OK, Here it is....Ozzy Osbournes Diary from 2/28/95 - 6/18/96. This used to be on the old Sony site which got updated daily. It is very long but there are alot of interesting things contained in it. It took me a long time to convert into html format, but I think it was worth it. Some of the entries are written like Ozzy personally typed it himself but I highly doubt he did. Read on!!!!

February 28th,1995
Ozzy Osbourne started recording his new album in Paris today. Zakk Wylde is playing guitar and he is really psyched about having his old mate, Geezer Butler, back on bass. New recruit, Deen Castronovo, is playing drums on the album. Deen comes by way of Portland, Oregon. Ozzy's album is being produced by Michael Beinhorn (Soundgarden, Red Hot Chili Peppers). Michael says "I thought my album with Soundgarden was heavy, but I have half of Black Sabbath in the studio with me. If I can't get a heavy sounding album with this band then I'm not worth shit." Who is engineering the album? Ozzy says, "I have no fucking idea, as long as he can twiddle a few knobs, I don't give a shit." Pre-production on the album ended last week in New York. All went well. Zakk only knocked one hole in his hotel room wall. "He must be a little off-color" says Ozzy, "Last time Zakk knocked four holes in the walls of his room." Zakk was, as usual, in great form. It was ten days into pre-production before he decided to bathe. It wasn't by his own choice when Zakk finally took a shower. He had been banned from the studio until he washed his armpits and hair.

March 1st,1995
Ozzy walked into the studio in Paris and shit. "My producer has got more equipment in there than the Space Shuttle. He's got to be a fucking wizard! He's recording the drums through a huge PA system that would be big enough to do a gig with at Madison Square Garden. I love the studio that we're recording at, it's so big. It's an old cinema that's been converted into a recording studio." "I hate being in Paris," says Ozzy, "Because I don't speak a fucking word of French! But I like the studio." Zakk Wylde has a remedy for eternal youth, he drinks his own urine. Says Ozzy, "big deal, I have a wife who craps in Tiffany boxes and has them hand-delivered to her enemies. Zakk has a long way to go before he can beat that one."

March 2nd,1995
"So far, three backing tracks are down. They are 'Tomorrow', 'See You On The Other Side' and 'Old LA.' We also wrote a brand new song in the studio yesterday." "Yesterday we worked through 18 hours in the studio." Says Ozzy, "I'm completely done in. I think that's the first and last time I'll ever do that. I can't even talk today, let alone sing."

March 3rd,1995
Six backing tracks are now down... including "The Whole World's Falling Down" and "Can't Get Up." Ozzy is really tired as they are working into the early hours of the morning each day. He usually starts in the studio during the early afternoon and doesn't finish until the early morning. Says Ozzy, "as I'm telling you this, I've just been told by my producer that I'll have to work all day Sunday." Ozzy wakes up and works out for two hours every morning. He's been going around Paris with Geezer, who's addicted to finding antique toys. Says Ozzy, "he's got more toys than my kids. He's out of his mind, that's why I love him. When we were in New York doing pre-production, as soon as we were done with rehearsals each night Geezer would be legging it down to Toys 'R' Us and come back with bags full of toys. I must be mad, 'cos he's got me going with him now." "There's a huge rec room attached to the studio with two table tennis tables. While Deen has been tracking he plays with his mouth open. When he plays I've been trying to throw the table tennis balls into his mouth. I've got four in, so far. We had a celebration in the studio on Thursday, because Soundgarden won two Grammy awards for two songs from their "Superunknown" album. Michael Beinhorn produced that album." "My record company told me that they won't be posting my studio diary over the weekend, so I'll have to let you know what happened over Saturday and Sunday on Monday's entry. Have a good weekend God Bless ...Ozzy."

March 6th 1995
Says Ozzy, "Things are really slowing down in the studio. Over the weekend we only tracked three new songs. We are planning on recording 17 songs and we'll then choose 11 for the album. For this album I've written 30 songs, so there's plenty in hand. So far we've recorded the following songs:"

March 7th 1995
It's pissing down with rain in Paris for the eighth day. The studio is situated near the river banks. They say that if it rains for two more days the river may overflow. If so, Ozzy will be seen being airlifted out with his tapes strapped to his head. As you all know, the working title for the album has been X-RAY. Says Ozzy, "I'm bored to death with that now. That was 18 months ago. It didn't pass the test of time, so I'm coming up with a new title. If any of you have any suggestions, send them in."
Ozzy was visited over the weekend by some Japanese press who came all the way from Tokyo for brief interview. However, the journalists interpreter got arrested in Paris for indecent exposure and spent the weekend in jail. The journalist couldn't speak a word of English and Ozzy doesn't speak Japanese, so they end up bowing at each other all day Ozzy said, "I've got a bad back, will someone please tell him to stop bowing to me."

March 8th 1995
Good morning.... We wrote a brand new song today in the studio... no title yet! Michael Beinhorn gave Ozzy a present yesterday. It was a classic old microphone. The same microphone as Adolf Hitler used at the N?rnberg rallies. Say Ozzy, "It's around 14 inches wide. It's the biggest microphone I've ever sung into." Michael Beinhorn also got some classic amps for Geezer and Zakk. Somebody turned Zakk onto frog legs. He's been eating tons of them everyday. "He stinks of garlic," says Ozzy "and he smells like a French whore! I've given him a toilet brush to clean out his mouth with."

March 9th 1995
0zzy has now decorated the recording studio as a bunker. He has a camouflage tent in the studio, hand grenades, and is walking around the studio in an army helmet. Says Ozzy, "I can't stand the fucking studio. Going in and out of the same place every day. So this is my theme for the day." Deen has finished all of his parts on the album. He worked so hard on his drumming that he lost 14 pounds in a week. Zakk still stinks of garlic. Geezer slept in the studio all night as they are doing construction work at his hotel. He can't stand the noise so he camped out in Ozzy's tent. Ozzy is still thinking about the album title. He's looking forward to his mate, Steffan Chirazi, coming over next week. (Steffan is a writer for Kerrang! and Rip magazines). Says Ozzy, "We're not going into the studio today. The guy that twiddles the knobs is sick." (The engineer. Ozzy still doesn't know his name.)

March 10th 1995
Helloooooo... The studio is now a desert island theme. We have palm trees, lounge chairs and tropical drinks being Served. Still trying to break up the monotony. Ozzy sneaked off from the studio yesterday and spent the whole day at the Virgin Mega Store in Paris. He came out with two armfuls of CDs. He then went to the Left Bank and sat by the water, ate French bread and listened to music for the rest of the day. Geezer is starting all the bass stuff now so Ozzy wasn't really needed. Geezer says he thinks this is the heaviest album Ozzy has ever done. Geezer is also doing a solo project which is very heavy with an industrial cutting edge. Ozzy says, "Geezer's music is the hardest stuff I have ever heard in my life. It's scary."

March 13th 1995
Greetings from Paris......... Ozzy had a surprise visitor at the studio on Saturday. It was his son, Jack! Jack had flown in with Geezer's son, James. Sunday was spent with Geezer, and their sons at the Eiffel Tower. Zakk and Michael Beinhorn went on a bender Saturday night and didn't return to their hotel rooms until 6:30 in the morning. Zakk was locked out of his room so he did his usual trick of punching a hole through the door. The hotel has refused to fix the door until Zakk leaves. A couple more songs have now been tracked... "My Little Man" a song Ozzy wrote with Steve Vai and "Back On Earth."

March 14th 1995
interviews with Steffan Chirazi, writer from RIP magazine and Kerrang! Ozzy also did photo sessions all over Paris with photographer, Mark Leialoha. The studio now has two World War II machine guns, several large blow torches and hand grenades. The camouflage tent is still up continuing with the war theme. Recording is going along very quickly. Here is the list of songs recorded so far: FALLIN' UP
Theres's also one more new track which is still untitled at the moment.

March 15th 1995
Deen has finished up recording all his tracks the week and yesterday flew back home to Portland, Oregon. Photographer, Mark Leialoha has been in the studio the last couple of days doing casual shots and Michael Beinhorn is really getting pissed off. He's already thrown him out a couple of times. Ozzy is doing vocals in the studio and is still busy finishing up some lyrics, so the atmosphere is very intense. They've posted a sign on the studio door that says "IF YOU'RE NOT WORKING IN THIS STUDIO, THEN GET THE FUCK OUT!!" Zakk has got his territory worked out in Paris. He's a regular at three different bars. At one he plays piano and at another he plays acoustic guitar. While playing at the piano bar on Saturday night, one of the patrons gave him a 100 Franc bill and said "keep up the good work."

March 16th 1995
There was a shipment of fifteen bass guitars that arrived at the studio today for Geezer. He wants to use a different bass on every track. Geezer is busy experimenting getting a different bass sound on every track. He already has 20 basses there. Says Ozzy, "the studio looks like a House of Guitars." Photographer, Gene Kirkland arrived from LA today to take more pictures of Ozzy. Says Ozzy, "I haven't done a photo session in nearly 3 years. I have all this work, but I've done nothing but have my picture taken this week, I hate it!" The guys have been working late into the night as they are finishing up in Paris early next week and moving recording sessions to New York. There's definitely no more games going on in the studio. Says Ozzy, "this is feeling like a proper job, I clock in the morning and then clock out the next morning."

March 17th 1995
The Suits (that's what Ozzy calls the executives from his record company) are arriving From Sony/New York today. They'll be spending the weekend at the studio listening to how the album is progressing . This week we were notified that the hotel that the band is staying in in Paris has gone bankrupt. They are no longer working phones in the rooms, there's no maid service and any minute now they're waiting to get turned out on the street. Says Zakk "Now I know why they didn't bother fixing my door. Each day there's been moving men taking out furniture from the rooms."

March 20th 1995
All tracking has now been completed. Ozzy, the band and producer Michael Beinhorn all departed Paris over the weekend en route to their respective homes. Everyone will take a break for the next week and they will begin working again on March 27th in New York.

March 29th 1995
Welcome to New York...
Recording got off to a late start this week as producer, Michael Beinhorn, is having a new desk (studio console) put into the studio. Today was Ozzy and Zakk's first day back in the studio. We will have a full update tomorrow.

March 30th 1995
Everything is moving along great. The WWII German machine gun is now in New York City along with the hand grenades and the blow torch. Right now Ozzy is walking around New York unable to talk. He sang for six hours in the studio yesterday. Says Ozzy, "I'll just smoke 100 cigarettes and gargle with some broken glass and I'll be fine tomorrow."

March 31st 1995
Ozzy will be working seven days a week now as he is desperately trying to make the album's September release date. His throat is much better and he is back in full form today. Zakk put down a bitchin' guitar solo for the song "Back On Earth." The song was written by Ozzy, Geezer and Taylor Rhodes

April 3rd 1995
Ozzy loves being back in New York. He says he's been away from America too long and always enjoys his time here. The area in New York where the studio is full of Music Stores. Michael Beinhorn and Ozzy have been spending time going to the shops looking for weird and wonderful instruments to borrow to use on the album
Ozzy has completed vocals on three songs now, Says Ozzy, "Michael Beinhorn is such a perfectionist. He made me sing "See You On The Other Side" 85 times before he was happy with one take."

April 4th 1995
Things are starting to get very silly at the studio...........
Ozzy has taken to ordering large orders of take-out food and having them delivered to the unsuspecting victims at the studio. Last week he had 20 large pizzas delivered to Michael Beinhorn and this was after the record company had just taken them all out to dinner. Yesterday it was 10 three-foot party submarine sandwiches that were delivered to Zakk and today $400 worth of Chinese Food came for the engineer. All three were unsuccessful in arguing their way out of paying for the orders since there are few good restaurants in the area that deliver and all three restaurants threatened to never deliver to the studio again if they didn't pay up.
They've now decorated the studio with satanic pictures (devils and goats and things). In his spare time Ozzy's been going around with a magic marker pen adding to the artwork by drawing glasses on he faces of the pictures and cigars in their mouths, etc.

April 5th 1995
Ozzy sent a strip-o-gram to the studio for Zakk today. Ozzy ordered the oldest, fattest stripper they had. She was in her mid-50's and must have weighed about 300 lbs. Michael Beinhorn was at the dentist all morning having some new crown put in. When he got to the studio, Ozzy had ordered spare ribs and corn on the cob for him for lunch. Recording ended early as Michael's mouth was in terrible pain after eating. The guys stayed at the studio and played video games.

April 6th 1995
Things got even sillier today...
Ozzy had a male stripper sent to Zakk at the studio today. The poor guy ran out of the studio as Zakk tried to punch him out. So far, Zakk has finished all the guitar parts, including solos, on 7 songs now.
Michael Goldstone, Ozzy's A&R person, come down to the studio today to listen to all the tracks recorded so far. Ozzy has been writing new lyrics for the song "Back On Earth", Says Ozzy, "this track's been driving me mad. I've already rewritten the middle section 4 times now." When they were leaving the studio Michael Beinhorn got mugged. The guy walked away with his watch and wallet. Said Michael, "I'd give him anything so long as he didn't touch my DAT of today's work of what we did in the studio. I needed to listen to that on my way home."

April 7th 1995
The hotel that Ozzy's been staying at in New York stopped him from entering last night. Apparently, King Hussian of Jordan was staying at the hotel and the place was swarming with Secret Service type agents who thought Ozzy looked suspicious. They wanted to check his ID and questioned him before they let him up to his room. Says Ozzy, "I've been accused of some things in my life, but a terrorist!!" Ozzy checked out of that hotel this morning and moved to another. "I hated that hotel anyway," said Ozzy, "they always complained that I played my music too loud ." Ozzy's agent come by the studio with offers for Ozzy to tour. Ozzy is still undecided as to what he should do on that subject. We'll have to wait and see what he does!

April 10th 1995
Ozzy has come up with a title for his new album...........OZMOSIS.
Everyone took off from the studio on Sunday, but Ozzy and Zakk were back on the old treadmill today. Ozzy finished another vocal today and Zakk finished another guitar solo. Ozzy's vocals always take awhile because his vocal technique is to double-track everything, so everything has to be done twice. Michael Beinhorn says that he's never ever done a vocal this way and he's enthralled as to how Ozzy gets his vocal sound. The record company executives were coming down to the studio later this evening to listen to how the album is progressing. Also, Ozzy's family will be arriving in New York this week for Easter

April 11th 1995
Record company executives are overjoyed with the progress of Ozzy's album and with how it's sounding. Ozzy's assistant, Tony, slipped while carrying a tray of coffee and crashed through a glass door at the studio today. He was OK, but needed a couple of stitches. That was the drama for the day. The new hotel that Ozzy just moved to last week has been getting complaints from guests since he arrived that he plays his music too loud late at night. See Ozzy likes to bring home tapes from the studio every night to listen to how the album is progressing and he likes to turn up the volume to get the proper effect. Ozzy said he wouldn't be surprised if he'll be packing his bags and looking for another hotel by the end of the week

April 12th 1995
OZMOSIS UPDATE.............. Steffan Chirazi from Kerrang! magazine is in town to do an update on the progress of Ozzy's album. Kerrang! is doing a weekly series on the recording of the "OZMOSIS" album. Ozzy's son, Jack, is in town visiting for the Easter Holiday. Producer, Michael Beinhorn, is getting busy having Jack do some back-up vocals for the album. Sony is determined to make the release date of the 2nd week of September for the release of "OZMOSIS." Hotel update............Today Ozzy was asked to leave his hotel after they received more complaints from the guests.

April 14th 1995
OZMOSIS UPDATE........... Kerrang! magazine journalist, Steffan Chirazi, spent all day yesterday listening and observing the goings on in the studio. He was also able to squeeze in a long interview with Ozzy for his report. You can read his review and observations on the recording of OZMOSIS now as the first part of the series appears in this weeks Kerrang! Part 1 of the series details the recording of OZMOSIS in Paris. Ozzy is now hard at work on harmonies as in the last few days Ozzy finished up leads vocals on five more songs:

April 17th 1995
OZMOSIS Update... Ozzy was working on a new song entitled "Thunder Underground" today. It's an up tempo rocker and was one of the best songs that was written for the album. Ozzy, Zakk & Geezer wrote this song in the studio right before they started recording basic tracks 0zzy & Geezer collaborated on the lyrics together. Ozzy is now addicted to the movie "Dumb And Dumber." "I watched it three times today before I came down to the studio," said Ozzy, "It's the goofiest movie I've ever seen."

April 18th 1995
OZMOSIS Update... Ozzy was due to put down a new vocal on the song "Ghost Behind My Eyes" which is a song he wrote with Mark Hudson and Steve Dudas, but he walked out of the studio because there was a backing track that was put down without his knowledge. Ozzy had a giant wobbler and threw a few pieces of furniture and a few mics before he walked out. Said Ozzy, "I wrote this song with my friends, Mark and Steve, this song means a lot to me and I don't like people messing with my work."

April 19th 1995
OZMOSIS Update... Ozzy worked on a track entitled "Denial" today which is another song that he wrote with Mark Hudson and Steve Dudes. Mark has written songs with Aerosmith and Steve is a good friend of Mark's who is a guitar teacher in Los Angeles. Says Ozzy, "this is my favorite track on the album and I want this song to have the best vocal I can give, but Michael Beinhorn was cracking the whip on this one." It took Ozzy 7 hours before he was able to satisfy Mr. Beinhorn with the right vocal.

April 20th 1995
OZMOSIS Update... Japanese press and film crew were in the studio today, so Ozzy did not record all day. He only did press and TV interviews. It was just as well that Ozzy didn't have to sing today as his throat was inflamed from singing 7 hours in the studio yesterday. His doctors have advised Ozzy that he should not sing a note for the next two days.

April 21st 1995
OZMOSIS Update... Today was a day off. Not only does Ozzy still have a sore throat, but on top of that he now has a wicked toothache. Ozzy spent the day in his hotel room working on his paintings. He's miserable, he can't talk because of his sore throat and he can't eat because of his toothache. Ozzy will be back in the studio this weekend.

April 24th 1995
OZMOSIS Update... The studio was cencelled today as Ozzy is still in agony from his teeth. Recording sessions will resume on Friday, April 28, so check back then for the next OZMOSIS Update.

April 28th 1995
The band are now in Woodstock, New York recording two songs ("Old LA Tonight" and "Back On Earth"). Michael Beinhorn was not happy with how they how come out earlier and decided they should be recorded again, so Geezer and Deen had to be flown back for more recording. They will also be recording an extra song, "The Whole World's Falling Down," which will end up as a bonus track for Japan. Ozzy is taking a break, but he will return to the studio next week to finish up his vocals.

May 1st 1995
OZMOSIS Update... Geezer, Deen and Zakk were in a Bearsville, New York recording studio this weekend re-recording two songs for OZMOSIS. Everyone hated it there and worked 28 hours a day (or at least as many hours as they could) and got out of there in two days. They said it smelled like rotten eggs there. Everyone is now back in New York City and very happy again.

May 2nd 1995
OZMOSIS Update... Back at the studio in New York City today. Everyone's relieved to be out to "Hicksville" and back in the city. Zakk's now laying down his guitar solos. Ozzy is really happy as his old friend, Rick Wakeman (who played on Black Sabbath's album "Sabotage"), is coming to New York in a couple of weeks to play keyboards on OZMOSIS.

May 3rd 1995
OZMOSIS Update... Ozzy flew back into New York today to start finishing his vocals for OZMOSIS. He's really excited to be back in New York. The first vocal he'll be working on is for the song "Old LA Tonight."

May 4th 1995
OZMOSIS Update... It has now been four days that Ozzy has been away from the studio as he is still very sick from his teeth. He's been recovering from dental surgery. Zakk is finishing up his guitar parts. The mood in the studio is very sad as Zakk is now nearly finished with his work on OZMOSIS. Deen was supposed to have gone home, but is being kept in New York to do back-up vocals with Ozzy.

May 5th 1995
OZMOSIS Update... Zakk is now finishing up the guitars on the track "The Whole World's Falling Down" which will be the bonus track for Japan. The mood at the studio has now grown even sadder as this will be Zakk's last day working on OZMOSIS and working for Ozzy. As you all know, Ozzy has given Zakk his freedom so that he can try to pursue his dream gig with Guns N Roses. So there's lots of good-byes happening all around today. I hope you'll all join us in wishing Zakk good luck with his pursuit of the second guitarist slot in Guns N' Roses.

May 8th 1995
Recording sessions are being cancelled for the week as Ozzy had dental surgery again today (he had a tooth pulled) and was advised to take the week off and to let his mouth heal. The recording of OZMOSIS is now coming down to the wire as there are only a few of Ozzy's vocals left to record and some keyboards which are being recorded Monday of next week when Rick Wakeman comes into New York to add his contributions to OZMOSIS.

May 15th 1995
OZMOSIS Update... Keyboard legend, Rick Wakeman, flew in from England to New York to play classical piano on the track "Old LA Tonight." Rick literally got off the plan and went straight into the studio as he only has two days to finish his parts being that he's in the middle of a project he's working on in England right now. John Christ from the band Danzig was recently given an assignment by RIP magazine to interview Ozzy for the cover of their October issue. It had been very difficult scheduling this interview given Ozzy's recording schedule and Danzig's touring schedule, but finally everything came together today when Ozzy and John sat down together at Ozzy's hotel to talk. They got on really well and ended up talking for five hours ( the interview had been scheduled for just two hours). You can read all the details in the October issue of RIP.

May 16th 1995
OZMOSIS Update... Rick Wakeman was back in the studio again today putting keyboards down on the song "See You On The Other Side." Afterwards Ozzy came down to the studio and Ozzy and Rick ended up reminiscing for hours. Rick, as you might recall, played keyboards on the Black Sabbath album Sabotage, which is when they first met. They hadn't seen each other in years and while they were talking they kind of lost track of time causing Rick to almost miss his plane back to England that night.

May 17th 1995
OZMOSIS Update... Ozzy finally had the stitches removed from his mouth from his dental surgery last week. Ozzy was feeling much better today. He ended up singing for five hours in the studio and finished up the vocals on the song "Thunder Underground." Ozzy is now back on track and singing great. Michael Beinhorn gave Ozzy some good news at the end of recording today, he thinks they might finish tracking OZMOSIS by weeks end.

May 18th 1995
OZMOSIS Update... Ozzy finished another vocal today on one the newer songs, "Mr Jekyll Can't Hide." Richard Griffiths and Michael Goldstone from Ozzy's record label, Epic Records, came down to the studio again for another visit to listen to the new tracks and left very pleased. At the end of today's recording, Michael Beinhorn predicted that if all goes well, OZMOSIS will be finished tomorrow and they will be ready to start mixing the album.

May 19th 1995
OZMOSIS Update... In the studio today Ozzy sang another vocal for "See You On The Other Side" and finished up with a few other vocal parts that were still undone. After five months of recording, OZMOSIS is now finished and ready for mixing. Ozzy is relieved and says he can't wait to get back home to England. The release date for OZMOSIS has been set for October 10th. The following is the tracking list for OZMOSIS: I JUST WANT YOU

20 JULY 1995
Flew from my home in England to Miami to do MTV Lation. I was bummed out all day cause I had to leave my and the realization that I m back on the road.

21 JULY 1995
Interview with MTV Latino in Miami. Flight to LA to start rehearsals.

22 JULY 1995
It s all a bit strange. First day of rehearsals with Joe, but it s also exciting for me.

23 JULY 1995
Met with David Bianco to discuss album mixes

24 JULY 1995
Rehearsals at 3rd Encore.

25 JULY 1995
Rehearsals at 3rd Encore again. It s sounding great.

26 JULY 1995
Appointment at Beverly Hills Hearing Center for ear molds for his wireless monitors. Rehearsals at 3rd Encore.

27 JULY 1995
Interview (with Joe Holmes) with Jeff Kitts for Guitar School magazine cover story. Also, photos with Gene Kirkland to accompany article. Rehearsals at 3rd Encore.

28 JULY 1995
Interview with Dave Schulps for MJI Broadcasting. Interview with Mike Smith for Livewire magazinecover story. Meeting with A&R person, Michael Goldstone, to discuss album. Rehearsals at 3rd Encore.

29 JULY 1995
Interview with Jennifer Rose for Faces magazine.

30 JULY 1995
Meeting with Jeb & Monica to discuss tour film.

31 JULY 1995
Rehearsals at 3rd Encore. Joe and I are now working well together. I m feeling more confident about him every day.

1 AUGUST 1995
Phoner with Daniel Renna/Rock de Primera (Uruguay) Phoner with Hebe Blanco/Generacion X magazine (Buenos Aires). Phoner with Ana Ban/Revista da Folha (Sao Paulo, Brazil) Phoner with Karen Walezuk/Rock & Pop Radio (Buenos Aires). Interview with Don Kaye for Pure Concrete radio program. Rehearsals at 3rd Encore.

2 AUGUST 1995
Phoner with Claudia Arellano/Radio Activo Filming for Show intro film. It s very hard filming the intro film for my tour as every time we try and a take, I crack up laughing. Once I start, the whole crew starts. This is the goofiest thing I ve ever done.

3 AUGUST 1995
Filming for Tour Film.

4 AUGUST 1995
Reheasals at 3rd Encore.

5 AUGUST 1995
Band photo shoot and interviews with John Harrell for Burrn! magazine. Last day of Rehearsals at 3rd Encore. Well, ready or not, rehearsals are over. I can t say I m shitting myself, but it s like going into the unknown.

6 AUGUST 1995
Band photo shoot with Gene Kirkland. Interview Andreas Schowe/Metal Hammer Germany.

7 AUGUST 1995
Band photo shoot and interviews with William Hames for Japanese press

8 AUGUST 1995
I finally get a day off!

9 AUGUST 1995
Phoner with Adriana Franco/La Nacion Newspaper (Buenos Aires). Phoner with Fernando D Addario/Pagina 12 Newspaper (Buenos Aires). Phoner with Pablo Marquez/Radio Concierto (Santiago, Chile). Press Conference phoner with South American Print Media (newspapers and magazines). Press Conference phoner with South American Radio. Phoner with Cesar Nemitz/Metal Head (Brazil). Phoner with Gabriel Dvoskin/N.A. (Argentina).

10 AUGUST 1995
Phoner with Adolfo Morales/Telem News Agency (Buenos Aires). Phoner with Pablo Flores/D-99 (Monterrey, Mexico). Phoner with Xardiel Padilla (Monterrey, Mexico). Phoner with Miguel Angel Arritola/El Diario de Monterrey (Monterrey, Mexico). Phoner with Juan Ramon Palacios/Desvelados TV (Monterrey, Mexico). Phoner with Oscar Munoz/La Presna Newspaper (Buenos Aires). Phoner with Augusto Tartufoli/La Razon Newspaper (Buenos Aires). In-person interview with Chris Leibundgut/Rock Hard Germany. Phoner with Mitch Joel/Foundations magazine.

11,12&13 AUGUST 1995
Took some time off to be with my kids before I leave for Austin, TX to start the tour.

14 AUGUST 1995
Ozzy flight to Austin, TX. Ozzy holds press conference for Austin press.

15 AUGUST 1995
Phoner with Diego Cuneo/La Nacion Newspaper (Buenos Aires) Phoner with Felipe Leon/La Prensa (Buenos Aires) Phoner with Morris Kachani/VEJA Magazine (Brazil). Rehearsals at Austin Music Hall.

16 AUGUST 1995
Phoner with Chelo Hinojosa/Stereo 7 Radio (Monterrey, Mexico). Phoner with Juan Ramon Palacios/Desvelados TV (Monterrey, Mexico).withh Dolores Paillot/Gente Magazine (Buenos Aires) Phoner with Morris Kachani/VEJI Magazine (Brazil). Rehearsals at Austin Music Hall. Tickets for show at Austin Music Hall sell out in 10 minutes.

17 AUGUST 1995
Phoner with Marcel Plasse/Folha de Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo, Brazil). Phoner with Jose Norberto Flesh/Folha de Tarde (Sao Paulo, Brazil). Phoner with Gabriel Bastos Jr./Estado de Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo, Brazil). Phoner with Christian Landaeta/Radio Futura (Santiago, Chile). Phoner with Rafa/Channel 4 Top 30 & Hot Music (Santiago, Chile). Rehearsals at Austin Music Hall.

18 AUGUST 1995
Phoner with Ayrton Seligman/Jornal da Tarde (Sao Paulo, Brazil) Phoner with Tom Leao/O Globo (Rio, Brazil). Phoner with Jose Norberto Flesh/Folha de Tarde (Sao Paulo, Brazil). Phoner with Gerardo Sanchez/TV Grama (Santiago, Chile) Rehearsals at Austin Music Hall.

19 AUGUST 1995
Warm-up show at Austin Music Hall. Considering this is the first gig that my new band played, I was quite happy with the show. It feels great to be back on stage. The show was 2 hours, but it felt like only a few minutes.

20 AUGUST 1995
Flight to Los Angeles.

21 AUGUST 1995
Another well-deserved day off!

22 AUGUST 1995
Phoner for The Daily Telegraph (London) with Caspar Smith re: 10th Anniversary of Live-Aid. Phoner with Steve Rosen for Player magazine.

23 AUGUST 1995
Flight to Mexico City. When I got through immigration there were hundreds of fans waiting for me. It was craziness! I could not believe this was happening. It was my first time in Mexico City and the greeting at the airport blew me away.

24 AUGUST 1995
Mexico City Press Conference: Quick photo session with members of the press. Radio & TV interview with Pablo Flores/D-99. Radio interview with Poncho Saldana/Stereo 7. Recorded TV interview with Juan Ramon Palacios/Desvelados. Radio interview with Inaki Manero/Rock 101. Live TV interview with Pilar Islas/El Medio Del Espectaculo. Recorded TV interview with A Primera Hora. Radio interview with Carlos An Roman/WFM. Live radio interview with Jose E. Fernandez/Radioactivo. Radio interview with Jury Tavacoba/Coneccion Acustic Radio. TV interview with Martha Carrillo/Al Despertar. TV interview with Jorge Gie/Eco 24 Horas. TV interview for Punto Por Punto. I then went back to the hotel for some quick phone interviews and then at the end of the day I had dinner with the Sony Music Executives from Mexico.

25 AUGUST 1995
Today I went on a trip to visit the pyramids. This was truly a wonderful experience. Usually when I m on tour in different countries, I only see the hotel room and the gig, but this is the first time I ever went sightseeing. The Pyramids were unbelievable. It was a very magical trip. TV interview for En Vivo (Host - Ricardo Rocha). Phoner (with Joe Holmes) with Music Life (Japan). Phoner with Bounce (Japan).

26 AUGUST 1995
Flight to Monterrey, Mexico Show day at Amphitheatre, Monterrey, Mexico. It s the second show of the tour with the new band. We re having a little problem with the new drummer. All he seems to care about is where his limo was and how big his hotel room is.

27 AUGUST 1995
Flight to Mexico City, Mexico.

28 AUGUST 1995
Show day at Sports Palace, Mexico City, Mexico. Third show in. The crowd was amazing. I cannot believe the response. Everyone sings along in English.

29 AUGUST 1995
Flight to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

30 AUGUST 1995
Still travelling. We arrive in Sao Paulo.

31 AUGUST 1995
I m in shock, I have a day off!!!

In-person interview with MTV News at MTV studios. Interview with Norberto Verca & Laura Kalifornia/Rock & Pop Radio. Interview with Fernando/Clarin Newspaper. Photo session with Gene Kirkland.

Show day - Monsters Of Rock Festival (60,000 people). It was a fucking unbelievable show! The crowd was brilliant. It was an almost perfect night. The band played great, except for the drummer who thinks it s a one man show. He was still playing when I was trying to talk to the audience between songs. He s still looking for his limo. That night I chatted on the Monsters Of Rock Internet Site that was set up by Global Artists. I phoned my office afterwards and asked to go out and buy me a computer. I m hooked!

Travel day.

Interview with Manchete Magazine Phoner with Tom Leao/Rio Fanzine. Interview with International Magazine. Interview with Carlos Oliveira/Eckabe Press Agency. Interview with Cidade???

Visit Corcovado Christ with MTV, Sony and contest winners.

Show day at Metropolitan, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Another great gig. The crowds have all been amazing. Next stop Chile.

Travel day.

Show day at Estadio Chile, Santiago, Chile. I could honestly say that this is the wildest crowd I have ever played to in my entire career. They were physically hanging off the rafters while I was playing. They were brilliant After the show I met all the Sony/Chile executives back at my hotel.

Travel day.

Show day at Ferrocarril Oeste Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina Monsters of Rock show. This was another amazing show. This whole South American trip was a total education to me. I can t wait to go back soon. I phoned my old drummer, Randy Castillo, today. He told me that his band project had fallen apart, so I asked him if he wanted to come out and join us on the tour. I think Limo Man should go get a gig with Jerry Lewis or something.

Interview with Martin Desson & Tony Medley/Loaded Magazine (UK). Buenos Aires Press Conference (55 radio stations, 25 press people, 7 TV crews and contest winners). Interview with Cesar F. Rodriguez/Much Music/Power 30. Interview with Laura Kalifornia/Rock & Pop Radio. Interview with Camilo/Music 21.

Show day at Obras Sanitarias, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Last show of the tour. The band sounds better every night. Joe s really coming into his own. Geezer, of course, is brilliant, but Limo Man is still looking for his limo. I m bumming out that the tour s already over.

Flight to Los Angeles.

Arrived in Los Angeles.

I hate to fire anyone. It s a hard thing to do and I hate to see anyone without a gig, even Limo Man, but it had to be done. I told Limo Man to use his return plane ticket to go home.

Video shoot for Perry Mason in Van Nuys (Ralph Ziman directing). As usual, I hate making fucking videos! The Video Director always say that they need you at 7 in the morning. When you get there they put 10 pounds of shit on your face and then you sit and wait, and wait. I didn t get back to the hotel until 3 in the morning. I was so pissed off!

2nd day of video shoot. Same thing, sitting in the fucking trailer waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Didn t finish until midnight.

Travel to Japan with Joe Holmes for press tour.

Still travelling. Arrived in Tokyo today.

Interview with Ms. Saegusa for Music Life Magazine. Interview with Junko Akisawa with TBS TV Pop 10". Travel to Yokohama. Interview with Masa Itoh for TVK Bang UP . Travel back to Tokyo.

Interview with Mr. Kouji Kitai for What s In. Interview for MTV In Control with Makoto Augai Interview for Rockin F with Mr. Nagaoke. Interview for J-Wave Prime Sheet for Lucy Kent. Ozzy Night at Nakano Sun Plaza (Interviewer - Mr. Oyamada).

Travel to Osaka Ozzy Night at MID Theatre. Travel to Hard Rock Cafe Osaka for meet & greets. The Japanese people are the most gracious people in the whole world. The record company and press people really seem to love Joe.

Travel back to Tokyo. Sony Dinner.

The wife s coming in to Tokyo today from London. Press for Sendai (TV purpose). Press for Sapporo (Radio/TV purpose) with Mr. Wada. Press for Nagoya (Radio purpose) - Interviewer - Contest Winner. Press for Fukuoka (Radio/TV purpose) with Mr. Kana Bunya. Press for Hiroshima (TV purpose) with Captain Nuts. Travel to Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo. Dinner with Ozzy at Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo (Presentation of Ozzmosis drink and gifts).

Interview with FM Radio G1 Grouper.. (For radio purpose and magazine) with Taichi Kokubun. Interview with Masa Itoh. Interview for Guitar Magazine with Mariko Kawahara. Interview for Rockin On with Mr. Suzuki. Interview with Mega Rock (radio purpose) with Brian Barton Lewis. Interview at FM Fuji Radio Radio Viking with Cindy Suzuki.

Interview with B Z Beat Zone. Interview and photo session with Mr. Makoto Wada (music critic). Phoner with In-Rock. Mr. Shibata - Interviewer Interview and photos with Guitar with Jun Kawai. What a trip this has been. Everyone seems to love my new album. Can t wait to come back to Japan to tour in March 96.

Flight to Paris for press.

Ozzy arrives in Paris.

Interview for AFP with Didier Salton Interview and photos with 13 Magazine with Fred Burlet/Joseph Marie.

Day off today. It seems strange to have a day off. My Wife and kids and my secretary, Kathy Sherry, came to Paris to visit me for the weekend. I took the kids to the Effiel Tower. We had a great day.

1 OCTOBER 1995
Phoner for Music Review magazine with Allan Sculley. Phoner for The Chicago Daily Herald with Dan Kening. Phoner for Worchester Telgram & Gazette with Scott McLellan. Phoner for Extreme magazine with Mark Bucci. Phoner for The Island Ear for David Criblez.

2 OCTOBER 1995
Phoner for The New York Post with Lisa Robinson. Phoner for The East Coast Rocker with Dan Davis. Phoner for Cover Story with Phillip Zonkel.

3 OCTOBER 1995
Interview with Het Laaste Nieuws (Belgian/Flemish daily) with Luc Dujouri. Interview with Het Nieuwsblad (Belgian/Flemish daily) with Gert van Nieuwenhove. Interview with La Derniere Heure (Belgian/French daily) with Luc L Orfevre. Interview and photos for Metal Hammer (Italy) with Carmel Giordano. Interview with Repubblica Musica (Italy) with Laura Putti. Interview and photos for Thunder (Italy) with Roberto Gandolfi. Interview with Onda Caro Radio and Heavy Rock (Spainish network radio and music magazine) with Mariscal Romero. Interview for Oor (Dutch). Interview for Aardschok (Dutch). Interview and photos for Watt (Dutch) Interview for Dutch National Radio. Phoner for Aftonbladet (Swedish) with Ronny Olovsson. Phoner with BT (Danish) with Henning Hoegh. Phoner with NTB (Norwegian press agency) with Axel.

4 OCTOBER 1995
Flew to London for the day for English press. This is really sad for me as I m only in England for the day and I have to do press all day. My son, Jack, and my dog, Baldrick, came to the hotel and stayed with me all day while I did interviews. Interview with John Robinson for NME. Photographer - Martyn Goodacre. Interview and photos with Ben Thompson for The Independent On Sunday. Interview with Johnnie Walker for Radio 1. Interview for Radio One Rock Show . Interview with Sylvie Simmons for Kerrang. I was meant to fly out of London tonight, but I couldn t bear to leave so I went home to stay the night.

5 OCTOBER 1995
I m really sad today as I had to leave my home and my family to go to Germany to do more press. It s been a bad day for me because I m so misarable. What made it worse is that I was interviewed today by this bitch from hell, who I later found out runs the Black Sabbath fan club in Germany. She is also a supposed journalist. She was a fucking witch! So after leaving my family and then being interviewed by this witch, I m feeling tired. It s the worst day in a long time for me. I d just rather shut myself in hotel room by myself. Interview & photos with Rock Hard with Hanno Kress. Taped radio interview for SWF3 with Jurgen Brendel Taped radio interview for HR3 with Christoph Habusta. Interview for Kronenzeitung (Austrian daily) with Alex Haide. Interview for Kurier (Austrian daily) with Guido Tattarotti. Interview for Freak (Austrian magazine) with Christian Prenger. Interview for Core & Fachblatt with Edgar Klusener. Interview for Rheinpfalz and Breakout with Christian Jotter. Phoner with Blick (Swiss daily). Phoner with Nick Joyce (freelance journalist). Interview for Rock City News with Alexander Gorischek. Interview for Reflex (Czech) with Richard Unruh. Interview for Blesk (Czech Weekly) with Honza Rychtsky. Interview for Mlada Fronta (Czech Daily) with Alex Svamberk.

6 OCTOBER 1995
It s another bad day. I can t seem to face another day of being interviewed. I m still really bummed out. I don t know how I m going to get through the day. Interview and photos for Fairlight (press agency). Interview and photos for Public Address (press agency). Interview for Metal Hammer with Jorg Staude. Filmed interview and guest VJ spot for Viva TV. Filmed interview for Viva TV Metalla show with Rudiger Henneke. Viva TV Jam - 1 hour special. Interview with Steffen Ruth (freelance journalist (Me/Sounds/Wom Journal, daily press, etc.). Interview with Visions with Michael Lorent.

7 OCTOBER 1995
Flight to Toronto to start North American tour.

8 OCTOBER 1995
Finally a day off again! I m beginning to feel better. That German bitch from hell really destroyed my whole European press trip. I now hear she s sending abusive mail to my office, but enough about that obsessive witch.

9 OCTOBER 1995
Canadian press day at hotel.Everyone from the record company in Canada has been great. Interview with Drew Masters for M.E.A.T. Magazine. Taped radio interview with Q-107 for The Rock Report . Taped TV interview with Much Music for Power 30". Phoner with interview with HTZ-FM.

10 OCTOBER 1995
Showday at Warehouse, Toronto, Canada. I m really nervous. It s our first show of the North American tour. It s been a long while since I ve toured here. All these thoughts are running through my head. The demons in my head are starting again. The show was brilliant. Everyone played their asses of. It was like Randy had never been away. Joe is now like my right arm and as time goes by we ve really bonded as people. Joe and I now have a new addiction....COFFEE! Every morning we drink coffee together and now we ve even been doing it after the show. After the show we did a record signing at the HMV in Toronto. We stayed until 3 in the morning, but the store would not stay open any longer and the band and I were exhausted. The turnout was tremendous. 1,400 people turned up. I m truly touched that my fans are still there.

11 OCTOBER 1995
Showday at Verdun Auditorium, Montreal, Canada. Another great show. Afterwards, Joe & I sat up until 4 in the morning having coffee. Earlier in the day we got a call from Don Law informing us that the show in Worcester, MA might have to be cancelled, because they found a fault in the roof.

12 OCTOBER 1995
Another Canadian press day. Interview with Kath Thompson for THE BEAR (Ottawa AOR station). Interview with Serge Trudel for CHOI-FM (Quebec City AOR station). Interview with John Griffin for The Gazette. Interview with Alain Brunet for La Presse. Interview with Patrick Gauthier for Journal de Montreal. Interview with Laurent Saulinier for Voir. In-studio interview with Neil Kushner for CHOM-FM (Montreal AOR station). In-studio interview with Genevieve Borne for MUSIQUE PLUS (French MTV). Co-hosted Solid Rock program. Got the call saying that the gig in Worcester, MA in cancelled for tomorrow night. The roof is caving in! It s a drag. Just in time for my phoner with WAAF-FM (Worcester, MA) to inform them of the cancellation and to let them know we re coming to Worcester January 20 to play the Centrum. We decide to fly to New York tonight as the we have a show there Saturday. Arrived at 11:30 p.m. I m exhausted!

13 OCTOBER 1995
Tonight was to be the show in Worcester. I m taking the day off.

14 OCTOBER 1995
Showday at Roseland in New York City. I hate these shows where I feel like I m on trial. I love performing in New York, but I hear everyone for the record company is coming. All the big suits (executives) from New York and LA and even the U.K., Australia and Japan are flying in for the show. Also, lots of press and photographers will be in attendance. The crowd is amazing tonight. It was a very emotional night for me. After the show I was asked o drop by the Billboard Monitor Convention.

15 OCTOBER 1995
Phoner with with Ray Koob for the Friday Morning Quarterback. Interview with Ann Kirk for Noisy Mothers (U.K.).

OCTOBER 16,1995
Show day at the Capitol Ballroom in Washington, D.C. Same day as that "Million Man March." I started off my day with a lunch time visit to Q-104 in New York. Had a great laugh at the radio station. Those guys up there are a fucking blast! Later in the afternoon I flew to Washington for the gig. It was a bad show for me. Early in the set I started to get bad pain's in my chest. I couldn't move well and every time I tried to sing my lungs felt like they were collapsing. I ended the show early. I apologize to every one who attended the show and I promise I'll make it up to you when I come back to D.C. in '96. After the show I was able to gather up enough energy for an interview for WIYY-FM. I flew directly back to new York after the show so that I could see a doctor first thing in the morning.

Well, the doctor says that I have bronchitis. He pumped me up with antibiotics and ordered me to bed. The next two shows in Chicago and Detroit are going to have to be rescheduled. Unfortunately, they cannot be rescheduled for 6 months so my agents are going to have to shuffle around some dates. I had about eight phone interviews scheduled for today that I had to cancel. Sorry everyone!

We have now rescheduled some shows so hopefully everyone's happy. The show in Chicago will now be on November 3, Detroit is now November 4, but the shows in Tacoma and Portland will have to be moved to February 22 and February 23. I can't believe they're making me do these phoners, don't they know I'm sick? Phoner with G. Brown for THE DENVER POST Phoner with Adrienne Collier for ROCK THE NATION Phoner with Russell Trunk for ORBIT MAGAZINE Phoner with Carolyn Foxx at WHJY-FM in Providence, RI Phoner with Zena Burns for SPIN MAGAZINE - ONLINE Phoner with Natasha Stouvall for THE NEW YORK TIMES Phoner with Kira Bilik for the ASSOCIATED PRESS (AP)

I'm still sick. I only had one thing on the schedule for today. I filmed some ID's for my new Web Site which starts in two weeks. I did them with my friend, Jeb Brien, who directed the intro film that starts my show.

OCTOBER 20,1995
I'm still sick with Bronchitis. I'm stuck in New York today doing phoners all which had been arranged weeks ago and I feel really down and pissed off with myself for not being able to sing. (Press) Phoner with WTPA-FM Phoner with WHTF-FM Phoner with WZXL-FM Phoner with WRXL-FM Phoner with WROV-FM Phoner with WNOR-FM Phoner with WZZO-FM Phoner with WKLC-FM

OCTOBER 21,1995
Today I was meant to perform in Houston for KLOL-FMs anniversary show, but I can't sing. The show will go on without me though. There are some really great bands on the bill. I'm coming back to Houston on 7 January at the Summit. Everyone who had a ticket stub from today's show will get a discount for my show in January. All the proceeds from this show will be going to charity. On top of that, there are no hotel rooms available in New York because of the UN conferences so I'm being thrown out of my hotel.

OCTOBER 22,1995
Traveled to LA today. Flight is long and my chest feels like Ive got a one ton weight resting on it. I hope to get some rest now. I've canceled all of my phone interviews for today and Im going to bed.

OCTOBER 23,1995
I got up at mid-day and went to the doctor. I went right back to the hotel afterwards. I can't think about anything but sleep right now.

OCTOBER 24,1995
Went to the doctor again this morning. He told me to take a month off. I told him he was out of his mind. No way! I then left on a flight to Kansas City. Vanessa Warwick from MTV Europe was waiting for me at the gig to interview me and film some of the show for broadcast in Europe this Saturday. The show was not one of my best, but I was there and I gave it all I had. It was good to see the band again as we'd been split up since last week. After the show I did an in-store at a Best Buy and 1,500 people showed up to meet me. Didn't get to bed until 4:00 a.m.

OCTOBER 25,1995
Traveled to St. Louis to perform tonight at The American Theatre. This show was originally supposed to be on Monday, but since I was still sick we're making up the show tonight. Its got to be a good show tonight as it's Geezer's hometown. The show went really well. I was feeling better tonight, but I'm still not back to my old self. I still had to cut the show down tonight. After the show we did another in store at Street Side Records. We finished at 3:30 a.m. and Im fucking exhausted.

OCTOBER 26,1995
We flew back to LA today as I'm playing here tomorrow night. Had a late afternoon appointment with my doctor and he told me the same old thing...."go home, go to bed, take a month off." Went back to the hotel and slept.

OCTOBER 27,1995
Got up late today. I'm feeling really uptight because I don't feel like I'm at my best and I'm getting frustrated. I got down to the show early to do sound check. My dear friend, Mike Inez, was there. It was great to see him. In fact, during the show, Mike came out on stage and threw a bucket of water into the audience. After the show I did an interview with MTV and then I went off to do another midnight in-store at Tower Records on Sunset Blvd. I was there until 3:45 a.m. and I didn't get to bed until 5:00 a.m.

OCTOBER 28,1995
I can't believe it's another day! I don't think I even slept. I flew to San Diego early in the evening for the show tonight. Great show! Great crowd! Unfortunately, things got a little out of hand. Most of the crowd wanted to come up on stage and one thing lead to another. A couple of fights broke out, no one was too badly hurt. I think a few bruises and a couple of black eyes were the order of the night.

OCTOBER 29,1995
Flew back to Los Angeles and slept all day. It was heaven!

OCTOBER 30,1995
Flew into Phoenix for the show in Mesa, AZ tonight. My good friend Steffan Chirazi came to the show and brought another friend, photographer, Mark Leialoha with him. It was great to see them. Steffan was there to oversee an interview I was to do with Burton Bell, the singer from Fear Factory, for a cover story in Kerrang! After the show I did an on-air interview with KUPD-FM.

OCTOBER 31,1995
Halloween, my favorite day of the year! We flew into Bakersfield during the day for the show tonight at the Civic Auditorium. Around the middle of the show I did one of my famous frog leaps. When I landed it felt like a electrical shock went up my back. I had thrown my back out. Doing the rest of the show was hell, but I got through it okay. After the show, Ozzy's back in the hospital for x-rays! The doctor said I sprained my back. Now I'm getting really pissed. I've always been accident prone, but this is ridiculous! After I left the hospital I got on a plane and flew to Seattle with an ice pack on my back.

flew to Seattle to be interviewed by Bob Rivers for his show Bobs Garage on KISW-FM. Bob has the coolest radio show which he broadcasts from his garage in his house. Bob's house has the most amazing view of Seattle from his living room. It felt really great to be in someone's home as I've only been in hotel rooms lately. I felt like I could've moved right in with Bob. Afterwards I flew to Chicago.

Got up and saw an acupuncturist who was fantastic. He stuck needles in my top lip to get rid of pain in my back. Don't laugh, it worked! The guy was amazing. In the early evening we drove to a studio in downtown Chicago to do an interview with my old friend Redbeard for his syndicated radio program. After that I returned to the hotel where I had a scheduled chat with fans that was setup on America Online. I love doing these chats, because I get such a kick out of it. I could have gone on talking with everyone all night, but they only gave me a limited amount of time before kicking me off. Thank you to all the fans and everyone at America Online for setting this up.

It's another show day. But first I have to do a phone interview with a writer by the name of David Dodd for a book he's writing called "Playing it Straight." It's beginning to get cold in Chicago. I'm glad we were able to make up this show which was originally scheduled on 19 October (another victim of my bronchitis). The crowd was great tonight. After the show I did a live interview on WCRX-FM and a quick phoner for a rock and sports radio program called "Forrell On the Bench." Then it was on to Rolling Stone Records for another midnight in-store. It was a great turn out despite the cold weather. I just want to thank everyone who came out in the cold to see me.

We flew into Detroit today for the gig tonight at the State Theatre. Again this was another make-up show due to my bronchitis. This is also the last show of the first leg of my American tour. It's kind of sad as it felt like we were on a roll now. The crowd in Detroit was great, as usual. We're off to Europe now.

We caught a flight to New York this morning. We'll then change planes for our flight to London. It will sure feel strange to be home because I haven't really been there since July. My kids met me at the airport. It was sure great to see them. It was great to be home!

I slept very little as I was so excited to be home. I got up early and played with my dogs. I also rode my motorbike. By early evening my jetlag had caught up with me and I was fast asleep on the couch in front of the TV.

Big Breakfast" and we had to be there by 6:30 a.m. I had a real fun time with my kids. Afterwards the kids went off to school and I was off to do press. (Press) Interview for "Hotel Babylon" Interview at "The Net" Radio 1 Interview with "Soundbites" at Confederate Broadcasting Pre-recorded "Coca Cola Hit Mix" interview Tonight I'm throwing a party for my record company and a few radio and TV producers. About 100 people are coming and I've arranged a huge fireworks display for everyone. The party was great. Everyone was cool and seemed to be having a good time. I didn't get to bed until 2:00 a.m.

Today's the first show of my U.K. tour. We're in Ipswich tonight and I must say I was in shock when I went on stage as the audience sat down in their seats the entire show. They were so fucking polite! I don't think I've ever seen such a polite bunch in my life. It was really scary. At the end of the show Randy was having trouble with his arm. He came home with me after the show.

We got up early and took Randy to see a doctor. The doctor said he has "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome," or so you and I can understand, "Tennis Elbow." Randy can't play tonight's show so we had to cancel our performance in Portsmouth. Unfortunately, there's no possible way to re-schedule the show as the theatre is booked up through the end of the year.

NOVEMBER 10,1995
I went up to Birmingham, my old hometown, for a day of press today. Of course when we arrived the sky was gray and it was raining. Just another typical day in Birmingham! It was really cool to go back home again. One of the news crew's took me back to the home where I grew up and to my old school. I even sat down in my old classroom. (Press) Pre-recorded interview with "BRMB-FM" Filmed interview for "BBV-TV Midlands Today" Pre-recorded interview for "RADIO WM"

NOVEMBER 11,1995
We drove up to Wolverhampton for tonight's show. The show was great and the crowd was unbelievable. Im sure glad they were as it was my old hometown being that Wolverhampton is so close to Birmingham. They didn't disappoint me and I love them. After the show we drove back home. When I go home after a show it actually feels like I have a proper job, because I'm coming home every night.

NOVEMBER 12,1995
Tonight's show is in Nottingham which is always a great gig. Its just a great city for rock & roll. The band was really on tonight and the crowd was amazing as usual. Another great gig! After the show we drove up to Manchester. On the drive the fog was so thick that the journey took 4 hours. Everyone was shiting themselves the whole way. (Press) Pre-recorded interview for "BBC Radio Leicester"

NOVEMBER 13,1995
No gig today, just press! (Press) Pre-recorded interview for news program "Granada Tonight" Pre-recorded interview for "City FM" Pre-recorded interview for "Crash Radio" Pre-recorded interview for "Piccadilly Key 103" My wife spent the entire day with me. It was the first day we had spent any time together in months and I thought we were set for a romantic evening together. But it was not meant to be, instead we both just fell asleep.

NOVEMBER 14,1995
Tonight's gig is in Sheffield. When we arrived we found that the entire town was already decorated for Christmas. It was pretty cool. The show tonight was fantastic! All the shows on this tour are bringing back great memories for me as these were the same venues I played on some of the early tours with Randy Rhoads and I haven't done them since 1981. After the show I did a quick photo shoot for Metal Hammer.

NOVEMBER 15,1995
I slept late today, but when I got up I could tell straight away that it was going to be one of those days. I didn't feel great and nothing seemed to be going right. I'm really depressed after the show because I felt my voice was crap tonight. But I tried. I gave it all I had. We drove back home after the show. (Press) Phone interview with "Rock 'N' Reporter" (Pittsburgh, PA) for December cover story.

NOVEMBER 16,1995
I still don't feel great today, so I went to see my doctor again. He said the same old line....."Ozzy, take a month off and rest your voice." By evening I had very little speaking voice left and feared I was going to have to pull tomorrow nights show.

NOVEMBER 17,1995
I have to cancel tonights show in Newport. We were able to re-schedule it on 20 December. I'm very depressed. Later in the evening I did a phone interview with KISS-FM in San Antonio, TX. They were having their "15th Annual Holiday Food Drive" and they asked me to call in to help encourage the listeners to donate food. I got into the spirit and ended up throwing in a few dollars myself to help out. It put me in a better mood.

Next stop Brussels. I ve always found this to be a weird place, but I could neverquite make out why. I don t really like the venue. I ve been playing it for years, but I never feltcomfortable here. As it happens this was one of the best shows of the tour thusfar. The band was on tonight and I had a great time.I flew home to England after the show with the whole band.(Press)4:15 p.m. Phone interview for Blick Magazine (Hungary)

I spent the day at home walking through the forest with my dogs.

Oh shit! It s my birthday. The kids woke me up early with my presents andcards. In fact, it was still dark outside, that s how early it was! I would like tothank all of you for all the great birthday cards I received this year. I was reallytouched by all of them. It means a lot to me.The band are coming over to the house this evening for a birthday party that mywife arranged. They all got together and had a solid gold thumb ring made for mybirthday. It is now my new favorite piece of jewelry. It was a great birthday justspending it will all my family and friends.

I woke early to leave for a gig in Bonn, Germany. I have a wicked pain in mychest and I can t seem to take in enough air to fill my lungs. We called a doctorto the house and he tells me I ve got bronchitis again! So he shoots me full ofantibiotics and B-12 and orders me back to bed. I feel bad about canceling theshow, but my agent is able to reschedule it at the end of the tour.

The doctor was back again this morning to check up on me. I still feel like shit! He tells me it s not helping me that I smoke 60 cigarettes a day. I did manage todo a couple of phone interviews and then moped around the house all day.(Press)11:00 p.m. Phone interview with WAXQ-FM (New York) 11:15 p.m. Phone interview with Nashville Radio Station.

Left for Hannover, Germany around noon. When I arrived I went straight to thehotel for a radio interview. VIVA-TV are filming the show tonight for an hour-longspecial.It s good to be back with the guys again. I had some sound problems on stagetonight. I couldn t hear anything the band were playing, but I sure heard theaudience. They were phenomenal!(Press) 5:00 p.m. In-person interview with Energy Sachsen (Radio) Interviewer: Jorg Schulz

Still in Germany. We re playing the Stadhalle in Offenbach tonight. By this timeof the tour, I m dreaming of sunshine. It s fucking freezing wherever I go! Hadinterviews, a press conference and a photo session scheduled upon my arrival.Joe played amazingly tonight. He s so cool. His technique just blows me awayand I m really happy with the reaction he s been receiving so far in Europe.(Press) 4:30 p.m. Phone interview for Pandemonium Magazine (U.S. monthly) Interviewer: Ray Woods 5:00 p.m. TV interview for AFN TV Interviewer: Rick Brown/Sgt. Larson 5:30 p.m. Round table Press Conference Interviewers: Arno Grettragor ( Totentanz ) Thomas Christ ( AZ) Olaf Korting ( Lahn Dill Kreis & 9 daily papers) 6:00 p.m. Photo Session for Fair Light Media-Pool Photographer: Dirk Lehberger

Today we travel to Prague. I m really looking forward to this weekend s shows inPrague. I ve never played here before, but have heard only great things about thecity and the crowds. The architecture here is just incredible and I can t wait to gowalk around the city tomorrow to check it out. But first things first, they vescheduled another press conference upon my arrival here.I have lots of friends flying into Prague for the weekend. My son, Jack; my friend,Stephen Rea from Belfast; my friend and booking agent, Rod MacSween; my longtime family friend, Lynn Seager; my naughty, tequila swigging and chain-smokingsecretary, Kathy Sherry; Jonathan Newman, my accountant s son who alsohappens to be a shit-hot guitar player; Vanessa Warwick from MTV Europe andLisa Bramley from Sony U.K. who, by the way, tells the filthiest and funniestjokes. So you can imagine that everyone here is ready to party in Prague.(Press) 5:00 p.m. Press Conference at the Intercontinental Hotel. *Cable Plus *TV Max *Studio 6 *CT1 News *TV Nova News *Slovak TV *TV Premiera 6:30 p.m. In-person interview and photo session for Reflex Magazine for 4 page cover story. Interviewer: Josef Rauvolf 6:50 p.m. Interview for Premiera TV 7:10 p.m. Interview with Bang & Spark Magazine 7:30 p.m. Interview for Stereo & Video Magazine and Tyden Magazine 7:50 p.m. Interview with Playboy Magazine (Czech version) Interviewer: Milos Skalka/Melodie 8:10 p.m. Interview for Mlday Svet Interviewer: Roman Lipeik

I was meant to go around the city with Vanessa from MTV today, but it s snowingso we re putting it off until tomorrow. I know everybody s walking round withsore heads today as they were all out partying last night. Jack and I are the oneswho feel good today.Went down to the gig early today as I wanted to check it out. The atmospherebackstage is just great. Everybody is in great spirits despite not havingrecovered from last night s fun. All 12,000 seats for the show are sold out. Thegig was fantastic!

I can t wait for the gig tonight. I spent the afternoon going around Prague withJack and Vanessa and the MTV film crew. It s really an incredible city, especiallythis time of year. Everything is Christmasy. We went to some fantastic church s. We also did a little shopping. I m really sad that the rest of my family couldn t behere, but my daughter, Aimee, has really bad bronchitis so they had to stay athome. Another great show! The crowds here are really enthusiastic. It s been so greatto be received so well in a country that I ve never performed in before. I mlooking forward to coming back in the summer of 96.(Press) 4:00 p.m. In-person interview for Antena 3" and Blitz Weekly Interviewer: Antonio Fretias 4:20 p.m. Photo session for Reflex Magazine (cover story)

I m sad today because Jack has to go home. The weekend of fun is over and allmy friends are going home. Now I m off to Zurich, Switzerland. It s a day off, but,as usual, a full day of press was scheduled for me.(Press) 4:00 p.m. Interview with Radio DRS 3" (German speaking national radio) Interviewer: Mathias Erb 5:00 p.m. In-person for Ernst Of Tages Anzeiger (Major Daily, Switzerland) Interviewer: Lukas Ruettimann10:30 p.m. Phone interview with WRKR-FM (Kalamazoo, MI) Interviewer: Tom Hill10:40 p.m. Phone interview with WKLQ-FM (Grand Rapids, MI) Interviewer: Aris10:50 p.m. Phone interview with WTUE-FM (Dayton, OH) Interviewer: John Beaulieu11:00 p.m. Phone interview with K-ROCK (Syracuse, NY) Interviewer: Dirty Daren11:10 p.m. Phone interview with WRKT-FM (Erie, PA) Interviewer: The Boomer

My hotel room is freezing! I can t wait to get down to the venue to get warm. Well, the gig had its moments, that s all I can say. Done better, done worse. Because I wasn t feeling well and the bad weather, the meet & greet after theshow was canceled. Everyone s going to be snowed in if they stay any longeranyway.(Press)Soundcheck: Recorded video message for Lemmy s (Motorhead) 50th birthday bash in LA.Soundcheck: Introduced songs and Q&A for F Magazine CD

I flew into Munich, Germany today. After last night s show in Zurich I wasexamined by a doctor who told me that I was suffering from extreme exhaustion,fatigue and some mild flu symptoms. He advised me that I should take a coupleof days off so tonight s gig was canceled.

Can t seem to think of anything but Christmas now. Flew into Munich, Germanyand went straight into a full schedule of press. After I finished doing press I wentto Chinese restaurant, drank three bottles of Saki, got loaded, then went to a stripbar, got into a fight, broke a table over a bouncers head before I got thrown out. Then I went back to my hotel and trashed my room. Actually this was only adream. Actually I went to bed with a cup of tea after my last interview, but I thinkmy dreams are a lot more exciting than the real thing.(Press) 5:00 p.m. Phone interview for Rolling Stone Interview: Anthony Bozza 5:30 p.m. In-person interview with Eva Boubek-Louis/Radio freelancer 5:50 p.m. In-person interview with Andreas Dietrich/Radio freelancer 6:10 p.m. Phone interview with Rock Inform Magazine (Monthly, Hungary) Interviewer: Sandor 6:25 p.m. Phone interview with Live (Monthly, Greater Erie, PA) Interviewer: Rich Peterman 6:40 p.m. Round Table Press Conference *Ralf Buxa (Troubadix) *Horst Odermann (Heavy Oder Was) *Margot Schichtl (Logo City News) *Martin Rompp (Heavy Oder Was) 7:10 p.m. Photo session for Bravo Photographer: Dirk

Slept late today. Did my usual two hour workout and then went to the gig. I havea reformed band out of the road this time. Randy spends his days off sightseeingand taking photos and Joe has a guitar welded around his neck. He s never everwithout his guitar. He can usually be found roaming the hotel hallways playinghis unplugged electric guitar. Geezer, of course, spends every spare minutesleeping. Geezer is known on the road as Rip Van Winkle. So between all of us,I think we re a bunch of pussy s. My daughter, Aimee, is here tonight and I m doing the show for her. I was reallyinto the show tonight. Another memorable gig!

The family flew with me to Milan today. We all had a great time on the planetogether. The pilot let Jack up in the cockpit for the take-off and landing. Another big gig tonight, 8,000 people and it s sold out! Show time....walking tothe gig smells like a fucking Italian restaurant. All I can smell is garlic bread. Thecrowd are really rowdy tonight, but I m pissed off. I m on stage for the first 10minutes and the crowd is going crazy when all of a sudden I get hit with a coin onmy right cheekbone. Five minutes later I get hit with a battery right in my lip. Now I m fuckin fuming!! Alright, joke s over. I m hit by another fucking coin laterin the show and it cuts my hand. Now I want to fucking hit somebody. Joe snow doing his guitar solo and I m offstage in my quick change room. Sharon isin there with the doctor. I kicked them both out and told them to fuck off! There sblood coming from my hand and lip. I want to pummel the bastard that s done it! After the show I m in big time trouble. Sharon left the venue after I threw her outof my quick change room. I m now in for trouble when I go back to the hotel. I llhave to do a lot of groveling. As I m leaving the venue the promoter tells me howmuch the crowd loved me. Well, if this is love, then I don t even want to thinkwhat would ve happened if they hated me.

Took the family to the cathedral in Milan today. We also did some Christmasshopping. I m still not feeling that great about being in Italy after last nightsshow. This weekend had been planned for a long while with my family. If theyhadn t been here with me then I think I would have gotten the hell out of thecountry after the show last night.

Back in Germany again. I arrived into Essen and went straight to the venue as Ihad a TV interview scheduled at soundcheck. It s really odd touring Europe dayto day. I m country hopping, but it s always good to be back in Germany.The show was smokin !!! After the show we celebrated Randy s birthday. Ofcourse we had the mandatory cake in the face. During the show tonight I think Igot him in the face with about four buckets of cold water as well. (Press)Soundcheck: In-person interview for RTL TV (National TV, Germany)12:00 a.m. Phone interview with WXLP-FM (Moline, IL) Interviewer: Steve Gunner12:30 a.m. Phone interview with KEZO-FM (Omaha, NE) Interviewer: Barb Ilcuns

I m getting really excited now. I m going home for Christmas. I m afraid when I mlooking forward to going home the shows tend to go faster and get shorter. Theshow tonight was really quick. I couldn t help it, I was singing double speed.

This is very exciting! We re in Bonn, Germany tonight and this is the last date ofthe European tour. I m so fucking happy, I can t shit!! It s an early show tonight. We had a great pre-Christmas dinner with the band and crew before the show. We all exchanged gifts. As it happens the show was really a blast as everyonewas in a great mood because we re going home!

I arrived home in England during the early morning hours today. All theChristmas decorations are out. Slept all day on the couch until the early evening. Then I got up and ate and fell asleep again. It s great to be home!

Today Jack and I went into London to do some Christmas shopping. It was atotal nightmare with all the traffic and all the people.

Had to get up early today for a video shoot. We re doing a video for See You On The Other Side. The concept for the video has now changed three times. It s been very difficult to tie this one down. The concept basically is me doing the performance with a little bit of concept, which is meant to be thought s going through my head. Typical video shoot. They get you there at 7 in the morning and then they don t use you until 7 in the evening. I arrived at 7:00 a.m. ready for makeup. The makeup girl tells me that I can t smoke near her as she suffers from asthma. The only reason I wanted to smoke anyway was to stay awake. Meanwhile she finishes my makeup and then lights up a fucking big Marlboro! Now I m really confused. Everybody on the video shoot is sick. Everyone has got a cold or a cough and I m walking around with a Michael Jackson mask (panty liner) on so that I don t get any germs. Get this, my cameraman who s meant to be the second coming of Christ (he s supposed to the best) has a accident on the set, so we end up with some goofball behind the camera now. Now I m shitting because I think I m going to end up looking like Roseanne in this video. By early evening I m really paranoid now. People are going down like flies with the flu, so I decide to throw an Ozzy wobbler. I tell the director that they only have me for one more hour and then I m leaving. Actually, I ended up staying 3 more hours.

It s Christmas Eve and the house is full of excitement. We have our friend, Jeb Brien, who directs some of my videos, with his little girls, Carly and Katie staying with us. Jack also had two of his friends over, so the house is full of activity. Sharon and I have been busy wrapping gifts all day. It s really nice and cold and feeling very Christmasy. We went out for a late dinner and then went to midnight mass at our local church.

The children woke us up at 6:30 in the morning asking if they could go down and open their gifts. Out comes the old video camera and we spent the next hour opening gifts. We hired a couple of chefs to come in and cook us Christmas lunch today. They made us a great big breakfast and then we all went for a walk with the dogs in the forest. We invited some friends over, all in all, we had 17 of us over at the house for lunch. We ate and had fun all day. By 9:00 p.m. we were all ready for bed.

I didn t wake until lunch time and then out comes those dreadful suitcases. It s time to pack to leave again. Every time my dog sees the suitcases he knows I m leaving, so he s not talking to me today. He s pissed off with me. It was a lazy day otherwise, I spent the rest of the day sleeping.

We caught an early flight to Denver, Colorado today. The whole family is coming with me. We left the house early in the morning with 30 suitcases. It s a nightmare when we all travel together. It was a long flight. We traveled for almost 13 hours, but we got there finally and safely.

We hate the hotel, we re moving! It s like sleeping in the middle of a freeway, so myself, Sharon, the kids, my assistant, Tony and 30 suitcases are moving. (Press) 5:30 p.m. Phone interview with KILO-FM (Colorado Springs) Interviewer: Gary Wolfe 5:45 p.m. Phone interview with KRFX-FM (Denver) Interviewer: Alan Roach

I woke up and my chest doesn t feel so great. Jack has now got a cold. I called my old friend from Denver, Dr. Buzz, to come over to see me at the hotel. He says my chest doesn t sound too good and he wants me to have a X-Ray. Jack and I went out and played in the snow later in the day. In the evening we went to see a movie with the kids. It s about time to play a gig. I miss the band.

The band flew into Denver today. I m really looking forward to spending time with them. I m taking my inhalants for my chest, so I did a lot of sleeping today.

I m really excited about the show tonight. I got up early, I m too excited to sleep. I want to get down to the gig! It s exciting to start the year off with a new tour. The show was great, I feel blessed that I m starting my 1996 off on stage doing what I love best in the world and getting paid for it! I couldn t have thought of a better way to bring in the new year. My band was great and the audience was great. I m the luckiest man alive and I appreciate every fucking moment of it. Happy New Year to everyone! After the show everyone went to a party at my dear friend, Barry Fey s, house. He was the first promoter I ever worked for in America. We had a wonderful time. It was the perfect end to my day.

Slept most of the day. My kids and my wife are leaving for Vail today to go skiing. I m backing out on the trip. My chest isn t feeling too good. This is it. I can t take the colds and the bronchitis anymore. The cigarettes have got to go. This is my New Years resolution. I m a 3 pack a day man and I m flushing them down the toilet. If I see one more fucking doctor, I m going to hang myself.

I m climbing the fucking walls for a cigarette. This is harder than I thought it was going to be, but I won t give in. I m staying in my room as much as I can, because if I go out and see people smoking it s going to drive me nuts. (Press) 5:00 p.m. Phone interview with the San Antonio News Express Interviewer: Jim Beal

The kids and my wife arrived back from Vail this morning. We re all leaving for Dallas today. I sat for 4 hours on the plane with Nicoderm patches all over my face. This is no fucking joke now! It s the toughest thing I ve ever done. I was biting my pillow because I wanted to smoke so bad. Unbeknowst to me, there are two women sitting behind me on the plane who kept talking about me the entire flight. My kids overheard them and got pissed off. They found out where one of their coats were hanging and put their dinner in her coat pocket. Shrimp tails, chicken bones, some half eaten mashed potatoes and peas all went in the coat pocket.

I got down to the gig early because I wanted to watch LIFE OF AGONY and KORN. They are both really great bands and a great bunch of guys too. There s a great vibe backstage. Everyone is getting along great. Great crowd and a great show tonight. I m on lucky son-of-a-bitch!

The wife and kids left today to go back home to England. There were lots of tears. I m really climbing the walls for a cigarette. This has been harder for me than coming off the drugs and the booze. (Press) 4:30 p.m. Phone interview with KISS-FM (San Antonio) Contact: Tom Scheppke 5:00 p.m. Phone interview with KMJX-FM (Little Rock) Contact: Tom Wood

San Antonio today. A plaque was given to me by KISS-FM for donating money to a local food bank during the Thanksgiving holiday, which apparantly inspired others to donate as well. The radio station collected so much money that it took them through the Christmas holiday. It made me feel great. Jonathan, the singer from KORN, is really cool. In fact I went out in the audience tonight and watched some of their set. Right now I m one happy motherfucker!

Seven days without a cigarette. This is the longest I ve ever gone without a cigarette in my life. I can t believe it! No more nicotine on my fingers, no more smelling like an ashtray. Joe and I spent the afternoon writing today. He s coming up with some brilliant new riffs. Can t wait to go into the studio with him. The show was really happening tonight. It was really jelling great and the band was having a great time. It was another great gig.

Day 8 and still not smoking. I was going to make a surprise visit to KLOL in Houston today, so myself, Tony and Epic Records Rep, Gayle Miller, got a taxi from the hotel. On the way to the station we were rear-ended on the freeway. It was actually a 3 car collision. I cannot believe my luck. The 3 of us were thrown forward in the car and all of us ended up with some wicked whiplash. I m definitely accident prone. If there were 100 people in the street and a flock of birds flew over, the shit would land on me. Later in the evening I made what I think was my eleventh appearance on the syndicated radio program Rockline. (Press) 10:30 p.m. Rockline Broadcast

There s no fucking way I ll be head banging tonight. I can t move my body. I feel so fucking sore all over. I have to keep laughing because I can t believe my luck. It gets to the point where you think that nothing else can happen, but it usually does. We had to cancel the show tonight in Little Rock. We re going to try to reschedule it for sometime in April.

Eleven days of not smoking and I ve gained eleven pounds. When normally I d pick up a cigarette, now I pick up food. On a good day I d smoke 60-80 cigarettes, but I m not going to smoke. I m determined!!! We had some sad news today. Geezer is getting really homesick and my tour is scheduled to run for a year. He knows he can t last out so I ve asked Mike Inez, to come in at the end of the month. It will be great to see Mike, but I m so very sad to see Geezer go. In fact, the closer it gets to the end of the month, the sadder I ll be. I spent most of the day in my room watching TV. (Press) 7:00 p.m. Phone with KRZR-FM (Fresno) to announce my February 27 date which goes on sale tomorrow morning. DJ: Don De La Cruz

We re in Lexington, Kentucky tonight. Another great show. One of the best shows we re done in weeks. Everything was perfect. (Press) 3:00 p.m. Phone interview with KOMP-FM (Las Vegas) to promote March 3 show in Las Vegas. DJ: Mike Kalada

Thirteen days without a cigarette and I m thirteen pounds heavier. I stayed in my room and read all day. I also did a little painting.

Dayton, Ohio tonight. It was a terrific show. Unbelievable!! I really enjoyed myself tonight and the audience were fucking nuts!

Day off. I slept most of the day. I got up late in the afternoon. I can t watch TV because if I see anyone smoking I m going to go fucking crazy. I don t want to go out, I don t want to do anything. I m just dreaming about cigarettes.

Everyone on tour is getting on so well. It s a very comfortable situation backstage. LIFE OF AGONY and KORN are all really cool. It s like we re all one big family now. The show tonight was good, not great. Every time I looked out at the audience everyone looked like a cigarette to me. Just joking! (Press) 3:00 p.m. Phone interview with WKGB-FM (Binghamton, NY) DJ: Scott Wells 3:15 p.m. Phone interview with WAAL-FM (Binghamton, NY) DJ: Rick Kelly

Traveled to New York City. Ah! the smell of New York is wonderful. Sharon is flying in from England tonight to be with me.

Oh shit, tonight s the big Meadowlands show. Everyone from my record company and loads of my friends will be coming down tonight. Found out today we re not using the video for See You On The Other Side that I shot in England before Christmas. We re flushing it down the toilet.

The show was great last night. The crowd was fucking unbelievable. I fucking love New York!! I spent most of the day with my friends from Japan shooting a piece for Japanese television. (Press) 12:00 p.m. Phone interview with the Albany Times Union Interviewer: Greg Haymes 4:20 p.m. Phone interview with WHJY-FM DJ: Carolyn Fox 4:30 p.m. Phone interview with WHCN-FM DJ: Concert Kid 4:40 p.m. Phone interview with WCCC-FM DJ: Mike 4:50 p.m. Phone interview with WPLR-FM DJ: Mike Lapitino 5:00 p.m. Filming for Japanese TV show at hotel 6:00 p.m. Phone interview with Reuters Wire Service Interviewer: Dean Goodman 6:30 p.m. Phone interview with Gannett New Service Interviewer: Rex Rutkoski

We played it in the round tonight at the Centrum in Worcester, Massachusetts. It was really different for me, but I loved every minute of it and the crowd loved every minute of it. (Press) 11:00 p.m. Short in-person interview for TV program Deco Drive (Entertainment Magazine) for feature story on Rock & Wrap It Up .

New Haven tonight. Got on the plane early to do a quick radio interview at a club called the Sports Haven. I did a 2 minute radio interview from the Sports Haven and then did a quick meet and greet. I felt really bummed because there were a lot of fans there to meet me, but I was whisked from one location to another and didn t get a chance to talk to any of the fans. My good friend, Ron Delsener, is the promoter for my show tonight. So we hung out before the show. Whenever we get together we re the two biggest hypochondriac s we know. We like to spend hours complaining how sick we both are (not!). Somebody from the crowd crashed through my quick change tent tonight. I think he thought it was a solid object and not just a few curtains. He came flying through the roof and ended up with a steam machine up his asshole. It s no fun when the security guys are wearing plastic raincoats. I ve now got to think of something else to get them with.

Day off in New York. I ve got a meet and greet scheduled today. Some kids are coming from Philadelphia to meet me at my hotel. Read my review from the New York show in today s New York Times. It was a good review, but the writer said that I was fat. It s now 3 weeks today since I stopped smoking. My options are either to go back to smoking or end up like Meatloaf. Which one should I choose. Stay tuned. (Press) 6:00 p.m. Meet & greet with WYSP-FM (Philadelphia) contest winners. 7:00 p.m. Phone interview with Syracuse Post Standard & Herald Journal) Interviewer: Mark Bilaczak

I flew into Philadelphia during the afternoon with Sharon, Tony, Epic Records Rep, Gayle Miller and Video Director, Nigel Dick. My good friends, Steve and Nancy Barnett, were waiting for me (Steve manages AC/DC) as it's their hometown. We had a great chat before the show. I had such a great laugh on stage tonight. For some reason, and I don't know why, girls were throwing their brassiere's at me tonight. The girls in Philly have awfully big tits (of course I'm complaining). It might have something to do with those great big Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches they eat here. After the show I did a meet and greet with WPYX-FM. I saw over 100 people. The whole night was great. On the way back to New York on the plane everyone was eating those Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches. As I don't eat red meat, I ate a bunch of grapes. I'm sitting there watching those gutsy bastards pounding down those big steak sandwiches. When I got back to the hotel room I was still wired and shaken from the show so I didn't get to bed until 5:00 a.m.

I had only one interview scheduled this afternoon. Afterwards I was to be at the Sony Music building for 6:00 p.m. to presented with my platinum album for "OZZMOSIS." Sony has the most incredible building. On the top floor they have the Sony Club where they serve the best food. All my friends from the company were there waiting for me when I arrived. It was a really great evening. Very informal, very comfortable. After 16 years here, my record company are definite like my extended family. My platinum disc consisted of a giant cover of the album (it must be 3 feet tall) and on the album cover the platinum disc was set in palm of my hand like I was holding it. They couldn't have thought of a nicer way to present me with my platinum album. The whole evening was perfect. At the end of the night I was walked back to the hotel with my platinum album under my arm. I would like to thank all of my family from Sony and, of course, without all of my fans this disc would never have been possible. Now I'm getting emotional. Alright, enough of this shit. I'm going to bed. (Press) 4:00 p.m. Interview for "Seconds Magazine" for major feature. Interviewer: Steve Blush

Bummer, bad day. Syracuse is freezing, the gig is freezing and Geezer is leaving the tour today. All in all, it's a shitty day. Through the entire show everyone was freezing up on stage. See, as we were playing, the opening band, Korn, were loading out their equipment through the doors directly behind the stage. So it was unbelievably cold on stage and everyone was bumming out because it was Geezer's last show with us. I'd like to apologize to the fans who bought tickets and came to the show in Syracuse, because the whole band was down and miserable. I really hope it didn't show that much on stage. But instinctively it did. After the show we all hugged Geezer goodbye. I wish my friend much peace, love and happiness and I'm sure he knows he could never be replaced. The position will just be filled. I love you Geezer. (Press) 6:00 p.m. Interview with Z-Rock (Syracuse, NY) at venue.

Today I'm re-shooting my video for "See You On The Other Side" with video director, Nigel Dick. We're shooting it at Sony Studios in New York. I'm back in video hell!! Mike Inez arrived today and is rehearsing with the band in the studio next to where we're filming the video. It's great to see him and I'm looking forward to spending some time on the road with him. In fact, it feels like he's never been away. I know how lucky I am to have a group of friends who are great musicians around me who just seem to drop into my life. I'd like to thank Alice In Chains and Susan Silver for letting me borrow Mike for the next couple of months. I promise to send him back in the same condition I got him. The video shoot finished at around at 1:00 p.m. I had a good time doing it, although every time I see myself on the monitor I wanted to puke, because as of today I've put on 26 lbs.

I didn't sleep much last night. I was debating all night. My dilemma, cigarettes or the weight. Should I or shouldn't I. I even rolled a cigarette at one stage, but I didn't smoke it. Sharon left for England today. Every time she leaves it gets really quiet around here. The phone stops ringing and the room seems very quiet. I forget to tell you yesterday that Joe got a new haircut. He looks like Pipi Longstocking now. The first show with Mike was unbelievable. He was all over the stage. It seemed like we were having a party on stage. (Press) 3:00 p.m. Phoner with WPYX-FM (ALBANY) to promote tonight's show. DJ: Paulie

Stayed at the hotel and slept. I did one interview and them went back to bed as I have to get up at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow to do the Howard Stern show. (Press) 4:00 p.m. In-person interview for syndicated radio program "Up Close" (180 stations around the U.S.). Interviewer: Dan Neer

I got up at 6:00 a.m. ready to go hang with Howard Stern. I had such a great time with him that I kept forgetting that it was a radio show. I felt totally at home. It was like having breakfast with a friend or something. I just never shut the fuck up. I had verbal diarrhea this morning. Howard is the coolest. It must be 8 years since I've done an interview with Howard. I forgot how cool he really is. Why am I talking shit? I was probably so stoned back then I couldn't remember much of it anyway. Afterwards I went back to the hotel to do a phone interview and then I'm leaving for Rochester this afternoon. (Press) 7:00 a.m. Howard Stern Radio Show. 3:00 p.m. Phoner with WTPA-FM (HERSHEY) to promote tomorrow nights show and to ask fans coming to the show to bring clothes, blankets, food, etc. for disaster victims in Harrisburg, PA. DJ: Chris James 6:00 p.m. Live radio interview with WCMF-FM (Rochester, NY) at venue.

Today I have two phone interviews with radio stations in Phoenix, AZ. I Left New York late this afternoon for Hershey, PA. We were running a fundraising contest with WTPA-FM to raise money for the victims of the flood disaster in Pennsylvania. The winner will get tickets and backstage passes to my show tonight and will get to come on stage with me for one song. A listener by the name of Eddie Bower phoned in and donated $1,800.00. God bless Eddie Bower. He was a cool guy! I decided to target Randy with my water gun tonight. When the band went into "Crazy Train" I turned and sprayed Randy and knocked him right off his drum stool. We must have missed half the song as we were all laughing so hard when Randy was trying to get to his feet and he just kept slipping and sliding. The set's getting much tighter now with this only being Mike's 3rd show with us. My God....what a rock stud he's become. His side of the stage is littered with Wonderbra's and all I get are a couple of pairs of old socks and the occasional boot. After the show I did a meet and great with some contest winners and then flew back to New York. (Press) 3:00 p.m. Phoner with KUPD-FM (Phoenix). DJ: J.J. Jeffries 3:15 p.m. Phoner with KLPX-FM (Tucson) DJ: Alex T

A complete day off! I worked on some new sketch's today and then rode my exercise bike for a couple of hours before I went back and did some more sketching. I also started hand painting a new pair of boots. I hate wearing new boots. I always feel like a right dickhead when I'm wearing a pair of stiff clean boots. It was a really good day for me. The phone never rang once. I was in my own world all day.

Did some phone interviews around lunch time. This is my big move day. I've been based out of New York for the past two weeks and now I'm moving on. It's a nightmare to pack because when I'm out on the road for so long I travel with around 15 suitcases. I arrived in Cleveland just before soundcheck. I'm really looking forward to tonight's show as I always like playing in Cleveland. I sang like a fucking idiot tonight. I've still got loads of snot coming out from my chest. Everyone tells me that when you give up smoking that loads of snot just starts coming up from your chest for months. Every time I scream on stage or use a lot of pressure on my throat, I choke on my own snot. I hope you are all throwing up now, `cos I am. (Press) 12:30 p.m. Phoner with "WIOT-FM" (Toledo, OH) DJ: Dave Doran 12:45 p.m. Phoner with "WBUZ-FM" (Toledo, OH) DJ: Mike Davis

My first phone interview of the day was for "Tower Pulse" magazine. I was interviewed by Pete Steele from Type O Negative. Pete seems like a really cool guy. He asked me some interesting questions. I'm looking forward to meeting him someday. My second phoner was with Fred Shuster from the "LA Daily News." I'll now be basing myself out of Michigan for the next 9 days, but tonight's show is in Toledo. It's really cold here! I watched the Deftones for the first time tonight. Very interesting! They have the same vibe as Korn, but the lucky fuckers are signed to Madonna's label. They seem like the vogueing type to me. Joe is finally retaliating. He got me with a bucket of water on stage tonight so I told him "If you want to fuck with the Oz...you'd better beware!" So I waited until the timing was right. Joe was in the middle of his guitar solo in "Suicide Solution" and he was busy posing on top of the video cubes. Throwing some wicked shapes. When you least expect it......expect it! I got Joe with the gun. It must have went on for about five minutes. I LOVE MY GUN! NOBODY FUCKS WITH THE OZ!!! (Press) 2:00 p.m. Phone interview for "Tower Pulse" magazine. Interviewer: Pete Steele (of Type O Negative) 3:00 p.m. Phone interview for "Los Angeles Daily News". Interviewer: Fred Schuster

Day off. I slept until late afternoon. I'm actually venturing out of the hotel today. I went to see Nicholas Cage in "Leaving Las Vegas." He was absolutely brilliant in the lead role. He's my new hero. The movie is real depressing though. I was nearly crying a couple of times. When I came out of the movie I was bummed, so I went back to the hotel and did some more sketching. I couldn't sleep. Stayed up all night. I must have phoned home to the kids about ten times. They were all bored with me by the end of the day so they handed the phone over to the dogs.

I talked to my old friend Steffan Chirazi on the phone today. He's writing a piece on me for the San Francisco Chronicle. The show in Erie, PA tonight was great. Everyone had a great time. I think I even sang "Perry Mason" and "No More Tears" tonight. I know a lot of you guys have been pissed off with me because I haven't been singing a lot of songs from my new album. The reason I don't sing more songs from "Ozzmosis" is that the album is in such a high range that it's very difficult for me to sing those songs live. (Press) 3:00 p.m. Phone interview for the "San Francisco Chronicle" Interviewer: Steffan Chirazi

It's another day off. Too many days off for me. I spent a couple of hours looking over some fan mail. Today my keyboard player, John Sinclair, travels with his own computer so he came over to my room and setup his computer so that I could read my e-mail on America Online. I really enjoyed just spending the day reading your mail. I'd like to thank everyone for taking the time to send me some e-mail messages. This computer stuff can be so addictive. Once you start you can't stop and with my addictive behavior, if I traveled with my computer I'd probably become a recluse. I'd be spending all day "surfing the net."

It's another gig day, but first I have a few phoners to do during the afternoon. I was really pumped for tonight's show in Detroit and I must say it was one of the best shows of the tour so far. It was an outrageous show from beginning to end. The band and I had the best time. It was fucking great! I'm really beginning to feel like my old self again. After the show I was so wired that I couldn't sleep. (Press) 3:00 p.m. Phoner with "WRIF-FM" (Detroit, MI) DJ: Arthur Penhollow 3:15 p.m. Phoner with "WDZR-FM (Z-Rock)" (Detroit, MI) DJ: Rick Elliott 3:30 p.m. Phoner with "WCSX-FM" (Detroit, MI) DJ: Carl Coffey

I had four phoners today. Tonight's gig is in Kalamazoo. This place holds many memories for me. I asked my wife to marry me in Kalamazoo. Also, I'll never forget a gig we played here when Randy was alive, a guy tried to get into the show with a skinned cows head perched on his shoulder. The blood from the cows head was dripping down one side of his body. He was told very politely that I only eat white meat (I'm so fucking funny I can't shit!). Alright, I know you're not going to believe me because I said this about last night's gig, but tonight's show was absolutely the best show so far. aI know I've said this before, but I can't believe how lucky I am. I have so much fun doing what I do and I get paid for it too! (Press) 4:00 p.m. Phoner with "KGGO-FM" (Des Moines, IA) DJ: Jack 4:15 p.m. Phoner with "KHMH-FM" (St. Cloud, MN) DJ: Scott 4:30 p.m. Phoner with "KQRS-FM" (Minneapolis, MN) DJ: Mary Young 4:45 p.m. Phoner with "KFAN-FM" (Minneapolis, MN) DJ: Chad Hartman

I'm completely exhausted today. I tried to stay awake, but I keep hitting the sack. I turned the phones off. I turned the telly off and I'm signing off for the day.

Woke up late today and did my one phoner with WXLP-FM in Moline, IL. I'm moving cities today. For the next week to 10 days I'll be based out of Minneapolis. Tonight's show is in Minneapolis at the Target Center. The show went great. The band and I had a blast on stage tonight. (Press) 2:30 p.m. Phoner with "WXLP-FM" (Moline, IL) Interviewer: Guy

Slept really late today. Had to fly Moline, IL for tonight's gig at The Mark. I was still trying to wake up on the plane. I hate that feeling, when I don't have the time to wake up. So it's a Saturday night in Moline. It's definitely a wild bunch that lives in Moline, Illinois!!

It's a day off. I'm in the middle of some new sketch's right now. All day I've been back and forth sketching and painting some boots. I've just ordered 8 pair of boots. Not that I can actually wear them all, I just enjoy painting my boots. People are always asking me where I get my hand-painted boots from. I must have eaten 10 snickers bars today. I'm now into buying box loads of them and putting them in frig. They're great when there cold. This is my new addiction of the month.
Spoke with Dave Backer (Pop Music Critic) for the Oakland Tribune today for a feature about my upcoming show in Oakland on February 25. Everything seems to be running on autopilot right now. It's the same old, same old. The shows are all going great and the band's playing great, but I feel like I've got a day job. I need some excitement! I thought I'd seen everything, but tonight was definitely a first. During the show Joe jumped into the audience from the stage to give a guitar pick to a guy in a wheelchair, when a security guard decided to beat him up for no reason at all. It's bad enough they beat up on my fans at the shows, but they're beating up on my band. I'm fucked if I know what's going on in these guys heads anyway. This security guard punched Joe in the nose and then started beating on his chest. Joe's nose is big enough as it is. He didn't need any help in that department. I have to admit that I'm back on the cigarettes now. I just can't stand looking at myself in the mirror. I'm so upset with the weight I've put on since I stopped smoking. So I said "fuck it, I'm going to start smoking again." (Press) 4:00 p.m. Phone interview with "Oakland Tribune" Interviewer: Dave Backer

Busy press day. I have 4 phone interviews to do with radio stations around the country. Well, I've finally made it to Ames, Iowa! I had canceled Ames twice before on prior tours. I can't believe I'm here. It's the first time I've played Ames. As the plane was landing I couldn't believe how barren it was. There's nothing here! The show was going great. The crowd was fantastic. Everyone was having a great time, when from out of nowhere the police started to come down the aisles and the Building Manager turned the house lights on. Apparently, the Building Manager thought that the crowd was getting too out of hand and sent for the local police. These people are so fucking dumb! Don't they realize that these kids were just having a good time? They weren't harming anyone and there was absolutely no violence happening. It was a great atmosphere and everyone was really enjoying themselves until they turned the house lights on and the police started to hit everyone. I was so fucking depressed and frustrated because you feel like you have no control when these fucking idiots in suits make their minds up to ruin everyone's evening. Apparently they wanted to arrest me for causing trouble in their building, but I fucked them big time! When the show finished, my security guard got me out the building, onto my plane and out of town in 10 minutes. I think the suits are still looking for me. (Press) 3:00 p.m. Phoner with "KGGO-FM" (Des Moines, IL) Interviewer: Jack Emerson 3:15 p.m. Phoner with "WWCT-FM" (Peoria, IL) Interviewer: Jamie Markley 3:30 p.m. Phoner with "WBNQ-FM" (Bloomington, IL) Interviewer: Rick Holberg 3:45 p.m. Phoner with "WIHN-FM" (Normal, IL) Interviewer: Joe Mick

Day off. I didn't sleep much last night as I was too wound up after the show. I was awake most of the night. Stayed in my room all day. I'm really angry today. I must have eaten 6 Snickers bars. Did a scheduled computer chat on Prodigy during the evening. I always enjoy doing stuff with the computer. After my online chat, John Sinclair came up to my room with his computer and I read my e-mail for 4 or 5 hours until I feel asleep on the couch. (Press) 8:30 p.m. Prodigy online computer chat.

I'm having to cancel my show in Normal, Illinois tonight. My back is locking up again. When I was getting out of bed this morning my back locked up on me again. So now I'm lying on the floor with the acupuncturist putting needles all over my back. The show in Normal is being moved to April 22.

I went out today to the Mall of America in Minneapolis and bought my good friend, Lemmy, 12 knives as he collects them. I'm really excited today because my family are coming in tomorrow. The kids are on mid-term break from school for a week. Later, I flew into Omaha, Nebraska for my show tonight at the Civic Auditorium. It was a great show. I always enjoy coming to Omaha. (Press) 4:30 p.m. Phoner with "KQWB-FM" (Fargo, ND) Interviewer: David Osbourne (no relation!)

I stayed up all night. I never slept because I was so excited about seeing my wife and kids. It was daylight when I finally feel asleep on the couch. When I awoke Sharon and the kids had been there for 3 hours already. They had decided not to disturb me on the couch since I was fast asleep. We were all so exited to see one another. Jack and I stayed up late playing cards.

The kids were really looking forward to traveling with me on my plane. Jack sat up with the pilot all the way to Fargo, North Dakota. When we arrived at the venue we heard that the singer from Korn was not well so they weren't playing tonight. It's good to know that I'm not the only one who gets sick. The Deftones ended up playing a longer set tonight. My show went very smoothly tonight. On the plane back to Minneapolis everyone fell asleep, except for me, of course.

I'm moving out of Minneapolis today. Me, Sharon, the kids and are over-crowded suitcases. The kids have only been here for 2 days and they have already collected a suitcase full of new toys. My plane has now turned into a mobile toy store. The plane only seats 8 and 4 of the seats are crammed with toys. I spent the entire journey picking Lego's out of my ass. The show was really fun tonight. I love it when my kids are on the road with me and I look over during the show and see them on the side of the stage. I always want to put a little extra into my performance when I know they're watching me. After the show I flew on to Seattle. I'm really looking forward to spending the next 2 days off with my children. (Press) 4:00 p.m. Phoner with "KRRO-FM" (Sioux Falls, SD) Interviewer: Brian Wheeler 4:15 p.m. Phoner with "KSEZ-FM" (Sioux Falls, SD) Interviewer: Tom Stevens

I know it was too good to be true. The kids woke up this morning and they all feel sick so we called a doctor over to the hotel. All 3 kids have strep throat, but Kelly is the worst. She has a fever of 103 and she's really not looking good at all. So there goes our 2 day vacation together.

We've had the doctor over twice today already. Now Aimee's complaining about stomach cramps and Kelly is having trouble breathing. I was playing submarines with Jack in the bath this morning. As I was getting out of the bath tub I slipped on one of Jack's toys and pulled my back again. This is ending up to be the tour from hell. If I see one more doctor, one more acupuncturist or one more chiropractor, I'm going to throw myself out of a window.

It's show day in Seattle. The kids are not back to normal yet, but so far it's a good day because we haven't seen a doctor yet. I'm really looking forward to the gig tonight as it's really been depressing sitting in my hotel room with the kids being sick. I really enjoyed tonight's show. I loved playing this venue as I had never played here before. Tonight's show is being broadcast by RealAudio over the Internet. People from all over the world were able to listen the concert as it was happening live. I really felt the need to put on a good show tonight so I didn't really concentrate on the pain in my back, but afterwards I was lying on my dressing room in agony.

The kids were meant to leave today, but they're too sick to travel. In fact, we called the doctor out again last night at 2:30 in the morning for Aimee. So Sharon and I never slept all at last night. With no sleep and with the pain in my back we had to get Tony to sit with the kids while I tried to get some rest. I was so messed up that I had to change tonight's show in Portland to tomorrow night. (Press) 12:00 p.m. Phone interview with "New York Magazine." Interviewer: David Handelman 2:30 p.m. Phone interview with "KUFO-FM" (Portland, OR). Interviewer: Shannon (DJ) 3:00 p.m. Phone interview with "KRZR-FM" (Fresno, CA). Interviewer: Jeff Freeman

I flew into Portland during the afternoon. I'm feeling much better today. My back feels fine today. As soon as I arrived in Portland I was taken to radio station KUFO-FM for an on-air interview. The show was phenomenal. It was definitely worth waiting for. I had the best time. The band played great and it was like we were having a party on stage. (Press) 5:00 p.m. Live radio station visit at "KUFO-FM" (Portland, OR). DJ: KC

I'm moving out of Seattle today. Sharon and the kids are leaving for England today as the children are finally well enough to travel now. I hate to see them go. It was such a bummer that everyone got sick this time. Our friend, Vanessa Warwick, from MTV Europe is joining us in Oakland tonight. It's always great to see her. Steffan Chirazi and his son Zak came to the show and spent some time with me in my dressing room. I must be truthful, I was definitely not on tonight. My friends, of course, told me that the show was fine, but I know in my heart that they're bullshitting me. I felt like I let my fans down tonight. After the show I flew to LA to begin my week long stay there. (Press) 6:00 p.m. Live in-person interview with "KSJO-FM" (Oakland, CA). DJ: Tim Jeffries 6:30 p.m. Live in-person interview for "MTV Europe". Interviewer: Vanessa Warwick

Got up early and went to do the Mark & Brian radio show. After the show I went back to the hotel and went to bed. I spent the rest of the day writing in my journal and finished some sketch's. (Press) 9:00 a.m. "Mark & Brian" radio show (syndicated to 22 markets). Interviewers: Mark & Brian

Sharon arrived back from London today. It's been pissing down with rain all day in LA. It's really depressing. Sharon's plane arrived late due to bad weather. As soon as she arrived at the hotel we got in a van to go back to the airport to fly to Fresno. As we arrived at the airport our captain was waiting for us to tell us that the plane was having mechanical problems, but that they would be fixed within the hour. Sharon and I looked at each other said "no fucking way!" It's raining, it's foggy and the plane's got problems, so we're not going. The vibe was not right. We were able to reschedule the Fresno show for April 16. (Press) 3:30 p.m. Phone interview with "Spa" magazine (Japan). Interviewer: Tomahawk Yamazaki 4:15 p.m. In-person interview for the "Album Network". Interviewer: Cathy Faulkner 5:00 p.m. Phone interview with "KCAL-FM" (Riverside, CA). Interviewer: Gonzo

The phone started ringing early this morning as apparently there were all these rumors flying around as to why I didn't perform last night in Fresno. Everything from "I was seen drinking in a bar in Fresno" to "I had a bad back. Sorry, but there's no great scandal or great stories other than I didn't want to get up in the plane. We held bass auditions today. Some really talented people turned up. I want to thank everyone who took the time to come down to audition. Right now we've narrowed it down to 2 people. We should be making a decision shortly.

Everything in my professional life seems like I'm taking 2 steps forward and 5 steps back. I woke up today and I feel like shit. Also, Sharon's not well, as well as, my assistant, Tony. So I went back to bed. I woke up around 3:00 p.m. and went to see my doctor. I have a temperature of 101. It's now 4:00 p.m. the day of the LA Forum show and my doctor is informing me that if I do the show tonight I'll make myself worse and I'll probably have to cancel even more dates. He's suggesting I cancel tonight's show and get some rest. This is a fucking nightmare! More doctors, more medication and more cancellations....I feel like someone's put a curse on me. Of course I decided to do the show. Even though most of it was a blank, I got through it. Being it's LA, I had so many friends turn up to see me. My very special guest was Mrs. Rhoads and her family. It was really great to see her and spend some time with her. After the show I went off to do a meet & greet, but when I returned I was told Sharon had gone back to the hotel as she was feeling really sick. This has now gone beyond being a joke. Now everyone around me is sick. Why is this happening to me?

Went to see my dear friend, Riki Rachtman, who's got a talk radio show in LA on KLSX-FM during the afternoon. I was on the air with Riki for about an hour and then went back to my hotel. I don't know what's happening to me. Everyone who's always there for me are now sick with this virus. Michael in my office now has it, Sharon, Tony, even our chef on tour is sick. This freaks me out. I can cope with almost anything....band members coming and going, tour dates changing, but when my team, my support group, are sick, I get panicked. (Press) 2:00 p.m. Radio station visit to the "Riki Rachtman" show (broadcast on KLSX- FM in Los Angeles, CA).

This is beyond any worst nightmare now. Beyond the worst joke you can even imagine. I had a fever all through the night. I am sweating and I have no strength. It's not just my strength that's down, my morale is down. I feel up shit creek with out a paddle. I am meant to be doing a live broadcast from Phoenix today. I can't move. Harvey Leeds from my record company has been fucking hounding me for the last 3 days as were the people from the Album Network, who are doing the broadcast. It's not their fault, I understand what's involved here, but what the fuck am I to do? I wanted this broadcast to be the best ever for everyone involved, not just me. It's been planned for the last month and everyone involved has put in so much work. The doctor has just ordered me into the hospital. He's trying to bring down my temperature and he said I'm dehydrated. If ever I felt like running away from myself, it's now. I feel this amazing guilt the whole time. Guilty for not being able to perform. Guilty for letting people down. Guilty for getting sick. I hate myself right now.

Came out of the hospital this afternoon. Sharon is still on her own, sick in her hotel room and trying to deal with it and the show cancellations. I'm actually feeling a lot stronger today physically, but mentally I still want to hide from the world. They've now told me that the Phoenix show has been rescheduled for April 13 (thank god it's not a Friday) and Las Vegas is being rescheduled for April 14.

Stayed in bed all day. Got up to do the Tom Snyder show in the evening. It was actually good to get out of the hotel room. I really enjoyed meeting Tom, he was a real gentleman. (Press) 9:00 p.m. TV interview for "The Late Late Show With Tom Snyder" Interviewer: Tom Snyder

Unfucking believable! I did the Tom Snyder show and I get abuse for it. Apparently all the radio stations who had booked the broadcast for March 2 were pissed. I did the Tom Snyder show yesterday, March 4. I think they'd only have been happy if I were dead. Left for Japan today. I had to leave Sharon behind as she is still too sick to travel.

I Arrived in Tokyo. I'm now, more so than ever, committed to staying in my room when I'm not doing a show. I have canceled all my meet & greets and interviews in Japan as I don't want to get sick again. I won't speak to anyone close to me unless they're in my crew. I feel I'll do something desperate if I get sick again and I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks.

Stayed in my room all day getting over my jet lag. I don't want to see any fucker.

I didn't leave my room until show time. The first show is at the Budokan in Tokyo. In Japan the shows are really early and there's no support bands. The show went well. The crowd were amazing. The warmth I receive from the people in Japan always amazes me. (Press) 10:00 p.m. Film segment for "Make A Deal" TV show which is also being covered by "Focus" magazine. 10:30 p.m. In-person interview and photo shoot with "Yomiuri Shimbun."
Today were traveling to Fukuoka. I've now taken to wearing a surgical mask and gloves when I travel. I feel like Michael Jackson's ugly brother. It's very frustrating to have to do this. I know it seems like ridiculous measures to take, but I don't live a normal lifestyle. On any normal day for me there could be anywhere from 50-200 people at my meet & greet. Shaking hands and taking pictures with people. And if one of those people have got the shits, or the flu, or bronchitis, or are on their period, or pregnant, I'm gonna catch it off them. I'm not gonna let it happen again! So you can all fucking laugh, I don't fucking care.

Stayed in my room until show time again. The show was great tonight. Right after the show I'm back in my room. Everybody else is out partying, but I don't give a shit. I'm not going anywhere except my room. The room service people at the hotel have to leave my food outside my door. God only knows what these people think goes on in my room. Let me tell you.....nothing exciting!

Today were traveling on the Bullet Train to Osaka and, of course, all the crew and the band were in fits of laughter with me in my surgical mask and gloves sitting there for 2 hours. Let them all laugh. I still don't fucking care.

Show day in Osaka. I slept late today. The hotel here is fantastic. I have a view of the entire city from my hotel suite. Everyone here is spoiling me. The venue here tonight has told me that I cannot use any water in my show as the Japanese get very offended by it. Oh shit!! Even though I couldn't use my squirt gun tonight I still had fun. In fact, there was one girl in the crowd that kept holding up a sign that said "OZZY - FUCK ME". I think if my wife had seen her she'd have fucked her with a brick. All night long my eyes kept going over to her sign. At one point she even got out here perfect lily white breasts. All through the show Mike Inez kept leaning down in front of her saying "I'll fuck you." So tonight we all had a laugh.

I woke up early today as we're leaving on the Bullet Train for Nagoya. My god! We're doing two shows back to back. The crew's going to be in shock! When we got to the train station in Nagoya there were fans waiting to greet us. It always amazes me how the Japanese fans always seem to find out their favorite bands travel plans. I was told again that I couldn't use my water gun in Nagoya either. Big fucking deal! The fans really love Joe here. His reviews here have been great. Our fans are really making a fuss of Joe. He's been really nervous since he's got to Japan as his equipment never made it on the shipment over. He's been playing on rental equipment and has been very frustrated. But even with all of that happening he's been playing great.

Got up early and had breakfast with Joe, Tony and our new bass player, Robert Trujillo, who was in Suicidal Tendencies. We then took the Bullet Train back to Tokyo and I spent the rest of the day writing in my journal and reading my Japanese fan mail. Later I did an in-person interview with Masa Itoh. He is a very famous Japanese Music Journalist/Radio Personality. (Press) 5:30 p.m. Interview with Masa Itch for various radio programs.

Had breakfast again with the band. Today I have press interviews scheduled for most of the day. Every interview went great except for one guy who obviously hates Ozzy and he gave me a really hard time with the interview. I was trying to keep my cool with him, but he was really pissing me off big time. At one point I actually felt like taking a swing at him, but then he might have taken that as a compliment. The rest of the day I was really aggravated (have you ever been in a situation with someone when they really aggravated or upset you and then later on you started obsessing about it and thought "why the fuck didn't I do this or say that"?). I kept seeing his face in my mind so I was pissed off the rest of the day. (Press) 1:15 p.m. In-person interview with "Burrn!" magazine and photo shoot. 2:00 p.m. TV interview with "Music Bazaar". 2:30 p.m. In-person with "INROCK" and photo shoot with Joe. 3:10 p.m. In-person with "Music Life" and photo shoot. 3:50 p.m. In-person interview with "What's In" magazine and photo shoot. 4:30 p.m. Recorded Japanese radio ID's.

Had my usual band breakfast. This is really a change for me to get up in the morning and actually leave my hotel room. I've really been enjoying the company. We're back playing the Budokan in Tokyo today. This will be the last show of the Japanese tour. I'm going to eat my last Japanese curry for lunch. All I can think about right now is that I'm just a few days away from my holiday with the kids and my wife. The show tonight was definitely not one of my best. For some reason I couldn't get into it. As I looked out into the audience I kept seeing that prick that I had done the interview with yesterday. He, of course, wasn't there, it was just my imagination. I felt angry with myself for not doing a better show, but I just couldn't get into it for some reason or another.

I'm leaving for New York today. I'd like to thank my Japanese fans for their continued loyalty, also, my promoter, Mr. Udo, and his wonder staff and, of course, Sony Records in Japan. As usual, everyone made me feel so welcome and I thank you. On the flight to New York I ended up sitting next to some guy who snored for 11 hours. He wore an eye mask and he had his shoes off and his feet stunk! The flight was completely full so there was no where else for me to go. This is unbelievable that Ozzy gets stuck next to some smelly, snoring twat. As soon as I got to the hotel I took a long shower because I kept smelling him. Ah luxury! I'm back in the good old U.S. of A.

Today I've got a photo shoot with Albert Watson for Details magazine. What a great guy! The photo session went so quick and smooth and Albert was really very pleasant to work with. After the photo shoot I went for a walk, but I was severely lagging. I went back to the hotel and laid down on my bed. The next thing I knew it was four in the morning. (Press) 12:00 p.m. Photo shoot for "Details Magazine" with Photographer Albert Watson

Went to my throat doctor for a check up before my vacation. My doctor said that everything looked fine. I can't think about anything else other than being on holiday with my family in Antigua. I'm going to be there 2 weeks and I can't wait! Did a couple of phoners in the early evening, then I stayed up the rest of the night doing more work on my journal as I'm trying to finish my book. I've been working on it now for the past 18 months. (Press) 6:45 p.m. Phone interview with "WWCT-FM" (Normal, IL). DJ: Jamie Markley 7:00 p.m. Phone interview with "KRZR-FM" (Fresno, CA). DJ: Jeff Freeman

Left on a 7:35 a.m. flight for Antigua. I'll be signing off until April 11. I wish everyone a great Easter. Do check in on April 11th as I've got some news to share with all of you that I'm saving until then. God bless.....Ozzy.

Welcome back! Had a great holiday with the family in Antigua. Today is the first day of rehearsals for me with my new rhythm section. My new rhythm section is........ Mike Bordin from "Faith No More" and Robert Trujillo from "Infectious Grooves." I have known Mike for many years. We actually played together at a RIP magazine anniversary party in 1990. Since then it's been an ambition of mine to have him in my band. The opportunity arose and I went for it. Robert and I actually toured together in 1991 when he was in "Infectious Grooves." So right now as with every new situation, it's great and we're all enjoying working with each other. At rehearsals I seem to spend more time telling old war stories than actually playing.
The band left for Phoenix this morning and I stayed back in LA where I had an in-person interview with the Cathy Faulkner from the Album Network. I also went to see my witch doctor to get checked out before my tour starts tomorrow. I hate to admit it and I hope my wife and my agent don't read this, but I really missed performing and being with the guys. I'm excited about being back on the road. Press 12:00 p.m. In-person interview for "Album Network." Interviewer: Cathy Faulkner

I'm basing myself out of LA for the first 10 days of the tour. I left for Phoenix early this afternoon. Tonight's the first show with my new band and I'm wound up like a clock. Also it's a live broadcast, which was rescheduled from March 2. Life Of Agony are opening the show tonight followed by Sepultura. The guys in Life Of Agony lost their equipment on the way to the show and then their drummer got food poisoning this afternoon so they couldn't perform. Sepultura played an extra long set and they were brilliant as usual. Seeing as this was the first gig of the tour and we've never played together before, I think we all did fucking great. I'm really proud of the band. I just want to thank all of the guys at the Album Network and all the stations across the country who picked up the broadcast. I know initially when the broadcast was meant to go out to 164 stations. I know that some stations were pissed with me so we ended up with about 160 stations. We had a crowd of 16,500 people tonight. The show was just brilliant and I thank god that the broadcast is done and over with. Press 12:00 p.m. Phoner with "KOMP-FM" (Las Vegas, NV). DJ: Chris Davis 9:00 p.m. Live broadcast for "Album Network" on 160 radio stations.

We flew into Las Vegas early in the day as the kids wanted to go and hang out. This is another makeup show for me. During the day my wife went out with a handful of cash gambling and I came back with a handful of shit. Life Of Agony found their equipment and played tonight, as did Sepultura. I'm the luckiest guy in the fucking world. I love my new band and I hope this feeling last forever. Question....how come all the girls in Vegas have great tits? I have never seen so many topless girls at one show before. It was amazing! The stage was showered with wonderbra's of every size and color. The crowd in Las Vegas were phenomenal. The egged me on and I had the best time tonight. VIVA LAS VEGAS!

I didn't sleep last night as I was really excited about my first 2 shows. I had drank about 10 cups of coffee and I was walking around the house waiting for someone to wake up this morning. I finally woke up Jack at 8:00 a.m. as I wanted someone to talk to. By 9:00 a.m. we played a game of cards and were now watching a war movie. Jack and I spent the rest of the day playing "Battleships."

I had an early start as I'm doing a video for "I JUST WANT YOU." The video's being directed by Dean Karr. Parts of the video are being done with still photos so today was the photo session. The photo shoot was in downtown LA and of course we got lost getting there. We must have driven around the same block 5 fucking times. I never go to the downtown area of LA and now I know why. It's fucking depressing and it's pissing down with rain just to make it doubly depressing. The shoot went really well and we ended it outside in a railway yard. There were people living in boxes, human excrement everywhere, used bullets, syringes and it's still fucking raining. It's so depressing and degrading for these people to live this way . Dean was fantastic, but I couldn't wait to get out of the area. We were all soaking wet and cold. As we were getting into the car to leave, Sharon slipped on the running board of the Range Rover and as she got up she hit here head on the corner of the door. Well, my old lady saw stars! What a fucking scene. There was Tony and I trying to lift her up from the ground. Now, my wife is a big lady and I have a bad back, so I'm trying to get one of the guys who's living in a box in the railway yard to help my wife up into the car. Well, Sharon finally came around and see's this strange man who looks a little funky dragging her by her feet and she thinks she's being mugged and has no idea what's going on so she starts screaming. The whole thing was like a fucking comedy sketch. Well, Sharon ends up in St. Johns Hospital having a X-Ray on her head. It's unbelievable timing as we're all meant to be on a plane to Fresno. By the time the doctors had finished examining Sharon it was around 8:30 p.m. We were meant to have been on a plane to Fresno at 6:30 p.m. What is it about Ozzy and Fresno? This was my 3rd attempt at playing Fresno. I have not made a show there and now it's got to the point where it's embarrassing. God only knows if I even have a fan left in Fresno now. It's just seems ironic the sequence of events that involved me trying to do a gig there. Well at the end of Sharon's saga she was fine, she just now has a lump the size of a golf ball on her head. I think she'll live.

More work for my "I JUST WANT YOU" video. I had to got though this laborious process of having plaster casts made of my head and body. This process took 9 hours. I had to sit in a chair and make different facial expressions while they poured plaster over my face and chest. Each time they pulled the plaster from my face it would take off a layer of skin with it. So at the end of the day it looked like I'd been under a sun lamp a bit too long. I looked like a right prat. I spent the whole day sat in a chair thinking about why I can never get to Fresno.

Day off today. Joe came over and we spent the day working on riffs and ideas for songs and drinking coffee. Joe came up with some great new riffs and between the two of us we must have drank 20 cups of coffee. I was shaking. Of course I was walking around the house again all night as I was wired.

Flew into Salt Lake City. It's Type O Negative's first show with us tonight. They'll be staying with us until May 25. So we now have Sepultura and Type O Negative out with us. I'm playing 40 miles outside Salt Lake City as no venue in Salt Lake would let me play as they think I'm a naughty boy. Well the show was awesome. Everybody in the arena had a great time. Nobody got hurt. I just converted 11,000 Mormans to Satanism......just joking. We had a blast!

Busy day today. It's the last day of work on my video. We started at around 8:00 a.m. Dean Karr is an absolutely phenomenal director. He's really easy to work with, but more important he's a fucking lunatic, so I love him. He's my new best friend. Sharon and the kids are going back to England today as school starts on Monday so there were loads of tears and hugs. I won't see the kids again until summer. We finished with the video shoot at around 1:00 a.m. It's not finished though as Dean is going to Prague next week to do 2 days of filming, without me of course.

I'm leaving the house in LA today as I'm moving to my new base, which will be Austin, TX. The show tonight is in Cedar Rapids, IA. I'm still on such a high about my new band. I feel like a whole new Ozzy. I know Mike, Robert and Joe have all committed to staying with me until the end of 96. After that, who knows, but right now I know it's the best it could ever be for me with this band. I keep having to pinch myself to see that this really is happening to me. I'M NOT DEPRESSED. I'M NOT MISERABLE. I'm so fucking happy I could eat my own shit.

I'm playing in Normal, IL tonight. Well there's nothing fucking normal about me! What a boring name for a town. In fact, what a stupid name for a town. This was my makeup show from February when I had bronchitis. The show definitely wasn't normal. It was outrageous! Press 2:00 p.m. Phoner with "WWCT-FM" (Normal, IL). DJ: Jamie Markley

Stayed up all night sketching. I never left my room all day. So I took a handful of melatonin. I've read about these herbal pills in every magazine I've picked up lately. They say it's the new wonder pill for helping you sleep and that it will rejuvenate you. Well, I got news for you. They don't fucking work on Ozzy. I took 2 like they tell you on the bottle. I then took another 2 and then another 2 and I was still awake, so I threw the rest of the fuckers out the window.

We're in Little Rock tonight. It's another makeup show. Remember I got into a car accident and had to cancel this show? Well, it was worth waiting for. I had a party on stage. I could've played all night. Robert is a lunatic on stage. He makes the most extraordinary faces when he plays. Every time I look his way on stage I crack up. He's a wild man and he has this thing of not being able to play with his shoes on. I want to say a big thank you to Gayle Miller who was been on the road with me since October and is leaving the tour tonight. Thank you Gayle for all of your hard work. It's appreciated and you will be missed. I'll miss your little smiley face every night backstage. I love you......OZZY. Press 4:00 p.m. Phoner with "KMJX-FM" (Little Rock, AK). DJ: Sam Reynolds

Day off today. John Sinclair came over to visit me in my room today and he brought his computer with him and we spent hours surfing the Net. It was an early night for me. I was sleeping by 8:00 p.m.

Well we're playing the hometown of the king tonight.....Memphis, Tennessee. All the guys went to visit Graceland today. The last time I went there was in my drinking days and I got thrown out. I can't remember for what now because it was so long ago, but I thought it was best to pass on the guided tour. I watched the guys in Type O Negative tonight. I must admit, I feel like a munchkin standing next to Pete Steele. The show went great. Why do I always think that everyone in Memphis just wants to listen to Garth Brooks? There's some wild motherfuckers down in Memphis. It was a knee slapping, boot stomping, shit kicking good time. YeeeeeeeeeeHa!

Oh no, not another fucking day off! I watched TV most of the day, lying in bed. I got out the old phone book and called some friends and that was extent of my day.

I was sad today knowing that I was coming to Oklahoma City. The driver that picked me up from the airport took us past the sight of where the Federal Building was. I was really depressed then. But it made me more determined to want to do a great show for the people of Oklahoma City. As it turned out everyone had a great time including me. There was a little boy with his dad right at the front of the stage. He made me think of Jack. I brought him on stage and gave him a big hug and then sat him on the drum riser for a few songs.

I slept most of Monday away. I woke a couple of times to take a piss and that was about it for me. I had the "Do Not Disturb" on my phone all day.

It's fucking boiling in El Paso, Texas. What is it about El Paso that makes everyone want to eat Mexican food? My assistant, Tony, was shoveling Mexican in his mouth from the moment we got here. Every time Tony passed by me he nearly gassed me to death. Between his farts and his breath I nearly passed out. I think at one stage he must have farted and shit, `cos I saw steam coming from his ass. Despite Tony's asshole and his breath, the show was fantastic. Press 3:00 p.m. Phoner with "KLAQ-FM" DJ: "Magic" Mike Ramsey

FRIDAY, MAY 3 1996
Show day in Corpus Christi, Texas. Sharon came in from England and Jennifer came in from my LA office for the weekend. The show in Corpus was really weird. It was set up in the middle of a field with no great facilities and there was about a foot of mud backstage and a sea of mosquitos swarming around. It was thundering all through the show which looked amazing. The crowd were really up for the show and all of us had a great time on stage. Press 4:00 p.m Phone interview with the "Birmingham News" Journalist: Shawyn Ryan 4:30 p.m. Phoned "I Just Want You" contest winner.

Another show day. Today we're in Austin, Texas. Half the crowd are from military bases around Austin. We all watched Sepultura's set, which was fantastic. During their song "Kaiowas" Mike, Robert and our Tour Manager, Bob Thomson (who used to be Sepultura's Tour Manager) all got up and played drums during the song. It was a blast! By the time we hit the stage the audience was wild. I couldn't believe how humid it was in Austin. I've never seen the Security so quiet at a show. There was no way they were going to mess with thousands of soldiers and airmen in the audience. It was a fucking great show and I salute the U.S. military.

SUNDAY, MAY 5 1996
Stayed in bed until late. We had dinner with the band tonight. There were 16 of us. The hotel where we were staying is by the Congress Bridge which is famous for the bats which live under the bridge. Just as the sun was setting we all went out to the bridge to watch the bats leave as dusk is their time to eat. It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. There must have been a million and a half bats flying into the sky and their high pitch squeal was deafening. We all sat on the lawn for a good 45 minutes watching with amazement. Afterwards everyone came back to my room to smoke cigars. It was a perfect day.

MONDAY, MAY 6 1996
It was a day off today. Sharon and Jennifer left for LA and I only had one phoner to do. I woke up in a horrible mood so I spent the whole day sulking. It was a crap day. Press 4:00 p.m. Phone interview with "Tampa Tribune" (Tampa, FL) Interviewer: Philip Booth

Today we're in Shreveport, Louisiana. I was still in a bad mood when I woke up. I don't know what's the matter with me, I must be having my period. I stayed in my room `til it was time to leave for the show. The crowd tonight were really enthusiastic! They had a great mosh pit going. I spent a lot of time trying to cool them down with the guns. My voice was fucked though. It wasn't a great gig for me. Press 7:30 p.m. Phone call to the "Howard Stern" radio show. 4:15 p.m. Phone call to "I Just Want You" contest winner.

Another day, another show. Today we're in Jackson, Mississippi. Joe went to a shopping mall in Jackson today. He walked into a clothing store and they asked him to leave. They said that they don't serve people like him. That was the best laugh of the day. We all enjoyed the show a lot. The gig went great until the end of the show when someone through a crucifix on stage and hit Robert right above his eye. He went to the hospital and had to have 3 stitches. He's also got a right shiner. Press 4:00 p.m. Phone interview with "WSTZ-FM" (Jackson, MS). DJ: Russ Allen

Day off. Woke up early to check up on how Robert was doing. He's fine. I couldn't get back to sleep so I went for an early morning walk. I didn't get too far as it's too bloody hot! I'm still basing myself out of Austin, Texas. By 11:00 a.m. the humidity is unbelievable. I want back to the hotel and watched some MTV. I worked out for a couple hours and wrote some letters to the kids. The next thing I knew I woke up on my bed and it was 10:00 p.m. at night.

FRIDAY, MAY 10 1996
Spoke to two contest winners on the phone before I left for Birmingham, Alabama which is named after my hometown (Birmingham, England). I had a load of fun on stage tonight. At one point during the show someone threw a pair of girls knickers on stage. I put them all the way over Joe's head while he was in the middle of a guitar solo. He was screaming the whole time saying "I can smell shit, take them off!" But I wouldn't. When Joe came offstage he insisted his hair smelled so he washed it three times. We were all hysterical about this. Later I had snuck onto the tour bus and put the knickers in his bunk on the pillow. I think he must have cursed me all the way to Biloxi. Press 4:00 p.m. Phone interview with "Classic Rock 99" (Birmingham, AL) and "I Just Want You" contest winner. DJ: Tony Curry 4:15 p.m. Phone interview with the "St. Petersburg Times" (St. Petersburg, FL). Journalist: Eric Deggans

Really great venue tonight. It's right on the beach. There was a really nice atmosphere backstage. All of the bands and crew are really happy. There was a really great vibe during the show. The only bad thing was that the police were really heavy at the show. It just felt they were looking for trouble. I did manage to get a couple of them with the water gun in the back of the head.

SUNDAY, MAY 12 1996
Really great venue tonight. It's right on the beach. There was a really nice atmosphere backstage. All of the bands and crew are really happy. There was a really great vibe during the show. The only bad thing was that the police were really heavy at the show. It just felt they were looking for trouble. I did manage to get a couple of them with the water gun in the back of the head. I moved today from Austin to Amelia Island which is in Florida. Well, I thought it was humid in Austin, but here there is no fucking oxygen in the air at all. It's fucking beautiful though as the hotel we're staying at is right on the beach.

MONDAY, MAY 13 1996
I went for a walk on the beach and by the pool, but it was weird. I feel really strange being in these places without my family. I look at all the kids playing on the beach and I get homesick. So I went back to my room, after all, it wouldn't be good for the image if I got a tan. So I drew the curtains in my room and read a book all day.

TUESDAY, MAY 14 1996
I traveled to Charlotte, NC for tonight's gig. It's an outdoor show. It was definitely an interesting night! I had a couple of bra's thrown up on stage which I wrapped around my head. Sorry Joe, but my bra's smelled great! Mike was sick all through the show. He had a bucket on stage which he kept vomiting into. It looked like something out of Monty Python's Flying Circus. Phone 4:00 p.m. Phone interview with "WRFX-FM" (Charlotte, NC). DJ: Jack Anthony

Today we're in Knoxville, Tennessee. This gig's always a strange one for me. too many memories. Not bad ones, but it's all so emotional. See this is the last venue I ever played with Randy Rhoads. All the things you try to block out just keep running back. I can't honestly comment on the show as I have to be truthful in saying that my head was somewhere else.

Day off. I can't stand these days off. I feel like a caged animal. Now let's face it, we're not going to see Ozzy surfing in the ocean, or Ozzy swimming in the pool, or Ozzy horseback riding on the beach. It's really getting to me now. For the last few days I haven't been doing any sketches or painting. I must have smoked 80 cigarettes. I'm even bored with moaning. Actually I've got pains in my hips so I'm going to bed early. If I get to sleep early maybe I'll be better tomorrow.

FRIDAY, MAY 17 1996
I woke up with terrible pains in my hips. My gamy leg is giving out on me with the pain. Tony arranged to get me to a doctor. They took X-Rays and the doctor told me I've got arthritis in my hip. Well with that, my bad leg and my bad back, I'm a fuckin' wreck. But no fucker is going to stop me from finishing my tour. I got to the gig and told the guys in the band about the news. I know I'm a hypochondriac, but honestly I feel like shit. The sound on stage tonight was horrific. I don't know what the fuck was going on, but it wasn't a good gig for anyone tonight. Press 4:00 p.m. Phone interview with "WKLS-FM" and phone call to "I Just Want You" contest winner. DJ: Alan Aio 4:15 p.m. Phone interview with "WTKX-FM" (Pensecola, FL). DJ: Strummer

We're in Atlanta today. The doctors gave me some painkillers yesterday and I've been floating through the day. I must say I feel great. I had a blast on stage tonight. The atmosphere at the venue was great. I'm in heaven not being in pain. Press 5:00 p.m. In-person interview for European Documentary on Hard Rock Music. Director: Henning Lohner

SUNDAY, MAY 19 1996
I had to get out of my room today. So I looked in the Yellow Pages for a tattoo artist and off I went for a new tattoo. I had them put it on my upper right arm. I have no idea what the fuck it is, but it took him about 7 hours the first day to get it started. I think I'm happy with it, but I'll have to wait until it's finished.

MONDAY, MAY 20 1996
Tonights gig is in Pensacola, Florida. Sepultura are leaving the tour tonight. They're going to Europe to do some big summer festivals. It's a bummer that they're leaving. We wished them luck in Europe and I'm looking forward to having them back with us in September. Mike was so hot on stage tonight that I decided that I would cool him down with the water gun, but I think I went a little too far. I blew him off his stool a couple of times during the show. Press 4:00 p.m. Phone interview with the "Orlando Sentinel" (Orlando, FL). Journalist: Parry Gettelman

TUESDAY, MAY 21 1996
Another day off. I went back to the tattoo shop to have them finish off my new tattoo. It took them about another 5 hours. I've now decided I'm really happy with it. The guy that's doing my tattoo happens to be a really cool guy. He gave me some cream that is usually used on cows tits to stop them from scabbing. He told me to put it on my tattoo to stop it from crusting. I feel like a right geek with tit cream on my arm. Sharon and the kids came in today. It was a complete surprise as I didn't know they were coming in. At two o'clock in the morning someone started knocking on my bedroom door. When I looked through the peephole I saw it was Jack with his teddy bear in his hand. Press 6:00 p.m. Phone interview with "98 Rock" (St. Petersburg, FL). DJ: Ron Michaels

Show day - St. Petersburg, Florida. I woke up early as the kids were watching Nickelodeon at 8 in the morning at about 120 decibels. It's the first night Henry Rollins is joining us on the tour. I'm looking forward to working with him. The gig was huge tonight. It's in an indoor baseball stadium. It was a weird vibe as this place was so huge. After the show Henry traveled back with us on my plane to Amelia Island as he's interviewing me tomorrow for RIP magazine. The flight back seemed so quick as the pair of us didn't stop talking the entire time.

Our interview for RIP started at noon and went `til about 4:00 p.m. when Henry had to leave for his gig in Jacksonville tonight. It was a great interview. It was more like the two of us swapping old war stories. Henry's a cool guy, who's amazingly bright and talented. In the evening we ordered in pizza and all of us got into bed and watched TV. It was Luxury. Press 1:00 p.m. In-person interview with "RIP" magazine. Interviewer: Henry Rollins

FRIDAY, MAY 24 1996
Another show in Florida. Today it's Orlando. The girls are really jet lagged so they didn't come to the show. I've now got my holiday head on as I'm nearing the end of this leg of the tour. The show was good wasn't one of the best, but it was good. I hope everyone who came down enjoyed it. Press 4:20 p.m. Phone interview with "WDIZ-FM" (Orlando, FL) and contest winner. DJ: Crash

Last show in Florida and it's the last gig before the break. Tonight it's West Palm Beach. The weather reports are really bad for today. I'm panicking about the kids coming on the plane with us, but the pilot has assured us that the weather is going to be fine. Aimee stayed behind as she didn't want to deal with the bad weather. Just as we landed in West Palm Beach a huge thunderstorm started. I couldn't believe it. It pissed down all night long. The lightning was spectacular though. I felt really bad for everyone in the audience as the weather was a real bitch. As always, just when you think it's the end of the tour and you can't give any more, it turns out to be a great gig. Tonight I worked with one of my favorite promoters, Jack Boyle. So it's no more gigs until June 6. Press 11:30 p.m. In-person interview with "Metal Hammer" magazine. Journalist: Martin Colson Photographer: Mick Hudson 12:00 p.m. In-person filmed interview for "South American Ozzy TV special" Interviewer: Alredo Lewin

SUNDAY, MAY 26 1996
Flew to LA with my family.

TUESDAY, MAY 28 1996
Did a couple of phone interviews. Press 3:30 p.m. Phone interview with "Pulp" magazine (Colorado monthly). 4:00 p.m. Phone interview with "Vancouver Sun" (Daily newspaper). Contact: Katherine Monk

I worked all day on the new tour film. I was there at 11 in the morning and didn't leave until 11 at night.

Working again shooting the new tour film. We had to finish it today so I didn't finish until 1 in the morning. I'm knackered!

FRIDAY, MAY 31 1996
Press day at the hotel. Press 2:00 p.m. Phone interview with "Vancouver Province" (Daily newspaper). Interviewer: Tom Harrison 2:30 p.m. In-person interview with "E! Entertainment" TV for Sam Kinison special. 4:00 p.m. In-person interview with "HITS" magazine. Interviewer: Roy Trakin

Spent the day with the family.

Left LA for Vancouver. The record company needs me to start doing press for the Canadian tour.

Press all day today!

Press all day today!

3rd day of Canadian press. I can't believe it. I really didn't have a break! The band arrived in Vancouver and we all joined up for dinner later. Press 4:00 p.m. Phone interview for "TV Guide Online". Interviewer: Lisa Sindola

Filter are joining us today for this leg of the tour. Unfortunately for them, their equipment didn't arrive. It was impossible to hire them equipment for one show, so they did not play tonight. I went on stage and tried to sing tonight and nothing came out! I've never been in that situation before. Even if I sing crap I can usually make it through the entire show. My lungs were closing up and I couldn't breathe. I stood up on stage for 2 songs, but I couldn't get air in. I just had to leave the stage. I had an asthma attack which is caused through hay fever. I was totally humiliated and I felt I let everybody down. I really can't put it into words how I felt. We've now rescheduled the show in Vancouver for July 29 and I'd like to apologize to everyone who came out to see me.

I spent most of the day attached to an oxygen machine, doing press and dosing up on Ventilin and Antihistamine. Press 3:30 p.m. Phone interview with the "Winnipeg Sun". Interviewer: Bart Kives 3:45 p.m. Phone interview with the "Calgary Sun." Interviewer: Lyn Cockburn 4:00 p.m. Phone interview with the "Edmonton Sun." Interviewer: Mike Ross 4:15 p.m. Phone interview with "The Bear" (radio station in Edmonton). DJ: Matt Cundill

Edmonton....another show day! I'm really nervous as I never want to experience what happened in Vancouver ever again. Thank god everything was just great tonight. Everyone was just on, the crowd were deafening and I'm a happy man again.

Today we're playing in Calgary. I got down to the gig early and went in with the band. We had a band meeting which always goes like a Spinal Tap band meeting. It was a good show tonight and I'm very proud of myself as I threw my painkillers down the toilet today.

MONDAY, JUNE 10 1996
Day off! Did a few phoners in the afternoon and I spent the entire evening checking out my web site and e-mail. Press 3:15 p.m. Phone interview with the "Milwaukee Journal." Journalist: Paul Gargano 3:35 p.m. Phone interview with "CITI-FM" (radio station in Winnipeg). DJ: Barry Taylor 3:45 p.m. Phone interview with the "Canadian Press." Journalist: Betsey Powell 4:00 p.m. Phone interview with "Arena," "Brave Words" and "Access" magazines. Journalist: Tim Henderson

Tonight we're playing Winnipeg. It's Joe's birthday today and, of course, I forgot. Nobody reminded me and I felt like a fucking idiot. Needless to say, I didn't turn up at the gig with a gift for him. I made up for it though as I got the entire crowd tonight to sing "Happy Birthday" to him. The shows in Canada have been great. I really enjoyed being in Canada as it's been years since I've done a tour here.

Today I'm moving my base from Vancouver to Toronto. I did a couple of phoners during the afternoon and I actually ventured out today for a walk on my own. Big mistake! I must have wandered around for a good hour and a half, but I panicked because I couldn't remember what hotel I was staying in. I not going to explain to you have I got back to the hotel....it's too embarrassing. Press 4:00 p.m. Phone interview with the "Buffalo News." Journalist: Tony Vialanty 4:30 p.m. Phone interview with the "Hartford Courant." Journalist: Roger Catlin

Sharon came into Toronto today. As soon as she walked in the door she was on the phone. I sat and watched her all afternoon working. I was pissed off as we literally did not have a single minute together. It seems bad weather is following us everywhere. It's pissing down with rain and we're waiting to see if the show was going to be canceled. I went ahead anyway and it turned out fine. The venue was great. It was right on the water and you could see the boats going by. Great show! Press 6:30 p.m. In-person live interview with "Q-107" (Toronto radio station) backstage at the Molson Amphitheatre. DJ: Steve Warden

FRIDAY, JUNE 14 1996
I'm back in the U.S. again. I'm in New York and I'm doing the David Letterman show tonight. This is the first time I have ever done a live TV show and all last night I kept having nightmares that I was going to go up to the microphone to sing and nothing would come out. I was freaking myself out. We went over for a quick rehearsal at 4:00 p.m. as we had Paul Shaffer's band playing with us. They were a great bunch of guys. Everyone in the studio was so friendly. I must have taken about 20 hits of my Ventilin. Anyone who takes Ventilin knows that it makes you shake and your heart pound. I was shaking like a leaf by the time we were ready to go on stage. But I just went for it! The audience was just great to me and so was David. He's a true gentleman. After the show we all went out to dinner and it was a great warm New York evening. In fact, we all walked back to the hotel after dinner. It was the end to a perfect day.

Show day - Jones Beach, New York. They're filming the show tonight for a program called "On Tour." We had "Stuttering John" from Howard Stern's show open for us tonight. I was feeling OK today, except I was hitting the Ventilin again. I was so terrified I was going to have a repeat of the Vancouver show. So in true Ozzy style (I can never do anything normally, it's all or nothing with me) I must have taken 40-50 hits of Ventilin (normally I take two sprays a day). I was so wired that Sharon threw all my inhalants out the window and threatened to kick my ass if I ever took any more again. I thought my heart was going to come out of my chest. After the show I was up all night. Press 6:00 p.m. Live in-person interview with "WBAB-FM" (Long Island radio station) at Jones Beach. DJ: Robin Lane

SUNDAY, JUNE 16 1996
Sharon and I never left the room all day. I'm still buzzing from the Ventilin. I couldn't sleep Sunday night either.

I'm still in New York City. Today I did a photo session and interview for "Live" magazine which started at noon and went until 4:00 p.m. On the way back from the session I stopped off at B. Dalton's book store and bought half the store. When I got back to the hotel I thought I was going to spend all night reading, but of course I fell asleep while reading the first chapter. Press 12:00 p.m. Photo shoot and interview for "Live" magazine. Photographer: Barron Claiborne Interviewer: Mark Marvel