1. Ozzy once snorted a line of ants like they were cocaine. Tommy Lee of Motley Crue dared him to do it, and Ozzy accepted!

2. During his Black Sabbath days, Ozzy felt the need to “release” (defecate) while in an elevator of a posh hotel. When the doors of the elevator opened, guests of a fancy dinner ball were shocked to see the awful site!

3. Early on in his youth, Ozzy was stabbed in the stomach with a screwdriver at a dance.

4. Ozzy Osbourne is a huge collector of Victorian Art.

5. In the early 80’s, Ozzy shaved his head bald and wore a wig onstage during live performances.

6. Ozzy has had cameo parts in 4 major movies. He played a priest in "Trick or Treat", a band manager in "The Jerky Boys Movie", himself in "Howard Sterns Private Parts" and himself in "Little Nicky".

7. Ozzy used to shave off the eyebrows of his sleeping crewmembers while on tour. He was also known to set fire to newspapers being read by total strangers.

8. Ozzy won a Grammy Award for his song "I Don't Want To Change The World" from his "Live And Loud" album.

9. Ozzy Osbourne is the Godfather of Zakk Wylde's child?

10. Ozzy Osbourne actually has 6 children (1 being adopted). Three are from his previous marriage with Thelma Osbourne: Louis, Jessica Starshine, and Elliot Kingsley (who was legally adopted), and three with Sharon: Jack, Kelly and Aimee. Additionally, Ozzy recently became a Grandfather when his daughter Jessica gave birth to a daughter.

11. Ozzy can not read a note of music.

12. Before choosing a singing career, Ozzy worked in a slaughterhouse and a car horn factory. He was also a petty thief and served 6 months in jail for his crimes.

13. Ozzy recorded his first album with Black Sabbath in just 12 hours, and it only cost $900.

14. Before hitting the big time with Black Sabbath, Ozzy was so poor that he once walked to band rehearsal bare foot because he couldn’t afford new shoes.

15. Stoned out of his mind, Ozzy once woke up in the middle of a busy highway, with cars passing him on both sides. He stood up, walked over to a cop car that was parked on the side of the road and urinated on it. He was arrested immediately.

16. Ozzy attempted suicide several times in his youth. The youngest attempt was when he was just 14 years old.

17. Once on a drunken rage, Ozzy shot to death 17 of his cats. His wife at the time, Thelma came home to the bloody massacre to find Ozzy lying under the piano in a white suit with a shotgun in one hand and a bloody knife in the other.

18. While performing live in concert, Ozzy likes to keep a tank of Oxygen on the side of the stage “just in case”. He also has strict rules against green furniture in his dressing room.

19. Ozzy has 2 brothers and 3 sisters.

20. All of Ozzy’s albums have gone platinum or better. He has sold more than 45 million albums worldwide.

21. During the making of a music video for “So Tired”, an exploding mirror sent sharp glass into Ozzy's throat which ultimately caused him to postpone 8 U.S. concerts.

22. Early on in Black Sabbath, Ozzy splattered purple paint on his chest to catch the audience's attention. Didn't work.

23. When the plane crash that took Randy's life occurred, Ozzy saved the owner of the house that the plane crashed into, who was deaf and unaware of what was going on.

24. "Anyway, we were eating and this helicopter was flying low over Ozzys house wich really botherd him. Ozzy loved shotguns, and so he marched into his house and got out this Remington pump-action shotgun and started to fire at the bloody helicopter!"

25. In Ozzy's first band, The Approach, he sang Otis Redding and Crosby, Stills, and Nash covers -- a far cry from what Sabbath would invent.

26. During the No More Tours tour, a doctor administered a pre-show painkiller injection to Ozzy which temporarily paralyzed him from the waist down. He performed the show by clinging to the microphone stand for the two hours.

27. Ozzy was tricked into going to the Betty Ford Clinic by Sharon, who told him that they would teach him to "drink like a gentleman."

28. After Sharon gave birth to Jack, Ozzy had a vasectomy. In the summer of 2003, Ozzy was acused by Sheron Lutz, a satan-worshiping dominatrix, of fathering her 6 year old son. Little did she know, he'd had a vasectomy 17 years earlier!

29. Ozzy once demonstrated a “new way” to play a piano. He climbed up on top of it, stood on it and urinated inside of it. He was playing the strings by directing his endless stream of urine into it.

30. Ozzy does not like peacock feathers and will not allow them near his house, because he thinks they are the Eye of the Devil.

31. Ozzy's fascination with crucifixes started in the early days of Black Sabbath. After a satanist attempted to put a curse on the band, Ozzy's father made aluminum crosses for the band to wear to ward off the curse.

32. Ozzy is a sleep walker.

33. Ozzy is dyslexic.

34. Ozzy forgets the words to his own songs during live concerts, so he has a teleprompter onstage to remind him what they are.

35. Ozzy isn't a fan of the "skinny cadaver" girls and thinks women should have "a little heft to them."

36. Ozzy once lived in an L.A. home where Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith once lived.

37. The girl in the "Shot In The Dark" video was a cheerleader for the LA Rams.

38. Ozzy almost appeared in a Miami Vice episode but was pulled because of the "Suicide Solution" debate where a young man killed himself listening to Ozzy's music. He was just too controversial.

39. Zakk Wylde heard that Ozzy was looking for a new guitarist through the Howard Stern show. Zakk answered the call!

40. Zakk Wylde grew up in New Jersey.

41. The original cover for the Ultimate Sin was pulled because the girl had no pants on and there were 3 crucifixes on top a hill in the background.

42. Ozzy once shaved his head completley bald. His excuse: because of all the oils, and gels he was using, combined with the bright stage lights made his hair brittle, dry, and very damaged. There was speculation that it fell out due to rabies shots from biting the bat, or that he just plain went crazy one night after using drugs.

43. Ozzy has a tattoo that reads "thanks" on the palm of his hand.

44. The words "bodge" and "flaps" heard in some Ozzy songs such as "No Bone Movies" and "Suicide Solution" are alternative words for vagina and breasts.

45. Ozzy's song "Mama, I'm Coming Home" is dedicated to his wife Sharon. Ozzy calls her "Mama".

46. Ozzy's song "Goodbye To Romance" is a farewell to Sabbath.

47. Ozzy's "Prince Of Darkness" box set was originally going to be titled "Bible Of Ozz".

48. "Suicide Solution" is a song about the alcohol related death of singer Bon Scott from AC/DC.

49. Ozzy attempted to put together a band with Steve Vai. It was going to be called "X-ray".

50. The guy laughing and saying "egg" at the end of "Crazy Train" is not Ozzy. When Ozzy was in the studio recording this song he was fooling around with an oscillator (a device that contorts your voice) when he asked a guy in the studio what he had for breakfast. The guy said "an egg", and Ozzy turned the nob and produced that effect.

51. Ozzy once had to pay $172,000 for the damage that fans caused at a 1986 concert at the Meadowlands, NJ.

52. Randy Rhoads wrote the song "Dee" for his mom Delores.

53. Ozzy has had his dragon tattoo re-colored 2 times since he originally got it.

54. Ozzy's "Speak of the Devil" album was originally released with a sticker over Ozzy's mouth to make Ozzy look normal (instead of the raspberry's pouring out of his mouth)? Ozzy put a quick stop to that and only a few albums made it to the public.

55. Sabbath once performed in white ties, tails, top hats and canes at the Whiskey in LA in the early 70's.

56. Lemmy from Motorhead helped Ozzy write the lyrics to 4 of the songs on "No More Tears".

57. "Mr. Tinkertrain" on the album "No More Tears" was named after Mr. Tinkertrains bar in Bearsville, NY.

58. Tony Iommi was once engaged to Lita Ford.

59. The album "No More Tears" was originally going to be called "Say Hello To Heaven".

60. Tony Iommi coughs at the start of "Sweet Leaf" on "Masters of Reality". It is not Ozzy.

61. Bill Ward was almost fired from Black Sabbath in 1972? Two reasons, he couldn't get the drum track down for "Cornucopia" and he was heavily hooked on narcotics.

62. The song "Bloodbath In Paradise" on "No Rest For The Wicked" is about the mass-murderer Charles Manson.

63. Black Sabbath rehearsed for the "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" album in a castle that was claimed to be haunted. Ozzy and Bill say they saw the ghost!

64. Ozzy had a whole brand new album written in 1987 but he didn't like it so he scrapped the whole thing.

65. Bill Ward was very close with the late John Bonham of Led Zeppelin. They actually grew up together and became regular drinking buddies.

66. The little boy on the cover of the "Diary of a Madman" album is Ozzy's son Louis from his first marriage.

67. The Black Sabbath song "Nib" was named after Bill Wards beard. The guys in the band started calling him nibby (as in the top of a pen nib) because his beard came to a point. (no, it's not nativity in black)

68. Black Sabbath's first self titled album was released on Friday the 13th,february 1970 and was recorded in just 12 hours for $900!

69. Tony Iommi once put lighter fluid on Bill wards legs and set them on fire for a joke.

70. The song "S.I.N." on the "No More Tears album" stands for "shadows in the night".

71. Tony Iommi got the tops of two of his fingers of his right hand chopped off working on some machinery as a child and to this day still wears protective finger stalls to play the guitar.

72. Geezer Butler wrote 90% of the lyrics for Black Sabbath songs.

73. Tony Iommi once punched Ozzy in the nose for ripping up Bibles placed in hotels by the Gideons.

74. Randy Rhoads played with Quiet Riot before getting hooked up with Ozzy.

75. Ozzy made his own tattoos while in jail with a piece of graphite. The famous o-z-z-y across his hands and a smiley face on each knee is his own work.

76. The song "S.A.T.O." on "Diary of a Madman" stands for Sharon Arden Thelma Osbourne. Thelma was Ozzy's first wife, and Sharon Arden was Sharon Osbourne's maiden name. It does not stand for Sailing Across The Ocean.

77. Ozzy used to play an opera song before his concerts. It was written by Norweigan composer Carl Orff and is entitled "O Fortuna" which is the first movement of "Carmina Burana".

78. When Black Sabbath first started playing clubs they would get real mad because the audience would just sit there and talk to each other? So the band just kept turning the volume up until it was impossible to hold a conversation and all the attention was on them.

79. Ozzy once stole $500 from Sharon (before they were married) to buy cocaine.

80. When Ozzy was a young kid, he would spray paint "Ozzy-Iron Man" and "Iron Maiden" around the Aston area where he lived.

81. The song "A.V.H." on the album "No More Tears" stands for Aston Villa Highway? Geezer is a big fan of the Aston Villa soccer team. It does not stand for alcohol, valium, and hash.

82. The song "Miracle Man" on "No Rest For The Wicked" is about the preacher Jimmy Swaggart.

83. Black Sabbath "Volume 4" album was originally titled "Snowblind" but the record company wouldn't allow it because of it's cocaine reference. The band did get tothank the great COKE-Cola company inside though.

84. Zakk Wylde's original name was Jeffery Wielandt, but has had it officially changed to Zachary Phillip Wylde.

85. Ozzy plays the synthesizer on "Who Are You" on the "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" album? It is actually the very first song that Ozzy came up with the music for.

86. Ozzy once said he was going to record a "Farewell To Randy Rhoads" album with Zakk playing songs that Ozzy and randy wrote together, but never recorded.

87. Geezer got his nickname from his brothers? In his own words... "When I was a little kid, actually, I had three brothers in the army and in that time we called each other "Geezer" - it was the thing to do. I got cursed with the nickname from my brothers calling me that."

88. Two days after Ozzy met Geezer, he took a crap on someones car... In Geezers own words... "I've seen him take a crap on some guy's car. For no reason. He's crazy. That was two days after I'd met him. He's not mellowed. He's just more subtle now."

89. When Ozzy bit the head off of a dove at that now famous record executive meeting, he actually bit the head off of a second dove on his way out and threw the carcass at the receptionist.

90. "No Rest For The Wicked" was originally going to be title "Son of a Nun".

91. Ozzy can play the harmonica. It was the first instrument he learned to play. You can hear him on Black Sabbath's first album, on a song entitled "The Wizard".