If you would like to use these midi files on your cell phone, please note the following:

1. All makes of cell phones are different. You will have to check your cell phone's instructions to insure it is capable of playing midi ringtones.

2. Some phones have space limitations, and larger files will not work. Again, check your instructions.

3. If you can receive e-mail on your phone, the simplest way to get the ringtone to your phone is to e-mail it to yourself. If you have a USB plug for your phone, you can also use that method.

4. This is all the help I can offer you. If you have any further questions, please call the technical help line for your cell phone. Thanks!

After Forever (94 KB)
Behind The Wall Of Sleep (16 KB)
Close My Eyes Forever (16 KB)
Crazy Train (45 KB)
Dee (4 KB)
Diary Of A Madman (31 KB)
Dreamer (40 KB)
Electric Funeral (2 KB)
Embryo (2 KB)
Goodbye To Romance (32 KB)
Iron Man (25 KB)
Laguana Sunrise (8 KB)
No More Tears (36 KB)
Mr. Crowley (37 KB)
My Jekyll Doesn't hide (32 KB)
Over The Mountain (45 KB)
Paranoid (20 KB)
Planet Caravan (25 KB)
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (23 KB)
Suicide Solution (18 KB)
Supernaut (32 KB)
Tomorrow's Dream (9 KB)