation to the original."

A Sony spokesman could not be reached. Wester did not return a call to his
Belleville-area home.

Wester's Chicago attorney, Ben Barnow, said "consumers are supposed to get
what they paid for. ... For a product as treasured as these albums, to
change the ingredient is to change the product."

Barnow wants class-action status for the suit. He hopes to recover damages
on behalf of anyone who felt deceived after listening to the 2002 version
of the albums.

Other class-action efforts have been filed here against rock bands LIMP
BIZKIT and CREED, who concertgoers said put on shows not worthy of the
price of admission.

But in this case, a fan says he was duped by a record company trying to
remake classic albums.

Bordin, who once played with FAITH NO MORE, and Trujillo, now with
METALLICA, were hired to re-record Daisley's and Kerslake's parts on
albums that have sold more than 10 million copies since their original
releases in 1980 and 1981.

A year after the updated CDs were released, judges dismissed the suit brought
by Daisley and Kerslake. Since their performances were cut from the 2002
remastered CDs, they can't seek royalties from those.

Source: Blabbermouth

OZZY Apologizes For Missing Benefit Concert (2/21/2005)

Ozzy Osbourne has issued an apology for missing Friday night's (February 18) Music
for Relief: Rebuilding South Asia concert at Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California,
due to a family emergency. Osbourne was supposed to join Los Angeles' all-star
rockers CAMP FREDDY (featuring Dave Navarro and Matt Sorum, among others) for a
few songs. A posting on Ozzy's official web site reads as follows:

"Despite his and the Osbourne family's ongoing support for victims of December's
tsunami tragedy, Ozzy Osbourne is unfortunately unable to perform at [Friday night]'s
Los Angeles tsunami benefit concert at the Pond, due to a family emergency.

"Ozzy Osbourne sends his sincere apologizes to fans who were expecting to see him
[Friday night] - Ozzy was to join CAMP FREDDY for a couple of songs
at Friday night's show - especially because the show is benefiting tsunami victims.

"The Osbournes have been committed to tsunami relief efforts since the tragedy
occurred. To date, the family has made numerous efforts to aid tsunami fund-raising

*More than $200,000 in cash donations

*Items for an MTV/eBay auction with profits going to UNICEF, which include: Sharon
Osbourne's personal 5.45 CT Diamond Necklace; a lunch for two with Sharon Osbourne
at the family's Beverly Hills home; a Sunburst Epiphone Acoustic Guitar signed by
Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne; a Samick Acoustic Guitar signed by Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne;
a Les Paul Gibson Guitar signed by Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne; an Epiphone Acoustic Guitar
signed by Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne; a Gibson electric guitar signed by Sharon & Ozzy
Osbourne; a Black Gibson Bass signed by Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne

* Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have supported the Daily Mail's 'Flood Aid' fund and
'Save the Children' (

* Sharon Osbourne has personally organized an all-star line-up (which includes Ozzy
and Kelly Osbourne) of talent for the recording of Eric Clapton's 'Tears in Heaven'
for a soon-to-be released single being distributed worldwide by Sony/BMG. All money
raised from the single will go to 'Save the Children' to help fund the longer
term rebuilding of the lives of children in tsunami-affected countries."

Source: Blabbermouth

Ozzfest 2005 Updates/Rumors (2/21/2005)

Blabbermouth is reporting that BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and ROB ZOMBIE have both secured
slots on the 10-year-anniversary edition of Ozzfest, with Zakk Wylde's troupe slated
to kick off the proceedings on the main stage. Meanwhile, ZOMBIE, MUDVAYNE and KILLSWITCH
ENGAGE are said to be in the mix for the smaller second stage, which is expected to
feature more non-rotating slots this summer compared to the last couple of years.

Other rumors have been floating around that there won't even be a second stage this year,
and that this may be the last year Ozzfest will even happen.

Blabbermouth previously reported that IRON MAIDEN are set to co-headline the entire event
with BLACK SABBATH, although recent reports indicate that OZZY OSBOURNE (with Zakk Wylde
on guitar) may attempt to stage a solo performance at this year's festival. Also expected
to perform on the main stage is the "Among the Living" lineup of ANTHRAX, which has already
been confirmed for three European festivals this spring/summer (Holland's Dynamo Open Air
on May 7, Sweden's Sweden Rock on June 9-11 and Italy's Gods of Metal on June 11-12) prior
to their appearance at Ozzfest.


Source: Blabbermouth

Sabbath Concerts Sell Out In Less Than An Hour (2/21/2005)

BLACK SABBATH's headlining concert in Oslo, Norway reportedly sold out in less
than an hour after tickets went on sale Saturday morning (Feb. 19). SABBATH's
original lineup - Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward - are
scheduled to play at the 8,000-capacity Oslo Spektrum on Thursday, July 7.
Support at the show will come from VELVET REVOLVER. The legendary heavy metal
band's July 3 concert in Stockholm, Sweden also reportedly sold out in less
than an hour when the tickets went on sale last Monday (Feb. 14).

Upcoming BLACK SABBATH shows:

Jun. 09 – Dortmund, GER @ Westfalenhalle 1
Jun. 11 - Derbyshire, UK @ Donington Park (Download)
Jun. 14 – Leipzig, GER @ Arena Leipzig
Jun. 16 – München, GER @ Olympiahalle
Jun. 18 - Nijmegen, NETH @ Fields of Rock Festival
Jun. 20 - Vienna, AUT @ Wiener Stadthalle
Jul. 01 - Roskilde, DEN @ Roskilde Festival
Jul. 03 - Stockholm, SWE @ Globen
Jul. 07 – Oslo, NOR @ Oslo Spektrum

Source: Blabbermouth

Sabbath Claim #1 Spot On Best British Rock Albums Poll (2/16/2005)

Ozzy Osbourne can reclaim a bit of limelight from his celebrity family after huge
success in a rock music poll.

Clearly Mr Osbourne is a favourite among Kerrang! magazine reader, after he appears
six times - more than any other artist - in the 100 best British rock albums.

His band Black Sabbath topped the list with their self-titled debut album released
in 1970 - but Ozzy also made the list twice as a solo artist.

His album Blizzard Of Ozz came in at number 16 and Diary Of A Madman was at number 33.

Osbourne said Black Sabbath making the number one spot was a triumph for British rock,
and added: "Back then you'd hear, 'If you go to San Francisco, be sure to wear a flower
in your hair.' And we were like, 'What the f*** are they on about?'"

"We lived in Aston, Birmingham, in drizzly rain. The only flowers I ever saw
were on a gravestone in our local cemetery," he said.

The top 100 features a mix of heavy metal, punk and glam rock.

Iron Maiden came second with Number Of The Beast, followed by Never Mind The Bullocks by
the Sex Pistols and Led Zeppelin's IV.

Brit winners Muse also appear in the top 10 with Absolution, along with London Calling by The Clash.

Current rock acts Feeder and Lostprophets both feature, along with The Prodigy and Stereophonics.

Here are the Top 25 albums of all time, according to Kerrang! magazine:

1. Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath.
2. Iron Maiden - Number Of The Beast.
3. The Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bullocks.
4. Led Zeppelin - IV.
5. Black Sabbath - Paranoid.
6. Muse - Absolution.
7. The Clash - London Calling.
8. Queen - Sheer Heart Attack.
9. Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden.
10. Manic Street Preachers - The Holy Bible.
11. Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti.
12. Judas Priest - British Steel.
13. Def Leppard - Hysteria.
14. Black Sabbath - Volume 4.
15. The Darkness - Permission To Land.
16. Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard Of Ozz.
17. The Wildhearts - Earth vs The Wildhearts.
18. Lostprophets - Start Something.
19. Queen - A Night At The Opera.
20. Muse - Origin Of Symmetry.
21. Ash - Free All Angels.
22. Motorhead - Ace Of Spades.
23. Stereophonics - Performance And Cocktails.
24. Manic Street Preachers - Everything Must Go.
25. Feeder - Echo Park.

Source: Reuters

Sabbath And Maiden To Headline Ozzfest 2005 (2/15/2005)

BLACK SABBATH and IRON MAIDEN will headline the 10th anniversary edition of Ozzfest,
informed sources have told BLABBERMOUTH.NET. In addition, ANTHRAX's "Among the
Living" lineup - featuring vocalist Joey Belladonna, guitarist Dan Spitz and
bassist Frank Bello - is said to have secured a slot on the main stage at the
festival, which is expected to kick off in mid-July.

According to unconfirmed reports, the Ozzfest 2005 shows will start later than
the previous 9:00 a.m. kick-off time and will include more non-rotating slots on
the second stage.

Source: Blabbermouth

DAVE NAVARRO To Rehearse With OZZY OSBOURNE For Benefit Concert (2/15/2005)

According to a posting on his official web site, former JANE'S ADDICTION
guitarist Dave Navarro is scheduled to "take a few hours off" on Tuesday
"to go and rock with Ozzy [Osbourne] at rehearsal for the [Concert for
South Asia] tsunami thing [Navarro's 'jam' band] CAMP FREDDY is doing"
on Friday, February 18.

Source: Blabbermouth

Sony Website: Prince Of Darkness Details (2/15/2005)

Sony's Official website in Japan has revealed some additional information on
Ozzy's upcoming boxset. According to their website (along with,
the track listing changes I reported previovously may be untrue. Guess
we'll have to wait until it's actually released to find out?

Anyway... musicians on the new recordings (Under Covers) are as follows:

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals
Mike Bordin – Drums
Jerry Cantrell – Guitars
Jim Cox - Keyboards
Chris Wyse - Bass

Leslie West - Guitar solo on Mississippi Queen
Robert Randolph - Pedal Steel on Sympathy for the Devil, Guitar solo on
21st Century Schizoid Man
Ian Hunter - Vocals on All the Young Dudes

Box set Produced by: Sharon Osbourne and Bruce Dickinson

Source: Japan Sony website

Ozzy Says: "Possible New Sabbath Album" (2/14/2005)

Black Sabbath main man and Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne has let it slip
that there may be a new Sabbath album in the works.

According to Metal Rules when speaking to Kerrang! Magazine at the launch
for Download 2005, Ozzy reportedly said that there may be a new solo album,
a Broadway musical about Rasputin he also said: "and there's possibly,
I'm not going to promise, possibly another Sabbath album.”


More European Sabbath Dates Announced (2/11/2005)

Black Sabbath is confimed for a headlining date at the 8,000-capacity Oslo Spektrum
arena in Oslo, Norway on Thursday, July 7. Velvet Revolver will support. Tickets for
the concert go on sale on Saturday, February 19. In addition, the group are scheduled
to play at the Globen arena in Stockholm, Sweden on July 3. Although there has been
no official confirmation on the matter, it is believed that VELVET REVOLVER will be
the opening act at this show as well. Tickets for the Stockholm date go on sale on
February 14.

In an interview with the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, a spokesperson for SABBATH's
Scandinavian booking agency, EMA Telstar, indicated that talks are currently underway
to bring the band to the Hartwall arena in Helsinki, Finland sometime in early July.
That show is expected to be confirmed in the coming days.

Confirmed BLACK SABBATH European tour dates:

Jun. 11 - Derbyshire, UK @ Donington Park (Download)
Jun. 18 - Nijmegen, NETH @ Fields of Rock Festival
Jun. 20 - Vienna, AUT @ Wiener Stadthalle
Jul. 01 - Roskilde, DEN @ Roskilde Festival
Jul. 03 - Stockholm, SWE @ Globen
Jul. 07 – Oslo, NOR @ Oslo Spektrum

Source: Blabbermouth

OZZY: 'I Would Gladly Give It All Up Just To Be Simple Old OZZY Again' (2/11/2005)

In a brand new interview with the Classic Rock magazine, Ozzy Osbourne spoke
about the success of "The Osbournes" and the impact his newfound status as a
TV star has had on the way he is perceived by his longtime fans.

"When 'The Osbournes' took off, I thought, 'Man, I've probably shattered eight
million dreams in one fucking airing,'" he said. "I've had people I've admired
over the years. I've built up a mental picture of them, and then when I've met
them it's been a bit of a letdown. So yes, it did cross my mind a lot, the fact
I've disappointed people. And if I have, I'm sorry. At the end of the day,
with 'The Osbournes', I fucking hated it. I only really noticed how big-time I
had become when the music industry began to invite me to posh functions. All
these executives kept on wanting to meet me for some reason. Again, I don't
like it. My wife's more of a socialite.

"Look, man, this is how it happened. 'The Osbournes' took off, then my son
got hooked on heroin, my daughter got strung out on pills, I ended up back
on the p*ss, and my wife got cancer of the colon.

"For all the money we have, the way we live, the cars we drive, the first-class
travel we take...I would gladly give it all up just to be simple old Ozzy again."

Source: Blabbermouth

Prince Of Darkness Box Set Update (2/11/2005)

"Prince of Darkness," a four-disc box set from heavy-metal godfather Ozzy
Osbourne, will hit shelves on March 22. According to a press release from
Epic Records, the new disc of covers (appropriately entitled "Under Covers")
will feature guitarists Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains), Robert Randolph
(Robert Randolph & The Family Band) and Leslie West (Mountain).

According to the press release, there has also been a few minor changes
to the tracklistings on Disc 1 and 3.

The final tracklisting will be:

Disc 1
01. I Don't Know (live)
02. Mr. Crowley
03. Crazy Train
04. Goodbye to Romance (live)
05. Suicide Solution (live)
06. Over the Mountain
07. Flying High Again (live)
08. You Can't Kill Rock and Roll
09. Diary of a Madman
10. Bark at the Moon (live, B-Side)
11. Spiders" (B-Side)
12. Rock and Roll Rebel
13. You're No Different
(originally reported track 14 "Dee" has been deleted)

Disc 2
01. Ultimate Sin (live)
02. Never Know Why (live)
03. Thank God For The Bomb (live)
04. Crazy Babies
05. Breaking All The Rules
06. I Don't Want To Change The World (demo)
07. Mama, I'm Coming Home (demo)
08. Desire (demo)
09. No More Tears (single version)
10. Won't Be Coming Home (demo)
11. Perry Mason (live from Ozzfest live album)
12. See You On The Other Side (demo)
13. Walk On Water (demo)
14. Gets Me Through (live)
15. Bang Bang (original demo for "Facing Hell")
16. Dreamer

Disc 3
01. Iron Man (with Therapy)
02. N.I.B.. (with Primus)
03. Purple Haze (with Zakk Wylde, Randy Castillo, Geezer Butler)
04. Pictures of Matchstick Men (with Type O Negative)
05. Shake Your Head (Let's Go To Bed) (with Was Not Was)
06. Born to Be Wild (with Miss Piggy)
07. Nowhere to Run (Vapor Trail) (with Crystal Method, DMX, Ol' Dirty Bastard & Fuzzbuble)
08. Psycho Man (Black Sabbath) - replaces originally reported "Led Clones"
09. For Heaven's Sake 2000 (with Tony Iommi & Wu-Tang Clan)
10. I Ain't No Nice Guy (with Motorhead)
11. Therapy (with Infectious Grooves)
12. Dog, The Bounty Hunter (A&E Series Theme Song) - replaces originally reported "Stayin' Alive"

Disc 4
01. 21st Century Schizoid Man (originally recorded by King Crimson)
02. Mississippi Queen (originally recorded by Mountain)
03. All The Young Dudes (originally recorded by Mott the Hoople)
04. In My Life (originally recorded by The Beatles)
05. Fire (originally recorded by Arthur Brown)
06. For What It's Worth (originally recorded by Buffalo Springfield)
07. Sympathy for the Devil (originally recorded by The Rolling Stones)
08. Working Class Hero (originally recorded by John Lennon)
09. Good Times (originally recorded by Eric Burdon)
10. Changes (with Kelly Osbourne) (originally recorded by Black Sabbath)


Ozzy To Play Tsunami Benefit In California (2/6/2005)

In the six weeks since tsunamis ravaged the coastlines of Southeast
Asia and East Africa, governments and global organizations have
pledged almost $4 billion in aid. The music community has been
equally up to the task, organizing charity singles, nationwide
telethons and benefit concerts - and yet again, an A-list group
of musicians is answering the call.

Linkin Park, Jay-Z, Blink-182, No Doubt, Ozzy Osbourne and Jurassic 5
are among the artists confirmed for Music for Relief's Concert for
South Asia, to be held at Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California,
on February 18. All proceeds from the concert will benefit Music
for Relief, the organization formed in part by Linkin Park that has
raised more than $1.5 million for victims of the tsunamis.

"When we started Music for Relief, we hoped to mobilize artists and
fans to contribute to the massive relief effort in South Asia,"
Linkin Park guitarist Brad Delson said in a statement. "Due to the
incredible support and generosity of so many of our peers and supporters
within the music community, Music for Relief has played a vital role
in helping get aid to people who most need it.

"We are deeply honored to participate in what will likely be our
biggest event to date, Music for Relief's Concert for South Asia,"
he continued. "With so many amazing artists on one bill, we expect
this concert to be incredibly powerful in its ability to raise both
money and awareness for the long-term rebuilding effort we must all

Tickets for the concert are set to go on sale Friday, with a special
pre-sale promotion scheduled to air Wednesday on Los Angeles radio
station KROQ-FM. Organizers hope the concert will raise more than
$1 million for tsunami relief.

"A disaster of this magnitude that affects so many people forces
you to ask yourself, 'What can I do to help?' " No Doubt bassist
Tony Kanal said in a statement. "We were compelled by that question
to come together for this show and do what we do best to make the
most impact in both dollars and awareness. We are looking forward
to giving the fans a great show, and in return, needed funds that
will head to South Asia to rebuild the broken communities of our
brothers and sisters on the other side of the globe."

Source: VH1

Ozzy And Sharon To Appear On “Live with Regis and Kelly” (1/31/2005)

Ozzy and Sharon are scheduled to appear on “Live with Regis and Kelly” on Friday,
February 4th at 9:00am.


Donald Dempsey, Former Ozzy Record Exec. Dies (1/31/2005)

Donald Dempsey, the recording industry boss who helped launch acts as diverse
as Ozzy Osbourne, Dan Fogelberg and Merle Haggard, has died.

Dempsey, 73, died on Thursday at his home of a suspected stroke, said his
son, Don, of New York.

Dempsey, a senior vice president with CBS Records for 25 years, brought out
the best in artists and singers, said Tony Bongiovi, president of Bongiovi
Entertainment in South Florida and cousin of rocker Jon Bon Jovi.

He became general manager of Epic, Portrait and CBS Associated Labels Group
and worked with The Clash, Culture Club, Quiet Riot, Luther Vandross, The
Isley Brothers, Ricky Skaggs and George Jones.

He was credited with aggressively marketing Michael Jackson's 1982 Thriller
album, which sold more than 40 million copies.


BLACK SABBATH To Tour Europe, North America (1/28/2005)

Launch Radio Networks is reporting that BLACK SABBATH will be back in action
this summer. Singer-bassist Glenn Hughes, who's finishing up a new album
with SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi, said that Ozzy Osbourne and company will
hit both Europe and North America this year, and that he might also be on
the bill. "They are doing the, the festival run in Europe, and I believe - if
I'm not shooting my foot off here - that they will be playing Ozzfest," he
said. "And there's a rumor that Tony and I will be, with our new project, on
that same bill, but I can't say that's gonna happen - but you never know."

BLACK SABBATH has already signed on to play Denmark's Roskilde (pronounced
Ross-kill-dee) Festival, one of the largest annual music events in Europe.
Roskilde, in its 34th year, will take place June 30 through July 3. Last
year's festival drew 75,000 fans to hear 150 bands performing on six stages.

Other groups slated to play this year's Roskilde Festival include GREEN

Osbourne is preparing for the March 22 release of "Prince of Darkness", a
four-CD box set of material from throughout his career, as well as some
newly recorded cover songs.

Besides the project with Iommi, which should be out this summer, Hughes
has a solo album called "Soul Mover" that's due next month. It features
RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS drummer Chad Smith and ex-JANE'S ADDICTION guitarist
Dave Navarro.

Source: Blabbermouth

Ozzfest To Hit Download Festival (1/27/2005)

Organizers of this year's Download are planning to turn the rock festival
into a three day event, incorporating a more 'indie' theme on the Friday
and an Ozzfest day on the Saturday.

Having previously programmed only Saturday and Sunday, the proposed
expansion would make 2005 the biggest Download ever - with both weekend
and day tickets being sold for the 60,000 capacity Donington Park event.

At present, the festival is scheduled to take place on the weekend of
11-12 June but organisers are hoping to run the event on Friday 10th as
well. It is believed that Feeder have been approached to headline that day.

However, a Download organizer told VF that nothing has been confirmed yet,
and said that the Friday would only go ahead if the right kind of bands
agree to play.

She confirmed that the Ozzfest day would go ahead, with Ozzy Osbourne
selecting the bands to play on that day - giving further weight to
reports that his band Black Sabbath will be headlining.

Other strong rumours doing the rounds include Velvet Revolver, Motley
Crue, The Datsuns, The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, and Green Day.

System Of A Down have revealed via their own website that they will be
playing on the Sunday, which is expected to be a more traditional metal

Download 2005 takes place at Donington Park, Derbyshire, on 11-12
June (and possibly the 10th). It is believed that tickets will go on
sale in February.


BLACK SABBATH Confirmed For Denmark's ROSKILDE FESTIVAL (1/26/2005)

The original lineup of BLACK SABBATH has confirmed their appearance
at the 2005 edition of the Roskilde Festival, set to take place
June 30-July 3 in Roskilde, Denmark. Also scheduled to perform at the
festival are AUDIOSLAVE and GREEN DAY, among others.

Source: Blabbermouth

Ozzy & Sharon: Rescheduled Tonight Show Appearance (1/24/2005)

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne will be the featured guests on NBC's "The Tonight
Show With Jay Leno" on Wednesday, January 26.

Also, be sure to catch the "Awesomely Wacky Families" special airing all
week long on VH1 which features the Osbournes.


Sharon Osbourne Makes Bid For Politics (1/19/2005)

Sharon Osbourne wants to be a British MP (Member of Parliament)
and is going to make a TV show about her stand for Parliament.

The 52-year-old, who is married to Ozzy Osbourne, told the Daily Star that
she will try and win a seat in London as an independent candidate.

The news comes as the mother-of-three is today revealed as the new face of
supermarket chain Asda.

"I'm in the middle of writing a new TV show," Sharon told the newspaper.

"It will show me running to be a local MP, it will be in London, but I
don't know for sure which borough yet because I am still thinking about it.

"I will be an independent candidate and I am very excited about it because
it is something so different."

Before she embarks on her political career, however, Sharon will join a
number of other mums talking about what it is like being a modern parent
in a new advertising campaign for Asda, Mums In A Million.

In the first of up to six 30-second ads, Sharon will be visiting a local
store, checking produce and talking to staff.

"I remember my kids saying can we go to Asda because they cook better
than you?" she said.

Chris Pilling, Asda's marketing director, said: "There was only ever one
choice for the campaign.

"Sharon is a strong woman, a real-life mum and our customers relate to
her because she believes in the things mums stand for - caring, providing
and coping."


Gwen Stefani, Pink, Osbournes To Record Cover Of 'Tears In Heaven' (1/18/2005)

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne continue to seek ways to help tsunami victims in Southeast Asia,
announcing Monday their plans to record a cover of Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven" to
benefit storm recovery efforts. And they've managed to line up a whole galaxy of stars
to help.

Gwen Stefani, Pink, Velvet Revolver, Steven Tyler, Elton John, Rod Stewart and Ozzy
and Kelly Osbourne are among the artists lending their voices to the song, sales of
which will benefit the Disasters Emergency Committee's Tsunami Earthquake Appeal.

The recording sessions will take place on two continents, starting this Thursday at
London's Whitfield Street Studios, where Velvet Revolver, Elton John and Italian opera
star Andrea Bocelli will lay down vocals. The following week, Stefani, Stewart, the
Osbournes, Josh Groban and Robbie Williams will record their tracks in Los Angeles.
Pink is set to record in New York, and Tyler will do his vocal work in Boston.

Sharon is set to produce the track along with "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell.

Clapton's original version of "Tears" - written after the tragic death of his 4-year-old .
son Conor in 1991 - first appeared on the 1992 soundtrack to the film "Rush," and then
later that year on his Unplugged album. The stripped-down, acoustic version of the song
took home several Grammy awards, including Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

The Osbournes have already donated more than $190,000 to the DEC and have recorded a
public-service announcement asking others to help.

There is no word yet on when the new version of "Tears in Heaven" will hit radio.


Ozzy and Sharon Look For Smaller Home, Prepare New TV Sitcom (1/18/2005)

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are preparing to swap their Beverly Hills mansion for a
humble "small house with a small garden," according to the New York Post.

"It's quietly on the market," Sharon disclosed in a phone interview with The
Post from the house Friday (Jan. 14). "We're not going to put a 'for sale'
sign outside, but a few brokers in town know that it's on the market.

"The kids are growing up, they're moving out," Sharon said. "Once Kelly and
Jackie-boy go, it's way too big for us. They want their own homes now, and
Ozzy and I want a small house with a small garden for the dogs."

Sharon said Ozzy has been clean and sober for nine months, ever since he
kicked the painkillers to which he became addicted following the crash of
an all-terrain vehicle he was driving on his English estate last February.

Ozzy's addiction drama is the focal point of the season premiere of "The
Osbournes" which aired last night at 10:30 on MTV - the first of 10 new

"The first episode really, really shows Ozzy really out of it," Sharon
said. "He wasn't drinking, but he was on a lot of drugs - loads and loads
of pain pills. But he's in the condition today where he can say, 'Thank
God I've come through that and I'm not that way anymore.' "

After "The Osbournes" and "Battle for Ozzfest", Sharon said she and Ozzy
who helped usher in an entire era of celebrity reality shows - are finished
with reality TV. But they're not done with TV.

They even have a new project in the works, an "unstructured" sitcom for
Fox, possibly for next fall, Sharon said. "There is no script, but there
is a whole storyline to the show, but we ad-lib our lines," she said,
describing a technique used in such shows as "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and
the upcoming "Fat Actress".

Source: Blabbermouth

Sharon Buys Deer For Ozzy (1/12/2005)

SHARON Osbourne raised a few eyebrows when she bought a herd of deer
for rocker husband Ozzy.

The Japanese sika deer, now grazing on the couple's Welders Lane
estate, were a bizarre choice of Christmas present for the former
Black Sabbath frontman.

But it is hoped the £5,000 herd of two stags and ten hinds from a
farm in Worcestershire will help mark the closure of a forgettable
12 months for the family.

Dr John Fletcher, Britain's only vet specialising in deer, said it
would only be a matter of days before the latest introduction to the
couple's £2 million home would find their feet.

The vet, who runs a deer farm in Fife, Scotland, added: "A lot of
people are starting deer parks at the moment. Of course they will
breed, so the Osbournes may have to start producing venison."

Driven down from their Worcestershire home late on Christmas Eve,
the herd were secretly smuggled onto the 250-acre Chalfont estate
and released into a purpose-built enclosure.

The purchase has sparked rumours that the couple may soon be seen
scouting pet shops across the area in a search for deer feed.

A spokesman for Chalfont Home Stores pet shop, in Market Place, said: 3
"The Osbournes have not visited us. But should they need certain food
we can certainly order it."


"A Dozen Furies" Wins Battle For Ozzfest Contest (1/11/2005)

Dallas, TX-based A DOZEN FURIES beat out North Carolina's CYNDER (now CYN)
in the "Battle for Ozzfest" finale to win a highly coveted tour spot on
Ozzfest 2005, plus band gear and enough money to cover all their expenses.
In addition, the band were presented with a recording contract from
Sanctuary Records, which they are expected to sign before beginning work
on their full-length debut.

Formed in late 2003, A DOZEN FURIES have recorded a self-produced
EP ("Rip These Stars Down") and have toured extensively.

Ironically, guitarist Marc Serrano, who was chosen to represent A DOZEN
FURIES in the "Battle for Ozzfest" competition, had previously performed
at Ozzfest 2003 as part of the now-defunct former Maverick recording
artists UNLOCO - a fact that was never mentioned on the show.

For more information on A DOZEN FURIES, visit their official web site:

Source: Blabbermouth

Sharon Osbourne's Life To Become A TV Movie (1/11/2005)

Neil Sean of Sky News reports that Sharon Osbourne's life is set to
become a television movie. The Osbourne matriarch is secretly working
on the project and hopes her daughter Kelly can play the role of the
young Sharon. "It has great potential but it will be hard to cast
someone to play Ozzy," Sharon told a spy. "He is rather unique, you
see, and it will take a big man to fill those shoes." Sharon hopes the
TV movie will start production by spring.

Source: Blabbermouth

Osbournes Home Voted One Of The Most Stylish On TV (1/11/2005)

OZZY and Sharon Osbourne's Beverly Hills mansion has been voted one of the
most stylish homes on television.

Frasier's ultra-modern Seattle apartment, in the hit TV series of the
same name, came top of the list of most desirable screen pads.

Charlotte's luxurious Park Avenue home in Sex and the City was second
favourite in the poll for BBC Good Homes magazine.

Despite being mocked as tasteless after appearing in the MTV series,
Ozzy and Sharon's gated residence has been named third favourite to
appear on the small screen.

The lavish 48-room manor belonging to oil millionaires The Carringtons,
in the 80s series Dynasty, came next.

The survey also discovered the ugliest home to appear on British TV
screens - the junk-filled dwelling of rag and bone men Steptoe and Son.

The student dive in The Young Ones comes second in the ten worst list,
followed by Del Boy's Peckham council flat in Only Fools and Horses and
Pauline Fowler's dull home in EastEnders.

Other homes from hell, in the poll of 6740 people, include those featured
in the Royle Family, Big Brother and The Simpsons.

Inspector Morse's home and those in The Good Life and Keeping up Appearances
also got into the top ten most stylish list.


Box Set "Covers CD" Track Listing Changes (1/7/2005)

I have recieved word from a very reliable source that the track listing
and order for disc 4 (Covers) in the upcoming box set has changed.

The new tracklisting and order is as follows:
01. 21st Century Schizoid Man (King Crimson)
02. Mississippi Queen (Mountain)
03. All The Young Dudes (Mott The Hoople)
04. In My Life (The Beatles)
05. Fire (Arthur Brown)
06. For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield)
07. Sympathy For The Devil (Rolling Stones)
08. Working Class Hero (John Lennon) - replaces original "Hi Ho Silver Lining"
09. Good Times (Eric Burdon)
10. Changes - Duet with Kelly Osbourne (Black Sabbath)

Original tracklisting reported on

1. Good Times (Originally recorded by Eric Burdon)
2. 21st Century Schizoid Man (Originally recorded by King Crimson)
3. In My Life (Originally recorded by the Beatles)
4. Mississippi Queen (Originally recorded by Mountain)
5. For What It's Worth (Originally recorded by the Buffalo Springfield)
6. Fire (Originally recorded by Arthur Brown)
7. Hi Ho Silver Lining (Originally recorded by the Jeff Beck Group)
8. All The Young Dudes (Originally recorded by Mott the Hoople)
9. Sympathy For The Devil (Originally recorded by the Rolling Stones)
10. Changes - Duet with Kelly Osbourne (Originally recorded by Black Sabbath)

Source: Demon Dance Design &

Ozzy, Steven Tyler & Others To Record Clapton Cover For Tsunami Victims (1/7/2005)

Sharon Osbourne has enlisted a host of stars to cover Eric Clapton's tragic song
"Tears In Heaven" for a charity single to raise money for the victims of the
Indian Ocean tsunami.

The rock matriarch has joined forces with arch-rival Simon Cowell to produce a
star-studded remake of the 1992 song Clapton wrote following the death of his
four-year-old son Conor, who was killed when he fell from a 53rd floor
apartment window.

Osbourne says, "We approached Eric and his lawyers and everyone else said
yes straight away - we could not think of a more appropriate song."

The song will include the vocal talents of Rod Stewart, Robbie Williams,
Sir Elton John, AEROSMITH frontman Steven Tyler, Gwen Stefani and Ozzy and
Kelly Osbourne.

Cowell is in talks for WESTLIFE, Will Young and Brian McFadden to join the
track, which will be released on Sony and BMG Records.

Osbourne adds, "The people taking part are spread all over the world. They
will probably have to record their parts in local studios and then we can
put them all together."

Source: Contactmusic

The Osbournes Head Into Final Season on MTV (1/7/2005)

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - British rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his raucous, foul-mouthed
family launch the fourth and final season of their hit MTV reality show later this
month, the cable network announced on Thursday.

"The Osbournes" returns on Jan. 17 to kick off a last batch of 10 episodes
chronicling Ozzy's bout with insomnia, daughter Kelly's drug rehab, her budding
new commercial TV career, and a family vacation to Hawaii.

The Viacom Inc.-owned network said the Emmy Award-winning show will end its run for
good with a final episode set to air March 21.

The bleep-filled series premiered in March of 2002 and instantly became MTV's
biggest hit, turning the unruly brood into overnight pop culture icons.

The show's first season followed the daily exploits of the heavy metal star in his
off-stage role as a befuddled father puttering around his Beverly Hills house, forever
cleaning up after his incontinent dogs, taking orders from his wife, Sharon, and
sparring with their teenage children, Jack and Kelly.

The program took a more serious turn in its second season as the family coped with
Sharon Osbourne's cancer treatments and Jack's substance abuse rehabilitation.
The household also was joined by 18-year-old Robert Marcato, a family friend adopted
by the Osbournes after his own mother died of cancer. The third season saw Ozzy
Osbourne recover from a near-fatal all-terrain vehicle accident.

While the program has faded in the ratings since its heyday, it has remained one of
MTV's most watched programs, averaging more than 3 million viewers per episode.

Although "The Osbournes" will end its run in March, Kelly Osbourne has garnered her
own prime-time stint as a co-star of ABC's new coming-of-age drama "Life As We Know It."

Source: Reuters

Ozzy Insists He Isn't Any Richer (1/7/2005)

OZZY OSBOURNE insists his family are no richer than before the success of their
reality show THE OSBOURNES, because his shopaholic wife SHARON spends all their spare cash.

The rocker admits he was "plodding along nicely" before The Osbournes came along - and
now he has a house full of his wife's gifts.

He says, "Now, instead of one pair of shoes, my wife will buy 18. So I'm not financially
any better off, because she blows it, or we blow it, as soon as it comes in."

Source: Contactmusic

Ozzy: "There Are Gonna Be Two Covers Albums" + "I Tried Out That Buckethead Guy" (1/5/2005)

Ozzy Osbourne recently spoke to Revolver magazine about his four-disc retrospective box set,
"Prince of Darkness", and the upcoming 10th anniversary edition of his Ozzfest traveling festival,
among other topics. A couple of excerpts from the interview follow:

Revolver: What made you decide to record a covers album at this point in your career?

Ozzy Osbourne: "For many years now, I've thought that it would be great to do some covers,
old songs that mean something to me. So anyway, on the Ozzfest in 2003, I was talking to
someone from the record company and I said that I've always wanted to do a covers album.
So we started making a list of songs, and we narrowed it down. Then I forgot about it.

"Jumping a year forward, Sharon tells me about the box set. I thought, 'A box set of what?'
The record company has already raped my back catalog! They can't do it anymore. There's
already been 'The Best of Ozzy' and 'The Ozzman Cometh' and all these other fucking things,
and they're all just the same fucking album with a different cover. So the box set originally
started out as mainly a collection of rarities. Then the record company asked me if I was
still into doing the covers album, and Sharon said that it would be something extra for the
box set, so people are getting more than the same songs they've heard 50,000 times before."

Revolver: Do you think that by doing cover versions you might prompt people to say you're
running out of ideas for your own solo material?

Ozzy Osbourne: "I'm not too bothered if it gets slagged. It's just giving people something
different. You can download a lot of the other stuff on the box set from the Internet,
anyway. The record company was going to release it with or without the covers album, and
I felt embarrassed, to be honest. If I'd insisted on doing a full studio album for the
box set, it probably wouldn't have come out until the end of next year. I've done this
covers album as a stopgap so people can have something different. It's just me having a
bit of fun with some songs that are already proven. There are gonna be two covers albums.
There's the one on the box set, which will have some of the songs that will be on the
other one, and some that won't."

Revolver: Ozzfest was a huge success again this year, but did you ever worry that your fans
would feel excluded by the success of the TV show and your acceptance by the mainstream?

Ozzy Osbourne: "One of my big fears about the Ozzfest after the success of 'The Osbournes'
was that I wondered if the audience would think I'm an asshole, or that people would come
along expecting to see a Vegas cabaret act, because that's not what I'm about at all! After
the accident, this Ozzfest was nowhere near as strenuous, and I did the best I could. But
in the end it was great. I'm doing the 10th one next year. I'm stunned by that, to be honest."

Revolver: Will that be with BLACK SABBATH or your solo band?

Ozzy Osbourne: "This is what usually happens: Sharon will ask me whether I want to do it
with my own band or SABBATH, and I'll say, 'I'll do it with SABBATH.' And she'll say,
'Are you sure?' I'll say, 'Yeah,' so she'll say, 'Okay, but if you do it with SABBATH
then there'll be problems.' So I say, 'Okay, I'll do it with my own band.' And she'll
say, 'Are you sure?' By this time, I'm not fucking sure either way! All I know is, I'll be there."

Revolver: If it's your solo band, what will the lineup be?

Ozzy Osbourne: "One big problem I've got is finding a good guitar player to write with.
Nobody plays guitar anymore, they just make a noise. There ain't no fucking rock gods,
and even the good guitarists are fucking nuts."

Revolver: What about Zakk Wylde?

Ozzy Osbourne: "He's fucking nuts! It depends on a lot of things. He'll probably be
with me. I don't know at this point. I really want to find someone to write with, too."

Revolver: Have you held any auditions?

Ozzy Osbourne: "I tried out that Buckethead guy. I met with him and asked him to work
with me but only if he got rid of the fucking bucket. So I came back a bit later and
he's wearing this green fucking Martian's-hat thing. I said, 'Look, just be yourself!'
He told me his name was Brian, so I said that's what I'd call him. He says, 'No one
calls me Brian except my mother.' So I said, 'Pretend I'm your mum then!' I haven't
even got out of the room and I'm already playing fucking mind games with the guy. What
happens if one day he's gone and there's a note saying, 'I've been beamed up?' [Laughs] Don't
get me wrong, he's a great player. He plays like a motherfucker!"

Source: Blabbermouth

Battle For Ozzfest Finale (1/5/2005)

If you've been watching BATTLE FOR OZZFEST, you know the end is near! The winner is about
to be crowned and will earn a spot to tour on Ozzfest 2005! But why wait until Monday to
watch it on TV when you can be there in person? We are casting Ozzfest fans to come join
in the mayhem and witness the "Final" Battle for Ozzfest! To be casted as part of the
audience you must appear to be between the ages of 18 and 35, like Ozzfest type bands
and be available to attend the show on Jan 9th, between 5pm and 10pm, and most importantly,
be able to keep a secret and not tell the winner until the show airs the next day!

So if you meet the requirements sign up now now to attend this FREE show!

You are signing up to be in the audience NOT as seatfillers,
once you get a spot in the venue it's yours to keep!

Some areas may be standing room only! >
DATE: Sunday, January 9, 2005
LOCATION: TBA, Los Angeles Area
CHECK-IN TIME: 5:00 PM (will end approx 10PM)
CASTED AGE RANGE: appear 18 to 35, must be at least 18 with ID!
WARDROBE/DRESS: Ozzfest wear!
CONFIRMATIONS TO BE SENT: by email by January 7, sooner if possible.


Who do you think should win the BATTLE FOR OZZFEST? Now is your chance to voice your
opinion. Make sure and vote at

If you missed any episodes you have one last chance to see EVERY EPISODE! MTV and MTV2 will
both be airing every episode this Saturday. Check local listings for exact times.

You can also watch CYNDER and A DOZEN FURIES performances from Ozzfest 2004 at


Ozzy & Sharon To Guest On Jay Leno (1/5/2005)

Ozzy & Sharon will guest on Jay Leno's Tonight Show on 1/13/05 on NBC.


Ozzy Box Update (1/4/2005)

The soon to be released Ozzy Box Set has undergone a name change. Formerly
titled "Bible of Oz", it has been changed to "Prince of Darkness". The
release day has also been pushed back to Tuesday, March 22nd.


Osbournes Up Donation To £100,000 For Tsunami Earthquake Relief (1/2/2005)

BRITONS have proved to be the world's most generous
people - by donating to the Asia tsunami appeal
in record amounts. In an unprecedented outpouring
of sympathy individuals dug deeper than ever
yesterday to help stricken millions on the other
side of the globe.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne encouraged people
to back the Tsunami Earthquake appeal
and chipped in £100,000 themselves.

Source: The Sun & Daily Mirror

Sharon Osbourne Is The New Face Of UK Supermarket Chain ASDA (1/2/2005)

Reality TV star Sharon Osbourne will be the new face of British supermarket chain

The headstrong 'X Factor' judge, who is wife of rock veteran Ozzy, will start
shooting for commercials and posing for billboard shots in the beginning of 2005.

"Asda like the fact Sharon is a successful and attractive older woman. She also
has a reputation as a tough negotiator who doesn't like to be ripped off," rate
the music quoted an insider as saying.

"She's a good advert for the brand because people looking for a bargain canrelate
to her," added the insider.


Ozzfest 2005, 10th Anniversary Tour Around The World? (12/29/2004)

Sharon announced on MTV's "Battle For Ozzfest" that the Ozzfest
2005, 10th Anniversary Tour would "tour the world". This is a very
good indication that fans in Europe will finally get to see the
Ozzman next year.

Ozzy's last scheduled European tour in 2003 was initially postponed
due to foot surgery, and then postponed again due to excessive tremors
caused from over medication, and then finally cancelled due to his
quad bike accident.


Sharon To Take Rudest Role Yet (12/29/2004)

SHARON Osbourne is set to star in a foul-mouthed play about
women's private parts.

Ozzy Osbourne's missus, who became famous for her swearing as a
judge in The X Factor, is in talks to become the latest celebrity
to tackle The Vagina Monologues.

The comedy - written by American Eve Ensler - features women
talking about their intimate bits and has been a huge hit on
Broadway and in the West End.

If Sharon, 52, takes the part for its London run next year it
will be her stage debut - but she has no fears.

An insider said: "Sharon saw the play and loved it. It's ballsy
and fun. There's not that much acting and she will play different
women at various stages of life.

"It could have been written for her - it's women talking frankly.
And - what suits Sharon down to the ground - it's very foul-mouthed."

Although MTV reality show The Osbournes made her famous, she has
gained more notoriety on TV talent show The X Factor.

In the final, Sharon tried to stop favourite Steve Brookstein
winning by branding him "fake" and "full of crap". Earlier this
year, Sharon had a brief appearance on TV as a lesbian barmaid
in hit US sitcom Will & Grace. She landed her cameo after
impressing show bosses with a brief lesbian role in American
daytime soap Days Of Our Lives.

Sharon said: "They were so stunned by my acting ability they
wrote me a special part."

But her move to become a chat show queen hit the buffers nearly
a year ago when she became too foul-mouthed.

Despite a £2million-a-year deal for the daily Sharon Osbourne
Show, worried TV executives ditched the series half-way through
its first run. Sharon, who battled colon cancer last year, said:
"I got fired. They just didn't like me. I loved the show, but it
was really hard.

"Daytime TV in America has so many restrictions. You must be
politically correct. They even banned the word sausages as they
said it had a sexual connotation."

"There is so much more freedom in the UK. Political correctness
has gone mad in the United States.

Previous London casts of The Vagina Monologues have included
Maureen Lipman, Sophie Dahl, ex-Spice Girl Mel B and Jerry Hall.


Ozzy Loves Sharon: Thick Or Thin (12/29/2004)

We've been there for many of Sharon Osbourne's most intimate moments, from
her battle with colon cancer, to her expletive-filled heart-to-hearts
with her children, to her creepy baby talk with husband Ozzy.

But it turns out the publicity-loving, soul-baring MTV matriarch still
has some secrets left to spill, reports

First up: her continuing struggle with bulimia. "I still have it," she
admitted. "Ozzy knows, yes. And the kids. My God, how could they not!
It's the thing that causes most arguments. We'll be at the dinner table,
and I'll go off, and they'll say, oh, here we go again. They hate it."

Sharon, 52, figured the problem would solve itself when she got her
stomach stapled a few years back, dropping from 225 pounds to 130,
but she was wrong.

"It just means I can't eat as much. I still binge," she said. "I cram
it in -- eat, eat, eat -- until I physically can't get any more into
my body. The food is piled up to my throat. Then I have to go and be sick."

Moving on to the next revelation: her extensive nipping and tucking.

"Face lift, neck, breasts. Lips, leg lifts, bum implant, tummy tuck.
I've had it all, and it is fabulous," enthused Sharon, who has said
the various surgeries set her back about $250,000.

"I've had so much plastic surgery, but there is only so much you can
do. Then you have to start accepting yourself as you are," she
explained. Despite her low self-esteem and weight problems, she
said, Ozzy always "loved me the way I was."

Source: LA Daily News

Sharon Wins Personality Of The Year Award (12/29/2004)

Sharon Osbourne has snatched the Rock Personality of the Year award out of the
hands of husband Ozzy.

Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy picked up the accolade last year after scoring his
first ever number one in a three-decade chart career.

But in 2004, Sharon, 52, outdid her husband and other stars on the list with
her rock n' roll antics.

She wins the Virgin Radio poll for hitting out at X Factor judge Simon Cowell
and attacking Steve "Creepy Smirker" Brookstein.

Sir Bob Geldof comes second "for re-forming Band Aid and taking on the world again".

Sir Elton John is third for his hissy fits and acid tongue - accusing Madonna
of miming on stage, and calling photographers at a Taiwan airport "rude, vile pigs".

Jake Shears, the frontman of US band Scissor Sisters, is fourth for his
outrageous dress sense, and Pete Doherty, whose drug abuse led to the spilt
of acclaimed band The Libertines is fifth for his "amazing music".

Virgin's Most Wanted presenter Ben Jones said: "Sharon took on the pop pansy
Simon Cowell at his own game and showed him who's boss.

"She is a role model for the nation - speak your mind and say what's what. Now
she's stolen the award from her husband, the original rock n' roller."

Virgin Radio polled over 6,000 listeners to find their ultimate Rock Personality
of the Year.

Source: Yahoo News

Sharon Osbourne To Host New Years Eve Party (12/29/2004)

Sharon Osbourne is throwing a $270,000 New Year's Eve party for everyone
special in her life - including her cleaners.

The rock matriarch plans to host the lavish bash at the London home she
shares with her husband Ozzy, and has ensured all her staff are included
in the celebrations.

Osbourne, 51, says, "We think it's important to include family and friends
and most of my staff fall into that bracket. Everybody deserves some kind
of reward for their hard work.

"Even the bin men get along with Ozzy and me."

However, not everyone has been invited to the end of year get-together.

Osbourne jokes: "It's just as well Simon Cowell isn't going to be in the
country because he wouldn't be invited."

Source: Irish Examiner

Stolen Sabbath Discs Returned (12/21/2004)

GOLD and silver Black Sabbath discs stolen from the home of Ozzy Osbourne's
former manager have been returned.

The records were reported missing last week after a burglary in Edenbridge, Kent.

Kent Police said that an anonymous tip-off had led to all eight being found
in plastic bags behind recycling bins in Tonbridge.

Two other discs from the haul - which included the albums Master of Reality,
Paranoid and Volume 4 - had already been recovered after they were offered
for sale on eBay.

A black 12-string guitar and other property taken during the raid is
still missing.

Source: The Sun

Awards Clash For Ozzy Clan And Cowell (12/21/2004)

TV bosses are so worried that the Osbournes will want "words" with Simon
Cowell at tomorrow's British Comedy Awards, they've hired extra security.

Cowell, 45, has not spoken to Sharon since the X Factor final, when she
attacked Steve "Creepy Smirker" Brookstein.

After a series of clashes, Simon isn't keen on Sharon being a judge on
next year's run of the hit ITV show.

"Sharon and Ozzy are presenting a comedy award, as is Simon," says our
ceremony insider.

"Kelly and Jack are going along, too, and the Osbournes have been given
dressing rooms at opposite sides of the ITV studio from Cowell.

"Everyone is worried that it'll kick off. They've even drafted in extra
security to ensure they are kept apart.

"The Osbourne clan are furious with Cowell for the way he has behaved
during the X Factor series.

"He even had the cheek to joke that their recent break-in - when
£2million of jewellery was stolen - was a publicity stunt."

The executive producer for the London-based show, Michael Hurll,
told us yesterday: "We were worried that the tension has been rising
since the X Factor final and, with the whole Osbourne family in tow,
we felt extra security may be needed for the night."

Sharon, 52, and Cowell clashed almost every week on the talent
show and, earlier this month, she memorably said: "Simon said he
thinks I fancy him. In fact, I'd rather have a giant lobster in
my crotch than him."

Our source also reveals: "Simon didn't show up at the wrap party
for all the X Factor production staff at a Mayfair restaurant
last week until after Sharon and Ozzy had left."

Kelly, 20, and 19-year-old brother Jack may not be his biggest
fans either.

When Kelly released her single Shut Up last year, Cowell described
her as fat and talentless. So no doubt she'll be dying to discuss
the matter tomorrow night.

As well as special treatment backstage, Cowell is making sure he's
treated like an A-list star on it, too.

He has demanded that he presents his award at the One-Tel sponsored

event on his own.

"All the other celebs are doing it in pairs. But Simon insisted
he won't share the stage. And what Simon wants, Simon gets."

The music mogul will also be thrilled with the goodie bags presenters
have received.

Last year, several complained that their freebies - including a
satsuma, chattering teeth and a DVD of Joe Pasquale In
Concert - were "pants".

So this year, they received £800 of gifts, including a weekend
break-for-two at a Champneys health spa and VIP membership at the
Zeta Bar at the Park Lane Hilton.

Apparently, Ozzy was so impressed with them, he blagged bags for
Jack and Kelly, too.

Source: The Mirror

Look What I Got In The Mail Today! (12/20/2004)

The official Osbournes Christmas card...

Front: (Click To Enlarge)




Ozzy TV Claims Refuted (12/20/2004)

POLICE have refuted claims they are giving veteran rocker Ozzy Osbourne
special treatment by featuring a burglary at his house on BBC's Crimewatch.

Detective Inspector Paul Miller defended the decision to go on Crimewatch
about the crime in Chalfont St Peter after a viewer complained to the
show on Tuesday night. He said Crimewatch had approached Thames Valley
Police about the investigation.

He said: "We want to use every tool in our investigation. The tool of
particular use is the attention of the media which is because of the
celebrity of the Osbournes.

"It is a very high profile case, which will attract viewers, and that
will help all the cases that were covered on Crimewatch."

Ozzy's wife Sharon made a pre-recorded plea on the show, and said she
remains "scared" living in her Welders Lane house since the break-in
on November 22.

She said: "It will probably take some time before I feel comfortable
in the house."

Police hope the £100,000 reward put up by the couple and their
insurers, which is believed to be one of the biggest offered in
criminal history, will act as an incentive.

The intruder used a ladder to gain entry into a first-floor bedroom
before making off with necklaces, two wedding rings, an engagement
ring, 24-carat sapphire ring and dress watches.

The offender is described as 5ft 10in tall, light skinned, very slim
and wearing a light jacket, dark trousers, trainers and a ski mask.

If you have any information, please call 08458 505505

Source: Bucks Free Press

Geezer To Release New Solo Album (12/20/2004)

BLACK SABBATH bassist Geezer Butler is scheduled to release the follow-up
to his 1997 solo CD, "Black Science" (issued under the GEEZER banner),
tentatively titled "Ohmwork", on April 19, 2005 via Sanctuary Records.

Joining Butler on the album will once again be vocalist Clark Brown,
whose previous credits include of LD/50 (featuring former TESTAMENT/FORBIDDEN
guitarist Glen Alvelais) and BEWKENHEIMER. In addition to GEEZER, Brown is
involved with SYMATIC, a Worcester, Massachusetts-based group who are
currently seeking a record deal. More information is available at

Source: Blabbermouth

Prince Charles Asks How Ozzy Is After Burglary (12/16/2004)

British royal PRINCE CHARLES took time out of last night's (DEC 14, 2004) ROYAL
VARIETY PERFORMANCE to console SHARON OSBOURNE over her recent $3.8 million
(£2 million) burglary and her husband OZZY's recurring quad bike injury.

The heir to the throne was disappointed the former BLACK SABBATH star was
forced to cancel his appearance at the London Coliseum event, due to
complications with the metal shoulder plate he had inserted after last
year's (03) accident.

The Prince also sympathised about intruders who stole irreplaceable
jewellery from the Osbournes' Buckinghamshire, England, home last month
(NOV 22, 2004), and offered his condolences to Osbourne over her recent
spell of bad luck.


Black Sabbath Gold Discs Stolen (12/16/2004)

BBC News is reporting that a 12-string Fender guitar and gold and silver
BLACK SABBATH discs have been stolen in a burglary at the home of Ozzy
Osbourne's manager Patrick Meehan.

They were taken in a break-in at outbuildings in Troy Lane, Edenbridge, Kent,
Kent Police have revealed.

A gold and a silver disc since advertised on Internet auction site eBay were
recovered from an address in Welling, police said on Thursday.

"Master of Reality", "Paranoid" and "Volume 4" are among those still missing.

The burglary took place some time between November 20 and December 4, police said.

The discs recovered were advertised on eBay at the beginning of December and
had been bought in good faith from a boot fair in Essex.

BLACK SABBATH singer Ozzy grappled with a burglar who escaped with jewellery
worth £2m from his own Buckinghamshire mansion in November.

A spokeswoman for Kent Police said there was no reason to link the two break-ins.

Officers are appealing for help in tracing the guitar and remaining gold and
silver discs.

Source: BBC

Has Ozzy Had A Facelift? (12/16/2004) is reporting that Ozzy Osbourne has allegedly followed his
wife Sharon's example by having extensive cosmetic surgery, a leading
British medical aesthetics specialist claims.

Dr. Mervyn Patterson, from the U..K's Woodford Medical Clinic, has studied
a series of photos of the former BLACK SABBATH star in 2000, and another
collection of up-to-date pictures, and is convinced he has had surgery
around his eyes and neck, as well as liposuction and semi-permanent make-up.

He tells British magazine Heat, "It appears that Ozzy has had significant
facial surgery. He's had fat removed from the bags beneath his eyes and
had the skin tightened. This reduces bulging and lining.

"He's also had some form of lifting procedure in the lower face to correct
the sagging that comes with aging. And it's likely he's had liposuction
to remove excess fat in the lower face and neck.

"I think he's had semi-permanent make-up applied to his face to give him
a more defined, wider-eyed look."

Source: Blabbermouth

Spokesperson: No New BLACK SABBATH Album Planned (12/16/2004)

A spokesperson for Ozzy Osbourne has rejected a British newspaper report
that producer Rick Rubin recently spent time in the U.K. working on a new
BLACK SABBATH studio album.

Sunday Herald Associate Editor Alan Taylor reported over the weekend that
he ran into Rubin in Worcestershire, U.K. where Rubin was apparently in
the process of making a new SABBATH CD.

When asked by blabbermouth if there is any truth to the report or if
Taylor somehow got his facts mixed up, a Sharon Osbourne Management
spokesperson said, "He is confused. [There is] nothing [new] to report."

Source: Blabbermouth

Injured Ozz Forced To Cancel Royal Variety Performance (12/14/2004)

Rock star Ozzy Osbourne has been forced to pull out of the Royal Variety Performance, which
is being filmed on Tuesday, because of a shoulder injury. Osbourne needs another operation
because the metal plate he had inserted after a quad bike accident last year has become so

Liza Minnelli and Sir Elton John are among those still scheduled to appear.

Osbourne's wife Sharon will appear on BBC One's Crimewatch on Tuesday after their home was
burgled last month.

The Royal Variety Performance, to be screened on Wednesday, will take place in front of
Prince Charles and was due to be Osbourne's only UK live appearance of the year.

Thieves recently stole jewellery from the Osbournes' home A statement from his record
company said: "Adjustments need to be made to the plate which is making Ozzy very
uncomfortable at present.

"Although having made a remarkable recovery from the life-threatening accident, Ozzy needs
the procedure as soon as possible."

His place will be taken by wife Sharon and daughter Kelly, who will send his apologies
to the crowd at the London Coliseum.

Meanwhile, Sharon will also feature on Crimewatch UK to appeal for help tracing thieves
who broke into their Buckinghamshire home and stole valuable jewellery.

Ozzy Osbourne tackled a burglar who then jumped 30ft (10m) from a first floor window
and escaped.

A £100,000 reward has been offered for information leading to a conviction.

The stolen items included three wedding rings, a pearl necklace and a sapphire bought as
an investment for their daughters.


Rick Ruben Working On New Sabbath Album (12/13/2004)

Rick Rubben (famous producer for working with artists such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Beastie Boys, etc...) recently told an editor for the Sunday Herald that he was in
Worcestershire (U.K.) to work on the new Black Sabbath album.


Ozzy Osbourne To Star In London Stage Musical? (12/12/2004)

According to Ireland On-Line, Ozzy Osbourne is in talks with theatre producers to
star in the London production of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang".

The BLACK SABBATH frontman, 56, is desperate to play the evil Child Catcher in the
West End show, currently being performed by former BOYZONE singer Stephen Gately.

Osbourne enthuses: "I love the show and I think that I would be great in that role.

"I am supposed to be the prince of fucking darkness after all."

Source: Blabbermouth

Rest In Peace Dimebag (12/12/2004)

"Dimebag was a dear friend of mine. I'm absolutely beside myself with grief. I can't
for the life of me understand why someone would do this.

Pantera toured with me many many times. I'll always remember the signed guitar that
he gave me at my 50th birthday party.

My heart goes out to Dime's family, his fans and the other innocent victims who were
killed in this senseless tragedy. It's just terribly sad."

- Ozzy


Ozzy Comments About The Murder Of Dimebag Darrell (12/9/2004)

"Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, who was fatally shot during a performance, was a frenetic,
ear-shattering guitarist whose riffs for the Grammy-nominated Pantera and more
recently Damageplan were a heavy-metal staple. He was 38.

Abbott was shot to death as he took the stage Wednesday with Damageplan at the
Alrosa Villa nightclub in Columbus, Ohio.

Three other people also were fatally shot before a police officer shot the
gunman to death.

The deaths shook the heavy-metal music industry, and fans flooded Web sites to
share their shock.

"I'm absolutely beside myself with grief. I can't for the life of me understand
why someone would do this," said Ozzy Osbourne, who often toured with Pantera.

Mark Hunter, lead singer of the metal band Chimaira, said Abbott "changed the way
metal music was written with his guitar playing. I don't know anybody in a band
who hasn't stolen a few guitar riffs from him."

A fan posting on the band's Web site read, "This is the worst day in metal history."

Pantera's fast, aggressive sound attracted a massive cult following in the early
1990s, and its third release, "Far Beyond Driven," debuted at No. 1 in 1994,
surprising chart-watchers and critics alike. Other hit albums were "The Great
Southern Trendkill" and "Reinventing The Steel," and a song by the band became
the Dallas Stars hockey team's signature tune in 1999.

"When you think of '90s heavy metal or hard rock, Pantera is one of these seminal
bands. They are quoted today as influences by many bands," said Tom Calderone,
MTV's executive vice president. "Hard rock has lost a legendary guitar player."

Pantera was nominated for Grammies for best metal performance in 1995 for "I'm
Broken" and in 2001 for "Revolution Is My Name." The video "The Best of Pantera:
Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboys' Vulgar Hits" hit the top 10 for music-video
sales earlier this year; another video, "3-Watch It Go," went top-10 in 1998.

Darrell Abbott and his brother, drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott, left Pantera last year
and produced Damageplan's debut album, "New Found Power," which was released in

Born in Dallas on Aug. 20, 1966, Darrell Abbott was introduced to music by his
father, country songwriter Jerry Abbott, who owned a recording studio. The
younger Abbott gravitated toward rock music and the styles of Tony Iommi, Ace
Frehley, Eddie Van Halen (news) and Randy Rhoads.

The Abbott brothers and bassist Rex Rocker formed Pantera in 1983. Then Abbott
went by the name "Diamond Darrell." Abbott later took the moniker "Dimebag" and
was often referred to as "Dime" by fans and friends.

Early on, Pantera leaned more toward hard rock, but the band began to develop a
heavier sound after singer Phil Anselmo joined in 1987. After releasing a few
independent albums, Pantera signed with Atlantic Records in 1990. It was also
the period when Abbott came into his own as a guitar player, developing his
heavy, frenetic sound that can first be heard on the 1990 album "Cowboys
from Hell" and then on the 1992 standout "Vulgar Display of Power."

Dimebag's exceptional guitar playing and flair for partying endeared him to
friends and fans, and the band was known for post-concert backstage parties
spiked with Crown Royal whiskey, said Paul Gargano, executive editor of
Metal Edge magazine.

"He was just a huge fan of rock music and heavy metal and the lifestyle," said
Gargano, who considered the guitarist a good friend.

Despite Dimebag's nickname, Gargono said, "It was funny because I never saw him
smoke pot all the time I knew him."

Pantera's manager Kim Zide-Davis, who worked with Abbott from 1994 to 2003,
called him larger than life, and said she often told the guitarist he was "a
living cartoon character."

"He would do things that you wouldn't believe a real person was capable
of," she said.

In recent years, Abbott also made recording appearances on Nickleback's "The
Long Road" and with Frehley, of the band Kiss.

Besides the Abbott brothers, Damageplan also includes vocalist Patrick Lachman
and bassist Bob Zilla.

Source: AP

Burglars Target Osbourne Neighbors (12/7/2004)

Burglars are continuing to cause havoc in Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's neighbourhood, it has emerged.

A fortnight ago the former Black Sabbath front man grappled with a night-time intruder at his
mansion in the village of Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire. Ozzy's best efforts could not stop
the thief escaping with some £2 million of jewellery.

But despite the subsequent publicity generated by the Osbournes' press appeal following the
burglary, the problem has not gone away.

Thames Valley Police announced they were investigating another break-in at a home in Leachcroft,
Chalfont St Peter, which took place between 7.30pm on Friday and 2.30am on Saturday.

A force spokesman said : "Amazingly, the burglars were undeterred by the family's 10-stone rottweiler,
which was in the house at the time."

Meanwhile, another burglary occurred between Wednesday and Friday last week in Chenies Avenue, at
nearby Little Chalfont, police said.

Source: Yahoo News

Sharon: Ozzy Is Still Haunted By Burglary (12/4/2004)

It is not something she will easily forget. Twelve days after burglars raided her
home, Sharon Osbourne is still in shock.

But it's shock mixed with fury as she reveals that the thief who stole her £2million
collection of jewellery spent TWO HOURS ransacking her home.

The raider was captured on CCTV going into the Osbourne's Buckinghamshire mansion and
fleeing 120 minutes later after veteran rocker Ozzy disturbed him and grabbed him in
a headlock.

Sharon and Ozzy have watched the tapes, both appalled at the length of time the brazen
crook spent rifling their every possession.

Recalling their terrifying ordeal 12 days ago, Sharon reveals both are still struggling
to come to terms with the attack.

But the dedicated pop manager has pushed her despair at losing her precious jewels
each with priceless sentimental value - to the back of her mind by working flat out with
her protege, X Factor's rising star, Tabby.

Tonight, the public will decide if the raunchy Irish contestant will go on to next
week's grand final.

"To be extra special, to be able to do it all, no one can compete with Tabby," says
Sharon "We have got to get everybody to vote for Tabby because that's who deserves to win."

For Sharon, 52, working punishingly long hours is her way of coping. Her 55-year-old
husband, however, remains haunted by that night.

"Ozzy is not great," says Sharon, her voice barely a whisper. "For anybody to be woken
up in the night and then suddenly find you are wrestling with a bloody burglar at four
in the morning, it's absolutely terrifying.

"We are both still in shock, deep shock. But all Ozzy keeps seeing is this guy's eyes.
The burglar wore a balaclava and all Ozzy could see was his eyes. And he's haunted by them."

The night before the raid, Sharon had removed her jewellery - including a 24-carat sapphire
band she bought when she beat colon cancer last year - and placed them beside her bed
in the couple's Buckinghamshire mansion.

As they slept, the thief coolly searched every drawer in the house.

And most worryingly for Sharon, he stood over her as she slept while he rifled through
her jewellery just feet away.

"It was so shocking, not because of the sentimental things that were taken," she says with
a note of anger rising in her voice. "It's the fact that someone came into the house.

"Can you imagine being asleep and someone coming to the side of your bed, taking your
rings from the side of your bed as you sleep?

"Every drawer has been opened, everything has been looked at, for God's sake. You feel
dirty. It is heartbreaking when you lose your wedding rings ... but I thank God that
my husband is fine."

Despite their dismay that, after living crime-free in Los Angeles, their return to
Britain was marked by a devastating break-in, the couple plan to spend more, not
less, time in the UK.

"We have been burgled in this house before, four times over ten years now," she says.
"But nothing as big as this. Yet I feel safe here. I am not going to let anyone make
us move.

"We have a home in LA and we have work commitments there but, in fact, we will be
spending more time here than we have in the past.

"This time last year Ozzy had his crash (on a quad bike) and it's like 'Argh, has
somebody got it in for us?'"

But if they have, Sharon is no easy target...

Lying on a bed in her suite at London's swanky Dorchester Hotel, she is on fine form.
Beside her, her beloved dog Minnie playfully yaps at young Tabby, the Irish singer
who she knows will become a big star.

Tabby apologises for being exhausted by a hectic schedule which involved learning
two new songs for tonight's show, while recording - with other hopefuls G4 and
Steve Brookstein - the single that the winner will eventually release.

Sharon clearly has a soft spot for the 23-year-old from Sligo, staunchly defending
him from a raft of stories suggesting he has spent has life avoiding work and
scrounging on welfare benefits.

All her energies are focused on winning the ITV show and getting him the £1million
recording contract.

"The X Factor has really helped take my mind off the burglary," she says. "If I
didn't have something to throw myself into then I would have just been at home
crying. But I haven't had time to dwell on it.

"By next Saturday, when this ends, I am going to be like an elastic band - I am
going to bloody snap."

She has, she readily admits, been taken by surprise at how gruelling her schedule
for the show has become.

Last year, she beat colon cancer yet instead of resting, she is working 14-hour
days to make Tabby a winner. Adding to the spice is her feud with fellow judge
Simon Cowell.

"We don't put this war on," she says. "It's a clash of egos and we both want to
win. Its a battle of who's the biggest and who's the best.

"But to be fair to the guy, his comments about the burglary being great
publicity were misunderstood.

"I'd never say I agree with Simon but he didn't mean that, he was just messing
around. In fact the first person who called me in the morning after his tongue-in-cheek
remarks broke was Simon.

"Then he sent beautiful flowers round for Ozzy. Apart from that, we both want to win."

For Sharon, it is obvious why the public should vote tonight to keep her boy in the contest.

"This is a competition about who has the X Factor and that means you are special.

"You have to have it all, to be a well-rounded performer, to be extra special.

"It's fine to be a great singer but that's not the X Factor, that's not what this is
all about." With that the exhausted pair hastily rearrange their plans for the
evening - to get some well-earned rest.

And with a smile and a malicious twinkle in her eye, Sharon has one last message
for the man who raided her home.

"All I can say is I hope your willy turns to marshmallow and drops off."

-THERE is a £100,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of Sharon's
jewellery and the conviction of the offenders. Call Thames Valley Police
on 0845 8 505 505 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Source: The Sun

Late Necromandus Bassist Played In Ozzy's Blizzard Of Ozz (12/4/2004)

More information has surfaced regarding former NECROMANDUS bassist Dennis McCarten, who
died of a kidney illness in London, aged 54.

Dennis McCarten was the very first bass player with Ozzy Osbourne's BLIZZARD OF OZZ band,
alongside his NECROMANDUS colleagues, guitarist Barry Dunnery and drummer Frank Hall.
The band recorded a number of tracks before Ozzy rejoined BLACK SABBATH for the "Never
Say Die" album. This is all documented exclusively with first-hand accounts in Garry
Sharpe-Young's Ozzy Osbourne biography.

BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi reportedly took the group under his wing, introducing
them to the recording studios where they recorded tracks for a debut album, "Orexis of Death".

But, despite gaining a prestigious slot as the set openers on BLACK SABBATH's successful
British tour in 1973, which included a date at the then-Towbar Club in Nethertown, near
Egremont, the album was shelved and the band disbanded soon afterwards.

After being heavily bootlegged for many years, the NECROMANDUS album "Orexis Of Death" was
released in 1999 by the Italian Black Widow label.

Source: Garry

How Ozzy Osbourne is helping West Chicago High (11/30/2004)

It's a passing period at Community High School in West Chicago, and the
heavy metal sounds of Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train" blares from the public
address system.

It's all about geometry class, of course.

Teacher Gwen Geiger explains how the self-proclaimed "Prince of Darkness"
was going to shed some light on an efficient way to prove geometry
statements are true.

"You can use an Ozzy proof for anything," said Geiger, dressed in black
from head to toe for the occasion.

Last year, while teaching a geometry unit, fellow math teacher Barbi 3
Mathews noticed the acronym for the process spelled "EAT BAT." (Either,
Assume, Then, But, Assumption, Therefore.)

Mathews immediately thought of Ozzy Osbourne from the MTV reality show,
"The Osbournes."

In his younger days, the singer's legend grew after he bit the head off
a live bat during a concert in the early 1980s.

Mathews jokingly referred to the EAT BAT process as an "Ozzy proof." The
idea caught on, and this year, she and Geiger held their first-ever Ozzy
Day. They distributed plastic bats to students and played Ozzy Osbourne
songs before and during class.

"It makes it a little more fun in the middle of the day as opposed to a
straight lecture," Mathews said. "A lot of geometry curriculum can be a
little dry. The more we can mix it up, the better."

Students seemed to appreciate the break from the routine.

"It helps to remember the acronym," said sophomore David Adamson. "My
grade will go up, definitely."

Added sophomore Ed Ford: "It makes it more fun."

While some know Osbourne from his Black Sabbath days in the 1970s,
Geiger said the reference works well with today's generation who are
familiar with the dog-chasing dad on MTV.

"It's tying into the things they like," Geiger said. "By making it fun,
were also helping them learn. If I could think of an acronym for other
(geometry) proofs, I'd do it in an instant."

Source: Chicago Daily Herald

Korn To Cover "Diary Of A Madman" (11/30/2004)

KORN guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer has told that the
band are planning on entering the studio in Janaury to begin work on
their seventh album, tentatively slated for a late spring/early summer
2005 release.

"On Jan. 2, we're going to go back and finish writing our next album,"
Shaffer said. "We have about four songs we're trying to keep quiet,
but you know how that type of s*** leaks [on the Internet], which is

"It's definitely more of a progressive [sounding] KORN," he added.

Having recently included covers of CAMEO's "Word Up" and PINK FLOYD's
"Another Brick in the Wall, Parts 1, 2, 3" on their Epic/Immortal set
"Greatest Hits, Vol. 1", Shaffer hinted the Bakersfield, Calif.-based
five-piece are working on a covers EP, with a tentative title of "Korn
Kovers", for a possible April release.

"We threw out a lot of ideas and came up with a handful of cover songs
that we recorded like NINE INCH NAILS' 'Head Like a Hole' and the
PSYCHEDELIC FURS' 'Love My Way'," Shaffer told "And we
really want to do OZZY OSBOURNE's 'Diary of a Madman'."

Released in October, "Greatest Hits, Vol. 1" debuted at No. 4 on The
Billboard 200 and has sold 392,000 copies in the United States,
according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Also in the works is a late winter/early spring live DVD release
featuring footage mainly from this past summer's Projekt Revolution

Source: Blabbermouth

Betting On Return Of Osbourne Jewels By Christmas (11/28/2004)

The betting line on the return of Osbournes' jewels has become the most popular
line at Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon, who were robbed of
diamonds, sapphires, watches and wedding rings, cherish hope for getting Sharon's
jewels back by Christmas. But police and punters are betting otherwise.

According to, now a $1 bet on recovery of the jewels would
win you $1.05 but a $1 bet against this outcome would win you $20.

“Within minutes of posting the wager on the Osbourne jewels at our site the
betting pool began to swell,” said an excited spokesperson. “Where
it will stop we won't know until Christmas!”

Heavy metal rock star Ozzy Osbourne, 55, and his wife Sharon were pilfered at
their home near Chalfont Saint Peter, in the south of England. Ozzy nearly
caught one of the thieves in Sharon's dressing room. Nevertheless, the burglar
and an accomplice managed to get away taking with them jewellery including
Sharon's wedding rings and a 24-carat sapphire she had bought for her daughter
as an investment. According to, the stolen jewels are estimated
to be worth about GBP 2 million (USD $3,786,410).

"Everything we have got we have worked our arses off for. I worked for every
penny, and when somebody comes who hasn't worked and wants to take what's
yours, you know, it pisses me off big time," said Sharon Osbourne about the loss.

Later the Osbournes decided to offer a reward of GBP 100,000 ($ USD 189,320)
for information leading to the return of the gems. The family made a statement
at a press conference outside London, offering this substantial amount together
with the insurance giant Lloyd's of London.


Ozzy & Sharon Attend Women Of The Year Awards (11/28/2004)

Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon attended the Women of the Year awards
honoring women in the music industry at the Intercontinental Hotel on
Wednesday, November 24th in London, England.

Pictures are available at Rex Features and Getty Images.

Source: Blabbermouth

Osbourne Orders Extreme New Security Measures (11/28/2004)

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne has ordered extreme new security measures at his mansion
to prevent a repeat of the $3.6 million jewellery theft earlier last week.

Ozzy bravely held one of the two intruder's in a headlock and dangled him out
of a window at his Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire home before the thief
struggled free, escaping with irreplaceable gems, including his wife Sharon's
wedding and engagement rings. But the 55-year-old is making sure he's prepared
for future trespassers, by hiring 24-hour security guards and installing laser
"tripwires," guard dogs and a series of watchtowers. An insider explains, "He's
shocked and angry. He can't understand how what he thought was a good security
system failed."

Source: Soundbuzz

Sharon Osbourne Furious At Jack (11/28/2004)

X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne is apparently furious at her son, Jack, because
he has had every inch of his back covered by a tattoo.

Jack, who is currently in Los Angeles, is following in the footsteps of his
father, Ozzy, who also has several tattoos.

A source told The People, "Sharon was seething. She hit the roof when she
spoke to Jack over the phone. Ozzy is also mad at him.

"Jack had the massive tattoo outlined on his flesh in September and Sharon
begged him not to continue with it. Now she feels he has betrayed her at a
bad time.

"She was already very upset about the robbery, and now this."


Ozzy's Sister: He Deserved To Be Robbed (11/26/2004)

Ozzy Osbourne's elder sister has told a British newspaper that he deserved to be
robbed as payback for the similar crimes he committed in his youth.

Gillian Hemming, 59, says Ozzy's teenage past came back to haunt him when his
Buckinghamshire mansion was hit by a $3.6 million (£2 million) raid last week.

When he was 17-years-old, Ozzy - real name John Michael Osbourne - served a
two-month prison sentence for breaking into a clothes shop in Birmingham,
England and stealing women's stockings.

Hemming says,"The stockings he took were only worth a few quid and his burglary
cost him £2 million.

"He's paid for it now, hasn't he? It's like bad karma."

He is Britain's favourite rock star - famous for his foul-mouthed rants and
bat-biting antics.

But last week Ozzy Osbourne, who began life in the humble backstreets of
Birmingham, fell victim to a violent burglary at his English country mansion.

Thieves raided wife Sharon's jewellery cabinet, making off with diamond-studded
watches, sapphire wedding rings and necklaces worth up to £1m.

A devastated Ozzy hit out at Britain's soaring crime rate, declaring: "It doesn't
give me a very good reflection about the state of crime in the country.

"We have spent a lot of time in America where we could have been mugged, shot,
murdered. We have been over here a couple of months and all this has happened."

But to some, the singer's comments could have a ring of hypocrisy about them.

Because, before rising to fame and fortune, the Black Sabbath frontman had a
reputation as a thief - and a burglar.

Long before living it up in sunkissed California, Ozzy was brought up on the
mean streets of Aston, in a small terraced home in Lodge Road.

He hated life at Birchfield Road Secondary Modern school and used to bunk off
from classes whenever he could.

From there it was a rapid decline into a world of drugs, crime - and ultimately

Ozzy even raided the home of a 63 year-old woman neighbour in his teenage
years - an incident strikingly similar to his own horrendous experience last week.

Other criminal exploits included breaking into gas and electricity meters at
school to steal cash.

A teenage Ozzy also broke into the Sarah Clarke clothing shop on Witton Road,
Aston, planning to steal sweaters before selling them on.

But the raid was anticipated by cops and Ozzy ended up being caught red-handed.

He was charged with breaking and entering and stealing goods to the value
of £25. He was later convicted and fined £40 - a sum he could not afford to pay.

And because Ozzy's father, John Osbourne Senior, refused to bail his son, the
young tearaway ended up serving three grim months in Winson Green prison.

It was all a far cry from the life of celebrity luxury he was later to enjoy.

"I cut as often as possible [from school], passed the time hanging out at the
snooker hall with my closest friend," Ozzy wrote in his book Ordinary People
in 2003.

"We were always waggin' it - hooky - playing hoodlums. It was a small kid-like
crime like scrumping, which was stealing apples off people's trees.

"By our early teens we graduated to lifting candy, soda and cigarettes from
the little shops."

Yet young Ozzy - then known as just plain John - was a farcical flop as a thief.

He had turned his hand to a variety of different jobs including working in a
slaughterhouse, a funeral home and as a horn-tester in the local Lucas car factory.

"The only reason I worked was to pay for all the pills I took," added Ozzy.
"Mostly speed. The occasional Seconal to sleep.

"Then I did what most unemployed drug-taking alcoholics do. I turned to crime.

"Obviously I wasn't a criminal. Despite ripping off gas meters and climbing
through the window of the old lady who lived next door to us, I didn't have a
criminal mind-set.

"I proved that one night when the cops caught me coming out of a clothing
shop carrying about £25 worth of merchandise I'd just burgled.

"'Don't you have gloves?' one of the cops asked. I was like, 'Yeah, I do. I
left 'em inside.' I went back in and returned with the last bit of evidence
they needed."

Ozzy ended up serving six weeks of his sentence - and hated every minute of
it. While behind bars, he tattoed the trademark 'OZZY' on his knuckles.

Later, he was to recall how the experience had driven him from crime forever
and launched his drive to become the world-famous rock star known to millions
today. But while Ozzy has moved on to limousines and Beverly Hills mansions,
life in Lodge Road continues much as it did 40 years ago.

The quiet street looks a little more worn now and faded scrawls declaring
fans' love for Ozzy adorn the front door of his former family home.

One elderly neighbour, who asked not want to be named, recalled her memories
of the road's most famous ex-resident.

"John was a little rascal," she said. "He would hang around with some
tearaways and he would get into trouble for stealing things from the shops.

"He was in and out of people's houses a lot. But he had a very hard start
to his life - and it was a tough, tough life for him at the beginning.

"If he hadn't had such a tough start then you knew he would have been a smasher.

"He used to play with my son and the music they played was awful - that
heavy metal stuff. I was always more of a Daniel O'Donnell fan.

"John was always getting into trouble one way or another. But that's John
for you.

"His father was a tough man. It didn't matter if the family was working or
not, they had to put money on the table.

"Mind you, if John turned up now I would give him a good clip round the ear
for some of the language he uses today.

"He still comes back occasionally in his Jaguar. But not so often now."


Cops To Quiz X Factor Stars Over Robbery (11/26/2004)

DETECTIVES are probing a possible link between the £2m jewels raid at Ozzy
Osbourne's home and hit show the X Factor.

Contestants and crew who visited the Osbournes' mansion during filming for
the TV series could face questioning as part of routine inquiries into the case.

Contestants Tabby Callaghan, 23, Cassie Compton, 17, and Roberta Howett, 23,
all stayed with Sharon for two weeks when X Factor kicked off.

Fellow wannabes Andy Steed, 24, and Megan Ramsay, 16 - who were both knocked
out early in the series - were also guests, as were Cassie's mum, Tabby's
girlfriend Anna Leask and a stylist who works with the wannabe stars. None of
the contestants, their families or friends are considered suspects.

Sharon, who has a £42million fortune, employs a number of live-in servants
and ground staff to tend the extensive grounds of the mansion in Chalfont
St Peter, Bucks. They may also be quizzed during the routine inquiries.

Last night, a police source told the Sunday Mirror: "We are looking at talking
to as many people as we can about the raid. It has all the hallmarks of an
inside job and anyone with knowledge of the house and the Osbourne's habits
may well be able to help our inquires.

"Detectives are planning to talk to all of those involved with X Factor who
spent time at the house, along with housekeepers and estate workers."

We can also reveal police think the gems are likely to have been shifted
out of the country within hours of the raid.

The source added: "The culprits knew what they were getting and how to get
rid of them. The current belief is that they already had a buyer lined up
and ready to hand over cash."

Raiders struck at the £3million country home in the early hours of Monday
morning, escaping with the haul of Sharon's expensive jewellery.

They appeared to know the couple's habits and went straight to the bedside
table where Sharon leaves her wedding ring before going to sleep. A naked
Ozzy woke to find one of the two burglars in his wife's dressing room and
grappled with him.

He held the man in a headlock as his legs dangled outside a window. But
the raider managed to break free and drop 30ft to the ground below where
he escaped with his accomplice.

The burglars' haul included a 10-carat diamond ring worth £700,000, a
string of pearls worth £80,000, a £150,000 rose ring, and a £520,000
perfect sapphire ring.

The Osbournes put up a £100,000 reward for information on the criminals.

Speaking about the theft of her gems, Sharon, 52, said: "I always take
them off and put them beside the bed. That's where they were, right
beside me on the bedside table. The man had come right next to me."

Sharon's X Factor finalists have been staying at her home on and off
since the end of August.

She has become a friend to the young contenders battling to win the
contest and has made them welcome at the eight-bedroom mansion.


Ozzy To Perform For Prince Charles (11/24/2004) is reporting that Ozzy Osbourne will perform at this year's Royal
Variety show, it was announced today.

The rocker - who grappled with a burglar at his Surrey mansion earlier this
week - will give his only U.K. performance of the year.

Wife Sharon will also take the stage at the event, held at the London Coliseum
on December 14 in the presence of the Prince of Wales.

Liza Minnelli will make her Royal Variety performance debut.

Sir Elton John, Jamelia, Gwen Stefani, GIRLS ALOUD and Denise Van Outen are
all on the bill.

Brian McFadden and Delta Goodrem will give the first TV performance of their
new duet "Almost Here".

Nathan Lane and Lee Evans will perform a medley of songs from West End hit
The Producers", while Sir Cliff Richard is promising "a few musical surprises."

The performance will be broadcast on BBC1 on December 15.

Source: Blabbermouth

Ozzy offers £100,000 reward for gems (11/23/2004)

Wild man rocker Ozzy Osbourne spoke of his distress today after thieves stole
precious jewellery from his country mansion.

The Brummie star, who grappled with one of the intruders during yesterday's
break in, offered a £100,000 reward for the return of the stolen gems.

And asked if he would tackle a burglar again he responded: "Is the Pope
a Catholic?"

Ozzy and wife Sharon, stars of the eponymous reality TV show, spoke of
their distress following the burglary at their home in Chalfont St Peter,
Buckinghamshire, at a press conference today at a nearby hotel.

They gave a full list of the items taken, including Sharon's wedding rings
and a 24-carat sapphire, which Sharon bought as an investment for her daughters.

Sharon spoke of her anger at the burglary and said that while people might
think that the family were rich enough to replace the items taken, their
sentimental value made them irreplaceable.

She added that she and Ozzy had "worked our a**** off" to pay for the goods
taken, which were valued at around £2 million.

Sharon told reporters at the Bellhouse Hotel near Gerrard's Cross,
Buckinghamshire, that it "p***** me off, big time" that the items that
she and Ozzy had worked hard for had been taken.

She said: "I'm sure a lot of people will look at us and say 'Well,
they have got more, they can buy it again, there's more serious things
happening in the world, who really gives a damn?'.

"But the thing is, we worked for everything.

"I came from Brixton, Ozzy came from not a very nice part of Birmingham
and everything we have got we have worked our a**** off for.

"If I choose to make an investment for my kids in whatever way I choose
to make it, that's my business.

"I worked for every goddam penny and when somebody comes who hasn't
worked and wants to take what's yours, you know it p***** me off big time."

It was announced at the press conference that the Osbournes and Lloyds
Underwriters are offering a reward of up to £100,000 for information
leading to the conviction of the offenders.

Ozzy and Sharon were both dressed in black and looked tired and subdued,
although she was wearing a diamond necklace and large, ruby brooch which
the burglars had apparently left behind in the raid.

Sharon talked through a series of photographs of pieces taken during the
raid, explaining their sentimental significance to reporters.

She lost a diamond daisy chain necklace, which was a 20-year anniversary
gift from Ozzy in the raid, as well as two Franck Muller watches, both of
which are collectors' pieces and one of which was one of only 10 made.

A string of pearls with a diamond clasp, which she had had for 20 years,
was also taken, as was a 4-inch by 4-inch diamond rose ring.

One of the most significant losses was a perfect 24 carat sapphire called
The Swimming Pool, which she bought with what she called "my first
significant money" a couple of years ago as an investment for her daughters.

Sharon said it was one of only very few absolutely pure sapphires in the

She also lost her wedding rings, which Ozzy bought her a couple of years
ago, when they renewed their marriage vows.

The rings were to replace the one which he had originally bought her when
they first met, from H Samuel.

The final item which was lost in the raid was a 10 carat diamond ring which
Ozzy bought for Sharon "because it was 10 and I was a perfect 10."

Detective Inspector Paul Miller of Thames Valley Police described the moment
when Ozzy tackled the burglar, although the former Black Sabbath singer
declined to do so himself, saying he was too upset.

He said: "Whilst selecting items of jewellery, the burglar was distracted
by Ozzy, who very courageously tackled this burglar and pursued him from
the house."

The officer said that security at the house has been reviewed and added
that he is "keeping an open mind" on the possibility that it was an inside job.

Ozzy did not comment at length about the incident, telling reporters: "I feel
worse today than I did yesterday."

But he said he acted "just purely on impulse" and realised, looking back,
that the situation could have been a lot worse.

He said: "I could have been like George Harrison. I could have been badly
injured or anything.

"It could have got really ugly. I just thank God that no one got injured."


Wild Man Ozzy 'Had Burglar in Headlock' (11/22/2004)

Rock wild man Ozzy Osbourne struggled with one of the masked raiders who
stole around £2 million worth of jewellery from the star's mansion, it
emerged tonight.

Osbourne had one of the burglars in a headlock as he attempted to stop
items, including a wedding and engagement ring belonging to wife Sharon,
from being stolen.

He told The Sun newspaper: "He was a big, strong man - but at one point I
thought I could kill him to stop him hurting Sharon. But then I just let him

"It was terrifying, I was looking to see if he had a knife. I can't get his
staring eyes out of my mind."

Among the jewellery taken were two gold wedding rings and a 24-carat
sapphire, which was Sharon's 'survival' ring.

The burglary occurred after the couple had been celebrating the birthday of
Sir Elton John's boyfriend, David Furnish.

Osbourne needed the toilet in the early hours when he came upon the burglar.
He intends to beef up security but added the experience had left him angry
and feeling violated.

After the struggle, the raiders escaped by jumping 30ft from a first floor

Police said "a large amount of jewellery" was taken from the couple's home
in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire, at around 4am.

The couple are staying there while Sharon appears in ITV talent show The

Jay Marose, the family's spokesman in the US, said he had spoken to Sharon
tonight and she was "sounding great".

"Ozzy and Sharon were in the house. They were woken up by the incident
eventually," he said.

"My understanding is that the intruder was discovered in the dressing room,
in Sharon's dressing room."

He added: "I'm sure everything will have financial and sentimental value,
just knowing them, but any details would have to come from the police."

The intruder had used a ladder to get into the first floor room, and police
believe he would have been injured by the jump.

In a statement, Thames Valley Police said: "The disturbance woke the
residents and a man grabbed one of the burglars.

"The offender eventually managed to struggle free and then jumped out of the
window and made off.

"Police believe the burglar who escaped would have been injured after
jumping from the window, a drop of 30ft."

The man who jumped from the window is described as being of large build, 5ft
10ins to 5ft 11ins and was wearing a ski mask, a light-coloured jacket and
trainers. There is no description of the second man.

Police believe the pair were driving a large vehicle, possibly a van, and
are keen to hear from anyone who may have seen one leaving Chalfont St Peter
at speed.

A press conference giving further details of the incident is expected to
take place tomorrow.

The break-in is the latest event in a turbulent recent history for the
Osbournes, who were thrust back into the media spotlight following the
success of their eponymous reality TV show.

Last December, Ozzy spent eight days in a coma after breaking his
collarbone, six ribs and a vertebra in a quadbike accident at the
Buckinghamshire estate.

Changes, his duet with daughter Kelly, topped the charts in the weeks
following the accident as Ozzy made his recovery.

Sharon has battled back from a cancer scare and saw her American talk show
axed earlier this year.

But she has bounced back as a judge on The X-Factor alongside Louis Walsh
and Simon Cowell.

The couple appeared together on the BBC's Children In Need on Friday night.

Source: The Sun

Osbournes Hit By Gem Raiders (11/22/2004)

LONDON, England (Reuters) -- Burglars broke into the English country home of
rocker and reality TV star Ozzy Osbourne Monday and stole a large amount of
jewelry, police said.

They used a ladder to climb through a first floor window at the Osbournes'
mansion at Chalfont St Peter in Buckinghamshire, just north of London,
police said.

"The disturbance woke the residents and a man grabbed one of the burglars,"
a police spokeswoman said, without saying if the man in question was Ozzy.
"The offender eventually managed to struggle free and then jumped out of
the window and made off."

Ozzy and his wife Sharon, two of Britain's best loved reality TV stars,
are living at the mansion. Their children were not in the house at the time.


Sabbath Vs. Nas? (11/21/2004)

Check out this cool "Mash Up" of the Nas song "Made you look" rapped over Black
Sabbath's "War Pigs":

Click Here



Ozzy Osbourne was among the panel of recording artists, producers, label executives,
critics and songwriters that selected the list of the greatest rock 'n' roll songs
of all time, to be published in a special edition of Rolling Stone magazine out on

The lion's share of songs from the list hail from the 1960s, and only a handful were
released after 1990, including NIRVANA's 1991 hit "Smells Like Teen Spirit" at No. 9.
The most recent single to make the list was "Hey Ya!" (2003) from the hip-hop duo OUTKAST,
at No. 180. Rapper EMINEM's "Lose Yourself" (2002) ranked No. 166.

Ozzy's Top 10
1. A Day In The Life - The Beatles
2. Imagine - John Lennon
3. Live and Let Die - Paul McCartney & Wings
4. Money - Pink Floyd
5. Mississippi Queen - Mountain
6. Hey Jude - The Beatles
7. Yesterday - The Beatles
8. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - The Animals
9. Dazed and Confused - Led Zeppelin
10. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John

Top 100 Greatest Songs Of All Time, according to Rolling Stone
01. BOB DYLAN - "Like A Rolling Stone."
02. THE ROLLING STONES - "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"
03. JOHN LENNON - "Imagine"
04. MARVIN GAYE - "What's Going On"
05. ARETHA FRANKLIN - "Respect"
06. THE BEACH BOYS - "Good Vibrations"
07. CHUCK BERRY - "Johnny B. Goode"
08. THE BEATLES - "Hey Jude"
09. NIRVANA - "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
10. RAY CHARLES - "What'd I Say"
11. THE WHO - "My Generation"
12. SAM COOKE - "A Change Is Gonna Come"
13. THE BEATLES - "Yesterday"
14. BOB DYLAN - "Blowin' in the Wind"
15. THE CLASH - "London Calling"
16. THE BEATLES - "I Want to Hold Your Hand"
17. JIMI HENDRIX - "Purple Haze"
18. CHUCK BERRY - "Maybellene"
19. ELVIS PRESLEY - "Hound Dog"
20. THE BEATLES - "Let It Be"
22. THE RONETTES - "Be My Baby"
23. THE BEATLES - "In My Life"
24. THE IMPRESSIONS - "People Get Ready"
25. THE BEACH BOYS - "God Only Knows"
26. THE BEATLES - "A Day in the Life"
27. DEREK & THE DOMINOS - "Layla"
28. OTIS REDDING - "Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay"
29. THE BEATLES - "Help!"
30. JOHNNY CASh - "I Walk the Line"
31. LED ZEPPELIN - "Stairway To Heaven"
32. THE ROLLING STONES - "Sympathy For The Devil"
33. IKE & TINA TURNER - "River Deep, Mountain High"
34. RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS - "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'"
35. THE DOORS - "Light My Fire"
36. U2 - "One"
37. BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS - "No Woman, No Cry"
38. THE ROLLING STONES - "Gimme Shelter"
39. BUDDY HOLLY & THE CRICKETS - "That'll Be the Day"
40. MARTHA & THE VANDELLAS - "Dancing In The Street"
41. THE BAND - "The Weight"
42. THE KINKS - "Waterloo Sunset"
43. LITTLE RICHARD - "Tutti Frutti"
44. RAY CHARLES - "Georgia On My Mind"
45. ELVIS PRESLEY - "Heartbreak Hotel"
46. David Bowie - "Heroes"
47. Simon & Garfunkel - "Bridge Over Troubled Water"
48. JIMI HENDRIX - "All Along The Watchtower"
49. THE EAGLES - "Hotel California"
50. SMOKEY ROBINSON & THE MIRACLES - "The Tracks Of My Tears"
52. PRINCE - "When Doves Cry"
53. SEX PISTOLS - "Anarchy In The U.K."
54. PERCY SLEDGE - "When A Man Loves A Woman"
55. THE KINGSMEN - "Louie Louie"
56. LITTLE RICHARD - "Long Tall Sally"
57. PROCOL HARUM - "Whiter Shade Of Pale"
58. MICHAEL JACKSON - "Billie Jean"
59. BOB DYLAN - "The Times They Are A-Changin'"
60. AL GREEN - "Let's Stay Together"
61. JERRY LEE LEWIS - "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On"
62. BO DIDDLEY - "Bo Diddley"
63. BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD - "For What It's Worth"
64. THE BEATLES - "She Loves You"
65. CREAM - "Sunshine of Your Love"
66. BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS - "Redemption Song"
67. ELVIS PRESLEY - "Jailhouse Rock"
68. BOB DYLAN - "Tangled Up In Blue"
69. ROY ORBISON - "Cryin'"
70. DIONNE WARWICK - "Walk On By"
71. THE BEACH BOYS - "California Girls"
72. JAMES BROWN - "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag"
73. EDDIE COCHRAN - "Summertime Blues"
74. STEVIE WONDER - "Superstition"
75. LED ZEPPELIN - "Whole Lotta Love"
76. THE BEATLES - "Strawberry Fields Forever"
77. ELVIS PRESLEY - "Mystery Train"
78. JAMES BROWN - "I Got You (I Feel Good)"
79. THE BYRDS - "Mr. Tambourine Man"
80. MARVIN GAYE - "I Heard It Through The Grapevine"
81. FATS DOMINO - "Blueberry Hill"
82. THE KINKS - "You Really Got Me"
83. THE BEATLES - "Norwegian Wood"
84. THE POLICE - "Every Breath You Take"
85. PATSY CLINE - "Crazy"
86. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - "Thunder Road"
87. JOHNNY CASH - "Ring of Fire"
89. THE MAMAS & THE PAPAS - "California Dreamin'"
90. THE FIVE SATINS - "In The Still Of The Nite"
91. ELVIS PRESLEY - "Suspicious Minds"
92. RAMONES - "Blitzkrieg Bop"
93. U2 - "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
94. LITTLE RICHARD - "Good Golly, Miss Molly"
95. CARL PERKINS - "Blue Suede Shoes"
96. JERRY LEE LEWIS - "Great Balls of Fire"
97. CHUCK BERRY - "Roll Over Beethoven"
98. AL GREEN - "Love and Happiness"
100. THE ROLLING STONES - "You Can't Always Get What You Want"


OZZY OSBOURNE: No More Reality TV (11/21/2004)

Even though Ozzy Osbourne became a household name by starring in one of MTV's most
popular reality TV shows to date, he has no intentions of doing another series of
"The Osbournes", according to Reuters.

"When you watch a 25-minute episode, I've been filming all day," Ozzy told reporters
at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Rome.

"At the end of it I didn't like having cameras around the house all the time."

His wife and co-star agreed.

"Now everybody's doing (reality shows)," Sharon Osbourne said. "He's done it,
he's been there, he's got to do something else."

When asked if they would have more children, Ozzy had a concise answer.

"Are you fucking mad?"

Source: Blabbermouth

OZZY OSBOURNE To Host MTV Australia's Video Music Awards (11/21/2004)

The Herald Sun is reporting that Ozzy Osbourne and manager wife Sharon will host MTV
Australia's Video Music Awards in Sydney next March.

"Getting to Australia from Pom-land is like a mission to the moon, but we're going
to have some fun, even if there are too many . . . awards shows today," Ozzy told
The Herald Sun.

Osbourne, singer with veteran British heavy metal band BLACK SABBATH, was introduced
to a new generation of music fans in 2001 when his family agreed to appear in the U.S.
MTV fly-on-the-wall documentary series "The Osbournes". But after three years "The
Osbournes" has ended.

"It gets pretty tiring when you have a crew filming absolutely everything between
7am and 2am," Ozzy said. "Now I can walk around the house picking up the dog poo
in peace."

But Sharon said: "Actually, I miss 'The Osbournes', because when we did the show
we were all together."

Source: Blabbermouth

OZZY And SHARON Interviewed At MTV Europe Music Awards: Video Available (11/21/2004)

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne were among the celebrities interviewed by Reuters on the
red carpet of the MTV Europe Music Awards in Rome, Italy on Thursday night (Nov. 18).
Other celebrities interviewed include Usher, Sarah Michelle Gellar, DURAN DURAN,
BLACK EYED PEAS, Anastacia, Nelly, and Natasha Bedingfield. The show highlights
include host Xzibit, Eminem's performance, and Kylie Minogue presenting to Usher.
Watch the highlight clip here.

Source: Blabbermouth

Upcoming Covers CD To Feature Backing Vocals By 'The X Factor' Star (11/15/2004)

British singer Tabby Callaghan of the TV show "The X Factor" has laid down backing
vocals for the upcoming OZZY OSBOURNE covers CD, to be included in Ozzy's "Bible
of Ozz" box set, according to "The X Factor" is a popular TV
talent-search show which features Ozzy's wife Sharon as a judge/presenter.

Callaghan told that he recorded his vocal parts at Abbey Road
studios in London - possibly the most famous recording studio in the world which
made its name with big orchestral recordings and of course, THE BEATLES.

The 52-song collection, due on February 8, "Bible of Ozz" chronicles Ozzy's career
via his biggest hits and most memorable collaborations, while including a
separate disc with 10 newly recorded versions of his favorite songs by other
artists. This means that Ozzy fans can hear the madman's very own renditions of

The "Bible of Ozz" box set will be packaged in a weathered, collectable gothic
book with new images of Ozzy taken by famed British photographer/artist Sam Taylor
Wood. It will be come with a 60-page booklet that contains a complete career
overview and rare Ozzy photos.

The first two discs in the set will encompass re-mastered versions of Ozzy's
most popular solo smash hits. The third disc (which is entitled "Oddities and
Duets") is comprised of some of Ozzy's most unusual collaborations. And the
special fourth disc (called "Under Covers") is comprised of newly recorded
covers as only Ozzy can deliver.

Source: Blabbermouth

Tony Iommi - "No Plans For New Sabbath Album" (11/14/2004)

Tony Iommi recently did an interview with Classic Rock Revisited, the entire interview
can be found here.

Jeb: Now, I have to ask about Black Sabbath. Are there any plans on getting together
and recording?

Tony: There are no plans. We talk about it as we always do. I think everyone in Sabbath
is into making another album. We are certainly into doing another tour, for sure, if
we could. I would like to make another album but, as has been the case for a long time,
it is hard to get everyone together to do it. Ozzy has had a lot of commitments over
the past few years that have made it difficult.

Jeb: You are all rock stars but Ozzy has become a television icon.

Tony: Ozzy said he didn't like that and that he wanted to get out of that.

Jeb: Isn't that up to Sharon?

Tony: Exactly! Sharon has taken over now; she is on TV all the time.

Jeb: I talked with Bill Ward about a year ago and he told me that there is an album of
new Black Sabbath songs on tape at his house that just need mixed.

Tony: We've got quite a few tracks that we did. We had a writing period where we
wrote about seven tracks that are very good.


A New Look For (11/12/2004)

It's been a long 2 years since the last major overhaul of this website.
Hope you all enjoy the new look. Some new features have been added, and
there are still a few more up my sleeve which I will be implementing
over the next few weeks. Enjoy!


Ozzy Filming Video For "In My Life" (10/31/2004)

Ozzy has been busy filming the video for a cover version of The
Beatles classic "In My Life." In the promo he sits on a park bench
with his bulldog, which ends up weeing on a businessman's shoes.

Ozzy says: “I love The Beatles and it's one of the only songs that
hasn't been done to death.


Osbournes Former Maid Charged With Stealing (10/31/2004)

OZZY Osbourne's former housekeeper has been charged with stealing
from his LA mansion.

His daughter Kelly's underwear and an £18,056 diamond ring
belonging to her sister Aimee are alleged to have been pinched
by Juana Zavala, 52.

Zavala's husband Jamie claims the rocker's wife Sharon assaulted
her over the alleged thefts.

But Sharon said: 'I'd never touch her in a million years. She's a
pervert. She sniffs knickers.'


OZZY: I'll Break Cowell's Nose (10/24/2004)

OZZY and Sharon Osbourne have launched a fierce attack on her fellow
X Factor presenter Simon Cowell.

Sharon, who has accused Cowell of rigging the result of the hit ITV
talent show, said: "Ozzy warned me at the beginning 'You're not
going to win'.

"Even if I had The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix, I
still wouldn't f*****g win."

Furious Ozzy, 55, said: I'll break his f*****g nose.

"I want to know where Simon buys his boots, so I can fill them full
of s**t and throw them at him."

Former Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy raged on: "I'll lend him my
quad bike - maybe that would help him improve his ratings."

He was referring to his accident on his Buckinghamshire estate
last year, which left him in a coma for eight days. Cowell suggested
it was a publicity stunt to boost sales of Ozzy's Christmas single,
but he later apologised.

The row has been simmering since Cowell branded the Osbournes'
daughter Kelly "ugly and talentless".

It boiled over after Sharon became convinced that she had been "stitched
up" by Cowell on the X Factor.

I chatted to Sharon and Ozzy hours before she flew to Britain for
tonight's first live show, when the nine finalists will face the
public vote.

Those who suspect this spat is merely a publicity stunt cooked up to
boost ratings for the show, which has a peak audience of eight million,
should think again.

At one point, Ozzy asked me to retract a comment he had made because
it was particularly close to the knuckle and he "doesn't want to
stoop to Cowell's level".

Sharon, 52, confided that, despite the on-screen bonhomie, she and
Cowell were nothing more than colleagues. "We don't have a
relationship," she sighed. "I hardly know him." The Mirror revealed
yesterday that the pair had not spoken for days following their row
over the show.

The bone of contention is the amount of air-time Cowell's older
team - ex-Happy Mondays singer Rowetta Satchell, "smiler" Steve
Brookstein and Verity Keays - have been granted.

Sharon complained: "He gets more time for his artists.

"We've seen his over and over again. It's not fair. I've lost lots of
sleep over this. I watch the show, and I think 'where are my kids?'
and it p****s me off."

Sharon, denying Cowell's accusation that she is over-competitive,
added: "B*****ks. It's Simon's f*****g show. He's never lost at
anything in his life and he's not going to lose at something he owns."

Sharon's final three are Roberta Howett, Tabby Callaghan and Cassie
Compton. She said: "I'm really happy with my contestants. They've got
a huge amount of individuality, they're great young kids. I love them."

In a dig at Cowell's, whose finalist Verity is often seen in tears,
she added: "There are no sob stories.

"Two of Simon's contestants have toured for the last 25 years, Steve's
a bloody fake - he's done the circuits over and over and so has Rowetta."

She had nothing but praise for her young singers: "Roberta is beautiful
but she doesn't use it. Cassie's got such a powerful voice and Tabby's
just great."

Asked if she was nervous about coming face-to-face with Cowell tonight,
Sharon admitted: "It's going to be bloody horrible."

She went on: "I thought all that s**t about Kelly had gone but...he's
slagging her off again and it breaks her heart. What is it that he won't
let go? It's like a f*****g infatuation." Ozzy accused Cowell of turning
Kelly into a nervous wreck, adding: "He's f****** bullying her."

I asked Sharon why she agreed to appear on Cowell's show if she hated
him. "Cos I wanted to f*****g whip his arse," she explained.

Sharon admitted she was nervous about the live aspect of the show, where
the worst act will be voted off each week.

"I'm s******g it," she said. "I'm really nervous because I'm so emotionally
attached to the kids."

Ozzy is worried that Sharon, who has successfully battled colon cancer,
will make herself ill again.

He added: "I have never seen the show - I know the outcome.

"I bet you £10,000 Simon Cowell is going to win. He owns the show.

"It's about Simon Cowell and his f*****g ego."

Source: CNN

OZZY OSBOURNE Among Presenters At RADIO MUSIC AWARDS (10/24/2004)

Ozzy Osbourne and daughter Kelly are among the scheduled presenters at
the Radio Music Awards, airing live on Monday (Oct. 25) on NBC from
the Aladdin in Las Vegas.

The awards are chosen by radio programmers across the country,
according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Carson Daly hosts the
show that includes performances from Chingy, GREEN DAY, Tim McGraw,
Usher and Big & Rich teaming with Gretchen Wilson.

Janet Jackson is set to receive the Radio Legend Award. Other
presenters or celebrities appearing include Paris Hilton, Jessica
Simpson, Clay Aiken, the BLACK-EYED PEAS, and Carmen Electra.


Box Set Track Listing Revealed (10/21/2004)

The complete track listing has been revealed for the upcoming OZZY
OSBOURNE box set "Bible Of Ozz".

The 52-song set, due on February 8, chronicles Ozzy's career via
his biggest hits and most memorable collaborations, but the
clincher is that the fourth disc of the collection features 10
newly recorded versions of his favorite songs by other artists. This
means that Ozzy fans can here the madman's very own renditions of
CRIMSON, and others.

"The Bible Of Ozz" box set will be packaged in a weathered,
collectable gothic book with new images of Ozzy taken by famed
British photographer/artist Sam Taylor Wood. It will be packaged
with a 60-page booklet that contains a complete career overview and
rare Ozzy photos.

The first two discs in the set will encompass re-mastered versions
of Ozzy's most popular solo smash hits. The third disc (which is
entitled "Oddities and Duets") is comprised of some of Ozzy's most
unusual collaborations. And the special fourth disc (called "Under
Covers") is comprised of newly recorded covers as only Ozzy can deliver.

Track listing:

CD 1:

01. I Don't Know (live)
02. Mr. Crowley
03. Crazy Train
04. Goodbye To Romance (live)
05. Suicide Solution (live)
06. Over The Mountain
07. Flying High Again (live)
08. You Can't Kill Rock And Roll
09. Diary Of A Madman
10. Bark At The Moon (live b-side)
11. Spiders (b-side)
12. Rock And Roll Rebel
13. You're No Different
14. Dee

CD 2:

01. Ultimate Sin (live)
02. Never Know Why (live)
03. Thank God For The Bomb (live)
04. Crazy Babies
05. Breaking All The Rules
06. I Don't Want To Change The World (demo)
07. Mama, I'm Coming Home (demo)
08. Desire (demo)
09. No More Tears (single version)
10. Won't Be Coming Home (demo)
11. Perry Mason (live from Ozzfest live album)
12. See You On The Other Side (demo)
13. Walk On Water (demo)
14. Gets Me Through (live)
15. Bang Bang (original demo for "Facing Hell")
16. Dreamer

CD 3 - Oddities and Duets:

01. Iron Man (Ozzy With THERAPY?)
02. N.I.B. (Ozzy with PRIMUS)
03. Purple Haze (Ozzy with Zakk Wylde, Randy Castillo & Geezer Butler)
04. Pictures Of Matchstick Men (Ozzy with TYPE O NEGATIVE)
05. Shake Your Head (Let's Go To Bed) (Ozzy with WAS NOT WAS)
06. Born To Be Wild (Ozzy with Miss Piggy)
07. Nowhere To Run (Ozzy w/CRYSTAL METHOD,DMX,'Ol Dirty Bastard & Fuzzbuble)
08. Led Clones (Ozzy with Gary Moore)
09. For Heavens Sake (Ozzy with Tony Iommi & WU-TANG CLAN)
10. I Ain't No Nice Guy (Ozzy With MOTÖRHEAD)
11. Therapy (Ozzy With INFECTIOUS GROOVES)
12. Stayin' Alive (Ozzy With Dweezil Zappa)

CD 4 - Under Covers:

01. Good Times (ERIC BURDON)
02. 21st Century Schizoid Man (KING CRIMSON)
03. In My Life (THE BEATLES)
04. Mississippi Queen (MOUNTAIN)
05. For What It's Worth (BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD)
07. Hi Ho Silver Lining (JEFF BECK GROUP)
08. All The Young Dudes (MOTT THE HOOPLE)
09. Sympathy For The Devil (ROLLING STONES)
10. Changes - Duet with Kelly Osbourne (BLACK SABBATH)


Ozzy Clean For Six Months, Osbournes To Air In January (10/21/2004)

ABC ePrep is reporting that Ozzy Osbourne has been clean of recreational
drugs and alcohol for six months, thanks to a 12-step program. He told
"Access Hollywood"'s Billy Bush that it's really made a difference for
his family, too. Ozzy explained, "I'm going to these meetings that they
have. I'm back on track and my kids are. Jack's on a program, and Kelly's
doing (well). You've come at a good time in the... life of the Osbournes,
everyone's clean."

Next week, MTV will bow the new reality show "Battle for Ozzfest", where
Ozzy and wife/manager Sharon will evaluate bands competing for a chance
to play on the 2005 tour. In January, the network will premiere the
fourth and final season of "The Osbournes".


Battle For Ozzfest Premiere Party (10/21/2004)

A "Battle for Ozzfest" premiere party will be held at O'Farrell's
Restaurant & Bar, located at 413 Tenth Avenue at the corner of
33rd Street in New York City on Monday, October 25 at 10:30 pm. If
you live in NYC, head down to watch the show and win some prizes.
Visit for more information.

The brainchild of Emmy award-winning producer Sharon Osbourne, "Battle
for Ozzfest" is a new, weekly, unscripted series, chronicling the
intense nationwide search for eight hard rock bands competing for
the chance to perform on stage on Ozzfest's worldwide 10th Anniversary
tour. In addition to the opportunity of a lifetime by sharing the
stage with Ozzy Osbourne himself as well as other rock superstars,
the winning band will receive touring money, brand new band gear and
a possible record deal. In the premiere episode, Sharon and Ozzy turn
the competition upside-down as there's one big twist that the bands don't
know about - and that's just a taste of things to come.


Upcoming Ozzy TV Appearances (10/17/2004)

MTV TRL - 10/20

Regis and Kelly - 10/21


Ozzy Covers Beatles, Stones for New Boxed Set (10/16/2004)

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Ozzy Osbourne has returned to his satanic roots
by recording a version of the Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil"
for an upcoming covers CD.

The disc, one of four to be featured in a boxed set due next February,
also includes fresh takes on the Beatles' "In My Life," King Crimson's "
21st Century Schizoid Man" and Arthur Brown's "Fire," Osbourne told
Reuters in an interview at his Beverly Hills home on Thursday.

Mott the Hoople singer Ian Hunter shares vocals with Osbourne on the
glam band's signature song "All the Young Dudes." Leslie West reprises
his guitar work on power trio Mountain's "Mississippi Queen," and he
"still absolutely kicks ass," Osbourne said.

The three other discs will include demos, rarities and outtakes from
Osbourne's solo career, which began after he was kicked out of the
pioneering heavy metal band Black Sabbath in 1978.

"I've done a lot of choruses and verses on other people's stuff, and
I've actually sung with other people," Osbourne recalled. "I goofed
around with Dweezil Zappa one time" on a version of the Bee Gees'
"Stayin' Alive," which has been dusted off for the boxed set.

"For die-hard fans it's a real good overview of Ozzy's career," his
wife and manager Sharon said during the interview.

The Stones cover is appropriate fare for a man somewhat reluctantly
linked with devil imagery in the decades since he co-founded Black
Sabbath in 1968. Their 1970 song "N.I.B.," featuring the line "My
name is Lucifer, please take my hand," echoes the sentiment of
1968's "Sympathy for the Devil" with its chorus "Pleased to meet
you, hope you guess my name."

But Osbourne's first musical love is the Beatles. Books on the Fab
Four vie for shelf space with weighty tomes on World War II at the

His version of "In My Life" will be released as a single in Europe
in November. Sharon Osbourne said she did not know if the track
would be sent to U.S. radio outlets for airplay consideration.

Fans who still have money left over also can buy the DVD of "We
Sold Our Souls for Rock 'n' Roll," the documentary shot by
Penelope Spheeris during the 1999 edition of the Osbournes' annual
Ozzfest road show. It will also come out in February.

Originally intended for theatrical release, but never bought by a
distributor, the film has rarely been seen in public. It features
interviews and performances by such acts as Black Sabbath, Rob
Zombie and Slipknot, scenes of religious protesters and topless
female fans, and a touching backstage portrait of Osbourne and
Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi warming up with an acoustic run-through
of "Paranoid."

Source: Reuters

Songs Revisit The Holy Land Of Ozz (10/16/2004)

Is nothing sacred? You won't find the Bible of Ozz in the Christian-rock
section of the record store. The gospel according to Ozzy Osbourne leans
more toward Ultimate Sin, Thank God for the Bomb and his demo for Facing

Those songs and 49 others track the metal demigod's solo career on a
four-CD box set due Feb. 9. The first two discs contain remastered hits,
B-sides and rarities, including live tracks and demos of the contradictory
Mama, I'm Coming Home and Won't Be Coming Home.

The third Bible of Ozz CD has a variety of collaborations, from Iron Man
with Therapy and I Ain't No Nice Guy with Motorhead to Stayin' Alive
with Dweezil Zappa and Born to Be Wild with Miss Piggy. Among Osbourne's
newly recorded covers on the fourth CD are The Beatles' In My Life, Buffalo
Springfield's For What It's Worth, the Rolling Stones' Sympathy for the
Devil and King Crimson's 21st Century Schizoid Man. He and daughter Kelly
close the collection with their duet of Black Sabbath tune Changes, which
recently reached No. 1 in the U.K.

Source: USA Today

Sharon Planning More Surgery (10/16/2004) is reporting that Sharon Osbourne is going to treat
herself this Christmas to more cosmetic surgery.

The 52-year-old wife of Ozzy has admitted to having confidence-boosting
procedures performed in the past and jokes that after her upcoming
operation she will look like British glamour model Jordan.

The reality TV star says, "After Christmas I'm going to have some more
lipo' done and titties lifted again - cos I wanna look like Jordan."


Unreleased Sabbath Song Sample Found! (10/12/2004)

"When I Came Down" - Unreleased Black Sabbath Song,
53 Second MP3 Sample: Listen to it here!

Here is the original report from Record Collector reported on 9/24/03:

In this month's edition of record collector comes news of a newly
discovered Sabbath acetate 45rpm record. On the A side is a track
entitled "When I Come Down" and is believed to have been recorded
at studio's in Birmingham between March and October 69. The song
is described as short but boasting strong vocals and harmonica
playing. It begins with a bluesy, pentatonic riff and although the
guitar gets rather lost in the mix, the overall feel approximates
to a slower take on Evil Woman, while much of the rhythm is like
NIB, set up in half time to the riff. The track was written by
locomotive keyboardist Norman Haines, although no keyboards
appear on the track. On the B-side is a rough demo of the wizard.
Where, when, or if this track will ever show up on any kind of
release will remain a mystery until further notice.


Black Sabbath Debut Album Artwork Origin + Rare Song (10/12/2004)

I recieved the following picture from David Tangye (Ozzy's personal assistant
during the Sabbath days). He wrote the following:

The photo of the 'Mill' at Mapleduraham was taken last year, apparently they
have cleared all the old bramble bushes away, and the tree that was featured
in the original album photo shot has been felled. Mapledurham is an ancient
place that is actually mentioned in the Magna Carta, you can search for it
on the net, If you know anyone that wants to make a pilgrimage to this site
it is a Hotel/Guesthouse now.

Original Artwork

He also provided me with a link to check out a sample of a very rare song
from the Sabbath days. The following song, entitled "The Mill" was written,
recorded, and produced by Richard "Spock" Wall. Spock was Black Sabbath's
Road Manager/ Sound Engineer. He sings and plays all the instruments on the
track. Listen to it at this location:


ABC News Accidentally Posts Sharon's Obituary Template (10/11/2004)

Sharon Osbourne XX of XX.

Sharon Osbourne, best known as the woman who saved Ozzy Osbourne from
himself, XXX today of XXX. She was XX.

[Née Sharon Arden Born October 9, 1953 in London, England XXXX: XX]

Sharon Osbourne, best known as the woman who saved Ozzy Osbourne from
himself, XXX today of XXX. She was XX.

Wife and business manager of heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne, a.k.a.
the Prince of Bleeping Darkness, Sharon lived in backstage obscurity
until her family's wildly popular MTV reality show, The Osbournes,
catapulted her to household-name status. Her XXX today of XXX was?.

Sharon, Ozzy and two of their three teenage children, Jack, 18 and
Kelly, 17, played out their chaotic yet happy daily lives for an
audience of millions - one episode pulled in 7.8 million viewers,
the most for any show in the history of the network. They also won
an Emmy award for Best Reality TV Show.

Off-screen, just weeks after negotiating an astronomical $20 million
dollar contract for a second season of The Osbournes, Sharon was
diagnosed with colorectal cancer. The show went on, though, filming
throughout her illness and treatment.

Though she struggled with addictions to food, drugs and alcohol,
Sharon was known for her business savvy and nerves of steel. Starting
in the late 1970s, she hauled Ozzy out of a debilitating drug addiction,
took over his career and helped him sell more than 70 million solo albums.
When Ozzy was rejected by Lollapalooza, she created the Ozzfest metal
tour, which turned out to be the largest grossing group concert in
history. Sharon also hatched the idea for The Osbournes and was the
family's fiercest contract negotiator throughout.

Rock n' Roll Roots

With a father who was a concert producer and band manager and a
mother who danced, Sharon grew up steeped in London's entertainment
industry. Sharon's father, the hard-bitten Don Arden, managed bands
such as Electric Light Orchestra and Black Sabbath, Ozzy's original
heavy metal band. Sharon dropped out of school at 15 to work for her him.

Ozzy and Sharon's romance began in 1979, when Sharon went to collect
$500 that Ozzy owed her father. Having been kicked out of Black Sabbath
for excessive substance abuse, Sharon found Ozzy at a Beverly Hills hotel,
bottomed out from a six-month cocaine binge. "He was so vulnerable and
sweet and honest," she told People. "He was a bit of an oddball. But he
was really, really loving."

Furious with her for poaching a client - especially one who owed him
money - Sharon's father attempted to have her killed and they did not
speak for 20 years.

During those years, Sharon struggled with her weight and Ozzy's
addictions. At the lowest point in his struggle, Ozzy attacked Sharon
one night in a drug-induced haze and tried to strangle her. "Eminem
talks about killing his wife, but my husband actually tried it," Sharon
told British tabloids. The incident landed Ozzy in a six-month round of
rehab, though even today, he continues to drink and take prescription drugs.

In 1999, when 225 pounds had settled on Sharon's 5'2" frame, she
underwent a new surgical procedure to shrink her stomach. It helped her
drop 95 pounds, restricting her to small amounts of food at a time.
"In my life I've seen the way people react to fat people. Somebody once
said that it's more accepted to be a drug addict than it is to the fat,
and it's true," Sharon told Barbara Walters.

Doctors say this weight-loss procedure had nothing to do with her
subsequent cancer.

At the height of The Osbournes popularity, Sharon was included in
People's Most Beautiful People issue in 2002.

When she was diagnosed with cancer, her family was shattered. Filming
the show during this difficult time was more straining than they had
thought. "Ozzy's been hitting the bottle again and the cameras are
here all the time?" Sharon told Barbara Walters on 20/20. "So we have
no privacy? You know when you're sick and you want to be on your own?
And I can't throw up on my own and Ozzy can't get drunk on his own."

Osbournes No Osmonds

The family's on-screen, "ordinary" lives made the Addams Family seem
like the Osmonds ? they in fact parodied the wholesome duo for a
Pepsi Superbowl ad this year. Their regular-yet-shocking family antics
were punctuated by the constant bleep of the censor, with Sharon
remaining the sane and stable mom throughout. When the family pooch had
bowel problems, she called in the pet therapist; when things got ugly
with the elevator-music-loving neighbors, she made nice with police.

The show also affected the lives of their teenage children. Kelly,
17 has put out an album, Shut up; Jack, 18 appeared on an episode of
Dawson's Creek; and even the "missing" daughter, Aimee, who moved out
when MTV moved in ? has upped the ante on her modeling career. Sharon
too, was set to host her own afternoon talk show. Alternately proud
and bothered by her family's fame and lack of privacy, Sharon surprised
MTV executives by telling Barbara Walters the show would end after
the second season. She quickly recovered from the gaffe by publicly
announcing, "I love my MTV."

"You're not as normal as I think you are when I'm talking to you,"
Walters once told Sharon, aptly capturing the essence of her allure.
When Ozzy once bit off the head of a dove during a tense moment with
record company executives, Sharon defended him, "He was meant to take
it out of his pockets as a show of peace."

Sharon also occasionally surprised her foes with Tiffany boxes full of
feces. She also told People about her meeting with Queen Elizabeth: "She
was very warm and amazingly down-to-earth, and I just told her that she
had great t*%&, 'cause she does."

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Sharon and her dark prince renewed
their wedding vows in a New Year's Eve ceremony. The official day of
their anniversary is July 4th. Sharon once joked, "I wanted to pick
a day Ozzy would remember."

Osbourne is survived by her husband Ozzy and three children, Kelly,
Jack and Aimee.


Osbournes on Best Behavior for Charity Event (10/11/2004)

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - There was no ham-tossing or
obscenity-spewing in the Osbournes' backyard in Beverly Hills on
Thursday night.

Instead, it was a little bit of glitz and a lot of music with some
fund-raising in between. Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne opened the doors
to the home made famous by the cameras of MTV to host "An Evening
at Home With the Osbournes," a charity dinner featuring Elton John
to benefit both the Elton John AIDS Foundation and the Sharon Osbourne
Colon Cancer Foundation at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

All the siblings showed up -- Jack, Kelly and Aimee -- and even got
in on the live auction action. Before the dinner, Kelly could be seen
carrying around a puppy, which was one of the first few items put
on the block by auctioneers Eric McCormack and Megan Mullally. The
bids went to $16,000, and the Osbourne family won out in adopting
the pet, adding it to their already strong stable of canines.

Taking home another top prize was Lance Bass, who wrote a check for
north of $200,000 for a brand new, not-available-yet-on-the-West
Coast Aston Martin.

Dogs and cars aside, the night belonged to two good causes and the
intimate concert by Sharon Osbourne's "dear friend" John.

"It's been a dream come true. It's been amazing. How could it
not -- look at the people who are here tonight," she gushed after
the last song of the evening and right before John sneaked up from
behind to give her a little pinch.

Showing their faces and dining on Asia de Cuba cuisine were
George Lucas, Robin Williams, Tori Spelling (with new husband,
Charlie Shanian), Jennifer Love Hewitt, Quincy Jones, John Stamos,
Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

Source: Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

Update On The Ozzy Box Set (10/10/2004)

Ozzy's forthcoming box set will include a brand new cd of covers,
one of which will be of the The Beatles "In My Life".

BLACK SABBATH: OZZFEST 2001 Tour Rider Posted Online (10/10/2004)

The Smoking Gun, a web site that posts original documents on the
Internet, has obtained BLACK SABBATH's backstage rider for the
Ozzfest 2001 tour.

The contract rider includes specifications on stage design, sound
systems, lighting rigs, as well as an artist's wish list - from
ransportation and billing to dressing room accommodations and meals.

"For BLACK SABBATH's 2001 Ozzfest shows, Jack and Kelly Osbourne's
creamy butternut squash soup and strawberry Haagen-Dazs were kept a
room apart from dad's water biscuits, tea bags, and New York-style
bagels," reads a posting on the site.

BLACK SABBATH's complete Ozzfest 2001 tour rider, featuring details
of the group's insurance requirements, dressing room needs, security,
catering, and other minutiae, can be viewed at this location.


RANDY RHOADS Limited-Edition Sculpture (10/10/2004)

Photos of the Randy Rhoads limited-edition resin sculpture have been
posted online at The figure is sculpted and hand-painted
in exquisite detail, standing approximately 8.5 inches high. Limited to
3000 pieces, it retails for $99.

The Randy Rhoads figure is in the final stages of production for an
anticipated late November shipping date. Pre-orders are currently
being accepted.

Randy Rhoads is considered to be one of the most talented and
influential rock guitarists of all time. His work on the first
two platinum-selling OZZY OSBOURNE solo albums is legendary.
Rhoads' combination of metal chops and classical mastery earned
him a special place in rock history.

The Rhoads estate has licensed the rights to Randy's image and
likeness to KnuckleBonz, Inc., which permits the company to
create this hi-end, limited-edition resin sculpture. KnuckleBonz,
Inc. has also secured a licensing agreement with Fender Musical
Instruments Corporation, which permits the company to portray
Randy Rhoads with his signature white Jackson offset-V guitar.


Battle For ozzfest Premieres Oct 25th On MTV (10/10/2004)

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are launching a new MTV reality
series/contest in which a band will win a slot on the Ozzfest 2005 tour.

"Battle for Ozzfest," which premieres Oct. 25 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT, will
feature eight bands competing for the Ozzfest prize in addition to touring
money, equipment and a possible record deal.

The Osbournes will serve as judges and decide which bands are eliminated
from the competition.

Ozzfest, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year, grossed more
than $19 million from 24 shows reported to Billboard Boxscore.

View rejects here.


SHARON To Executive-Produce New Cable TV Project (10/10/2004)

Sharon Osbourne, wife and manager of BLACK SABBATH frontman Ozzy
Osbourne, has posted the following message on her web site:

"Hello everyone!

"I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your
continued love and support over the past couple of years especially
with my most recent endeavor, 'The Sharon Osbourne Show'.

"I have now moved on to a new chapter in my life. I have two new
television projects. The first is entitled 'X-Factor' which is a
talent show much like the ('American' and 'Pop') 'Idol' shows, but
with a new twist. I'm one of three judges along with 'the notorious'
Simon Cowell and noted music manager, Louis Walsh. The show has just
debuted on ITV across the U.K. The other television project is for
U.S. cable and will debut sometime in 2005. I am the Executive
Producer and also appear in the program. Unfortunately I can't
reveal anything more at the moment.

"In addition, I am now stepping up my efforts to raise monies for
my colon cancer charity (The Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program
at Cedars-Sinai).

"I hope you will all check back on October 1st for the re-launch
of Please check in with Mrs. O and Minnie
to see what we're up to."


Unreleased QUIET RIOT Song With RANDY RHOADS Posted (10/10/2004)

QUIET RIOT vocalist Kevin DuBrow has launched his fully functional
web site at To kick off the site, he has made
available for download a never-before released QUIET RIOT song
featuring guitarist Randy Rhoads, entitled "Come And Gone" (click on
"Randy Rhoads Years"). The song was recorded live in the studio in
1975 and features DuBrow, Rhoads and original QUIET RIOT bassist
Kelly Garni. The site also features rare photos, tour dates and a
"Message From Kevin" feature that will be updated regularly.


Neuk Mansion To Be Home For Ozzy? (10/10/2004)

ROCK star-turned-reality TV cult figure, Ozzy Osbourne, is rumoured to have
shown an interest in an East Neuk mansionhouse, currently on the market at
over half a million pounds Innergellie House and its grounds, which include
a lodge and stable block, is advertised for sale by Cupar solicitors, Bennets,
at offers over £595,000.

Proceeds of the sale, along with the thousands of pounds worth of antiques
which the property contained, have been bequeathed to the charitable trust
in the name of their late owner, Lady Margery Skiffington, to help blind
people in east Fife.

Conservative estimates put the possible total raised by the contents at
between £100,000 and £200,000. The auction of the items was due to be held
at auctioneers' Lyon and Turnbull's Edinburgh rooms on Wednesday.

Lady Skiffington (93) was the second wife of Sir Donald MacLean Skiffington,
under whose direction the original Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth liners
were built at Clydebank.

Sir Donald died in Glasgow in 1963 and lady Skiffington, who collected
antique furniture, paintings and ceramics, died earlier this year.
Having experienced loss of sight, she bequeathed her estate to the
charitable trust which will benefit the blind in east Fife and maintain the
woodland on the estate.

Trevor Kyle, director of Lyon and Turnbull, said it was rare for such houses
and their contents to come on the market.

On Monday, Robin Bennett of Bennett's declined to give any details of anyone
who had contacted the firm over Innergellie House and would only confirm
there had been a lot of interest in the property "from all over the country
and abroad."

It was expected that an October closing date would be put on the property,
he said. The Citizen contacted London-based Newman & Co, who act for Ozzy
Osbourne, but, at the time of going to press, no comment was forthcoming.


Ozzy's Sisters Audition For X Factor (10/10/2004)

Sharon Osbourne played a joke on Simon Cowell on a recent episode of The X
Factor, when she arranged for Ozzy Osbourne's sisters to audition on the

Sharon asked sisters-in-law Gillian Hemming, 59, Iris James, 63, and Jean
Powell, 65, to audition for the talent contest - in order to see what
Simon's reaction to the trio would be.

The sisters can't dance, and all Iris does during the audition is point.

However, Sharon is in for a shock herself when Simon starts to praise the

Cowell tells the group that they could be famous if they were to get rid of

"He was lovely," Gillian told The Mirror. "I thought he was going to be
really nasty to us - but he wasn't.

"When he found out we were Ozzy's sisters he said we should get ourselves a

Sharon explained, "It was really funny. We always get together and sing at
family parties and I thought it would be a great to get them on the show.

"They have wonderful voices."



Osbourne Defies Wife Over Bikes (9/26/2004)

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne is defying wife Sharon's orders to get rid of
his quad bikes - following his near-fatal accident in December.

The former Black Sabbath frontman promised to give up his dangerous
hobby which resulted in him crashing on his English country
estate - smashing eight ribs and spending eight days in a coma last year.

Osbourne says: "I still have the bikes.

"Sharon thinks I'll never get on one again - but, um, I might
change my mind."

Source: Irish Examiner

Sharon Osbourne Commanding Large Fee On Talent Show (9/26/2004)

Sharon Osbourne is being paid a staggering $900,000 to appear
as a judge on British talent show The X Factor.

Osbourne pockets $63,000 for each episode, while fellow judge
Louis Walsh only receives half that amount.

Contestants who make it to the final will receive just $450.

And X Factor creator Simon Cowell was so keen for Osbourne to appear
on the show he decided to meet her demands without question.

A show insider says: "Sharon didn't make any major demands to be in
the show - other than her pay cheque. She gets around £35,000 per
episode as well as other perks including first class travel,
stylists and a bodyguard.

"Louis is getting half that but he isn't such a big name. Sharon
is a TV star in her own right thanks to The Osbournes. The finalists
receive around £250 per episode - but the minute they're kicked off
the show they don't get a penny."

Cowell is expected to earn $2.25m (€1.83m) from the show created by
his production company because he will also get a cut from any tours
or albums.

Source: Irish Examiner

OSBOURNE Pledges To Stop Swearing For Charity (9/26/2004)

World Entertainment News Network is reporting that Ozzy Osbourne has poked
fun at his reputation as a foul-mouthed rocker by appearing gagged in an
advertisement for a British television charity event Children In Need.

The BLACK SABBATH singer is rendered silent by tape covering his mouth in
the sketch, while his wife Sharon promises viewers Osbourne will raise funds
by abstaining from swearing for 24 hours.

However, as soon as Sharon makes the pledge, Osbourne rips off the tape and
is partially censored as he screams, "No swear f**king words? You've got to
be f**king joking.

"I'm the Prince of Darkness - they expect me to f**king swear."

The BBC charity show - which calls on celebrities from all areas of
entertainment to help raise money for sick or impoverished kids - will air
live on television screens in November.


Ozzy Is Not On Sara Hudson's New CD (9/26/2004)

Official word from Ozzy's camp: Ozzy does not appear on Sara
Hudson's cd (Naked Truth).

OZZY Selects AUDIO ONE For Recording Solutions (9/18/2004)

Audio One, Inc., the industry leader in advanced technology home and studio
design and installation, today (Sept. 14) announced the completion of two
key recording solutions for world-renowned rocker Ozzy Osbourne. The projects
involved installation of a full professional grade recording studio for the
Osbournes' Beverly Hills home and a state-of-the-art mobile recording Pro
Tools road rig for the Ozzfest tour.

"David Frangioni is f***ing great at making complex designs simple," said
Ozzy Osbourne. "Audio One has been fantastic in setting up my home studio.
I think that David might even be able to sort out my TV in the kitchen!"

Ozzy's studio and road designs were challenging and highly technical. With
multiple recording projects approaching, Ozzy needed two complete studio
systems; one for live and one for his newly repurposed guesthouse. Under
the guidance of David Frangioni, Audio One's expert technicians overcame
space constraints, television shooting schedules and approaching deadlines
to deliver the projects on time and on budget. Each Pro Tools system
contained a variety of HD Process cards, 192 interfaces and plug-ins by
Digidesign, Waves, McDSP, Serato, Sound Toys, Antares and more. The
state-of-the-art home studio is featured in MTV's "The Osbournes" Episode
303: "Rebel Without an Oz", where Ozzy is shown giving guests tours of the
studio installed by Audio One.

"Ozzy is in touch with technology but he goes by what he hears, and his
ears are amazing - he knows a great performance when he hears one," said
Audio One Founder and President David Frangioni. "He definitely likes
the sound of analog, but he's worked enough with Pro Tools digital to
know that he can make it sound as analog as he needs it to sound.

"Audio One values our relationship with Ozzy, Sharon and the entire
family - Ozzy is a world-class talent and deserves world-class service,"
continued Frangioni. "There's a growing demand from clients that require
high-end systems integrated seamlessly with their home, professional and
artistic needs. Audio One's focus is servicing those needs with turnkey


Ozzy WILL NOT Appear On The Weakest Link (9/18/2004)

Ozzy will not appear on the quiz show "The Weakest Link" as previously
reported by According to Ozzy's camp "That is a false story."

Iommi Hopes To Begin Work On New SABBATH Album Next Year (9/13/2004)

BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi has told that the
possibility of a new SABBATH album has not been ruled out. Asked point
blank if there will be a new CD of original material from the heavy
metal pioneers, Iommi responded, "We would hope so. I'm hoping we will
do another one. One of the major problems, of course, is Ozzy's been
doing a lot of other stuff with his MTV stuff. Hopefully within the
next year we'll be able to do something. I'm wrapped up at the minute
doing my solo stuff and still writing, but I've got some stuff in hand
if we do do another SABBATH album."


OZZY OSBOURNE Reaches Out To Hostage Horror Victims (9/13/2004)

Ozzy Osbourne has joined the list of celebrities who have sent out donations
for helping out the school children victimized in last week's school siege
in Beslan, Russia, reports.

According to the Sun, Ozzy and his wife Sharon sent in their contribution
amounting 10,000 pounds (approximately $18,000) for the children.

"No words can describe what we have seen. Our thoughts are with all their
families and friends," the paper quoted Ozzy as saying.

The terror attacks in Russia, which have drawn worldwide condemnation, had
celebrities and people from all over the world chipping in with their


Some Chick Named FRANCES Caused OZZFEST To End Early (9/13/2004)

Ozzy Osbourne has issued a statement regarding the cancellation of the final
Ozzfest 2004 show in West Palm Beach, FL due to Hurricane Frances hitting
the area the same weekend. "Some crazy chick named Frances forced us to end
Ozzfest a bit early" said Ozzy. "To the people of West Palm Beach and the
rest of the state of Florida, Sharon and I want you to know that our
thoughts are with all of you and hope everyone made it through the storm
okay. Rest assured that we'll be back in West Palm in 2005 for Ozzfest's
huge 10th anniversary tour (hopefully before hurricane season starts). Many
thanks to all of the bands on this year's tour, especially the great Rob
Halford and JUDAS PRIEST. Also a big thank you to Tony, Geezer and Bill
for another amazing tour together."


SABBATH: 'The Complete Recording History' Book Due Next Year (9/13/2004) executive editor Garry Sharpe-Young has been working on a
leviathan account of BLACK SABBATH's complete recording history, from the
earliest demos through to the "Reunion" album and, possibly, beyond. Already
having two highly praised SABBATH-related titles under his belt, "The Story
of the Ozzy Osbourne Band" and "Black Sabbath - Never Say Die", Garry has
spent the best part of a year researching this upcoming tome.

"For me, the fascination with the previous books was in getting all the
behind-the-scenes detail on how the bands functioned," Garry said in a press
release. "From the many letters from SABBATH fans I received, it just seemed
obvious to apply that detail to the songs themselves. With 'Complete
Recording History' I'm tackling each album song by song. Where the ideas
came from, how they were recorded, evolved and what impact they had."

Garry's previous works received unanimous glowing praise from the SABBATH
community. "Even Tony Iommi rang me to say he thought I'd done a good job!"
Sharpe-Young said. Exclusive interviews included more than 50 related
musicians including, among many others, Ronnie James Dio, Geezer Butler, Ian
Gillan, Tony Martin, Glenn Hughes, Rob Halford, Geoff Nicholls, David
Donato, Eric Singer, Rudy Sarzo, Bob Daisley, Lee Kerslake, Carmine Appice,
Tommy Aldridge, Bobby Rondinelli, Dave Spitz, Bernie Torme, Brad Gillis,
Phil Soussan, Jo Burt, Terry Chimes and the late Cozy Powell, Randy Castillo
and Ray Gillen.

"Right now I'm looking for comments from other musicians on these classic
songs," Garry explained. "I'm asking well-known rockers about their favorite
SABBATH tracks, what they mean to them, how these songs impacted upon them
as musicians and their own musical analysis of the songs themselves. I think
its befitting that BLACK SABBATH's legacy should be honoured by those
prominent in the heavy metal community. After all, which metal guitarist has
not at some stage played a Tony Iommi riff? Even my 12-year-old son is
blasting out 'Symptom of the Universe'!"

"Black Sabbath - The Complete Recording History" is slated for a late 2005
publication. Any musicians wishing to contribute should contact Garry
through the web site:


Ozzy honored At GQ Awards (9/13/2004)

Ozzy Osbourne was honored with the Editor's Special Award at the annual GQ
Men of the Year awards, held Tuesday (Sept. 7) at the Royal Opera House in
central London. Check out photos from Film Magic here and from Wire Image here.

Men of "distinction, character and achievement" from the world of sport,
industry, politics and show business have been recognized at the prestigious
event, now in its seventh year.


Another Song To Keep Your Eyes Open For (9/7/2004)

I recently obtained this information from David Tangye (Ozzy's personal assistant
during the Sabbath years):

'Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood' was a song recorded in 1975 featuring Ozzy on
backing vocals. It was recorded on an independent label called 'Birmingham Free
Music'. It was arranged by a Singer/Songwriter named Chris Sedgwick.
He was a close friend of Ozzy's back in 1975 at the time of the recording.
There were a lot of local musicians involved in two tracks that were put down.
The 'B' side was called 'Have You Ever Been Loved'. There were only 100 copies
pressed, the majority of which were accidentally destroyed by a fire. Some of the 45's
were distributed to the local pubs in Birmingham, and were played in the jukeboxes.
Anyone who has a copy of this recording, is surely sitting on the ultimate rarity.

If anyone happens to find a copy of this song, I would be very interested in it.
Please contact me!

OSBOURNE Nominates BEATLES To Songwriters' Hall Of Fame (9/6/2004)

OZZY OSBOURNE is one of 20 leading musicians who have been invited
by the music magazine Q to nominate their heroes for the compilation
of a songwriters' Hall of Fame. Osboourne's picks, John Lennon and
Paul McCartney, were the "fucking catalyst for me to get into music,"
Ozzy said. He added: "To me, they're the Mozarts of our time. THE
BEATLES were the only band in rock 'n' roll history to go from a
fucking boy band to a psychedelic rock band."


Sabbath Forced To Turn Down Volume (9/6/2004)

Jay Cridlin of the St. Petersburg Times is reporting that the Ozzfest
concert Thursday (Sept. 2) at the Ford Amphitheatre in Tampa, FL was much
quieter than other recent concerts, according to officials at the
Hillsborough County Environmental Protection Commission.

The EPC received only two complaints about Ozzfest, compared to more than
50 after an Aug. 18 show by LINKIN PARK, KORN and SNOOP DOGG.

The difference? Before Thursday's show began, amphitheater officials
turned down the amplifiers of Ozzy Osbourne's band BLACK SABBATH by as
much as 30 decibels. They also installed a temporary noise barrier along
the venue's periphery on the state fairgrounds and tilted upper-level
speakers down toward the audience.

"BLACK SABBATH is not a quiet band, but the amphitheater did a very
good job dealing with the sound," said Sterlin Woodard, assistant
director of the EPC's air management division.

Ozzfest had a few sporadic spikes above the county's prescribed
decibel limit. EPC officials monitored noise levels in six nearby
neighborhoods. Crowd noise caused the EPC's readings to spike in
the Kings Forest Park subdivision, just southwest of the fairgrounds;
an intermittent bass line did the same in the Woodlawn subdivision,
near Sligh Avenue and U.S. 301.

Some residents said they were impressed with what turned out to be
an unexpectedly soft heavy metal concert.

"I was aware of it, but it wasn't bad at all," said John Bell, who
lives in south Temple Terrace. "Since the other occasion, it has
gotten a lot more reasonable."

Source: St. Petersburg Times

SHARON OSBOURNE Explains OZZY's Camden No-Show (9/6/2004)

Ozzy Osbourne's wife/manager Sharon Osbourne has issued the following
statement regarding Ozzy's no-show at the Ozzfest stop in Camden, NJ.
on August 26:

To those who attended the Ozzfest show in Camden on August 26,

I would like to address the few complaints that have arisen from
BLACK SABBATH's performance with Rob Halford [JUDAS PRIEST] in Camden
last Thursday, August 26th. The situation quite clearly was that Ozzy
was suffering from bronchitis. He was hoping from the morning of the
show until the afternoon that he would have some sort of voice so that
he could perform that evening. Unfortunately by late afternoon he was
advised by doctors that that just wouldn't be possible. So, our
options were:

1. Have BLACK SABBATH not to perform at all and inform the crowd at
4:00 p.m. in the afternoon, which might have lead to a riot.


2. Ask one of the legends of the genre, Rob Halford, if he would step
in for Ozzy that evening so that people wouldn't leave feeling
disappointed not seeing BLACK SABBATH perform at all.

Of course Ozzy's more disappointed than the fans and he feels
incredibly guilty that he let everyone down.


Sharon Osbourne

P.S. Ozzy and I would like to personally thank Gil Edwards and
WYSP-FM for their enormous and continued support of Ozzfest and
hard rock music in Philadelphia."


Osbourne Forced To Sit Out SABBATH's Performance (9/6/2004)

Ozzy Osbourner was forced to sit out Black Sabbath's performance in Camden, NJ
due to an attack of bronchitis. He was replaced at the concert by none other
than JUDAS PRIEST frontman Rob Halford. Commented Rob at the show: "Yesterday
[Aug. 25] was my [53rd] birthday and I feel as if today is too! I'm getting
to sing for one of my favorite bands in the world."

Halford had previously joined SABBATH for two gigs to support Ozzy on his
last shows for the "No More Tours" tour in November 1992 in Costa Mesa, CA
after SABBATH's singer at the time, Ronnie James Dio, refused to take the


Listen To Ozzy's New Theme Song (8/22/2004)

Check out Ozzy's new theme song for "Dog The Bounty Hunter", airing on
A&E, Tuesday, Aug. 31, with back-to-back half-hour episodes starting at
10 p.m.

Dog The Bounty Hunter Theme

The End Of The Osbournes (8/22/2004)

The fourth season of "The Osbournes", slated to start this Fall, will
be the show's last, according to

"The time was right to call it a day," Sharon Osbourne said in a statement.
"Now, without the camera crews, soundmen, directors and technicians roaming
the house all day, the dogs are all we have left. And, with our schedules
this summer, it's positively quiet. But we Osbournes always have something
up our sleeves."


Jerry Cantrell, New Ozzy Album Update (8/22/2004)

I recieved word from those at Divine, that Jerry will not being playing
lead on all songs, as previously reported. No Further Info Available.

Source: Divine Recordings

Ozzy Records Theme Song For New A&E Show (8/16/2004)

Ozzy Osbourne has recorded a new, original theme song for the up and coming
show entitled "Dog the Bounty Hunter". "Dog..." will air on A&E on Tuesday,
Aug. 31, with back-to-back half-hour episodes starting at 10 p.m.

Source: NY Post

Jerry Cantrell Recording Classic Material For Ozzy Box Set (8/15/2004)

Jerry is currently in the studio working on the upcoming Ozzy Osbourne
record that will be released with the Ozzy boxset. It is an album of classic
tunes and Jerry is lead guitar on ALL SONGS. Also playing on the album is
Chris Wyse, bassist for the Cardboard Vampyres. No further information is


Ozzy's Cal Jam Cape Up For Auction (8/15/2004)

A yellow and purple satin stage cape worn by Ozzy Osbourne at the
California Jam Festival in 1974 is expected to fetch around 4,000
pounds (approximately $7,400) at a London auction next month,
according to Bloomberg. The Christie's International Sept. 29 sale
of pop memorabilia will include additional items relating to THE WHO,

An electric guitar played by Pete Townshend of THE WHO during the
rock group's 1973 U.K. Fallout Shelter Tour may fetch as much as
35,000 pounds ($63,796), Christie's International said.

The 1963 white Gibson SG Special is being offered by a private
collector who bought it in the 1970s from an acquaintance of Townshend,
Christie's said in a statement.

Bush/Hitler Image Removed From Ozzfest Video Montage (8/4/2004)

There's something a little different about Black Sabbath's performance at Ozzfest
nowadays, and if you blink you might miss it.

Two images of George W. Bush, shown during Sabbath's performance of the metal
classic "War Pigs," have been removed from the video montage that accompanies
the song, which usually kicks off the band's headlining set. One image that
juxtaposed Bush and Adolf Hitler was captioned "Same sh--, different a--hole,"
while the second superimposed a round, red clown nose on the president, along
with the words "White House Clown."

The edit comes days after Sabbath drummer Bill Ward, who claimed he was
unaware of what was showing behind him, distanced himself from the images
and the sentiment they implied.

"It has been brought to my attention that the widescreen portrays President
George W. Bush with a clown nose appearing with past warmongers, including
Adolf Hitler," Ward wrote on his Web site. "I wish to say this video
structure does not represent my personal views towards President Bush.
This video was made without my prior knowledge or consent."

The Ozzfest camp said it did not create the inflammatory images, but only
compiled pre-existing footage to accompany the anti-war song.

"The Ozzfest 'War Pigs' clip is a video montage of conflicts and war.
protests from the last century to today with stock footage secured
from third parties," read a statement from festival organizers. "The
image of President Bush and Hitler is taken from a CNN news feature that
shows a protestor holding a sign with President Bush and Hitler. The video
is part of a musical performance and the images should not be taken out of

An article in Wednesday's USA Today alleges that the Bush images were
removed due to complaints, though an Ozzfest spokesperson denied the
claim. Instead, the spokesperson said, the montage was edited because
too many media outlets were taking the footage out of context, and it
steered attention away from Black Sabbath's performance.

Two years ago, Bush met Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne at the White
House Correspondents Association dinner. Osbourne and his wife, Sharon,
attended as guests of FOX News host Greta Van Susteren.

Source: Yahoo News

Ozzy Passes $50 Million In Merchandise Sales (8/4/2004)

Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Ozzy Osbourne has passed the $50 million
mark in merchandise sales - a record for a heavy metal performer, according
to merchandising and licensing company Signatures Network.

Osbourne has reportedly amassed $35 million from selling merchandise at
concerts like his Ozzfest roadshow and $15 million at retail during the
past decade. Among the best-selling products are black Osbourne T-shirts,
slippers and action figures.

"I think the 'Ozzy for President' and the 'Passion of Ozzy' shirts we just
released will be some of the best-selling and most popular among his fans,"
his wife and manager, Sharon Osbourne, said. "Of course, I love Ozzy so much
I sleep with one of his shirts on every night."

Despite a downturn in summer concert ticket sales this year, Ozzfest
2004 - featuring the Osbourne-fronted BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST, SLAYER
and SLIPKNOT - remains healthy.

Signatures Network said new Osbourne merchandise is on the way, including
branded fashion jeans, jackets, boots and accessories as well an Osbourne
slot machine.

Osbourne and BLACK SABBATH vintage fashion apparel is now sold at Barney's,
Bloomingdale's, specialty stores including Hot Topic, Spencer Gifts and
Urban Outfitters as well as on

Source: Yahoo News

Ozzy Fans Give Blood For Tickets (8/4/2004)

John Welsh of The Press-Enterprise is reporting that pleasant and patient
headbangers donated blood in record numbers in hopes of scoring a coveted
ticket for Ozzfest, Saturday's all-day concert at the Hyundai Pavilion in
Devore, California.

"We've got to be nice - they're the ones with the needles," joked Sean
Flora, 18, of Riverside, snacking on Ritz Crackers 'n Cheez minutes after
providing a pint of plasma.

Flora was one of about 1,260 Inland people who donated Wednesday on Day 2
of the 23rd Annual KLOS 95.5 FM blood drive.

He scored a voucher for a $50 lawn seat and a pass to Ozzfest featuring
new acts such as SLIPKNOT and hard rock standbys JUDAS PRIEST and BLACK

Some fans camped out as early as 2 a.m. Tuesday, said Jean Cannon, a
spokeswoman for the Blood Bank of San Bernardino and Riverside counties.


Ozzy & Sharon Visit Wounded Troops (8/4/2004)

Michael E. Dukes of the Army News Service is reporting that Ozzy and Sharon
Osbourne visited wounded Operation Iraqi Freedom service members at Walter
Reed Army Medical Center July 21 to tell them they are thankful for
their sacrifices and bravery.

The entertainers spent four hours in the hospital talking with and listening
to the war stories of about 30 Soldiers, Airmen and Marines.

Some explained how their recovery was going, while others told Ozzy how
they've loved his music for as long as they could remember. Nearly all
of them knew Sharon from the "The Osbournes" on MTV; those who did not
told her that their mothers were big fans of her "Sharon Osbourne Show".

When Marine Cpl. Kevin Rumley spoke with Ozzy, his first question was
about the singer's tattoos. "Which one's did you do yourself?" he asked.
Ozzy quickly pointed to a few on his left forearm and hand. The Marine
showed his tattoos, and asked the rock star if he would autograph his arm.

"I'm gonna get it made into a tattoo," he said with grin. To which Ozzy
replied, "Really? That's cool man."

Another long-time fan, Spc. Kevin Pannell, said back in school he made
a drawing of Ozzy's large dragon tattoo. When he asked if he could see
it, Ozzy pulled his shirt up to his chin, exposing a blue dragon that
was looking over his shoulder.

Spc. Leopold Pedraza showed the Osbournes how his myoelectric prosthetic
arm worked, and how he could rotate the hand 360 degrees. Ozzy was
fascinated by the technology asking if the soldier was getting good
at using his "bionic" arm. Pedraza said he was making progress but he
was told it would be a little time before he could wield the prosthetic
with proficiency for normal daily tasks.

Along with the OIF patients, the Osbournes visited two teenage oncology
patients on the hospital's Pediatric Ward and an 18-year-old girl in the
intensive care unit who suffered from a congenital heart defect.

The Osbournes said they enjoyed their visit to Walter Reed and they
look forward to stopping by in the future if they are in the area.

The visit to Walter Reed was part of an USO program that has brought
nearly 100 celebrities to the hospital since over the last two years
to help cheer the spirits of recovering service members.


Sharon: I Would Have Shot Ozzy (8/4/2004)

A tearful Sharon Osbourne said on Thursday that she would have shot her
husband, rocker Ozzy Osbourne, when he tried to strangle her in 1989 if
she had had a gun in their English home.

While interviewing female inmates who had killed abusive boyfriends
or husbands, Osbourne told guests on her U.S. daytime talk show that
she had been a victim of domestic violence.

"He (Ozzy) was drinking and he was taking drugs and it got to the
point where he got violent with me, and he nearly choked me to
death and I called the police on him," Osbourne said, on the verge
of tears.

"He's a gift from God but if I'd have had a gun I would have
used it," she said.

Ozzy Osbourne was arrested in 1989 at the couple's home in
Buckinghamshire, northwest of London, on charges of threatening
to kill his wife, and for a time he was barred from the family
home or from contacting Sharon, then 37.

The couple, married in 1982, and two of their three children
star in MTV's popular reality show "The Osbournes."

Sharon Osbourne said on Thursday that after his arrest, former
Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy "turned his life around."

"Thank God I didn't have a gun, that's why I'm so against guns
or knives or anything like that, because I know if I'd have had
one I'd have probably tried to defend myself," she said.

Source: Yahoo News

Fourth Suspect Charged In Robbery To Get Money For OZZFEST Tickets (7/20/2004)

Jim Collar of The Oshkosh Northwestern is reporting that a teen who escaped
following last week's armed robbery of an Omro, Wisconsin convenience store
has been charged for his suspected role in the crime.

Joseph J. Saverda, 18, was charged in Winnebago County Circuit Court while
he was still being sought on an arrest warrant.

According to the criminal complaint, Saverda and three others devised and
carried out their plan to rob the Omro Travel Center to get money for
Ozzy Osbourne concert tickets.

Officers caught the three suspects soon after the robbery, the complaint

According to the criminal complaint, Saverda and 17-year-old Anthony
Lewis pointed a BB gun at the clerk and demanded money. They left the
store with about $300. Matthew Melhorn, 21, kept watch at the door, while
18-year-old Staci Beckerson was meant to serve as get-away driver.

Police arrived before they could make their get-away, the complaint states.

Saverda, Melhorn and Beckerson each face $100,000 in fines and 40 years

Lewis faces additional charges of battery to an officer, resisting police
and criminal damage to property. He faces $130,000 in fines and 46 years
in prison.

No court dates were set for Saverda as of Friday. The remaining three
defendants will appear in court Tuesday.

Source: Blabbermouth

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