Does Ozzy have M.S. or Parkinson's disease?
No. But, he was improperly diagnosed with M.S. back in 1992 which
caused his retirement for a few years. what makes him shake so much?
Ozzy's tremors/shakes which have worsened in his later years are hereditary
in his family. A doctor recently found that the shakes (which also plagued
his own mother) was not the cause of his drug abuse dating back to his
Black Sabbath days.

Is Benny Hill, or Captain Kangaroo Ozzy's father?
No, neither is. John Thomas Osbourne was Ozzys father, he was a professional tool maker.

Where was Ozzy born?
Ozzy was born in a little suburb called Aston in Birminghamn, England

Does Ozzy have any brothers or sisters?
Yes, Ozzy has 2 brothers, Paul and Tony, and 3 sisters Jean, Iris, and Gillian.

Where did Ozzy get his name?
Ozzy's real name is John Michael Osbourne. Kids in school knick-named him Ozzy,
short for Osbourne.

What did Ozzy do for a living before he became a singer?
Ozzy had a number of odd jobs...working in a morgue, working at a slaughter house,
testing car horns, and robbing small businesses.

How many kids does Ozzy have?
Ozzy has 6 kids. 3 from his first marriage (1 adopted), and 3 from his present marriage.

How tall is Ozzy and how much does he weigh?
Ozzy is 5' 10" and weighs 160 lbs.

What do those strange letters that are on the Speak of the Devil album stand for?
Those letters are in a crypt, this is what it says: (front cover) Howdy. Dial a demon
productions in conjunction with graveyard graphics, proudly presents the madman of rock
dumping in el satanos toiletto. (Inside cover) A tribute to Randy Rhoads, axeman. That
kid was my lifeline, y'know? He was such a dynamic player and I'd rather not talk about
it anymore because it cuts me up every day of my life. Randy Rhoads rest in
peace and love.

Did Ozzy really bite the head off a bat?
Yes,he did. One night at a concert, someone threw a bat up on stage,
it got stunned by the bright lights and laid there lifeless. Ozzy picked it up and
bit the head off thinking it was plastic, but learned the reality the hard way!

Did Ozzy bite the head off a dove too?
Yes, he did that too. CBS was having a little party so Ozzy thought he would
come in and throw 3 white doves into the air, but instead 2 went flying and the last one
got it's head bitten off.

Did Ozzy bite the head off a dog, or
slaughter a dog somehow on stage?
No, the only reason this rumor was ever started
was because of this picture taken at the
Aladin Hotel in Las Vegas 1981. He simply hung
the dog from his teeth by the neck just like
the pups mother did when he was young, it
doesn't hurt them!

Did Ozzy bite the head off a chicken?
No, never bit one, but he did shoot about
20 of them one time in his backyard!

Did Ozzy ever hurt any cats?
Yes. Ozzy had about 17 cats in his home at one time, and he decided to shoot them all.
Ozzy's wife came home to find him under the piano in a white suit with a bloody
knife in one hand and a shotgun in the other.

Has Ozzy hurt any kind of other animals?
To my knowledge, no. Unless you want to count the days when he worked
in a slaughter house!

I heard that Ozzy used to pass around a cup at his concerts that everyone would spit into,
and he wouldn't sing until he drank it. Is this true?
Why did Ozzy shave his head in the early eighties?
Ozzy was using alot of gels and oils in his hair and with those bright
stage lights beating down on that all night long was making his
hair very brittle and damaged. So one night he just went nuts and shaved it all off!

Did Ozzy really take a leak on the Alamo?
Yes. Ozzy was drunk, dressed up as a woman, and used the Alamo as a urinal.

I heard that Ozzy made an album called the Ten Commandments,
why can't i find it any where?
That's true...the album was made. It was a greatest hits package and there were a
limited amount pressed. It is no longer available.

Was Ozzy ever in a band called the Magic Lanterns?
No! this is not Ozzy! The man in this group does look a little like Ozzy,
but it is not him. Ozzy has said so himself.

...but i have a magic lanterns album that says it is the real Ozzy osbourne!
Then you fell for the false advertising the company promting that album is using!

Did Ozzy really try to murder his wife sharon?
Well, he did threaten her life once after alot of heavy drinking and she was very scared
so she pressed the panic button, and the cops took him away.
Ozzy had to spend 3 months in jail.

Where does Ozzy get those blue shades, and where can I get a pair?
Those shades are made by Lunor 1. There are retailers through
out California. He wears model 12 in Gold color.

Did Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge really play on Diary Of A Madman?
No, they didn't, but they are credited on the album. It was actually Kerslake
& Daisley. Ozzy made the band switch right after the Diary was recorded and
since Aldridge & Sarzo were around to do promotion for the album, they put
their pictures in there. Kerslake and Daisley filed a lawsuit against
Ozzy in 1998 for record royalties and additional credits. The lawsuit
was dismissed by the federal court in Los Angeles on August 16, 2002.

Does Ozzy have any subliminal messages in his music?
Ozzy came under fire in the 80's for the suicide of a young man who happened
to be listening to Ozzy while he committed this act. The result was a lawsuit
against Ozzy for placing subliminal messages in his music which promoted
suicide. Of course, Ozzy denied it all and it was eventually thrown out. (You
can read all about this in my bio section). Fed up with all the controversy
surrounding the suicide, in 1988, as a joke, Ozzy did place a subliminal
message on his "No Rest For The Wicked" album at the beginning of
"Bloodbath In Paradise". If you play it backwards, you'll hear Ozzy say
"Your mother sells whelks in Hull" (Ozzy's version of a famous line
taken from The Excorist... which I will not post here.) What the heck is
a whelk and a Hull you might ask? A whelk is a snail (much used as food in
Europe) and Hull is a A borough of northeast-central England on the
northern shore of the Humber estuary at the influx of the Hull River.

Where is Randy Rhoads burried?
Mt. View Cemetery of San Bernardino
570 E. Highland Ave
San Bernardino, California

When is _______'s birthday?
Ozzy Osbourne - December 3, 1948
Randy Rhoads - December 6, 1956--died March 19, 1982
Zakk Wylde - January 14, 1967
Randy Castillo - December 18, 1950--died March 26, 2002
Mike Inez - May 14, 1966
Tony Iommi - February 19, 1948
Geezer Butler - July 17, 1949
Bill Ward - May 5, 1948
Sharon Osbourne - October 10, 1952
Jack Osbourne - November 8, 1985
Kelly Osbourne - October 27, 1984
Aimee Osbourne - September 2, 1983

Where can I find a list of songs that Ozzy has never played live in concert?
Black Sabbath Songs

Planet Caravan
St. Vitus Dance
Am I Going Insane (Radio)
She's Gone
Over To You
Who Are You
It's Alright
Air Dance
Swinging The Chain

Ozzy Osbourne Songs

You Can't Kill Rock N Roll
Little Dolls
You're No Different
Now You See It (Now You Don't)
Slow Down
Waiting for Darkness
Spiders (in the Night)
One Up the B Side
Fool Like You
Devil's Daughter
Crazy Babies
Breakin' All the Rules
The Liar
Mr. Tinkertrain
Time After Time
Zombie Stomp
Don't Blame Me
Walk on Water
Living with the Enemy
Voodoo Dancer
Ghost Behind my Eyes
Thunder Underground
See You on the Other Side
My Little Man
My Jekyll Doesn't Hide
Old L.A. Tonight
Whole World's Falling Down
Back on Earth
Facing Hell
No Easy Way Out
You Know
Running Out of Time
Black Illusion
Can You Hear Them?
No Place for Angels