Ozzy Says: Good to be back on line, I'm looking forward to some very interesting questions, so fire away, I'm here for as long as you want me to be.

From farmer: Ozzy Good to see ya!! Who was the best...wildes group to tour with?

Ozzy Says: There have been so many, I can't specifically say one, I have had a whole bunch of fun along the way.

From farmer: What country is your favorite to tour? Ozzy Says: America! It's the home of rock and roll, you know.

From Hi Ozzy, I just saw you in concert here in Montreal, and was wondering who came up with the GREAT idea of soaking everyone with those industrial SuperSoakers!

Ozzy Says:I think it was my wife. It started off with a bottle of water one time, then a bucket, and then somebody came up with the supersoakers. It's just good fun, you know. It's kind of become the new Ozzy trademark, now. Next year it'll be firehoses...then the one after that I'll probably do an underwater concert. Promoted by Jacques Cousteau.

From Fred ( Hi, Ozzy. I think your a God. I have many portraits of you tattooed on me. So how's your autobiography book coming along? I love you and your music.

Ozzy Says: Well, my autobiography is coming along very slowly. If I have one regret in my life it's not keeping a daily journal because so many incredible things happen to me on a day to day basis. I'm working on an interesting concept right now where it's a series involving my wife, and it's a three part series where the first part is me before her, and then we are going to tell her side, because she's been with me so long. Thank you very much for the compliment, I love you, too. (FromSam Naugler) On "The Black Sabbath Story Volume 1" there are two ten-second clips played, one is called "Rebel" and the other is "A Song for Jim". The are called Earth Demos in the video. Where and when were these recorded? How many copies exist of these recordings? Will they ever be released to the public. Ozzy Says: We never actually recorded those songs, as far as I remember. I can't really give you much information because they were so long ago, "A Song For Jim" was no doubt meant to be a spoof of our manager Jim Simpson, but I don't really remember the songs, so I can't say for sure. Is the Ozz-fest part of your Ozzmosis tour? Why havent you played anything Fromthe New album during the montreal show on Friday. Except for "I JUST WANT YOU"

Ozzy Says: What's been going on is that I've been on the road for fifteen months and it's taking its toll. I have to change the set around because otherwise it's too boring. Too be honest I'm getting a little bit tired. If you come see me if it's good, it's good, if it's bad it's bad, but it can't always be the same, you understand.

Congratulations to Jackie Haycox of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. She's won a personalized platinum plaque of Ozzy's Ozzmosis album from Pepsi World and Ticketmaster Online!

FromBrent Springer: Hi Ozzy!! I'm your BIGGEST fan. How do you feel about the internet being used to promote music and various things like that? For example your live concerts.

Ozzy Says: The weird thing is, looking back on my career, number one I'm surprised to be still doing this. It's always something new on the pile, first it was videos and now it's the internet...before you just had to be a musician, now it's all Star Trek. I'm not sure if I like it, but I think there is no alternative but to get involved. (FromSam Naugler) Where did the name "Polka Tulk" come Fromand what does it mean? Ozzy Says: It's been such a long time...nearly thirty five years. I think I got it off a can of talcum powder in the trash. I heard a rumor that you will be appearing in Howard Stern's new movie. Is it true? Ozzy Says: Yeah, I am doing a very small cameo part. If you go and see the movie, don't blink or you'll miss my part. Put it this way, I'm not expecting an oscar, it's not Forrest Gump II.

FromShane( What was the craziest thing a fan ever did douring a concert?

Ozzy Says: There are so many crazy things, I don't really keep records. Several years ago, there was a guy who fell through a skylight, and fell sixty feet onto a hard floor. I thought the guy was dead, but he got up and started dancing. I've seen so many crazy things. I like being in the thick of it, you know. Who's your favorite guitarist today (not counting your own of course)?

Ozzy Says: Eric Clapton, not just for the music, but for the fact that he has been through so much in his life and has matured so much. He is still able to write good songs. So much of what is out there these days I don't listen to, it's so angry.

FromShane( Growing up as a little tot, what did you always want to be?

Ozzy Says: I wanted to be a plumber, of all things. Don't ask me why. Ozzy, I saw you last Monday (9/30) in Charleston WV and the show was FANTASTIC!!!! When can your loyal fans expect a new album?

Ozzy Says: I've got three or four weeks left on the tour, then I'm taking a vacation with my family, and I'm not going to do anything until January when we begin working on the Greatest Hits package which will have three new songs. Then I will beging working on the new album and then go straight back out on tour. I want to have more creative control on the next album, have my own label. The record companies are too corporate for me. (FromSam Naugler) With both you and Geezer Butler in the studio on "Ozzmosis", was there ever any thought of asking Bill Ward to come into the project? (Sort of a "this is what Black Sabbath would have been if we'd have fired Tony Iommi all of those years ago?")

Ozzy Says: No. There was never a thought or a question. Why would I want to ask him? I've already got a drummer. Who has been the biggest influence in your career? Ozzy Says: The Beatles. But even they had to screw it up with that Anthology. (FromSam Naugler) There is a short, low quality recording of you doing "Staying Alive" which floats around trading circles. What were the circumstances of this recording? Who has it? And will it ever be released?

Ozzy Says: Dweezil Zappa, who is a good friend of mine, asked me if I would do this as a spoof and I said sure. He wanted to put it out, and it was quite funny, but the record company didn't want to put it out because they thought it would be detremental to my career, I just thought it would be a good laugh. Apparently when I left they replaced me with Donny Osmond. I thought it was funny. The problem is that everyone is too serious now. Hi..I'm FromAustin, Tx. Have you ever heard of Stevie Ray Vaughan, and if so, what is your aopinion of him as a musician?

Ozzy Says: I thought he was amazing...I only wish I had gotten into him a lot more when he was alive, I would have loved to have seen him live. Anyone who has died in such a tragic's very sad. Like a lot of people I have listened to him a lot more since his demise, and appreciate him more. I really admire him and think he was one of the greats. Ozzy! You got my black bra in Evansville. Do you still have it?

Ozzy Says: Actually, I do, because what I'm doing on this tour is collecting all the bras and at the end of the tour I'm having a draw, and whoever wins gets all the bras. I've gotten so many I could have a lingerie show...that's as far as it goes, though. I have a wife waiting for me at home. You have to be careful these days. What was your Inspiration For "Ozzmosis"? I noticed a definate style Change.

Ozzy Says: There was no inspiration or direction, my band from before disbanded, I put together not so much a band as a group of songwriters. There was so many mellow songs on the album, it lacked a couple of rockers. I've never acknowledged alternative, or metal, or anything, it's just an Ozzy album, or what you might think of as an Ozzy alternative album. If you like it, you like it. On the next album I'll do a lot more rock, because I'll be going back out on the road, and this was just a studio project. In my opinion, there's not enough rock tracks on the album. (FromSam Naugler) What is this song that you supposedly did with Holly Knight? Who has it? And are there plans to release it?

Ozzy Says: I've recorded song, but they'll never get released. It's very dated. It is called Slow Burn, and it's kind of a rock ballad, but it never really worked out at the end. We tried several times to record it, but it never worked out. Hi Ozzy! I would really love to purchase the video that you have been playing before you got on stage for the Ozzmosis tour. Is there any way a could get a copy? Please help me out!

Ozzy Says: I think my wife is trying to get it out right now. There are a bunch of versions of it. About a week ago my wife said she was considering putting it and a bunch of other stuff never released together to's hilarious, and it was a lot of fun to do, as well. All in all I think we've got about an hour of stuff. What affect Did the loss of Randy Rhoades have on yourself and your Music?

Ozzy Says: It wasn't so much that it affected my music, but I felt that I lost a very dear friend and a wonderful person. How do you explain it because if you hide something Fromsomeone how do you expect them to see it? He was the first guy to come along and give me a purpose because he would patiently sit there with me and try to work out songs with me. I will always remember him, and send him flowers every year on the anniversary. Life, you know, it's gone like a flash. (FromSam Naugler) What is Miss Piggy REALLY like?

Ozzy Says: She makes a noise like a pig...if you know what I mean. If any what New artists you listen to??

Ozzy Says: No, but I'm going to start so I can get a few on my new record label. I want to get rock and roll going again, because it's all gotten too serious. Kill yourself with heroin and put out a record, it's ridiculous. It's out of hand.

FromMatt Ralph: ( Hey Ozzy I saw your show in Ottawa and thought you guys were totally awesome, I thought the opening videos were really funny!!!!! I just have 2 questions.. 1. Was that Mike Inez playing bass??? 2. How do you write songs?? Ozzy Says: It was Robert Trahill playing bass...the way I write songs is I sometimes get a melody and put a riff to it, or get a riff and put a melody to it, and the lyrics I get help with, if someone has a good suggestion I'll snap it up. Ozzy,Will You Marry Me???

Ozzy Says: Too late, I'm already fifteen years up the road! Thanks for the compliment!

Congratulations to Richard Wolcott of Mountain View, California. He's won a personalized platinum plaque of Ozzy's Ozzmosis album FromPepsi World and Ticketmaster Online! Will your new record label be releasing any rare and previously unreleased Ozzy material? Ozzy Says: No, because I will not be on my own record label because I'm signed already...what I'm doing is having an indie label that's not a big corporation. I'm looking for stuff that kicks butt, you know. one on one. I went into Sony the other day and it scared the hell out of me, it's not what I think music should be. Hello FromBrazil!!!we ( my cousin and I) would like to know when Ozzy will return to brazil??!!!WE MISS U!!!

Ozzy Says: Well, as soon as I do my next studio album I'm going to spend more time in South America. I've never had such a good time as when I was there, and I didn't realize I had so many fans there. Music is really in their blood down there, it really is the international language. What album do you see as your "Best" Work??

Ozzy Says: I haven't made it yet. Witj your first name being John, where did the name Ozzy come from?

Ozzy Says: It was a nickname in school. Now when people call me John, I don't even acknowledge it, even my wife and kids. John makes me seem too straight, like a doctor. Dr. John Osbourne. Do you have any plans on what you will be doing when (if) you ever retire Fromtouring?

Ozzy Says: What I've learned to do is to keep my mouth shut because what I say changes Fromday to day. Someone asked me ten years ago where I would be in ten years and I didn't think I'd still be doing this... I Think you are the Greatest and Hope that you continue putting out your terrific music for a long time..:)

Ozzy Says: Thank you very much, and I absolutely totally agree with everything you say. I want to thank everyone out there for keeping the faith alive for so long because I wouldn't be here without you. As long as you guys keep supporting me and my music I'll keep doing it, but when it starts to feel like it's not worth it I'll find something else. I'm one of those people that wants to be on tour when I'm at home and at home when I'm on tour. The next thing to do is to write a really kick butt rock song.

Fromded hed I was just wondering, are you single?*weg* No, but, seriously, what inspired you start making music?

Ozzy Says: The Beatles! They lived in Liverpool, sixty miles north of where I lived. When the Beatles happened, they got out, and I thought that's the way to go, music. At the time not much was turning me on, and they were the first band to really turn me on, because their living circumstances were similar to mine. In their day they were very fun. I don't think there will ever be another band who will start out as bubblegum and end up like Pink Floyd and be accepted by both. But I never got to see them play live. d

Ozzy Says: Thanks for spending the time on the internet, looking forward to speaking with you again soon. Keep your ear to the ground and watch out for the new label. If you've got something great to submit, get ahold of my address, if you are serious about making great music. Take care, and keep the faith.